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Giselle Ete (03.10.1981 year [Mexico City])

Poor Eulalia! Though pretty, the men run away from it like scalded. Only in the final series "Land of love, the land of hope" screenwriter Valsir KARRASHKU pity on the hero and give her hope for happiness. Surprisingly, but the performer of this role Giselle ETE in love too, not too lucky. To learn why this happens, the actress told us as to the spirit during this interview.

Pretty girl turned out to be: easy to communicate, easily amused, with a graceful figure of the Chinese figurines. With such a huge bust waist tonyusenkoy raises suspicion of silicon: these conjectures actress rejected with great indignation. It's easy to discern in the madness, however, like any human being, something passionately enthusiastic. Ete fanateet of their profession and, according to her, ready to work for days without rest.

Afraid of being late for the interview, we rushed up for half an hour before the appointed hour, and prepared for long wait: Giselle sat in the bathroom. Exactly half a minute later she appeared - with her hair poured water. In the lobby of average third rate hotel (though on the coast) mercilessly came through, but the number of the actress did not let us:

-There mess! I am terribly lazy and afraid because of this suffering. Struggling with myself, but still too lazy to win. Although yesterday I even tucked the bed!

She said with feeling laughed uproariously.

- Giselle, this hotel is not too modest for an actress?

- It does not matter. Flats removes studio "Globo". I moved to Rio a year ago, from Sцёo Paulo, for the sake of filming in Hope. I want to stay here, though, even this hotel for me dear. Over time, accumulated in their own homes.

- This is a flat, villa or hacienda?

- Something plain. I not stay long in Brazil. This is not a dream but a strong belief in childhood. Surprisingly, the fortune-teller I predict the same thing: I go abroad. This fate. So says my intuition and I trust her very. Rather, my place in France.

- Do you believe in that destiny is a man?

- Events taking place because they must occur. As we can tweak them just a little. I'm quite superstitious - bought recently in Bahia wooden mask and hung it at the door. There is a belief that it deters people who come to your house with evil. And I am afraid to think about the bad. Man himself attracts what awaits.

. - Now, after filming "Hope" that you can say about the show and his character?

. - Apart from the fact that it was classroom work? I learned a lot Eulalia: for example, not all people treated with their measure
. You know, in the end, my character has changed a lot. Good home girl actually has to sell itself. For the sake of work, money again contacted Umberto. It was hard to understand. For hours I would sit with the director in rehearsals to bring themselves up into hysterics, because my upbringing had denied such behavior Eulalia! Gradually I began to realize that when the house comes poverty and hunger, people are capable of anything.

. - Your immediate plans?

. - Rest in Bahia: in this area is a good energy
. Then start learns the texts of two theatrical plays. I do not want another tie with the television, and offers interesting yet.

- The most vivid memories of the show?

- From pleasant - Lessons flamenco. A whole month to three times a week, I learned to dance (for the sake of just one scene), parallel to listen to a short course on Spanish culture. From bad memories: I have not had time to say goodbye to Denise - my mom serial Soledad. She worked all his scenes before and went to play in the theater. I learned to shoot and obrevelas. Somehow it seemed very important to embrace Denise goodbye.

- How do you even hit the "Hope"?

- Director, invited. We met when I came to the casting in the TV series "Family Maya" and won the role of a courtesan Lola: My first test on television and the first role. Incidentally, this profession was given to me is not easy!

- Long have you realized his calling?

- 8 Years. I wanted to be a clown, working in the circus, but the parents thought this one resulted in a rage. Then I always came to my mother with the advertisements theater schools: "I want my mother, please:" In response to receiving the strictest prohibitions. In my extremely conservative and religious family did not have creative people. Profession actor aroused the fear of parents. Even now, parents had difficulty putting up with my work. I argued, offended, worried. And in 15 years, fled to Mexico City to his uncle and aunt, and they went to drama school.

- Parents were furious?

- They did not know. I went ostensibly to teach Spanish! I am a home person, very fond of the family, and I was hard all cheat. Already on my return I demanded money for the gym - keep one's figure and paid for theater courses. Where to go? On the beauty of my father was not sorry Cr: daughter should give marriage benefits. And what is inside of me, no one cared. In general, I would go mad, as one of my aunt.


- She had perfect pitch, write poems, plays the piano. Dreaming about the theater, Aunt did not dare to go against the family and eventually went mad.

- Soon it opened a fraud?

- After Mexico, I began dating a boy. We had dinner in a restaurant when I was approached by a woman with a proposal to withdraw in advertising. I could pay for itself drama school! With this joy, I immediately blabbed all home, but with footage I did not work. There was a big family scandal. I left university department of journalism, where he studied for a year, and entered the department of cinema. Worked evenings at the theater courses. Parents let me all forces, even sent to a psychiatrist! But all to no avail.

- Now the situation with the same heavy?

- Gradually, they resigned. My father once saw a scene from "Hope", where Umberto touches my character for the thigh. Pope was furious! Were furious - it was madness. The first time he gave me a pair of cuffs and promised to flog, if you see something like that. Father forbade home to watch TV series, while he gazed on the sly.

