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Oksana Baiul

( Ukrainian figure skater)

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Biography Oksana Baiul
photo Oksana Baiul
Oksana Baiul (16.11.1977 years)

Loved not only in Ukraine, for which she became the first Olympic champion, but also in the U.S., where she then moved. However, viewers love - feeling special, she is fickle, jealous, and God forbid the object of adoration to do something wrong ... A figure skater, like any teenager, was obstinate, inconsistent ... This audience did not forgive her.

In 2000, after numerous scandals and treatment of alcoholism, leaving the figure skating and unsuccessful returns, Oksana Baiul, with characteristic impetuosity she decided to keep skating forever. But it's easy to say - hard to do, two years later she is back on the ice. Baiul is now preparing for the annual round of "Stars on Ice". She trains intensely with Valentin Nikolayev - coach, who, along with the famous Galina Zmievskaya brought her to the Olympic gold medal. "It works well, though decided to start all over again - asserts Nikolaev. - So it worked when it became the Olympic champion. She has a goal, and she goes to her, regardless of the difficulties. Hence, the result will be. "

. Preparations for the show took in Oksana's a lot of time, and yet she chose a moment to answer our questions.

. - Oksana, as you become a figure skater?

. - My mother wanted me to be involved in ballet, and at that time in Dnepropetrovsk, where I come from, it was fashionable to give children in figure skating
. Here are my three and a half years and was taken to the school of figure skating. It all began: the first success, the first upset ...

. When I was two years old, my father left us (Oksana recently found it and went to Dnipropetrovsk to see), then my grandmother died, and in another year and a half burned cancer mom and I took myself to my coach ...

. - Are you ready yourself to champion?

. - Probably not
. Figure skating was the most important thing in my life. In my life played a huge role the collapse of the Soviet Union. If Ukraine does not become independent, who knows, how would things have turned. I was ten years old took part in the championships, but before the collapse of the Soviet Union never higher than tenth place did not rise.

When Ukraine broke away, I arrived in Kiev. I was then already 13 and a half. At the meeting of the Federation, . which were painted Tournaments, . which should have been during the season to make athletes, . I was given a paper with a list of tournaments and said - subscribe! However, just as I was left without a coach and refused to sign papers, . until I find a mentor,
. The next day I called back and asked to deal with Valentin Nikolaev, Odessa. In October of that year came to Odessa Galina Zmievskaya. At that time she was already well-known coach who trained Olympic champion Viktor Petrenko. Zmievskaya looked, as I ride, put me as a choreographer two programs and returned to Las Vegas.

In 1993, I first came to major competitions - the European Championship, which took second place. Then Zmievskaya invited me to live in her home and train under her leadership. We began to prepare for the World Cup.

For several months I have mastered all the triple jumps and was very good ride. So good, that won the. Immediately after the victory went to the tour in America. In the autumn of that year we began preparations for the Olympic Games. Arbitrary program left the old, and have chosen for the original "Swan" by Tchaikovsky.

. - For you to win at the Olympics as a surprise?

. - In 93 th year at the Olympics allowed professionals to speak, so my chances significantly decreased
. We Petrenko preparing for the Olympics together under the leadership Zmievskaya and Nikolaeva. In this tandem Zmievskaya was a leader, and all training equipment has been riding and jumping at Nikolayev.

. - How much is usually occupied by train?

. - While not enter into the form, I train a lot, but when the form is typeset, you can afford a slightly lower pace
. In addition, the training - it is not the only driving it and conditioning load, especially in summer, when gaining weight and need it reset.

So, we were ready for the Olympics. I arrived in Lillehammer in early February, although the women's competition begins at the end of the month. I remember it was terribly cold, and equipment that our team has provided firm Adidas, was incomplete. We had no warm clothes, pants, gloves, because they were separated and not given to athletes ... Zmievskaya the parade of athletes decided not to take me, and not because he was evil or something bad I was treated, but because I had nothing to wear, I was not even hot pants.

. - I remember that on the eve of a crucial speech you are injured
. Not sure it was rigged? Not if you tried to disable?

- I do not think. Everything still seems to me that it was an accident. February 21 we showed the original program. I had the ride in a group with Nancy Kerrigan, and the results, it was the first, and I second. The next day in training I was faced with the German skater Tatiana Shevchenko. This is likely a coincidence, we both went back to the jump and did not see each other. She fell, broke my right leg skate. I had stitches, in addition, I was badly hurt his back. The pain was terrible, it seemed that I could not speak the next day. After training, I was sitting in his room in the Olympic village and listened as Zmievskaya with Nikolayev decided what to do: take me to the competition or not.

. Galina A. was in shock, sobbing, but still suggested to wait until tomorrow.

. - So you insisted to still speak?

