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Biography Ia AREPINA
photo Ia AREPINA
Iya Arepina (02.07.1930 years [Ardatove, Mordovskoi ASSR] - 24/07/2003, the [Moscow])

Iya AREPINA - one of the cult actress 60-ies. Audience of the older generation will remember it for the movie 'Red Leaves', 'big family', 'Wrestler and a clown', 'When bred bridges', 'Kalina red'. But the world-famous actress made the role famous in the film 'The Captain's Daughter', where she played a major role - Masha. Its popularity and demand did not last long. Then on Iyo Arepinoy long forgotten. For her, it was destructive stress for many years. She suffered two heart attacks: Shortly before her death she was 73 years old.

- Where, swallow, you know that I love daisies? - Surprised face covered bouquet of flowers. - Well, okay, let's go take a walk in the park Kuzminskoye. There, I'll tell you about my life. A п©п+пЁп+п¦п¦п¦ a kind! ..

This is the beginning of the interview, which Ia Alekseevna Arepina gave me nine years ago. One of the few large and open, the data for its entire life. Why? That was how her fate. And such was her nature. First, while burning star Ii Arepinoy, genre interview has not yet been claimed by. And then, when after a disastrous long forgotten about her began to recall, she was herself did not want to talk to the press.

'So you want to always was spring! "

- I was three or four years. The family knew that the guests will be able to amuse only me. My mother said: 'Well, Ienka as you sing? " I am so important to get up and delay the verse: 'Granny lived with two gay gu-UNL:' Children's a song, remember? Then the school years I worked in the drama circle, played in the play by Ostrovsky. Pope was well-read, fun, played the balalaika, guitar. My mother was illiterate.

After school, blonde beauty, who has not been otboyu from Ardatov suitors (Ardatov - a small town in Mordovia. - About. R.), packed wooden suitcase tied with big belts, and went to Moscow. Inside the suitcase lid was pasted two photos favorite actresses of the time: our Lyubov Orlova and Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn, for which, as she thought of Oia, and then her fans, she looked like appearance.

. All turned out, as in the famous old movie, when the Provintsialka first arrived in the capital: 'Everything is going in the back to each other, and no one greeted them:'
. Ia out of the train onto the platform, put the suitcase on the tarmac and stood up, not knowing where to go next. So long stood still numb tongue 'is not thawed out' and she did not ask someone how to get it on the desired address.

The documents she sent to all universities in Moscow theater, but call it only came from fighting positions. There, she appeared before the selection committee in samovyazanyh woolen socks, knitted same jacket, belted with a wide belt absurd. At the head - two 'tail', tied with rubber. 'And what do you have a face? " - Loudly asked one of the commissioners, choking with laughter. There, instead of eyebrows were drawn two black thick arc. 'You're a blonde! " The girl blushed and said indignantly: 'What's wrong with that? I just wanted her eyebrows, as all. Do I have to be? "

She read a monologue from Gorky Pavel Vlasov. Loud, moving to the bridge of his painted eyebrows and thrusting one leg. Board of laughter almost slipped under the table: the girl tried her best to seem serious and adult. And awesome! And those eyebrows:

- When I began to learn, we settled in the hostel, which was located in Moscow, where he had to travel by train. And what of the Institute to the station can be reached by tram, I do not know and had no idea. And stamped each day for several kilometers, munching on the move loaf called 'big bun'. Then I told all the girls. Here I was this, from the remote provinces. (Laughs)

She carried something like a diary, where sometimes recorded their thoughts and feelings. 'I want so much, - wrote Ia - that has always been a spring! In all and everywhere! " She sincerely believed that the world is not evil, filth, cruelty and villainy. I was not ready for what ever its fate will certainly encounter with these dark sides of life. During his idealism and maximalism, and around, Ia Arepina then always suffered. And at work and in love.

Disappointed in love

'Because if I love, and love much, why me can relate to polsily? " - Bewildered young Ia. She thought that love should always reign romance and full value to each other: Alas, life is much more prosaic. Especially when several are two creative individuals with the ambitions and passions.

