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Leva Bi-2

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Leva Bi-2
photo Leva Bi-2
Loew Bi-2 was born September 2, 1972 in Minsk. Santa Leva - Colonel Corps of Engineers, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, was repressed. To some extent, Loew - the grandson of the hero. Ever since childhood Loew was under the impression composition "The cruiser Aurora, and later he composed the song" Dear Augustin "that turned out, was part of the German national folklore. Since Loew has lost all interest in folk art and is now fully devoting themselves to the psychedelic music of the late XVIII - early XIX century. In 1985 he meets with Shura in drama school in Minsk in 1992, moved to Israel, served in the Army. February 15, 1998 is coming to Australia.

According to Loew, 'School - the horror of mine. " He was a good idea to 7th-8th Class. Then came a theatrical studio, which fundamentally changed his outlook on life. On the third visit to this theater studio Rukovoditelnitsa Lowe said: 'If you want to somehow do in life to move, then you need to read books'. At that Leva said: 'And what do I read the book? ". And she said to him: 'Here, ask Shurika'. Loew suited to Shura and said: 'Shura, and there be smarter than he began to tell me, what books should be read'. Alex Lowe has written a list. Some of the books from this list Leva can not get it until now. There were diaries of some of the Portuguese explorers, ie. It was such a complicated list, from which Leva read only one-third and still thinks that Alex did not have this information before the end. After some time (10 class) Leva let pigtail. Mom Leva very pressured about this hair, and she to him at night when he slept, snapped this pigtail. Loew was in shock. Then he cut his school clothes and come in 'tuxedo' on the naked body in a military greatcoat. When he undressed in a school locker, Technician shied away from him, then, the first lesson (headmistress conducted this lesson) and it kicked. But he still expressed his protest.

Loew wrote a series of very frank poems about life. According to the Shura: 'I came a young man. I was already half a year in the studio. He came up to me and said: 'Hello, my name is Lev. I was told that I can turn to you. I have a friend here (the neighbor on the landing), he wrote a poem and you could not, as someone who already has an idea for some poetry, tell me this is a worthwhile material or not? " He begins to read me some poetry, absolutely terrible poetry. I took them, read them, and then said Lyovka: 'Lev, I have a serious talk to you. Naturally of course I understood everything. Loew, do not be shy, if you write poems or texts. You can put it in the open '. Then Lev red. I said: 'I showed them to his uncle and his uncle said that there is a very good potential. " For Leva it was crucial to some degree in the life. And from that moment can be considered as the origin of some of the creative process, although the music while the speech was not, because then we play and really did not know how, and doing theater. "

. Alex once said Levet, that there is such an opportunity - has started a club, which provides equipment and does not make them a rock band, because they express themselves in the theater has somehow could not (this was not enough and they wanted to play)
. Loew took his proposal. To which Alex said: 'Let both. You will begin to write lyrics and make music and collect the composition.

Then they found a very interesting base, there was a tire plant, which provided room and said: 'Guys, that's apparatus. You can use them as you like. But sometimes you have to perform any of our requests to speak there, there, there. " And Leva and Shura, which are playing some really did not know how, received equipment, which engaged and rehearsed day and night.

. A few months of the Shura collected, which played an absolutely wonderful musicians
. He came to his fellow, full of tattoos, his hands in vaseline and said: 'You group' BI-2 '?. Leva and Shura said: 'Yes'. The guy says: 'I'll come to you sing! ". They say: 'And why did you decided? ". To which he replied: 'I like your music. I heard you at some festival, and will you sing! ". The guy turned out, served in the juvenile zone some time and he really wanted, too, as some express themselves. On stage, he was very terrible and all he just scared. And the song at the time, who wrote Loew were like, 'We will kill you all there and kill! ".

Let's go to the festival they are somewhere in Belarus, where he won first place. Arrived there any known groups (even 'Nogu Svelo!' There was) and some 'asshole' under the name FE-2 occupy the first place.

. For a long time, the guy could not play because the relationship with him did not exist and Leva and Shura his 'sacked'.

. Then Alex Lowe said: 'You try to sing'
. Loew began to sing and suddenly he began to receive. 89 god rebjata consider founding year 'BI-2'. Style they set for themselves as 'music ripped cushions'. Show all began with the fact that on a dark scene from the anus of the hall render coffin. The coffin was placed on the stage, performed some songs in the style of the march, called coffin lid out pops Leva. His shirt was white with a bloody stain, as if he was killed in his hand bag and he began to stump the first song - 'Need of Love'. He sang a song, cut the pillow and threw it into the hall. The hall began snow pillow began to fly over the heads and hands.

The first album was made in Russia in the 91st year. It was magnitoalbom entitled 'Traitors to the Motherland'. They both felt that something would happen to our motherland. This album, they lost to Belarus.

It was 2 factors because of which the boys have gone abroad: the economic factor and a thirst for adventure. At 90m, the music was quite difficult: stopped festivals ceased rok'n'rolnaya life and began drab. The only place where they could go was to travel Israel. Some friends Leva and Shura rushed back and said that there is warmth, well, only scorpions are found.

