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Mary Pickford

( Star of silent films)

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Biography Mary Pickford
photo Mary Pickford
Mary Pickford (09.04.1893 year - the year 29.05.1979) U.S.

Amazing girl! In five years she was not afraid of no stage, no strangers, often poorly educated and poorly educated. Little Mary antrepriznyh theater owners took willingly. She quickly learned the role - at the hearing, as read at the time still did not know how.

Actors, contracted by the firm "UTI", climbed to the deck of the ship, serving in Cuba. Suddenly, on the dock appeared agitated woman surrounded by police officers. Cops quickly ran up the gangway to the deck.

- There he is! - Exclaimed the lady, pointing to a young handsome, held the hand of a young and very pretty girl. - Arrest him!

- Owen Moore? - Appealed to the young man police. - You are charged in sex with minors. I beg to things coming ashore.

But then came forward company owner Carl Lemp. He asked the captain to delay the departure and began negotiations.

The girl was holding the hand Owen Moore, called Mary Pickford. A woman with policemen have stopped the ship, was her mother. She was boiling with indignation. Some youngster carries her underage girl, has not been formally joining her in marriage! Mary has just started acting in films at the studio "Bayograf". Earnings from $ 5 a week up to 75. And it for some reason taken away to Cuba! And what will the family live?

Ma'am misinformed, trying to reason with her Lemp. "Children" has just secretly married in the church, and now the little Mary - the wife of Owen. In addition, the firm "UTI" offered the girl $ 125 a week. And, finally, ma'am, she can join the troupe and to go along with all the travel. This pilot lady, no doubt, will be useful in their case. His mother died down, and the ship sailed to the shores of Cuba with Owen, Mary and her mother on board.

It was in 1909, Mary was only sixteen years. Surprisingly, without the consent of the mother, she decided to jump out and tried to marry somewhere to go on earnings. After all, Mary was very fond of my mother, sister and brother, she did everything for their benefit, worked on them with five years. The girl was a double name - Gladys Mary and banal, like Ivanov in Russia, the name Smith. She was born in Canada in 1893, the son of poor Irish immigrants. His father died early, leaving the hands of his wife's three children. The real salvation for them became a theater. Then on the stage were popular multifigured family melodrama, require the attendance of children at play. Mrs. Smith began to give his two daughters to the theater, but especially well things went with crumbs Mary.

Amazing girl! In five years she was not afraid of no stage, no strangers, often poorly educated and poorly educated. Little Mary antrepriznyh theater owners took willingly. She quickly learned the role - at the hearing, as read at the time still did not know how. Just follow instructions of the director and with the fly-catching "staging. Meanwhile, work in the Private Company at the time and for the adult actor was a heavy. Performances drove through the province from one town to another. Actors were sent by train, in wagons lower class, and in the evening on arrival they gave a performance - most often in dirty and cold room. Little Smith endured all. In six years, Mary herself came to the entrepreneur and demanded a primary role of the child. And she gave her. A thirteen has shown a time in America's largest theatrical producer David Belasco. He liked it, as with the fly, on his first assignment, she's funny and famously portrayed the boy. And he began to occasionally take Mary - is not Smith, and Pickford - in their consistently sold-out performances.

It is hard to say who is in her life played the role of good fairy, and who - Prince Charming. But certainly not Owen Moore. They met during the production of one play. Owen was a handsome fellow, but cheeky, impudent and not a fool to drink. Gonor lot of talent - much less. He was irritated that his little wife all is contrary. Pickford and Moore began his speech in the IMP, with the comedy "Their first mistake". So, actually, it was possible to baptize and marry.

After touring in Cuba firm Bayograf "Mary promised more than the IMP, salary, and Pickford returned to the cinema, where not so long ago, began her career. Great silent was not yet great. Movies filmed in 10-20 minutes for two or three days. Primitive been screenwriting, often absurd and ridiculous game actors. Exquisite audience believed cinema entertainment for the cooks, a successful theater actors to act in films ashamed. But still were taken: it paid well.

Mary was lucky: at the studio, she immediately fell into the hands of DW Griffith, one of the pillars of the silent film. Many of the things natural to the modern film - editing, close-up, rehearsal before shooting, the first to use it. Griffith could yell at her, angrily shaking shoulders, seeking a certain state of mind. It is in response to bite his hand and emphatically stated that will not allow themselves to be treated this way, but because now and forever away from the cinema! However, despite frequent quarrels, they worked together, appreciating each other above all professionalism.