. - By the time I had already received an incredible amount of letters, and just that night I brought several bags of regular mail
. One letter caught my attention and I opened it. It turned out that some crazy painted on a white sheet, sorry, shit cross and wrote in English, that I'll never be champion because I - that of which depicted a cross. I took the letter and went to Zmievskaya. Of course, she was shocked but still managed to joke, saying that it ... to money. Then I said that tomorrow in any case, I will speak.

- You spoke with pain?

- Taking medications before the speech is too dangerous. At the workout, once stood on the ice, I felt such pain in his leg that could not even get together and figure out what to do. Not that triple, double jumps could not do. I'm a little roll and graduated from training, and all the coaches could not decide what to do. After a workout, I rested, and we again went to the stadium. I put on my skates, and not even know what happened, but before going out on the ice felt extraordinary confidence. I started the program, made all the triple jumps, combination jumps, and when riding in the last triple toe loop, which ended the program, I saw that some boards meet Zmievskaya, Nikolaev and Petrenko and shouting something to me. Nothing has been heard, because all the last minute room is not exactly applauded - the audience, standing just roared with delight. I drove around the side, . I still make out, . that Galina Valentin shouting: "Do a combination! You need a combination of jumps!" And instead go after a jump in the final rotation, . I turned, . do two jogging and jumping two triple jump, . just a note on the last landing, . already in tears, . because the nerves can not withstand the stress ..,
. We waited a very long time ratings. I was sitting in his chair and roared incessantly - from pain, stress, fatigue. And when she ran the first line, Valentin turned to me and said: "We won!" And I did not care. I at that time simply did not understand what's happening ...

After all, the victory was not that I skate better, not that I won the Olympics, but the fact that I lived 16 years for this moment. That's what no one has ever written. Do not write about what it all worth it, and what an awful job was given this medal.

Then we returned to Ukraine, we took President Leonid Kravchuk, and in the fall, I flew to America. Contract for work was signed at the Olympics. And we with Zmievskaya and Petrenko, with the fall of 1994 first began working in Las Vegas.

- Professional figure skating - a sport or art?

- Both. Figure skater can be a talented athlete, but a bad actor, and maybe vice versa, although ideally it should be both. Olympic same - this is sport, and then art.

- They say that you had problems with alcohol?

- From 1994 to 2000 I spent in limbo, not knowing what was happening to me, what is happening around me. Friends were there somewhere, in a past life, and those whom I met in America, and friends do not call. Year, I held out, then I began to rebel. About my misconduct immediately blew all the papers, my reputation has suffered. I started drinking. She understood what I was doing badly, but so could make this hell. And as soon as the newspapers reported that I had problems with alcohol. Then I put on weight. And this is also reported around the world. It somehow forgot that I was becoming a woman, my figure is no longer a child, and I grew up about 12 centimeters. At my age, teenagers are sent to colleges, where through trial and error choice, what suits them, get information about yourself, your body, life. As for me, all this was not because of ice but nothing in my life did not exist. And it did not ask anyone.

Now I am 25 years old, and I understand that much of my perception of the new life influenced by the fact that I grew up without a mom and dad. I would not feel so lonely and hopeless. When on your shoulders is such a burden when you have almost every moment should be in a form where you can not afford to be myself in public, it is very difficult. I was not ready for all this.

But I always thought that I was a professional and try to do everything as best as possible. When I was something failed, I myself gnawing. Immediately I could not do, and I do not know what to do. I argued with the agents, coach, producers. But I can not blame them. They wanted what they wanted, what was required of me, I just could not take this. I broke. In 1998, I even wanted to commit suicide.

. - You mean that car accident?

. - No, no, then to me for Christmas came a long-time friend, we went for a walk with him, I once again got drunk, fell into a tantrum and smashed car
. Gradually, I sunk into a nervous breakdown and fell into a clinic for alcoholics.

. I was so weak that the first three days just sleeping, and the remaining three and a half months, perhaps for the first time in this country feel they are not alone, that there are a number of people who have the same problem
. Only there explained to me that life does not end, if the tournament is not won, and does not stop, if you weigh more than 100 pounds. Frankly, after that I did not want to return to figure skating. And yet I came back for two more years. It was very difficult, because as soon as the move away from it all, especially after a few months in the hospital, to return to have become impossible for you hard to beat. But I tried, until finally he admitted to himself that at 23, I is not interested.

I decided to relax the ice, not just relax and try to do something else. By the time I have met with Zhenya (Zhenya Sunik - satellite and future husband of Oksana Baiul), and we decided that in 2001, I will not speak. I liked to live another life: at home, rather than in a hotel, get up in the morning to collect Zhenya to work, and then again to fall and sleep until three o'clock. I think I just slept for the first six months of our lives. Eugene could not even understand how I can sleep so much, but, obviously, I was so fully applied, that nothing I did not need.

- And how you Zhenya met?

