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Durov Natalia

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Natalia Durova (13.04.1934 years)

Circus dynasty Durov know all. Today at the helm of the theater, which has no analogues in the world, stands Natalia Durova, the granddaughter of the legendary Lion Durova.

SHE madly in love with all of their charges, but, for example, chimpanzees Yasha virtually seriously as his second son: "He strongly become human, become very clever, I think that before the State Duma grown '. Yasha, in turn, loves her mama. Twice even saved her life. Once on the stage Natalia lost consciousness, as in the month it was the 300 th performance. Monkey, grasping her that not only carefully placed her on a chair and showed a scene that brought medicine, but also a self-statement continued, doing everything exactly Program. Another time assistants accidentally fired out of turn bear, Yasha saw him and warned Natalia, was a terrible noise. Monkey accompanies Durova almost everywhere. Imagine now: macaque in the front seat of a car careening our heroine with gusto smokes a cigarette:

. Yes, there are tamer heart wholly and undivided belongs to the animals, but was in her life and a beautiful novel - better than most intricate 'soap' opera - amazing for the overage in the purity and depth of family relationships
. Natalia is not too fond of talking about his personal life: 'What it interesting? One love, one man: 'But we still priotkroem the readers of the veil of secrecy. Of course, with the permission of 'main character' article.

Natalia Durova married at 20 years. A year earlier in a car accident killed her mother, whose death she had a very hard. One day after the performance of grief surged so powerfully that, despite the presence of strangers, the tears broke out. She hid in a corner of the circus scenes and began to sob. Here is a tear-stained girl and found the stranger. This adult, beautiful, stately man, not only was able to literally one touch to comfort the unhappy, but when the tears finally dried up, he suddenly said calmly: 'I know that you'll be my wife'. Durova was then virtually engaged. Suitors to her and her daughters had chosen and imposed on Natasha's godmother - Natalya Petrovna Konchalovskaya. It now says our heroine, about these guys and 'do not want to remember'.

Frustrated daughters, however, not fearing the wrath of the mother, chose their husbands to the heart, not under the lash. Had, however, make out relations in strict confidence. Natalia also preferred to listen to your heart: under the crown decided to go with the strange backstage comforter. After the first acquaintance he increasingly came to her home, and the man with the girl getting closer. When she's arm with the actor Michael Boldumanom arrived at the registry office, refused to register them. Pushed the ladies that the difference in the 36 years between the bride and groom - this is too much. Young is not confused and went to church - to get married. After seven registered in heaven, and secular authorities were not so unassailable. So the church has helped to legitimize their relationship.

Because of the infinite love touring often had to leave. Michael Bolduman often, unable to bear the separation, raced once unimportant town for my wife. So much of the circus fees Durova was spent on tickets and hotels for her husband. And he, after his performances - well past midnight - went to the station to load boxes of sprats, not to starve the animals, adored his wife.

- All my life I loved a man - her husband. For 30-year life together, we quarreled only twice, and then silently, without a cry. This man was everything to me: and her husband, and father, and lover.

- What is the secret of this love and friendship?

- In harmony with shower. We emit a certain glow, not only for each other, but also for people, so to us stretched out, trying to touch. My husband was a calm and kind man, immensely fond of animals. He knew all of Moscow. We undersigned only in 1967, when our son was born Misha.

. Natalia was very special whimsical, as when she got her passport and found it instead of her husband's name, the young wife tore the paper into pieces: 'What are you, how could I stop being Durova - the same dynastic family name! "

. - Someday you'll have to retire
. Who will manage the theater instead of you?

- A well-deserved vacation leave, only when I die. My whole family died at the scene - and I will work till the last breath.

- Do you have students who could continue your business?

- Of course, the students have, they are very much around the world. They are trained to durovskomu method. I very much hope for them.

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Durov Natalia, photo, biography
Durov Natalia, photo, biography Durov Natalia  tamer, photo, biography
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