. Fans of theatrical talent Pickford did not want to accept the fact that she made contact with cinema
. A letter, in which one of her friend wrote to another: "I remember when you believed in its future, but now she threw her career in the garbage can and buried itself in the cheapest form of entertainment, which I do not see anything worthy of attention. These skipping pictures will never bring this money, and, of course, can not expect them to become something that the most exuberant imagination could be called art. "

. However, skipping image "dormant potential to incredible strength, and Mary was one of the first actresses, recognizes this
. Then she once again returned to the theater to the Belasco, but when the company "Famous Pleyers", the forerunner of the famous Paramount, offered her $ 1000 a week, she finally left the theater. On the screen, Mary is almost always a Cinderella. She looks a lot suited for this role. Nothing from a mysterious female vamp, then coming into vogue. Her heroine, artless and respectable, subdued sincerity and purity. Brittle, bright eyes and golden curls Pickford fall in love with all of America.

The family has long lived comfortably, and yet Mary was unhappy. Husband tormented her drunkenness and scandals. In addition, Pickford has long dreamed of escape from the framework imposed on her Role. But the audience wanted to see her only one role - hence, the same wish and producers. Therefore, in the twenty and twenty-eight years, Mary continued to play girls, frozen somewhere between thirteen and sixteen. In Europe at this time thundering name of the legendary Scandinavian Asta Nielsen. Each of its role has been filled with tragical passion because of unrequited love. Nielsen did not know how to play the heroines of the blue and did not recognize a happy Enda. Another thing with pictures Pickford. For pure soul and good heart of Cinderella at the end of the film necessarily receive a reward: a wedding with a beautiful prince or wealth. But more often both in one basket.

At this time in America was growing fame Douglas Fairbanks, handsome, famously portrayed noble robbers, cowboys and the Musketeers. One day, along with Owen Moore, Mary was at a picnic organized by the artistic fraternity in the country. At one point it was necessary to move fast along the narrow creek inconvenient a log. After taking a few steps, Mary swung sharply. Husband did not bother to come to her aid. I rushed the other man picked her up, moved to shore. It was Fairbanks.

A married man, he always had a connection on the side, but that novel that began with him from Pickford, not dissimilar to the previous. Fairbanks was able to awaken in her a real woman. Her naive teenage heroine could afford only one timid coquetry: modestly lower lashes with a sly smile, in extreme cases, to kiss the beloved's cheek. In real life, Mary, of course, was not as infantile, but also experienced in love affairs it was impossible to call. Friends whispering surprise: before her meeting with Doug, no one suspected the extent to which it is sexy.

Happy Mary still afraid of publicity, their relationship, she was afraid of divorce. First, she was a Catholic, and the contract are prohibited from engaging in private acts that are incompatible with the established on-screen manner. She, for example, not allowed to attend night restaurant is considered the focus of vices, to say nothing that a lover!

. Puritan mores strongly shaken the First World War, and love, paying a good smart: she - her husband, he - his wife, in 1920, finally exchanged wedding rings at the altar
. In honeymoon star couple went to a triumphant tour of European capitals, presenting a living symbol of the American Dream. Honoraria both reached 10 000 dollars a week, not counting the profits from renting movies. That is when Mary and Douglas appeared in Soviet Russia, as evidenced by an amusing stay silent film "Kiss of Mary Pickford."

Happiness of the king and queen of Hollywood lasted for about ten years. Then began a period of cooling and polurazryva, compounded by the fact that both were in the losing streak. Thing of the past century Great silent short, Mary could no longer with the same certainty to portray forever young and naive Cinderellas. Began tormenting jealousy and betrayal from both sides. Mary is addicted to alcohol, and this caused a sharp rejection of Douglas. For several years they lived separately and in 1936 went completely. In the same year Doug was married to his mistress, Lady Ashley, then suddenly and severely hit the bottle, and three years later he died. Mary also married her lover, the actor Rogers and much more experienced her second husband. She tried to enter a new cinema, starred in several sound films. They have not brought success Pickford. It is to ensure, but such a boring life ... Everything was in the past: the fame, the adoration of the audience

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Mary Pickford, photo, biography
Mary Pickford, photo, biography Mary Pickford  Star of silent films, photo, biography
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