In 91 пЁп+п¦я¬ Schur went to Israel, in 92 year to the Shura came Lev. In Israel, the children's music was not the main activity, because they worked, had to somehow feed themselves, pay for residence. Last year, Alex has changed the order 15ti works. Alex worked on a construction site with a friend. They came on the scene asked for employers, they said: 'Yes, there is a vacancy to work'. They worked 40 minutes, were some fixtures. After 40 minutes they were tired and decided to smoke, put the fixtures on the rails and sit somewhere in a smoke. Then heard an inhuman cry: 'Ah-ah-ah'. Alex knew little about the language, but I heard obscenities. It turns out there was driving off, he stumbled on this and began to bend fixtures. Then the master said: 'You are no longer working! "

All attempts to make music had been 'home'. They sat on acoustic guitars slip on some models. Then it all turned into some songs. And in the end the idea of 'And do not bring it to us again,' BI-2 '? ". As part of the electric gather 'BI-2' did not work and they did acoustical project. On stage were three people. 'BI-2' for the 92nd year, managed to take part in numerous festivals of Russian-speakers in Israel. They come with three guitars playing some songs, and suddenly they all begin to like. In the hall clapping, 'BI-2' is considered one of the most interesting performers at these festivals. The apogee of this art was the song 'Barbara', which is unique from that period was told in the current period. Loew gain from Minsk, the song in the 92nd year. The song was a success, . but a little ahead, . Loew in the 98th when he came to Shura, . they made a list of songs, . which will enter the album, . Lev suggested 'Barbarian', . what Alex said: 'Are you crazy? The song is absolutely no, . old already, . nothing interesting ',
. But Loew said: 'And let's change the arrangement'. In general, it changed and the song began to live totally different lives.

In 93em year, in January, in the morning, waking up Shura became sad and boring and he decided to go to Australia, to see that this is a general and relax for a couple of months. He had gone and stayed there, just like it.

. Once the Schur went to Australia, Leva is one and the music never touched during the 5-years.

. Shura in Australia had to play totally different groups, ranging from blues, rhythm and blues, and even in the Gothic
. In Melbourne a lot of clubs (about 500 clubs). They work seven days a week and there is room for a completely different music. Alex collected the draft of the strongest jazz musicians, and he made such a program, as well as texts Lev sent quite a bit, and Alex wrote the texts do not. We took some musical standard and played it, Alex sang a few verses (they were not only Lyovka texts, but even Akhmatova, Pasternak). After one such performance he offered to record an album-concert. Recorded, it has turned bad. And they say if you want you want to write to you albums. This was the beginning of the first official album 'asexual and Sad Love', which 'BI-2' was made in 97 - 98th year. Alex Lowe is calling on the phone (among them 6 hour difference) and said: 'Just listen, what we did there in the studio. Lev listened to these songs, recorded in the studio, where all sounds very good. I thought: 'Normal. Hence, the whole idea of being reborn in the 'BI-2''. In this album a bad history: after him, they agreed with a Moscow company that it has released its. They made the circulation, printed in Germany is very beautiful cover and the release was scheduled for August 16, 1998. Accordingly, all know what happened on 17 August and plastinaka nowhere left. The release of this album, 'BI-2' postponed for several years, because its value, he has lost and will be released in a few years as an archive.
After finishing work on the album Leva with Shurik decide what will make the next album 'BI-2'. Lev begins to send him on tape songs. First, he sent seven or eight songs, from which they chose the six already firmly. They agreed that Loew arrives and they begin recording the album. Leva had bought a plane ticket to and fro, begins to work, to record the album in Russian.
They have not seen 5 years and during that time there was a lot of events like Leva and Shura. They changed. Began to think that we should record a full length album 'BI-2'. Loew came to Australia and at home they have built such a situation: they put a bass combo, Loew played the bass guitar (he had never played the bass guitar). It so happened that the Shura in Australia retrained from the bass guitarist in a guitarist and a guitarist in Leva bass guitarist. They all started playing at home every day to collect and play some tunes. First, one song, two, three: The album was recorded easily. It was recorded in two stages, in the summer of the 98th year. They sat in the studio most ready to work, . were ready all the arrangements, . but lacked the concept of and brought her two men - a victory (which played on the keys) and cameraman Adam Kalaytsiz (who did all the sound balance of sound).,

. Two weeks later, Loew had worked - went into some malyarskuyu Brigade, where he someone lied - said that he was working as a painter for ten years
. He saw through immediately, but for his audacity, they forgave him, and in half a year to earn a lot of money, such that he could buy a car.

Several songs included in the book - it 'Barbarian' and 'East' period, Israeli. All other songs are made on the way, when Lev went to Australia or Melbourne. 'Barbara' was filmed in Australia, they are payment, hire some people and engaged in promotion of a their own expense. When the 'BI-2' recorded the song 'Slowly losing my mind' to the idea in the middle of the song was a solo trumpet and they needed a chorus, and the same chorus was needed in the song 'My Friend'. Russian-speaking people in the studio, there were four: Shura, Leva, Victory and another man, and all the rest were Australians. They are written on large sheets of paper in English letters transcription: MY FRIEND NEVER GRIEF. I told the lads - Sing. Recorded once again, and a choir. They rounded up about forty people in the room is very small (3x3 meters), placed three microphones.

Around this time, the group CHIRON, which played Shura need another guitarist. And just came Leva. But he was not sure whether to play as a group was to. They have tried and have all turned Leva. In the studio with trembling hands Leva down any party, because five years is not holding a tool and recorded some solo. He became the second guitarist and gained experience playing the guitar in concerts and in studio.

When they recorded the entire album, they began to reduce and the first song that they had reduced the 'Heart' and when they heard sounds like this song, they realized that the album turned. Shura on this album two favorite songs - 'Happiness' and 'And the Ship Sails'.

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