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Batyrshina Jan

( Gymnast)

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Biography Batyrshina Jan
photo Batyrshina Jan
Talk of Jan Batyrshin, . as a multiple world champion and European Rhythmic Gymnastics, . silver medalist in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, . winner of 170 medals, . about 30 cups and medals of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "II degree? Or how about a talented TV presenter, . whose career began with the transfer of "Under 16 and over:, . continued on the channel "Capital", . and now - on occupying the sixth button channel "Russia-Sport"?,

. Talk of Jan so, then do not say anything about her
. After all, she - is not only a fruitful union of a flexible body and a bright ribbon or hoop. And not just the image of a serious sports commentator. Behind all this lies a very different John - gentle, delicate, charming: It is not similar to many famous and popular women. She managed to preserve not only the child's simplicity and directness, and modesty, and the complete lack of snobbery.

- John, why have you left the sport?

- Actually I went a few times. In the 13 years after a successful performance at the European championship among juniors, I decided to complete a career. I thought once I became a champion of the continent, in principle, nothing more, and I do not need. Just maybe, I'm tired. But after two weeks of rest, I changed my mind to throw Sports. The second time I left the gym for a week. She did that wanted to eat, that would, in one word - enjoy life. But then I was persuaded to return and continue training. But when I had the silver medal of the Olympic Games (Atlanta, 1996 - note. corr.), I clearly realized that now achieved everything I wanted and at any time to quit sports. I lasted another two years, is seriously thinking about this decision, and then, after talking with her parents, finally left the gym.

- A coaching job you do not want to do?

- Such a prospect never was attractive. Just is not my. But some time I coached the Brazilian gymnasts. Immediately after retiring from the sport had to somehow build a future life. And my mother and I made a summary and began sending him on the sports federations. A surprise came from Brazil. I worked there for three months, has achieved success: my girls were successful at the national championship, strongly improving their previous results. One gymnast compared with the previous primacy rose by 6 seats and became the champion of Brazil. I was offered a long contract, all conditions for living and working. But I refused and returned home to Russia.

- Can you remember a funny incident from the sporting life?

- We lived at the sport complex in Novogorsk. As a rule, we are allowed to go home for one day a week. But personally, I managed to eat off the house and catch a few extra pounds, so all the subsequent 6 days of training had to lose weight and to engage intensively in order to regain form. Then again trod off, I again went home and recovered, then lost weight again (laughs) And so the circle. At some point, my coach got tired of it, and I stopped to let go.

Then I started to visit Mom. About how we ate at the base, no story, she understand. And my mom, knowing my love for good food, Bringing pets soup, meatballs, fruit: But this is not allowed, at the entrance was strictly controlled.

One day my mother bore me some grapes, apples and oranges. And faced with my coach. That, of course, immediately interested in it I have: "Grapes? No, there is a lot of glucose, Yana is not. Apples? They are given a lot of apples. But in general, they are puchit not need her a lot of apples are oranges? Oranges also give them, but from an excess of vitamin C can also be bad: "So my mother and came to me with empty hands.

Then we started to cheat. Before you come to me, my mother avoided the building where I lived, fit under my window. I'm letting her rope, she tied to her bag of food. And then walked through the checkpoint with empty hands. So after the weekend anyway, I had a growth of gram. But, of course, is not the same as before.

. - Were there any superstitions, omens?

. - Absolutely!

. First, . all polls gymnasts are generally nice to sporting subjects (ball, . Ribbon, . rope, . mace:) They need to talk, . ask for help, . confess your love, . to take care: Otherwise, the worst possible moment, they can take revenge.,

. On the carpet should always walk the same foot
. I did not believe in it, but it still did, just in case. And suddenly, right?

Each gymnast is still their individual superstitions, rituals. I, for example, was such a fun plush snegovichok, presented by Alina Kabaeva. Before each competition, I sat down with him, talking, then kissed (on which he was constantly smeared with lipstick), cross (also not clear where I got it come from, the roots of a Muslim) (laughs). Then I always had to get the last out of the room, close the door, and again to bless her. Once I forgot to kiss his snegovichka! There were many experiences! Thought - the failures of competition! But everything went well.