- By accident. At Christmas 2000, my friend took me to an unfamiliar company. There I met him and. We chatted the whole night, everyone talked about his, and we were surprisingly easy. Thus began a new chapter of my book.

- You write a book?

- I have already left two books in English. In the two years that I did not speak, I founded his own company, which manufactures suits for figure skating. Launched its own line, it is called - "The Line of Oksana Baiul". Now I feel like a normal person. I understand who I am and who I am surrounded. I have a family. And after work, back home, where I was waiting.

I decided to return to the ice, feeling that once again want to work. We have replaced all the agents and managers, and I once again will participate in the show "Stars on Ice". Now I have a very different attitude to work and to others, and they belong to me otherwise. I enjoy my work, and most importantly, I want the viewer to see and love me as I am, a real, not invented by journalists.

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  • Roman for Oksana Baiul
  • Hi Oksana! How many years?, . many winters!, . last, . so somewhere, . about 16 years ago, we vidilis, . do not even know where to start?! If you remember, . Dima and Ira and their son, Roma, . who lived at that time, . Heroes of Stalingrad, . in your home and maintain relationships, . or you can say, and so were friends with your mother,''the kingdom of heaven !'' she writes to you and their son Roman, . I now day 22, . but fragments of that time, I remember perfectly to this day, . if it were yesterday, . yes and his life, . my mother and I often recalled and you and your mother Marina''kingdom of heaven !'' and her stepfather your Anatoliya.Vidimo, . They were pleasant moments in my childhood, . since they are so firmly settled down in my memory to this day. I remember as I was a child of your love, . and away from you do not like, . apparently you and me as a person was pleasant and like a girl, . although, . like, . that I was able to understand?, . child was still, . But facts are facts, . was the case! How Tolik gave us time, . pomnish? and painted with, . it's only part of it, . that later became, and for my, . I would then draw maschinu, . and you are something else, . and played with, . everything was super, . there is something to remember! And as I am with you on a sleigh in winter vyschival, . with a fairly decent descents-extreme! п▓п╬п╬п╠я┴п╣п╪, . ponastolgiet п╪п╬п╤п╫п╟, . with good brandy and a cigar! in my life, . I often times you do not remember, . especially when I saw you on TV and in the pics, . And I had always been a desire to see you, . communicate with you, . longed, . horror! You even remember my woman with my grandfather, . father's parents, . if you remember, . lived near us on Vakulinchuka, . Marek and Larissa, . sha live in Israel, . I go to visit them whenever possible. Just two hours ago, my mother came home from work, . and told me, . What are you going to tour with the program for Ukraine, . in Kiev and the Dnieper. Well, . honestly tell you I'm broke, . think, . how do you go on?, . last time, . When you come, we break off did not know exactly, . when and where you were, . but you know, . I did look and think, . What I had you not found the same because the desire, . if not how I still remember the future star, . you are a part of our lives, . and of course the internal forces attract, . many years has passed, . voobshchem tell you honestly I''asshole with a capital'', . and still say all the time, . apparently it was not the, . and now I am old enough, . and the desire to see you twice, . and maybe three times increase! Well, sho I am doing? spraschivayu my mother's room Anatolia, . she remembers, . so I'm in the background, . learned! rang, . will be on Monday, . I do not know do you favor the relationship?, . call on Monday talk, . think would be nice! And we'll see?! п▓п╬п╬п╠я┴п╣п╪ Ochs, . desire to see you, . communicate a very strong, . not because, . what I need from you that, . and then think, . that type could not remember how many years, Kent and suddenly woke up, . ''Roma-kind vecher'' da woke, . but without any improper purpose, . I am creative people and doing everything just, . because they really want, . and at meetings, . I think, . we would have been something to talk about, . Yes, and my mother-Il wants to meet with you. I also do sports actively been 5god, . started with Aikido, . but now I go to Beat'em, . complex is not bad! And Sports Complex, . where I worked, . at our institute, . recently hung stands champions Ukraine, . dependent and not dependent, . hi''she grets''luchshe she had been dependent, . and you there is in full swing, . so I often watch and immediately recall, . know no one will believe, . I know you, . What movie is! I am glad for you from the heart!, . Want to meet even FIRE! In the meantime, more and more do not know what to write, . rest at the meeting, . unless of course you will have the desire, . and then God will! Our phone: (056) 7767555 mob: 80965227821 mob.mamy: 80672847962 Address: lived array Substation ul.Zaporzhskoe highway 2a/213 We are waiting for your answer and call, . look, . Roman and Ira!,
  • Andrew Shpuryaka for Oksana Baiul
  • I studied with Oxana in Dnepropetrovsk Olympic Reserve School in 1991-1992 godu.ochen it would be interesting to talk to her again. Shpuryaka@mail.ru shpuryaka@yahoo.com
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