- You just start to an acting career and see how hard it is. Do not suffer doubts?

- I have already sacrificed so much for this! Even the groom's left! I almost married: I was 19 years old, and in our family tradition to grant women in this age. So it was with my mother, and grandmother, and all the aunts. For espression I deliberately broke up with her fiance.

- Probably, soon appeared the other?

- Course. But we have parted. A year later visits, he also became opposed to my profession. I just filmed in Hope. All of my suitors were chauvinists, tried to crush me. But the relationship should be equal! Someday I'll meet someone who will accept me as I have. Even my inability to cook. I sausages stew! So far, my true love - a profession. And cream poodle Vocative. He lives with her parents in Sao Paulo in a huge house with a garden, swimming pool. I miss you, but in an urban apartment dog will be bad.

- Now you live alone?

- I have never lived with a man, only with his family! Do not even imagine how this is possible before the wedding. I know this position is not modern, men are offended at me, and in preventing. I even tried to instill his free customs, but it is impossible.

- How do you take care of themselves?

- When I have asked, do not even know what to say. Because in general do not follow a. I can eat a kilo of popcorn in the cinema and then drink a couple liters of beer! Recently quit smoking. I love to eat and good wine. Even when I was a little girl, the grandfather of Bahia gave me sometimes a little drink.

- You do not go to the gym?

- No. I studied ballet for seven years - my father took me to a special school, a little girl. He is a fan of the classics, and I even named me in honor of the ballet Giselle heroine. I hated the pointe shoes, but it gave me an excellent physical training. Also, I did judo, floated. I want to switch to yoga.

- What do you do in your spare time?

- Can the whole day watching movies with friends. Or read.

- Do you know about this book - "Kama Sutra"?

- Ha. Course. I have it.

- And to apply knowledge in practice have not tried?

- I tell you, I'm still a girl. Since only men kissing: slightly. Sexual experience I have no. All this is probably healthy!

- Fans will not dopekayut?

- It's very cool! Most fans catch me in a restaurant. Okay. Lived his piece and happy to have a talk with them.

- And that never happened unpleasant excesses?

- When I played terrible villain in the series Barbara channel SBT (no Globo!), The people hated me. One woman on the street, watering the lawn, sent me a stream of water! Had to flee.

- You rave man?

- I love parties, although they always attract the journalists who are just waiting on my mistakes. Not the look or young people in the dance does not put his hand there - and here I am on the cover in the most favorable light.

- You do not like the press?

- A sore point: I once gave hour interview, talked about the profession, the character. Four minutes took a description of my feelings of love. Released a huge collection of entirely personal life! Journalist has changed all of my words, distorted thoughts! When we had discussed the photos, I rejected the one with a deep neckline. It is her and set! After that, I do not like the press, refusing to be interviewed. Since you are from Russia, I still do not see the material! And do not be upset!

- About you invent fables?

- Course. I once expressed about homosexuals: I do not have anything against it, do not judge, every person has the right to happiness, and in the same spirit. She told me that calmly refer to gay clubs and I can easily go in there. The next day read: "After the break with the last beloved Giselle Ete pulls in gay bars". So what is it? Throughout my life I've been there three times, and then for the company!

Here's another: I started a home dinner for the cast of "Hope". She promised to dishes that have never cooked - from Mexican cuisine. The last time I was called to the shooting, and as a result I did not have time. She called her friend for help: at least chopped onion. But she had to take the familiar to the airport. I howled that the woman will pay a taxi to the airport - 50 reais (about 500 Russian rubles. - OM, A.Ch.), just help me! You know what an article, when I let slip about this journalist: "Giselle Ete friend paid 50 reais, so that she sliced her for a couple of bulbs.

- What do you do in such cases?

- Nothing. Pretend that it did not know. But if a indecent photographs - for example, I swim in the pool - or take off my paparazzi topless - file a court. Her father would kill me!

- Which of the questions of journalists was the most disgusting?

- I did a very nice photoshoot for the magazine - posed, lying on the floor. Everything turned out super! After that one-liner said: "With the sexual point of view you like to wallow in the mud, . it excites you? "And all the photographers trying to incite me to take in a dress with a neckline, . but I do not agree for any fees.,

. Dossier firsthand

. * I was born on October 3, 1981 in Mexico City
. And in 1985 happened terrible earthquake that killed an incredible amount of people. Then we moved home mother in Brazil.

* My name is Giselle Ete Ramos. Grandfather from his father - a Frenchman of Leon. Grandmother on his mother - an Italian from Lucca. Her name Puccini. Somewhere in the 10 th lap in my family were Spaniards, and I consider myself a Mexican (for his father).

* Pope Fernando Gabriel - veterinarian, his mother, Sandra Lucц-a - psychologist. Now father - the president's own record company, and my mother works for him as Director of Sales.

* My sister, Mayela (her 17 years old) is named in honor of the aunt - father's sister and on behalf of St. Mayela. She wanted to become a doctor, but now is a journalist on the web. Brother (15) dubbed Fernando, as our father. He is going to become an architect.

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ETE Giselle, photo, biography
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