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Favorite of women, a singer with a beautiful voice and very handsome, well-known to all as Julian tells about himself and curiosities that have plagued him constantly.

- Julian, in my opinion, you are quite modest man. At least with great interest to you and your life, no one knows if you have a girlfriend?

- Oh, this is a huge secret! But you must admit that my heart is free and so - quietly. However, recently received a letter from Marina from Tomsk. She wrote that her son was born and I, his father. In the letter - the boy's picture. It is like two drops of water like me. She called him Julian in my honor.

- So, it means you have a son - Julian Yulianych?

- Um ...

- Are a fact question? Well. Then I ask you about your parents - it's they who are you sure, is not it? Who are they?

- My mother is a teacher by profession musical school, and my father - an engineer in the field of aviation, graduated from MAI. Judging from photographs taken during the period of their acquaintance, they were at each other in love - the images of their eyes just lit. Yes they are still very fond of each other. All musical education with four years I got home from my mother. 5 years already in full sing. When the parents came to visit, organized the entire free concerts. Today, of course, these concerts, moreover, with the full notice, must give a lot. Sometimes I sleep for 3-4 hours a day. Then cheer yourself coffee and looked like a cucumber.

Even I have a sister, Jana. She is a student at the school with an English bias. She is now 14 years old, and in appearance - all 18. Seriously wants to be top model or an artist-designer. I, however, Slava Zaitsev hinted that he might "an acquaintance" to take her to work in Fashion House, but I will not allow it. I sought anything in life itself, even if she is making herself. If this works out, maybe I will sew costumes. Now by all of my concert costumes Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

- You've probably been spoiled child?

- With me in general very difficult, because I can not only play the piano, but on another good tool - on the nerves. After all, on a horoscope I am a lion and bull at the same time. You can imagine how much of my stubbornness and pride. But my nature is open and guileless. Can, for example, the first publicly to give his name - VASIN! Prior to that, for all I was just Julian. I like to sometimes say to people "the truth in the eye, then feel completely free man.

- In truth and in fact may be affected, and from women - the more ...

- Yes, the first of "women" I have suffered in the first class. Girl, in which I fell in love, in proof of my love made me kiss her - what do you think? - Iron pipe swings in the children's village! That winter was a terrible cold, and my lips just stuck to the iron. This is my first love has ended. Occur, and comic situations. One woman from Rostov-on-Don haunted me for a year, accompanied throughout the tour. I recently bought an apartment in Moscow, and went so far that it has lodged in one of my entrance. Every morning, starting at 8 o'clock, the intercom rang heartbreaking declarations of love to me. Once, when I came out of the elevator, attacked me something shaggy ... I had to call the police.

- Tell me, Julian, what causes that you, young man, sing songs, loved the older generation, patriotic. Why?

- I began to sing in another country, where there was no show-business. In the House of record on the street Kachalova were my first demo tapes to radio. As fate willed, I accidentally ran into the composer Alexander Pakhmutova, whose songs he adored from childhood. I had the courage to approach her and say: "I love you!" And I want to work with you ". She looked at me and asked: "Do you sing?" ... Oh, then my name was not known to anyone, but I, in the pursuit of popularity, do not take the path of "Tender May", and began collaborating with composer Pahmutowa songwriter Nikolai Dobronravov.

. It was the height adjustment in the country, collapsed and rejected virtually all previous
. I asked: why do you work with this composer, she's from another time? I always answered that Pakhmutova - a great composer and a very intelligent person. Discovered the secret: maybe if I started to sing now, nothing would have made, since this is particularly strong principle of life - to be humble means to be weak ...

- People's rumor somehow connects you with actress Nonna Mordyukova. Do not open a secret?

- With Nonna Mordyukova I met in Cherepovets during my first tour. After the concert, she suddenly came to me and thanked him for his spiritual songs about Russia. Since then we became good friends. When she is free time, which happens not often visit each other, call up ... Once I came to the film crew transfer "While all the houses". I invited to visit Nonnu. Then we have with her, and announced our wedding. What's begun! And surprise, and gossip, and congratulations ... Of course, it was a joke.

- I understand that free time you have a lot. But it is still. How do you spend it?

- Frankly, I like to sleep, because by nature I - "Owl". I love the warm atmosphere and comfort, I like summer. Sometimes the mood just want to make a lot of cases, and then - just read. It is like listening to classical music, especially Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. As for my friends, they are not from the world of "La Boheme", but with them I am always happy to meet and have a good time. Currently fashionable hangouts not recognize. Recently learned here that "partying" on prison slang means "to beat my head against the wall, so that the woodpecker to be, I certainly do not want. Just live for today.

- Some famous people keep various animals, birds. And you?

- I have a good friend - French Bulldog Willie. I once accidentally dropped in at the Bird Market and bought him a puppy. In the end it turned out that he has "mad" pedigree: his ancestors were champions of exhibitions. Willie - a clever and cheerful, love eating pickles ... And every year he has a new bride.

- Well, one more question: you have a lot of time paying their appearance, clothes?

- As any normal man, I want just to please women, regardless of their age. Of course, I am obliged to monitor their appearance and physical form yet because the actor can not be without this. Beginning artists are always slim and slender, and takes several years, and - banquets, presentations made with their job. I try not to succumb to this. With the growth of 193 cm weigh 89 kg, and a year ago, weighed almost 100. Helped sports, fitness center, swimming pool. Of alcohol recognize only red wine.

At home and in everyday life go in a simple comfortable clothes, which, believe me, nothing like my stage costume.

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  • Nata for JULIAN
  • I love you with all your triumphs and failures, strengths and п+п¦п+я+п¦п+я- ";). п¬п°п·п п? YOU! GOOD LUCK! LOVE! And the performance is impossible ;)!
  • Sun for JULIAN
  • Julian - one of the best artists. Thank you for your work, it goes against settling pop-music that is played on all the radio stations. Alternatives should always be. A big hello to Anastasia, a singer with a rich voice, which is also not allowed because it will be clear that all the other low-level
  • Anonymous for JULIAN
  • Anonymous for JULIAN
  • Rita for JULIAN
  • Julian! Greetings. To my shame I was not so long ago learned about your creative biography. At some point my life, I thought that you decided to leave the scene and devote themselves to spiritual science. And when I met you in the "European" t.ts. but did not dare to approach, on the internet, I learned all the details. pleased to see that you are going to continue to its goal. judging by the chain of unfortunate events, the reason for it lies not on the surface, and sometimes disappointing results of the titanic work. but when a person is in a constant search for causes, the Almighty help and the path to recovery is. Good luck. Consider that God heard you stayed the technical aspects of cooperation. with respect for Rita!
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