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Yuzefovich Leonid

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Leonid Yuzefovich

The writers-DETEKTIVSCHIKAMI not to talk about difficult things. Because their main (and sometimes the only) problem - the intrigue abruptly turn, and not talk about the laws of the universe. Leonid Yuzefovich, however - a happy exception. 'Father' of Sergeant Ivan Putilina, laureate of 'national bestseller' by 'Kazaroza' and 'Sand riders' - an intelligent man, keenly felt the time (although he writes mostly historical mysteries).

. - Leonid Abramovich, please explain why all the good people, judging by your novels, born in the nineteenth century? Today, criminal incident happens no less, but they are interesting for some reason mostly authors 'junk' detectives.

. - To unravel the current grave crime can only by joint efforts of many professionals
. And among the specific knowledge that these professionals must possess, knowledge of human psychology is probably not the main place. It is interesting first of all people. My hero, first, - single. Secondly, in the nineteenth century, he goes to fight evil, armed only with knowledge 'in chelovetseh things'. If he had such weapons will to fight in modern life, it would be like trying to stop a tank, shooting at him from the tube chewed paper. In addition, literature by its very nature, prefers to deal with something already settled down, decorated. Say, now, young people write a book about the 90-ies. Because it took time. We can even name the exact date: 90-th years ended in 1998, when struck defaulted. And the sense of the era, gone forever, creates a desire to recreate it. This desire - a powerful creative impulse. And what is happening right here and now that has not cooled down, - a topic for journalism, rather than for literature.

. - What is today generally can smell out people, make him think not only about what he eats and how to make money?

. - We all have over the past 10 years greatly increased the pain threshold
. We had seen so many things, but if you are not seen or heard something on television watching, that the pain threshold - he simply we naros over the previous. In order to penetrate all of us want very much to cry. But a normal person Creek is not included in the system of values - it is humiliating for the person who cries, and for those who cry out for. In the literature usually scream - in a figurative sense, of course - the people or not very talented or very ambitious. I do not want to scream. I worked for many years in school, teaching history, and I know that just screams bad teacher. Do you know the surest way to get children to listen to yourself? Begin mutter. Some of our talented writers, especially women, are able to lower his voice to a whisper, and that to make itself heard. I use other methods - the replacement cry. For example, the story must include some sort of secret. For me, detective stories - just a way to get to read my novels, in which the actual detective - not the most important. But what is important, everyone decides for himself.

. - How much real history in your historical detective? It has now become a fashionable hobby of alternative history and novels in the style of 'What would happen if:'

. - In my historical detective about a detective Putilina I tried to accurately describe the life, the historical realities of the time
. But if we talk about the events that unfold in the novels, they are largely fictitious. Although 'costume Harlequin' and the whole Mongolian line in 'Prince of the wind' is based on facts. As for hobbies alternative history - to some extent a reaction to the determinism of Soviet historiography. There everything was predetermined: it must be so and never could be otherwise. And new for all of us a sense of multiple world plays a role. I am well to the genre of alternate history and I think that it expands our understanding of the history of the accomplished. For option is always present in the composition of our ordinary life. All we think about the transience of time, about the fate - whether it can be avoided. The idea of alternative history affects the things that worry every person at his own life.

- Our desire is to question everything, including lead and the fact that we have begun to doubt the greatness of their own country. And patriotism, some have evolved into nationalism, others - in love globalism. And it is unclear how to instil a sense of patriotism to our children.

- It is also unclear. How to bring up patriotism? I'm afraid that anything other than platitudes, I'm on this subject will not say. Loudly declare himself a patriot - this is also a cry. A scream is usually people who are not too confident. Yes, for patriotism need some kind of framework, but to put him under the military successes of Russia, especially in its present state - costly and unnecessary. I only know that the school children is a big rush of feelings about the information that the helicopter - an invention of a Russian Sikorsky. With TV, too, invented a Russian. In Antarctica, we opened. Russian literature - one of the most popular in the world. Of course, our socio-economic gains are unlikely to give us as soon as possible cause for pride. But Russia is different, which is not in an orderly Estonia or Finland in the well -. For example, fusing the experiences of different peoples into one state. Russian character, Russia's history of nationalism in a rude manner unnatural. And we can be proud that we were able to create such a state. A pity that it fell apart.

. - You, the historian, can explain why we are interested in history? To simply satisfy idle interest or learn from the mistakes of ancestors?

. - Do Kliuchevskoi a famous phrase: 'History teaches nothing, but punishes ignorance of its lessons'
. Trying to explain our interest in the life of the ancestors so that through knowledge of their lives, we can avoid something bad is pointless - history has never taught anybody nothing. Nevertheless, interest in history lives in every one of us. And it is absolutely irrational.

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Yuzefovich Leonid, photo, biography
Yuzefovich Leonid, photo, biography Yuzefovich Leonid  Writer, photo, biography
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