Ia Arepina, in which after the success of 'The Captain's Daughter', according to Strizhenova, 'was in love with the whole of Russia', the first time she married cameraman Julia Kuhn. They met on the set of paintings 'Steppe Dawns' in 1954. Both were young and handsome, but both hot and proud. They had a son, who was also named Julius. After several years of marriage, love broke, beautiful and famous couple divorced. With son relationship did not exist at the Yi, he soon left home:

Second husband Ii Alekseevny is Vadim Milstein, simultaneous interpreter. Also beautiful as the first husband. On ordinary men and not an actress she looked, she liked very beautiful and high. At first everything was fine. They wanted a child, but did not conceive it turned out, and eventually the family broke. But not because they had no children. Just as in the first marriage, to blame - the complex characters.

- My first husband did me a lot of trouble and even wanted to stop my career. But it is, fortunately, failed. Second marriage also did not take place. Now while away their days, waiting for the grandchildren from her daughter's daughter Lada at the time of interview was 26 years old. - About. R.).

When Iyo Arepinoy was thirty-something, she was staying with relatives in Ardatove, met a young man. Once again, marry it, disappointed in men, did not intend, and give birth to another child very much like. Thus was born the daughter of Lada, a future lawyer.

. 'Live help' vents'

. WHY its star faded so quickly? Once on the set of another film that was shooting a young director, there was a typical case of cinematographic circles
. That director wanted the cold beauty of Oia Arepina became his mistress. He pitched in front of her beautiful career prospects if she agrees. But the girl, instead use the situation as many would have done in her place, suddenly refused. And not only refused, but publicly. Because even could not imagine that the success can be achieved through the bed. His role she has received on general grounds, passing through all stages of screen tests, which I am very proud of. Iya gathered and willfully went to Moscow (shooting took place somewhere in the provincial town. - About. R.). Superior leadership, she has written explanation, telling it about the reason for his sudden departure. In response there was: a severe reprimand for the failure of the shooting.

Director Iyo not forgiven her outburst, the more so - her statement with a story about what happened. And it so happened that after the emergency no longer invite other directors 'stubborn skandalistku' even on the sample.

One of the latest paintings, which co-starred Ia Alekseevna, was an episodic role in the famous film of Basil Shukshina 'Viburnum red'. She loved him very long time as a director and actor, dreamed he withdraw. And one day her dream came true, he invited her to 'Kalina red' role of the sister of the protagonist, played by himself. Iya Arepina was in seventh heaven.

Then there were a few small roles, and: all was quiet. No one anywhere it did not invite. She began playing in the theater actor, sometimes go on tour with the performances. And so - for many years. Kept silent cinema, silent media. Live help 'vents': daughter, dog and wood.

'I can die at any moment:'

IYA Alekseyevna Kuzmin lived near the park, where the last 15 years almost every day went for a walk.

- I like to walk on the forest. No special classes have no. My dog will take that old woman want? Do you see a pond? (We were walking in the park. - About. R.) That's it for me, and suffered a first heart attack: I have suffered two heart attacks in a row, in 91-m and 92 m respectively. So I can die at any moment. The doctor said it was emotional stress: Yes, we, the actors - a group of risk. It's endless hassle, stress.

In the 94-m actress fell ill with asthma. She was afraid that does not have time to wait for grandchildren from his daughter. She very much wanted to Lada bore. Because so, alas, happened - the grandchildren of the elder son, she almost did not communicate.

About three years ago what Ia Alekseevna prayers came true. Lada, finally gave birth - son Artem. So the last years of life Ii Arepinoy were filled with the joy of communicating with grandson. Happy grandmother planted in a wheelchair, Artem took the dog Chip and went with them in their favorite forest.

. : During the life of Ia Alekseevna sometimes socialized with friends, actresses: Valentina Telegina, . known for the films 'Steppe Dawns', . 'Pavel Korchagin', . 'Three Poplars at Plyushchikha' (it is already long gone dead), . Tamara bow ( 'Young Guard', . 'Carnival Night', . 'Hello, . I am your aunt! "), . Antonina Maksimova (the mother's role in 'Ballad of a Soldier'),
. Yiu Alekseevnu very fond of Lyubov Sokolova, which they call up and rarely met.

