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PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Vladimirovich

( Singer, composer, musician)

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Biography PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Vladimirovich
photo PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Vladimirovich
Vladimir Presnyakov

Born March 29, 1968 in Sverdlovsk (now - Ekaterinburg). Volodya's father, Vladimir Presnyakov, known in the music world as P. - composer, saxophonist, winner of many international competitions and jazz festivals. Besides Petrovich - very kind, humble and intelligent man who enjoys football. Volodya's mother (although, if you look at the photograph, do not believe that this is my mother), Helen Presniakova - soloist of the very popular group 'Gems'. We met Volodya's parents in Sverdlovsk, where Presnyakov senior Lena invited to become a soloist ensemble 'What guitar sing'. Then Yuriy Malikov invited them to 'Gems', and the family moved to Moscow. Prior to that, Volodya, Jr. grew up with his grandmother in Sverdlovsk, and parents often took him on tour. So, we can say, Volodya grew up backstage. In three years he began to 'buzz' on his father's saxophone, five - otstuchal to shock a hit, but in eleven years - composed his first song. Sam Volodya started making money from 12 years old when he sang in the choir Yelokhovsky church in Moscow (played with a sheet of spiritual works of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff). This was followed by several years of work in the restaurant Lime Vajkule. Volodya performed and composed popular in the 80 years of rock band 'Cruise'.

'Then I perceived as a gifted child. But the glory 'unique children's' fleeting. Began to break my voice, and several years had not sing '. But time is not wasted Presnyakov - engaged in karate, went on the lessons of the popular at the time break-dance. Moreover Volodya was in the choir school of. Sveshnikov, whence it is true, thrown for distributing pornography. Pornographic images that Volodya had brought to school, was a semi-nude picture singer on the cover of 'Billboard'. Then Vladimir studied at the conductor-choral department of the College. October Revolution. The teachers were very fond of him and, knowing his passion for contemporary music, not pressured Presnyakova classics.

Big fame came to Volodya after the movie 'Above the rainbow', in which he performed the hits of living for this day. This 'Zurbagan', 'Sleeping roadside grass' and many. In 20 years, Volodya was already a superstar. Album 'Dad, you yourself had such a' bombshell. After he had the same strengths - 'Love' and 'Castle of rain'. Volodya's latest album - 'Slyunkov' - released in 1997. All these years, Vladimir never stopped writing songs, create, record, give concerts, in one word - work. In private life, too, had time to 'mess things up a lot of cases'. Ten years of his and Christina together behind. Although the marriage broke up, they are still connected to life the son of Nikita. Today, Volodya wife Lena. He continues to tour, recorded in the studio, took two new clips. She likes extreme kinds of rest: a dive somewhere in Egypt, then rides his bike, then jumped with a parachute. He loves the risk and creativity. And all around love it.

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PRESNYAKOV Vladimir VladimirovichPRESNYAKOV Vladimir VladimirovichPRESNYAKOV Vladimir Vladimirovich

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    PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Vladimirovich, photo, biography
    PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Vladimirovich, photo, biography PRESNYAKOV Vladimir Vladimirovich  Singer, composer, musician, photo, biography
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