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Andrei Korkunov

( The owner and director of a confectionery factory)

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Biography Andrei Korkunov
Surname Korkunov now everyone knows. Chocolates under this brand pushed on our shelves the products of many venerable foreign firms. Many people think that Korkunov lived before the revolution and has supplied products to the imperial court - as Philip or Abrikosov. Far: Andrei Korkunov is alive and well. His 41 year. And his candy factory, which is located in the suburban Odintsov, - just three and a half years.

Born September 4, 1962. In 1984 he graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. In 1987-1991 - he served in the Armed Forces. After dismissal dabbled in various business fields from the sale of office equipment to the organization of firms in sewing jeans and sportswear. In 1993, founded the company on imports of confectionery products, building a parallel network of effective distributors in Moscow and the regions of Russia. V1997, the company decided to build their own confectionery production. For 2 years in a vacant lot in the Odintsovo district built a new complex for the production of chocolate products, equipped with modern equipment from Italy and Germany. In September 1999, OOO 'Odintsovo Confectionery Factory' produces first products with the brand name "A. Korkunov. Products Factory sold not only in Russia but in Germany, Canada, USA, India and Japan.

Over the last year of production area increased from 3000 to 8500 square feet. At present, production factory is 6 tons per year. In the short term, power companies planned to increase to 20 thousand tons per year.

- Andrey, I've heard that you're a big foodie. Where did these "gourmet" habits?

- I do not know! My parents - very ordinary people. I'm up to seven years lived in the village with his grandmother, and then in the small town of Tula region Aleksin. When still a schoolboy, my mother with me Namuche. I could not eat the first dish, if it stood more than a day. For me it was better to cook a soup from a package, but that it was fresh! Jelly, salad, I could eat only when he saw that they were made recently. I could not break themselves psychologically. But when he was a student, had to have everything - and yesterday and day before yesterday. Kefir, potatoes in margarine - and nothing!

- In my childhood dream to become an astronaut?

- Two years ago, to my office came to a classmate. So she said: "Korkunov, I also remember being in a school essay you wrote that you want to be a factory director. Here you are his own and built and became the director of "My father also worked as a factory director, he rode a black Volga, he knew the whole town. I thought this is so cool! I wanted to be like him.

- You brought up in severity?

- My mother had a habit to shoot sneakers and beating them to me. And she beat me for the usual boy's faults, but for the fact that I brought home from school is not "five", and "Four"!
When I remember that ride on the ice floes on the Oka, I was as much a shiver down! And fell into the water, and saved each other. And then warmed themselves by the fire, and even ran over a bottle of vodka to keep warm. I was afraid I was only one to wet pants his mother had found.

- Had to fight in?

- This time I somehow slipped. When fighting hard, I still was too small, and when grown up, these activities subsided. I studied boxing, sambo, skiing and hockey at rubilsya sites.

. At the Olympics, earned polmashiny

. - Why did you decide to do after school is in the Energy Institute?

. - I have a neighbor went to energy, so he came on vacation in a beautiful jacket Building Groups, with the emblems: And I do not want to learn basic science, but I wanted to be a director
. Neighbor and advised him to enter the energy - closer to production. And I went to learn "on the Director.

- In the 60's was widely publicized trial over the money changers. One of them, named Rykov, told how he started the business. At school, studying in the first class, bought up all the cakes in the cafeteria for five cents, and sold them to students to 10.

- I first began to earn money in the second year. And two times more than working in the specialty after graduation. As a student I received a scholarship and two sites listed as a janitor. Sweep near the school and not far from our hostel. Also in the Komsomol bureau I was responsible for working with foreigners. Bought a pair of jeans, and then resold in Aleksin, in Tula and had a lot of money. So I was black marketeers. He specialized in jeans, plastic bags and cigarettes "Marlboro".

Very well, we have worked during the Moscow Olympics in 1980. I sold Pepsi-Cola near the Kursk railway station. During her time lining up the queue. We not only sold liquor, but had to take the empty bottles. But people do not want to queue to pass the bottle, and simply left container. Hence money. I earned while on polmashiny! In his student years, I could not afford lunch and dinner in a posh Moscow restaurant "Prague". At the time I went to the firm denim suit "Wrangler".

On the last course in general was good money. He worked on his car-repair plant. Voitovich stoker. The cars run by water, and still had to coach a coal to kindle the fire in the car. The cars came from Azerbaijan, Georgia. And guides them - the guys proud, coal hauling them humiliatingly. And for me, the simple Russian guy Andryukha, for 25 rubles - a pleasure. Last night in the car six or seven Uholka primed. Tons two shovel. 800 Dollars a month had on this matter. I was a rich student.

- And she went to the life of a happy and carefree?

- Alas! After the Institute, I got on the distribution of Podolsk Electromechanical Plant. He became chief of a site with a salary of 175 rubles. I was shocked. I do not know how to live on this money. And again he went to hire a janitor.