. - True, I do not have a girlfriend, which I could call in the night: No: Even I do not know why it happened.

. 'I am very unhappy'

. ACTOR be difficult
. Today you're popular, but gone tomorrow. True, one can argue that it is better: bright flare up and remain in the minds of many, or 'smoldering' life unknown unimportant actor of some theater? And Iyo Arepinoy, we can say even lucky. She's very brightly lit up. But then succumbed to despair, believing that her life was very unhappy that she had no luck.

- Most of the actresses - very lonely people. That being said, unoriginal. Because by virtue of their profession in the everyday conversation of people, they require special understanding, but do not find it. It is extremely rare. On stage or in film is easy - there you play a different character and does not belong. But in real life: "You can not play with each person. To be an actress, you do not have any ambition. Not for human dignity, namely, self-esteem. In what sense? To play the human way be almost completely renounce himself. That's why my sister from Minsk, I am often asked: 'Iyka, were you ever a case? " I myself am an only when one or with your dog:

- And what you really?

- What? (Long pause) Even sad to say. (Again, pause, and suddenly - tears in his eyes) Actually I'm very unhappy: From bad character: hedgehog: Very proud. This is my way interfere in his personal life: So I prefer to play all the time and did not show what I. So I feel better.

'My life - continuous series of tragedies'

LAST five years it became common to treat journalists, directors of commercials. But it is all said: 'Previously, it was necessary to remember. And it's too late '. On the role of grandmothers in 'houses in the village' and other subjects, it recommended to take her friends from the theater, gave their phone numbers. Only once, two years ago, a journalist and teledeyatelyu has yet to persuade her to participate in an evening dedicated to actors of past years, which was held in the House of Cinema Union of Cinematographers. It was attended by many of those who are called 'actors of one or two roles'. Play their roles that made them famous, they then, for various reasons have left in the shade.

. Although Ia Arepina often repeated: 'My life - continuous series of tragedies' - in general, miserable and horrible existence, she could not complain, including through the care and help her daughter
. And once more tragic was the situation with reference to the Yi Alekseevny the television program 'Silver Ball'. Leading Vitaly Wolf in a recent issue, speaking of the plight of the stars of past years, said the brilliant actress Iya Arepina recent years spent on the porch and this is so there and died, forgotten by everyone:

. He, Wolfe was right in only one
. Yes, of Iyo Arepinoy, perhaps, forgotten. But those who knew Yiu Alekseevnu will say that never in my life her character is not allowed to humiliate himself, begging. It may be easier to die of hunger than to lend a hand for alms.

'Your spirit will find shelter:'

: She died in the morning. Summer. In August. At night, it once again choked asthma. She apparently suffered a long time at first, did not leave her room to the kitchen for drugs, because she was afraid to wake her daughter and grandson. And then, when it became unbearable, she went, but the road had a sudden heart attack. Death was instantaneous.

Funeral Ii Arepinoy came a little more than a dozen people. Most of the relatives and two older actress actor. Iya Alekseevna during his life like that, after the death of her cremated, and then either buried in his homeland, Ardatove or dispersed the ashes over the sea. But the daughter of Lada agreed that, for all who wish to visit the grave, will be more convenient if the burial will take place in Moscow. Therefore, the place of its current habitat - St. Nicholas Cemetery Arkhangelsk. On the headstone were engraved lines from a poem by Lermontov 'Mtsyri', which she was very fond of:

'Let him in heaven, the holy stratospheric edge

Your spirit will find shelter.

Suffering is sleeping in the cold of eternal silence: '

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  • Iya Arepina (02.07.1930 years [Ardatove, Mordovskoi ASSR] - 24/07/2003 [?] Of [Moscow]) -------- She died in the morning. Summer. In August [?] br>-
    Excellent article. BUT! Can someone explain this text? .. . How: 24/07/2003 died ... In August [?] Yours.
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