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( The founder of the company, which turned into a cult jeans)

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Biography STRAUSS Levi
Levi Strauss (26.02.1829 Year - 1902)

Levi Strauss was born on February 26, 1829 in Germany, in the Bavarian village. But in June 1847 he moved to New York City: it has already settled his large, as in all Jewish families, relatives. The boy is learning English, helping senior in their melkotorgovom business.

With the discovery of California gold fields began a gold rush. From the first wave of enthusiasts in California went one of the brother-Levi Strauss. In 1853 it was followed by himself.

Merchant Levi Strauss arrived in San Francisco, not with empty hands. With him was a large cargo of the canvas for tents and wagons. Durable Canvas - an indispensable material for all kinds vremyanok. A San Francisco since the Gold Rush - it was a solid camping.

Levi Strauss expects to sell linen, and open your own shop like "a thousand and one small change". The supply of goods he had agreed in advance with the remaining in New York brothers.

Levi Strauss quickly realized that attacked truly a gold mine, though for a minute that he did not have to stoop in the mines. Soon the whole town talked about the miracle pants from Levi (in English Levi'S), which destroys not. The number of orders grew like a snowball. Levy left his tent and moved to this shop on Sacramento Street, 117. And in 1856 there appeared a sign: Levi Strauss & Co.

Under the proud C б°, ie the "Company" means the brothers Jonas and Louis Levy and a relative of David and Uylyam. But the leadership in the family business certainly passed to Levy.

He travels around the camps of miners, collecting customers' wishes. Some spoke of the need to redraw parts of the trousers, others would like to receive strong belt loop, and others dreamed of a pressurized pockets of which did not wake up to the golden sand. All this is taken into account when developing new models from Levi.

Prototype in 1853 was without a back pocket and without a belt loop. Gradually cut complicated, jeans are becoming more comfortable and functional. In addition to the brown canvas for tailoring are increasingly being used denim fabric (an abbreviation of the French Serge de Nimes). With this tissue Levi Strauss first met in New York. She's in huge quantities shipped to the New World: from it sewed suits for the slaves who worked on the plantations. Painted it almost exclusively in the indigo. This color and became a "brand" for Levi Strauss.

However, the blue, strong, tailored trousers with five pockets and double seam were not yet those same jeans, which now bears the entire world. Gold Rush was on the decline. In place of the miners come to the new conquerors of the Wild West - cowboys. It is through their jeans become familiar silhouette. Here the famous 501-I model: low waist, negligent folds, copper rivets - true cowboy style, and their magic number 501 - just a room next installment of tissue.

Levi Strauss has become a millionaire in 1870. In 1886, the company has built San Francisco headquarters - on Battery Street. Gas lighting, freight elevator, huge store. At the top - luxury apartments founder. A similar structure was erected in New York.

Of course, Levi Strauss & Co engaged not only in blue jeans. Produces other clothing, until nightgowns. But it was the denim company has remained elusive to competitors.

"Blue pants with rivets, although they were quite expensive, were sold across the United States, Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand. Company Levi Strauss & Co was transformed into a vast empire.

Family Levi Strauss has not got. It was all given to his case. As one of the richest people in the country, invested heavily in real estate in various industrial and construction projects - including, for example, in gasket channel in Nicaragua.

. Engaged and charity: he established a personal scholarship of University of California, and today the most awarded to outstanding students.

. Levi Strauss died in 1902
. In the business district of San Francisco were lowered to half mast flags. All newspapers published lengthy obituaries. Life went a man who made a huge contribution to the economic development of their country.

His fortune was estimated at six million dollars. In our times, given nearly a century of inflation, it would certainly turned out to be a billionaire.

As the children of Levi Strauss was not, the company went to his four nephews. President was the eldest of them, Jacob Stern.

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STRAUSS Levi, photo, biography
STRAUSS Levi, photo, biography STRAUSS Levi  The founder of the company, which turned into a cult jeans, photo, biography
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