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Ponizova Olga

( Actress)

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Olga Ponizova (08.03.1974 years)

Actress Olga Ponizova early start to act in films. At fifteen she had already played in the film 'Do not come together by the characters'. Then she graduated from the Shchukin Theater School name, played in the troupe of the Moon and successful capture. Her repertoire includes such films as' Greh. History of passion ',' Everything will be fine ',' waiting room ',' Landscape with murder ',' On the corner by the Patriarch-2 ',' Zazhigayka ',' Two of fate ',' I'll decide myself '. What is it, Olga Ponizova in life? Closed, loves books, one raising a 10-year-old son, Nikita, in love to the grave does not believe, do not want to marry, and calls himself a selfish. All this Olya frankly told 'superstar'.

- Actually, I do not want to be an actress, it was not my childhood dream - says Olga. - Moreover, I have several years left the profession, and thought that all. When a son was born three and a half years spent at home. But it so happened that I had to come back, and today I am very pleased.

- Do not you want to become famous?

- No. By nature, I closed and homebody, never go out to public places, not tusuyus, I am happy at home. But, since I have already co-starred in many films, have from time to time to appear somewhere, I understand that it is necessary that this part of my profession.

. - How do you choose a role? It depends on the script or the director's name?

. - First of all affect the life circumstances
. I live alone, no one could depend on others, so if at the moment I have the material possibility to refuse work, I refuse, if no such possibility, to work. Perpetrators of such violence on themselves, I understand that this fee for their own independence in life.

- Your needs are high?

- I just do not have to think about what I eat tomorrow. That's all.

. - You are not interested in material wealth? You are not dreaming of a luxury apartment, bank account, a luxury car:?

. - I recently purchased a car, but it is not my value, but simply a means of transportation to move around the city, as it were, without leaving your own home and not getting under someone else's energy, possibly unfavorable to me
. I do not want to rush to the shops and carry bags. Previously, I always did it and I know how hard it is. Since the machine much easier.

. - You do not take your car as a living creature, do not buy him expensive shampoos, toys?

. - Yes you! Never in my life! So I spent the money on this? I am obsessed with books, so I always need zanachka to buy books
. Reading gives me pleasure.

- What are you reading?

- Easier for me to answer that I do not read. I do not read detective stories, science fiction and contemporary romantic novels for women.

- The son also loves to read?

- Nikita - a man of a new era. Mainly I read it. I think it's normal that it more interesting to play a computer game or watch cartoons on TV. In our childhood, this was not. They showed once a week, one cartoon. His waiting-waiting, and then two minutes and you look happy two weeks. It is a pity, of course, that not from books son receives new knowledge, but still good, that now is the time. Above all, he is the very desire for knowledge. I see that on the set of knowledge above the level of today's children than we were at their age. The world has changed, the information became available, the Pioneer organization no longer has the boys so much time. I compare his son with him when I was ten years old, and I understand that he is cultured and educated than I was then. There is a lack of ideology, which in our time much clutter brains.

- You were in the League?

- No. I have acted in behalf of the Shchukin Theater School in 1991, and the Young Communist League is not remembered. Everything was different.

- Olya, you once admitted to not communicate with those people that you do not like.

- I like to be comfortable first and foremost to me, and not those around me. At acquaintance immediately go to the contact, and is open for communication, but, quickly realizing the situation, interrupting the communication, if it becomes a burden to me. I have wonderful friends, and nothing can affect our friendship, even disagreement. But to meet new people - then I am free to choose, I need it or not need, and I'm not going to go with someone compromises. I immediately suspend relations with those who do not like, and so I have no enemies. I love to live so that I was comfortable, and comfortable to me only happens when I am in harmony with itself and the world. Because of this absolute selfishness I am not married. And I like it. I keep myself and do not spend at clarifying the relationship, the understanding of someone and do not require an understanding of other. The same can be said about any other relationships. Why do I hate the fact that I do not like, and to compromise?

- And the director? They are mostly men. They just have to compromise, because the director can put the actress in any situation, is not it?

- In the movie, much depends on the material. If you agree with the material, then you is the location of everything that happens on set, if you do not agree, then you already furious all: director, partner, and the text that you speak, and light, and so on.

. - And what then?

. - Then I say to myself: 'jumper, be patient and make sure that everything went with the least loss of life, if the work you need'
. But sometimes a meeting with the director is so amazing, he did entice you work, what you're doing everything in one breath, and then a long time remain good memories.

- The front part of the profession - film festivals - love?

- Do not know. I'm always all depends on my mood. It's a pity to waste time on many things, and at festivals including. Festival - is an appendage of the profession, without it you can do, you can put the importance of the event in question. Maybe I'm wrong.

- Why do you strive for financial independence alone, alone it is far easier?

- No, for two much more complicated. To raise a son helps me, of course, her husband, but the material takes a back seat. I Maximalist, selfish, I need as I need, otherwise I see no reason to compromise. Son - a part of me, here the word 'compromise' is impossible in principle. I am not a scandalous person, but I just hard to explain something, and to suppress the. I never try to adjust themselves under another person, I just need to understand and accept this as I am. No, there is, of course, such a thing as eternal love, but she had already lived through me, and as it turned out, love-it vsezhiznennoy not happen.

. - Olga, do you like to clean the feathers?

. - What is it?

. - Well, how do you not know! Make masks, manicure, make aromatic baths, etc., etc..

. - I am convinced that always looks so, what you are inside, and no mask can not change anything if the world inside you negarmonichen
. I believe that we should nurture the soul, educate yourself, educate. I am in constant dialogue with itself, cursing himself when lazy, and when thick, also scolded.

- How do you like to dress, what is your style?

- I love that I was comfortable. I can not say definitely what my style. I never asked the opinion of others to buy something myself, and buy something if I like it. I have a beautiful evening dresses, which I do not wear, but bought because I like them and I just have to be. Most often they are used for filming. But in real life I do not have such cases, where the need dresses.

- You said that you were not going to become an actress, but who you still see yourself?

- Mother.

- But this is not a profession.

- It's a vocation. I am sorry that I have only one son, and that maybe I would have no more children, and that I do not live the life of mother and housewife.

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Photos of Ponizova Olga
Ponizova OlgaPonizova OlgaPonizova OlgaPonizova Olga

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  • Molly for Ponizova Olga
  • None of the new movie on the observed, the only show in the theater, where she played Blanche, withdrawn. What happened to this "star"?
  • Anonymous for Ponizova Olga
  • I love Olga Ponizova. Beautiful, charming, talented. If I were a man, must be in love with her. Unfortunately, we see it on screen very often. Thank you, Olga, for what you have. Patient and intelligent directors you. And yet simple female happiness.
  • Guest for Ponizova Olga
  • AWESOME all will be well, and their sisiki she's shown)
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    Ponizova Olga, photo, biography
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