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SHCHERBINA Dmitry Petrovich

( Actor)

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Biography SHCHERBINA Dmitry Petrovich
photo SHCHERBINA Dmitry Petrovich
Dmitry Petrovich Shcherbina (01.10.1968 years)

Dmitry Petrovich Shcherbina born Oct. 1, 1968 in Baku. His name is often found in the records of the Moscow nobility. "And on the maternal and paternal lines of my ancestors - the Cossacks, - says Dmitry. - They were dekulakized, then tossed them in different regions of the country. So mother and father were in Baku, where I was born. And after the death of his father and I moved to Minsk. "

In 1993 Dmitry Shcherbina graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School, where the head of his course was Avangard Leontiev. While still a student Dmitri began playing at Studio Theater under the direction of Oleg Tabakov. And since 1995 he worked in the theater of. Mossovet treaty. The most famous of his role - a white officer in a production of "The Passion of Bumbarash", . Leon in "Madame Bovary, Flaubert, . Wick in the play "Biloxi Blues", . as well as Malvolio in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", . Charles Forestier in the production of "Dear Friend", . Edmund in King Lear. ",

. "Twelfth Night" set the Englishman Declan Donnellan
. This formulation immediately dubbed "the lightest performance" - the eye resting on the sandy scenery, solar jackets and straw hats. In the formulation of all the roles played by men only. "Twelfth Night" - a tale of trials, which may fall on the person, free to choose one or another style of behavior in an extreme situation. History of William Shakespeare, played by men, as in the theater of Shakespeare's time - not an experiment, and the desire to explain the importance of preserving the dignity and steadfast character in the days of hardship and sorrow. Dmitry Shcherbina appeared in the form of whimsical butler Malvolio, who became the object of ridicule.

Later Donnellan again invited Dmitry in his performance - the role of Prince Kurbsky in the production of "Boris Godunov". "With Alexander Sergeyevich" friendly "for a long time - the actor says, recalling his work in the film" Mistress into Maid ", which was released in 1995. - The great happiness - to face the very beginning of his career with such a language, playwright, director, actors. Donnellan spent casting. And so cunningly asked me: "What would you like to play?" Of course, read description Grishka Otrepiev: ": the growth of small, chest broad, one arm shorter than the other". Directed laughed and said: "This is about you: Prince Kurbski, tall and handsome". By the way, Donnellan has succeeded in mastering Russian, and English actors pulled. It was hard the first time when he worked in "Hamlet" by Peter Stein. He invited us to communicate in Italian, German, French, Greek: All lowered his eyes and said "thank you" - through an interpreter. "

Incidentally, the film "Mistress into Maid" won the national awards "Kinoshock" and "Nick" (1995). "Mistress into Maid" was not the first work in film Dmitry Shcherbina. In 1992 came a film director Neberidze Diamonds Shah (Ukraine) and domestic militants for three days outside the law "Timofei Spivak, where Dmitry has played a leading role - a former paratrooper Andrew, who courageously opposed to criminal groups.

. In 1997, Shcherbina played in the movie "Flight of Death", after which his career thrived, it began to offer the leading roles are increasingly
. In the trilogy "The Black Room" (2000) Dmitri appears in the very first film "Bushido". Against the background of the samurai film boss Nikolay Ivanovich (Chindyaikin) plays chess with his bodyguard (Shcherbina), in the game banker teaches young life guards.

. "The Black Room" and "Three days out of law" were partly criminal history - said Dmitry - but also in film and theater, I try not to be a common approach to the roles
. Each character - a meeting with the new man, and the repetition here can not be. Especially playing a former employee of classified intelligence to "stylet" I did not have. I have had consultants from these structures. I watched as they move, communicate. These people are always on the verge of attention, their main problem - to be able to sleep after returning home, turn off the brain: I myself experienced this when got into the skin of my hero. "

. After the TV series "Stiletto" Dmitry Shcherbina was named "Breakthrough of the Year"
. Stylet - a thin knife, cold steel knightly times. Ignat Voronov become a stylet only if the love, honor, humanity will be endangered. Then he becomes the embodiment of law. But Dmitry Shcherbina, who played the main character, it is important that the criminal sauce - a relish, stunts and fights - the attributes of the few scenes. And the film is actually about human relationships, love, friendship. "Stilettos" - not a story with mordoboem - he says - but a good tape-level event driven movie in what great service director Nikolai Dostal, with whom we have every detail thought to every episode. The fighting scenes has helped my students' experience. Felix Ivanov, a teacher of stage movement, for four years spent in our philosophy of u-shu. Plus I had a serious athletic training.

Detective series "Stilettos" is based on the works of Roman Kanushkina. The action film is set in our days. Ignat Voronov, it is Raven, he's Stiletto - extremely positive hero, an obvious supporter of truth and justice. After the death of his beloved Raven decides to take revenge on the perpetrators of the crime and the like. His goal - to enter the criminal environment and combat the enemy within his own weapon. This Raven arranged a bodyguard to one so-called "security agency with good reputation". Along with the history of Ignat Voronova turns tragic love story of Vicky and Alexei - young, happy and very wealthy couple, who, apparently, still be ahead.

. At the V Eurasian TV new 20-part film "Two of fate" was awarded the prize for best direction and commitment to the television theme
. The series was shot in the genre of "urban romance" novels by Seeds Malkova "blackmail" and "Payment". He tells the story of two friends, and then on the fate of their daughters. The plot unfolds in the early 60-ies. Rustic girlfriend Vera and Lida young, beautiful and not deprived of male attention. All changes visit Moscow specialist Stepan (in this role and starred Dmitry Shcherbina). Seeing him for the first time, Vera understands: here it is - love, and Lida decides to use the chance to move to Moscow. As is often the case, female friendship is collapsing because of the men.

"I am often called Stepan, - says Dmitry - but to say that this total viewership spike love, I would not dare. I did not even request the road to give an autograph, and passers-by smile. And the best compliment an actor work - this is when I do not know. One did not know me man asked: "Did you see the" Mistress into Maid "? What poetry, what beauty!" My friend replied: "So it played Dmitri Berestov". - "No!" It's not you: "

Dmitry Shcherbina lives and works in Moscow. However, a hundred-percent did not consider himself a Muscovite. But it is here that he met his love - actress Olga Pavlovets. But every time, talking to reporters, he politely asks permission to privacy and their family life, refuses to talk.

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  • Marina for SHCHERBINA Dmitry Petrovich
  • One evening my sister called me and said Marin includes the first channel where the film your Artem removed. I turn on the TV and watch the film "The young lady farmer" in the title role Dmitry Shcherbina - in fact very similar to my husband my husband. Since then a lot of movies reviewed in the performance of Dmitri, but "young lady peasant, still look with great pleasure.
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    SHCHERBINA Dmitry Petrovich, photo, biography
    SHCHERBINA Dmitry Petrovich, photo, biography SHCHERBINA Dmitry Petrovich  Actor, photo, biography
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