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Shuranova Antonina

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Antonina Shuranova

"My first encounter with Sasha Hochinskim occurred in Leningradsky TYuZe where I was at the invitation of the director Zinovy Karagodskogo came to work after the theatrical institution. Initially, this invitation I was simply shocked: "I'm an actress Shuranova - and some children's theater? I wanted romance, North ... I, incidentally, was ready to accept the invitation of the North Theater. But then I suddenly Bondarchuk approved for the role of Princess Mary in War and Peace ", and I was punished to stay in Leningrad: how did my shooting from Severomorsk cause?

. - It was really unexpected - the student receives an invitation to a great movie!

. - About the film, I particularly did not dream - she knew that not photogenic
. And the institute we have looked rather askance at those who skipped classes for the sake of shooting. I dreamed of fame Nina Zarechnoj on the stage of the academic theater, not less. But once in the fourth year for us at the lecture came a woman with a rather exotic appearance and asked who among us would like to go on trial "War and Peace". Uproar unimaginable! My classmates jokingly began to share the role: who Bolkonsky, and who is the little princess. When it came to Princess Mary, I spoke loudly: "And this cry-baby with a bony back? Tamara, this is your role". Upon hearing my reply, assistant suddenly suggested: "Why Tamara?" But you would not like to try? " "No, I do not want to act in films," - strong strike back. But the lady proved to be extremely hard-bitten. A quarter of it was running behind me on their high heels, on the move jumped on the tram and asked for a visit. She reviewed a lot of my pictures, chose few and drove off in Moscow. I immediately forgot about it, the more that we began diploma performances. And suddenly received a telegram: "Urgent merge audition. "War and Peace". Princess Mary ". I just laughed with fellow students. After some time - again, a telegram. My Rukovoditelnitsa raised her eyebrows: "little friend, well, what you Princess Mary?" However, I had already guessed this. But Mosfilm telegrams began to bomb our dean. Eventually they let me go on probation: "Although Moscow look.

. - And here you have plunged into another world: clothes, furnishings, great actors ...

. - What sort of dress! I was given one, such as small as a rabbit sheepskin Pugacheva: shoulders crackled under my armpits presses
. My short hair mercilessly poured paint, pins attached chignon, so that the hair feathers were stuck in all directions, have imposed some very silly make-up ... At the trial in Moscow, I went three or four times, although no special desire for this feeling is not, nor without making special efforts. I have changed partners, but "rabbit sheepskin" remained unchanged. I once declared that the selection of the princesses were seventeen and I'm one of them. Then we left eleven. Then, nine, five ... Then I had a pure racing excitement. We, the candidates, never collides head-on - a run on the sample, and the other from distant doors released. One day, sitting in the dressing room, I have already bored, boring, and suddenly hear a whisper: "He's coming, coming!" And I see in the mirror, as is white-haired impressive Sergei Bondarchuk. Fits in the back, staring at me in the mirror. I begin to fidget and slide from the chair to stand up and greet the director, then remember that he is still a man, and I - a woman, and begin to creep back. Here I thought stabs: I am still a student, and begin to slide again. And he was at this time with a smile, silently watching my gestures. I, to my horror, absolutely shameful blush - spots and to tears. Princess Mary! Finally I gave up: lowered her eyes and froze in his chair. He looked affectionately at me and began questioning him about my course, graduation performance, then turned and walked. In the hallway and said something to his assistants - and all around me got a real tornado. From that moment began a new era of relations with the crew. One tear from my "rabbit sheepskin", others have a new dress, others re-combing, fourth grimiruyut. And suddenly the door opens wide and includes a great Ktorov - old Bolkonski: "What's your name, miss?" - "Tonya". - "Well, young lady, Tonya, I'm your old man". - "So, Alexey, it's still unknown, yet it is only a sample". - "Well, at least for the time trial". From that day Ktorov was my main teacher on the set. I rushed him happy: "Oh, I was greeted at the station with a car!" - Young Lady Tonya, these bandits in the last shooting day will forget to buy tickets on the train ". And just when they are supposed to be necessary - from the grave vyroyut, but when it's over - you got the same cast.

. Several years ago, shortly before the death of Alexei Petrovich, I stumbled upon him, wandering in a string bag with yogurt, his house on Tverskaya
. We sat on the wide windowsill in the stairwell and cried: "I just live, miss Tonya. Wife is ill, all on me ". I have him always have special feelings, perhaps because of his father, who died at the front, it is not known, and Alexei Petrovich has been with me surprisingly gentle.