. - And how did you get to Fort Bayard?

. - By accident! I have worked on the TV channel "Russia", carried news of sports
. I call and ask: "Ian, you want to participate in the" Fort Bayard? " Join! That is, I was sure that I will not lead, as it is a party! I immediately agreed. After about a month I was invited to a meeting, begin to explain in what mode the game will be held: I listen and do not understand. Why do I know all this, if I am a member? "Excuse me, - I ask. - And whom shall I be? "I was surprised to say:" How to whom? You're leading! "And there was nothing I could do, because they have ten days before, I was already approved without samples. I of course, very upset. Yes, and it was terrible: can not do anything, nothing happens.

Then we went to France, began to rehearse. Rehearsals are held as a normal game, from before, only participants were correspondents and their wives. After this test, I realized that would not be able to transfer. I went to the producer and part-time my boss Vasily Kiknadze and asked to do anything, only to release me from this role. Of course I refused, saying: "You try very hard, everything will be fine, you can do battle". Once calmed. But anyway, the first esters were given a very hard, I do not understand, I always thought that I was doing wrong, I say nonsense. But then retracted in the act, I felt confident.

- What do you interesting news: news or concerts?

- Interestingly, it is both, but during the news I am calm. And during the concerts so much nerves go away! Because before you: hundreds of people, the rostrum, the hall, and all looking at you. During the news too, like all the attention focused on you, but directly in front of me only one operator, familiar. And so calmly. And you always know what to say, what comes next.

And the concert - it is always unexpected, you never know what might happen in a minute. You do not stand alone, but with the second leading. So afraid of possible inconsistencies, lining. But I like. This is a very useful and interesting experience.

. - And during the National Sports Award "Glory" you acquainted with Timur, his fiance? (Timur Weinstein - director and producer of the national film awards "Nika" and sports award "Glory" - note
. corr.)

- Actually, we met a little earlier, not at the concert, and even during the preparation. And got a very funny. In Timur very friendly and warm staff. And so I came with a very tasty hot pancake into his office and met a charming girl, now his best friend. Together, we ate this cake, very nice to chat with, just like each other.

Then she ran for Timur, who, as director, was supposed to give us the lead, scenarios describe how the event will be held. And, as it turned out, she came to him and said: "Timur, I found you a bride, come down quickly!" Timur same rush did not even somehow forgot about it. Then later came down, and we first saw each other, met. Worked, discussed all the details, but nothing more, and went. Then he met at rehearsals for the concert. But really could not talk.

- And then?

- Then they began to ring up occasionally, and one day Timur invited me to visit. Since this started. Eastern people somehow attracted to each other. We found many common interests, interesting to talk about common places where we grew up, lived or simply visited. Timur five years older than me - an adult, intelligent man. Somehow, I knew immediately that this man want to be a lifetime. I felt as reliability behind him, devotion, love. He is ready to do anything for me, not only because he loves, but also because it is brought. It laid in childhood, the family - this is the most important thing in life and nothing more important can not be. It has everything that I like in men. For me it is very important to know that he would never betray us, always be on hand to anything, in the first place he thought of me will always strive to back, everything will be done for me and our future children - it is very important. Not every man can do so. Many understand this, but not everyone is ready to do. And he is ready. And I, of course, lucky. Although at first I was sure that his wife, if not, the girls certainly a million! (Laughs)

. - When is the wedding?

. - This summer.

. - And how would you like to celebrate this event?

. - I want a feast for the whole world! Because we are both well educated - the wedding happens only once in a lifetime
. I want to make it so that I remember for a lifetime: a million visitors, a lot of treats. Frankly, Timur, as he directed, told me: "You're not going to do anything. The most important is your task - a wedding dress. And ". That is, of course, we will discuss with him, where will the wedding, whom to invite, and all the rest themselves. I still some surprises waiting for!