It's time to serve in the army. Then father helped. As blat I built a military representatives. I worked in the design bureau and was a representative from the Ministry of Defense. Five years faithfully served until he got married, and money was again missed. This was in Kolomna. Once met an old friend, and we decided to open a cooperative tailoring jeans. They sold them in Moscow and Moscow region at fairs. I realized that Kolomna - a small town. My soul was torn in Moscow. I've felt like a fish in water. Threw Kolomna and came to the capital. Here is my friend and I opened a trading house. They sold alcohol, office equipment, building materials.

- The Bandits did not dozing. As agreed with them?

- Well, I went to a couple of "shooter" with the bandits. Then it was all a bit nobler. But in general this is me, thank God, been spared. We worked with the bank, and as were his clients, their security services and protect us as if we were sitting under their wing. Moreover, we do not engage in a dangerous business - vodka or oil. I grew up always quietly. We did not have such that the money hauled suitcases. Always work in a civilized manner, with the banks.

- So, the dream of their child buried in the Director has not attracted?

- In 1997, I thought. When the camp director of the factory? Then have come to understand that to sell or buy anything - a dead end. It is necessary to produce. Like all the niches were occupied. I decided to engage in the production of chocolates. He invited Italian experts. In Odintsovo bought the land and decided to build a factory. Italian, when he saw a vacant lot, some of the pile, slightly dejected. Yes, even on the street 20 degrees below zero. He asked: "When will the factory?" I replied that in September. He thought that I was sick on the head. And when I brought Mario to his dacha and Napara it in the bath, . and then we drank so much, . as an Italian in my life did not drink, . He said: "I will stay in Russia only to, . to see, . how this guy opens a factory in 9 months! "We then signed a contract for only one year,
. And Mario celebrates his birthday here in Russia, now in its fourth year. He loved Russia so that another two will be here.

. For theft dismisses entire teams

. - How could so quickly to build a factory?

. - When I started to build, had no idea what to build a modern plant on 10 hectares area of 40 thousand square meters
. On a vacant lot where there was a dump. But when I turned, I experienced a feeling akin to orgasm. If you have courage, it's great! Today we have opened an office in America, they sell candy. In America! I'm flying in a plane Lufthansa, and handed out to passengers in the cabin of my candy! So this is ecstasy!

- Candy love?

- I not only love them there, I've been doing them manually. Our factory produces 150 kilograms per day, no more. I've been involved in the development of formulations. I wanted the candy was less sweet, not like in Europe. I do not like sweet candy. We stand and lepim these candies hands. They have a small shelf. Fortnight. But sweets are obtained stunning. Although they are more expensive than four-fold.

- Scientists say if a lot of chocolate harmful lecithin.

- In fact, lecithin - a soy product. It is not cholesterol! Lecithin is very little in chocolate. His dose is harmless. And add it in order to make chocolate pliable and able to pour it into molds.

- The police summaries Odintsovo criminal gang is mentioned as one of the most influential in the country. As with sosuschestvuete, you're on "their territory"?

- We - the enterprise federal. And we have the opportunity to seek help and to federal security agencies, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We work honestly! And groups are afraid of those who themselves violate the laws.

. - What advice would you give beginning business?

. - Recharge yourself thinking: if after 10 years you will have to give interviews, then you could truly say that no one ever cheated, not framed, and no one should! The main thing in business - a reputation
. Do not rush. Move slowly. Not interfere. And most importantly - people should take risks!

- Business makes a man hard, sentiments disappear, lost friends. It's about you?

- Undoubtedly, it affects. I began to occasionally yell at subordinates. Time fewer. Previously, the company I knew everyone, his family, his history. But today I come to the factory, and even in the face of working do not know. But I must keep team to success. So sometimes have to make some unpopular measures. When were caught stealing a few people, I did not understand, and dismissed the entire brigade. I guess I offended someone. But in another way I can.

Sometimes I can not understand people. One woman turned to me with my factory for financial assistance for her son, who had an accident. I helped. And after some time at the factory exposed the gang of thieves. So the main they had this woman. She cried in my office, but not with remorse, but from the injury that came across.

- Wife with you hard?

- My wife - my friend! When my work is very important that I am sure: come home, find her there a man who waits for me. And stress relieve, and regret, and, if necessary, to spoon-feed the. I did not resist. That same house. And walked out the door - you beast, you are the breadwinner of food for the family.

- By the way, human weakness you have? Hunting, fishing drive?

- Hunting dislike. Never able to kill a defenseless animal. 's Not fair. Yes, and devoid of meaning. And love fishing! We are and who they winter on the ice fishing. Pity the recently foiled fishing - flying away recently to Kenya. I was told what to do inoculated. Nurse administered the injection and said: you can not drink - terrible to say - ten days after the injection! Friends in shock, me too.

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Andrei Korkunov, photo, biography
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