- You had a difficult childhood?

- Mother We had three girls. After the seventh grade I decided to go to college to help her mother scholarship. They lived hard, but very fun. At that time I worked in a circle of young naturalists at the zoo. I was even mentoring camel Yasha. And went to the art history classes at the Hermitage, was engaged in singing. Passions I have been very many, but they all lead still in the theater. Even the Hermitage turned to me the theater: at the Hermitage Theater, we set performances. Costumes made from grandmother's tablecloths, shawls, in the course were old hat and fan. Although after three years of college I worked as a gardener in the Vyborg district, the dream of the theater I kept. Unexpectedly for itself on the first try came in the Theater Institute. A long time I could not believe his good fortune, I even nightmares - I am deaf in one ear, then I cut off the tram feet ... They are accustomed only to the latter course, even finished its Leninist scholarships.

- And then finally fulfilled your dream to become Nina Zarechnoj?

- Then I was forced to accept an invitation Zinovy Karagodskogo work TYuZe. He told me: "Well Train now, not like it - go away". On that note, they decided. And it happened that remained in the theater for 25 years. Later, he said: "Popal of necessity, but remained out of conviction". Sasha Hochinsky by the time I came to the theater, the studio finishing with TYuZe. And I got his diploma performance of "The ridge Horse": The king-playing girl, and Sasha - sleeping. Then we became friends ... families. The fact is that in the theater I went with her first husband, Nicholas (we were married in the first year). We had a very interesting company: I was with Nicholas and Sasha with his first wife Irochka Asmus. Remember Iriska clown? She later died tragically, tearing away from the attic of the circus. We went outside the city, collecting morels and we in the street Ryleeva their fun roasting. Then Sasha was taken to the army, he served three years in Vyborg head amateur. Tam and showed his talent as a singing actor. By the way, an actor, he was late, it has long perceived as a boy with a guitar singing. He was a beautiful duet with Victor Fedorov. They sang the first song Gorodnitsky Novella Matveeva, Bulat Okudzhava. I liked how he sang Hochinsky! He did not work for the future, it seemed that life is infinite. Imagine the house is not kept any of his tapes!

- You probably already have been in love with him?

- Maybe we did almost all his life have been at each other's eyes. After her divorce from Asmus, he married the artist. I also married a second time - for the doctor. Sasha ran from military service, skinhead came to my family home and stayed overnight. My second husband is very irritated about this: "Why did we spend the night?" Why did he not go to my mother? " I replied: "Because he was AWOL, you know?" But Sasha would shower, shave, breakfast and go somewhere for the day. He generally has the amazing ability - suddenly appear and then disappear quietly. And so life. He's horoscope for Pisces, a floating one, only he knows the flow. So we got married, divorced in the eyes of each other, yet ... did not sorezhisserami play "Cat that Walked by Itself" by Kipling. Played interesting roles: he - the Wild Man, I - Wild Woman. During this work, we somehow became very close. One day it so happened that I gathered a bag of essential items from their family home went to Sasha in a communal apartment.

- A man left with a broken hearth in ...

- ... A five-room apartment at Theater Square. It became clear that I can not live with someone who does not understand me, nor theater, nor my mode of existence in it. My husband arranged for me to scandals over the fact that I came late to the rehearsal. "In the theater do not work on the factory whistles. This is not a machine - turned off and went! "- Useless, I tried to reach him. I felt that gradually wallow in something completely foreign to me. And with the advent of Sasha's communal began the happiest band in my life. 14 years were familiar, friends, and only since 1976, we together. I am seven years older than he.

- Whose decision was it?

- Mutual. When Sasha admitted to me, . that long ever look at me, . I was blown away: I do not see this! And only a rehearsal of "Hamlet", . where Sasha was introduced to the main role instead went to Moscow Taratorkin, . the moment, . I play on a course of action embraced him and touched his hands, . struck me like: "That's him!" Flushed feeling to the man, . I knew many years,
. I always liked him, but I liked it precisely at the moment. And so it is ... Maybe my love for him was more a parent, because I played Gertrude.