- And tell me about his first love.

- When I was in Tashkent at the school, in our class was a boy, his name was Arthur Silkin. In the first class he took care of me, wore a portfolio ... But in the second, after the summer, began to look for another girl, little white, my complete opposite. I am very angry at him, offended and became friends with another boy in the class. Spite.

In the third grade Arthur, coming after the summer, he threw his blonde and again began to meet with me. We were already more than adults, and began seriously courting. Arthur was the head of the class. All the boys were afraid. Although he was troechnikom, but distinct intelligence and wit. But bad behavior he had always. And I, frankly, like those that just clever, and all of them are afraid (laughs).

One time was as follows: after prodlenki me locked up in the class of all boys, gathered at the door: "Do not empty". I look at the back row sits Arthur, one, zero attention to what is happening. He asked the boys: "Why?" - "You must go to Arthur and sit down" - "Why?" - "That's what Arthur". Well, came and sat down: Sitting: After a while, Arthur gave me a note (laughs). I read: "Can you invite for a date?". I am writing this answer: "Can". He wrote further: "Where do you live?". Wrote. He said: "I come with my grandfather". Me: "Good". He said: "You have someone you love?" I write: "You". (laughing) He: "I love you too". Well all. He gave the boys a signal, they parted, and I went home. No sooner had I gone far, I was catching up with Arthur, took the briefcase, my hand and we went. So silently, and came to my house.

- Not a word said?

- Not a word, no notes! Well, I thought that it was all a joke, not serious. Of course, not going anywhere. Then at the appointed time I look - come! Grandfather! Grandpa sat near the pavilion, began to read a newspaper, and Arthur - wait for me. I to my mother: "Mom, Mom, where Arthur came, I can be with him for a walk?" I, of course, released. And we have the second floor was, and the windows just a yard out. And they all went: Mom, Dad, Grandma, and watch how we walk, holding hands. And in Tashkent, the yards are not like in Moscow! Our yard was a swimming pool, a huge playground, gazebo, table tennis, garden, where grew mulberry trees, apple trees, cherries, grapes, roses:

And here we go, and what we see - and then discuss. That is a conversation: "Oh, what beautiful roses" - "That's right!" - "And as apples high!" - "Yeah":

And so it went for a walk. And then we were in school assembly hall, there is sometimes a movie showing, and I once went there with her friends. And Arthur sat behind me and began to sing. And it was fashionable song (sings) "My blue-eyed Girl: Say, what do you love me:. He "my brown-eyed girl" sang. I'm so embarrassed! ..

. Then again, we parted for the summer, and when met, I look it again for taking care of the blonde!: And then I began to seriously pursue gymnastics, and have had no time for love.

. - Jana, and who you see yourself in fifteen years?

. - Oh, do not know
. As it will. I have a goal on television: to become a professional in every respect, realize their potential. And "I want to become a director of the channel" or "I want to have my transmission" - so I do not think. Important to me that my work was in demand and liked the people.

And 15 years later, I do not imagine myself at work. For forty years I will not carry news of sports - this is ridiculous! Probably will be something else that is - do not know. But I'm sure that after fifteen years I will have a husband, at least three children - a good happy family. It is most important for me. And work - as it already happens.

- What do you think the most important thing in a woman?

- Well, firstly, there is a difference, single women or she has a beloved man. If it is a man, then it most importantly - listen to him. I think that everyone in the family was well, a woman needs to be able to insist on his own, and obey her husband. Everything to do for him. Maybe, sometimes, not to express some of his small claims. And then everything will be calm. Because men, whatever they were good, a different mentality than we. And to be with them more leniently. Make it something in their own way, but agree with him, to say that everything you do as he says.

But as yet I have no such problems. We Timur think alike, and our views often coincide. Sometimes, of course, when he thinks he's right, but I think I am right. But I'd rather agree with him and will support him. Because a man should be master of the house. A woman should be able to compromise.

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Batyrshina Jan, photo, biography
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