After the performance, he began to entice me: "You should come to my house, to see how I live". Finally I agreed to visit his bachelor housing. At dinner, he concocted chops, each about the size of a horse. They could have, but very loving. Peresolennye, huge, heavy, like shrapnel. He made them on grandmother's recipe - with potatoes. I was so proud of his cooking! On the table stood a bottle of Cuban rum "Havana Club" - in my opinion, this abomination does not drink already, even sailors. And we had drank rum, eating these horrible cutlets, and he read aloud to me "Cabbages and Kings". The second time I came to visit with a mop and a rag - his room was very run. By that time it became clear that we can not live without each other. And others, by the way, too, because he did not come out of my dressing room. And it was clear that this is not just friendship, and love. Sasha reported that their parents. They told him: "Oh-oh!" Look! "This is not a mitten, with white handles are not stryahnesh and the belt can not plug!"

- And why do they react?

- They already know my character - independent and probably not very easy. The funny thing is that the last of our alliance learned Karagodsky, which of us, actors, knew all. He was very indignant and then: "As it is, why did not I know?" And I was pleased that in the theater, where everyone knows and deliver, we kept silent about. For some reason, not saying a word, our relationship has never been followed sully. It is simply amazing! And so began a family life full of joys and sorrows, as, indeed, all. But now I look back, I can say that it was the happiest time of my life.

- In a communal?

- Yes, imagine. We lived on Vasilevsky from 76 th to 83rd year. Neighbors, we lived as one family. Husband - the driver's wife worked at the factory. They had two children a boy and a girl. Sometimes, we go out of the theater, and the boy cries out to the entire court: "Sasha, Tonya, quick run," Bumbarashku "show!" Very pleased him Hochinskogo role in this film. Prior to my arrival Lucie, neighbor, Sasha washed our clothes and fed. Then, when we lived together, often in the evening, after the performance, in the kitchen waiting for us this note: "Tonya, your pies - under a towel, and Sasha brazhka - in the ladle.

- What is this brazhka?

- And they drove moonshine. And Sasha ate pies, drank brazhkoy. The room we have not locked, we could go back, but Vova and his yard by watching our TV, because my sister is engaged. Over time, a very good exchange - each family received an excellent two-room apartment. No extra. Exchange of the century! And we moved here, at Pokrovka.

- It is said that Alexander was the hero Pokrovka ...

- He was everyone's favorite. Why, for that - it is not clear. He adored children, old men, street cleaners, butchers, neighbors, tramp, the police, train conductors, women ... In our area it knew all. And he always represented to me all: "This is my friend". I told him: "Sasha, distinguish, please - have a friend, have a comrade, a pal, but there is just an acquaintance". And he is his own: "Tonya, meet, this is my friend". I meet, then move away, and he told me quietly: "This is from our butcher shop. I answer: "You do not even know me, all in a row. I beg you ". Vanity was his weakness - he liked to be loved. We sit down in the winter in a taxi, he immediately pulls off his cap to the taxi driver recognized him on the head with a white. "San, cold, put on your hat". "No, nothing is normal" - he replied, with pleasure the child catching the admiring glances driver.

- A true friends he had?

- I do not consider. And the funniest thing that each of them remained in the firm belief that he was Sasha's only true friend. Until now, people call in and be submitted: I am such and such, the only friend Sasha. I'm talking about it and never heard of. I am well aware of his close friends, they came and lived with us, with many, he served in the Army. Sasha in this sense was a very loyal person. Loyal. Although not necessarily. Easily said, and just as easy to forget about the promise. I told him: "Sasha, well, you do not deceive, do not promise to get tickets to the" October ", you were hoping for, but you ..." - "Well, did not work". But there were things for his saints: to help someone, someone in the hospital or to arrange a funeral to come.

. - They say he was friendly with Kaidanovskii?

. - We have been in his famous Moscow communal apartment on Vorovskogo it several times to call on us to Peter on Pokrovka
. Stops near the hotel "Soviet", and came to visit with his regular lady. It is, he liked my cat Monica. This was harmful, devil! As soon as the bell rang, momentarily hiding. No one shall went. But suddenly she jumped to Kaidanovsky on his knees, pomurlykala and fell asleep in his arms. My jaw dropped. Animals in fact very feel when their loved. A Kaidanovskii madly loved her: the dog and cat Zinka Nostradamus. He and Sasha were very different, but despite this, friends. Perhaps because both of some ethereal, otherworldly. Otherworldly, not of this world.

- And it is difficult to live with such a heavenly man?

- It is difficult. We have to deal with everyday life because one. He becomes a child, and you substitute for "that guy". When we walked repair, I'm so tired of the endless cleanings and taking out the trash! And after the performances, where we played together, I still cook, and a dinner. Then throw clean apartment. And Sasha looks after me with a pillow under his arm and asked: "Toshenka, but where should I go to do not you stop?" But it did not even get angry! I was just tired of answering: "My dear, though the ceiling". But as it may seem strange, I lived with him like a stone wall. When it was bad with the products, offered at every corner: "San, we'll meat left. San cheese you want? "I did not go to the shops.

- Well, jealousy? Sasha had so many fans ...

- Was he a friend, Nikolai Alexeyev, they were shot in a film. So he once told one case. After shooting, they lived in tents under Malakhovka. Once back in the evening, but on a platter are hot cakes, sausages, butter, bread, green onions. Kohl said: "Well, this is all for you. Because I've never been so they shall spread. This Nagy (assistant director on the film) to put your eyes. Would be rewarded ". - "What?" - "How-how, go out in lesochek, such as. - "Well, then all I have to lesochek lead.

Until now, go to his grave and the fans are flowers and candles. But I've never been jealous. He used to come to the window, look out: in the yard is his car, and Sasha is sitting there with some girl. An hour sitting with two. And I go and laugh: after all, know that the girl clung to him, something to question, and he was embarrassed to go. He was very sensitive.

- And if you both plagued throes of creation, the situation in the family is not heating up?

- Sasha was a man who worked very quietly. I can sit, lay out the notebooks and painful to think, looking for the role of grain. When we played together in TYuZe "Filomeno Morturano" I could not get him to repeat the role. "Sasha, let's repeat!" - "Yes, yes, now". And he has found a kind of occupation. Once again I ask - he kept putting it off ... And standing in the tram, somewhere in the vestibule, we quickly repeat the words. And out on the stage as if he spent his whole life in this manner. Or, once released from the hospital and said: "I thought of a new program, it will be called" I'll buy myself the latest shoes ". I said: "Sasha, why do shoes last? Spell better" I was last married to the blonde ". (Y Bachurina was a song: "I will buy myself the latest shoes, earn from their last bread, the last time I zhenyusya at the blonde and then - so I became deaf, and then - so I went blind.)" No, no, we Marat Kamilov already rehearsing ". And after the premiere, April 11, 1998, dies Sasha, and exactly six months later, October 11, - Marat.

- And who was the head of your family?

- For those who are close to us did not know, sometimes the impression that I'm some sort of boy-woman, all the manager. I would like to repeat: if a stone at him fly, let it fall on me! In a sense, I influenced him, but he influenced me. At the very many things I have learned to watch his eyes. I could stomp, scream, cry, insisting on his own, but at one point suddenly realized that everything happened the way he wanted. Sasha knew how to quietly insist on his. I obeyed. I never held his hand, does not prohibit to go where he wanted and who wanted. Sometimes, he politely invited me, and I, realizing that without me he will be free, did not come.

- And why you think that without him you free?

- Well, I do not know. Such things because you feel always. He was koketliv, liked to boast, there were many children: vanity, resentment and fragility. A certain instability of character. I did not want him to push. For me he was embarrassed, and spreads its tail and gave the impression of what he needs. I wanted it "flew a": it was so innocent, but he got pleasure from it.

- And what else in life, he loved? Delicious food, for example ...

- Just in time for food, he was absolutely indifferent. I have the habit of wives, mistresses tried to please him: learned to bake pies, all sorts of dishes to cook. And he sat down at a table with newspaper or a book and began a concentrated. I asked impatiently: "Oh that is tasty?" He absently raised his head and replied: "Eh?" Yes! "Very!" Smacked in the cheek and again - in a book. I realized: he did not care that there. He liked to lie on the sofa in the evening - reading and crossword puzzles, sometimes picking up something on the piano. But usually it all day was not.

Here it is, all the excitement, collects things in touring a foreign trip to the theater "Hermitage". I was relieved to think: "What a good rest from cooking, from the expectations!" He was such a hunt was going, and the next day call: "Tosha, I want to go home!" Arrives - and again somewhere rushes out of the house. His mother laughed: "Sasha is well on the road". For example, Hochinsky back, we drive to the house, unload the thing, half an hour sitting in the kitchen, something tells me his feed. Then I saw - going: "Well, I'll go with the dog". He takes the dog and goes ... the whole day, as he put it, "the people". From the dog for a long time then it smells of tobacco smoke.

- And where "the people"?

- It could be a hike in the cafe, a visit to a neighbor, a wine cellar - it all depends on who first met and took him to his. Back late - seduced, pleased by the number of signs of love and acceptance. He was very fond of when he learned. When you had to go for any certificate, I sent him. Said to him: "Go and show her face, and he enjoyed it performed. True, there was one funny incident. He went once for potatoes to the market. Long gone, choosing what to me, in his opinion, like. And suddenly noticed that he was walking ment and closely examines. And he at that time for her role on the show "In the name of the revolution" was shaved shaved head. Sasha had began to twitch from such scrutiny. But he bought the potatoes, as it was approached a policeman: "You have no documents with him?" - "Why?" Because I came for potatoes ". - "And you would not be able to go with me? Near here ..." He was taken to the office, where a huge board "wanted posters" began questioning. "Where are you working?" - "In the theater" - "Who?" - "Artist". Then follows a silent scene, turning into zaboristy mate: "That's right, I think I have your face so familiar!" He went after this very proud that he, though thus learned the police.

. - Did he remember your birthday, your wedding day?

. - A wedding we had
. Friendship as something very slowly evolved into love, and then, joking and laughing, we registered. Once on tour in our hotel did not want to settle in one room, and Sasha told me: "Listen, let's put these stamps in the passport". Seven years before that we lived without stamps and that's a break between rehearsals ran into and signed. All registry office came running to look at this procedure.

Sasha loved to give me jewelry. Brought from abroad, then the ring, then a silver chain. Or sometimes say: "Tosha, give me money, I'll order you a gift". It is true, then always reimburse these expenses. It so happened that one of its surprises me he did after the death. April 10 we returned to the rehearsal of a new play "Ghosts", suddenly I hear, he did not lay down, as usual, on his couch, and began to ring somewhere. I think: "Oh God, do it for someone to visit is calling?" I have no strength ". Then he goes into the kitchen and solemnly declares: "Tosha, I'll make a surprise! Wait. April 15 brought him to you ". I say: "Hochinsky, п¦п+п¦пTя¦я-. To your surprise, I must be prepared in advance ". The fact that it was usually some kind of surprise, with steep. He laughed and protested, and then still granted: he has long wanted to give me aerogrill. And then ventured: "Nothing like some wiggle. Money we'll never be ". The next day he was gone. April 15th was the funeral. The previous evening, I suddenly remember that I have something else to happen in this day. And then like lightning: "Sashka surprise!" What? Urgent cancel? And suddenly, painfully pierced - this is his last wish. I went to the funeral, and my sister specifically stayed at home, to buy aerogrill. At the funeral there were so many people, how many, probably, not seen since the funeral of Vysotsky. Then crowded memorial service in the theater ... When we returned home devastated at the table stood aerogrill as a last greeting from him.

. - They say, Sasha was sick for a long time ...

. - In the 96-m for the first time he got to hospital with multiple ulcers of the stomach and heart, increased in two and a half times
. He certainly behaved recklessly. I told him all the time: "Sasha, you kill yourself". But force yourself to stop drinking, he could not, thank God, he stopped smoking. The last two years did not smoke and very proud of it.

- It's true that he died in front of you?

- He went to start the engine to go to rehearsal, and suddenly came back: "Something I can not breathe, you go, I will later". Glancing at his pale face, I went quietly into another room and called an ambulance. Sasha was literally dragged from the world: cardiogram, a shot in the heart fibrillation, electric. And I'm standing in front of the wall and not moving, watching. So it stood two and a half hours. I once starred in the film "Things are cordial" and something in medicine understand, I see - that something is not right. The doctor turned to me: "You feel the heart does not start. He has a great languid heart, it pumps blood ". Doctors have some time, trouble, then silently disabled fibrillyator and sat down to fill in paper. It was the end. I was never able to cry - was quite calm. At the funeral, some bearded and mustachioed men in me sob violently, and I sat like a stone.

After Sasha's death a long time I could not live away from home. He used to get around to visit with friends in the country a few days, come and do not find a place for himself: "I want to go home. No, no, tonight ". Frustrated, ran to the apartment, sat in a chair and immediately felt as if someone sat next to - bends armrest. And I say: "Hello". He was here beside me.

When he died, to me, strangely enough, most of all helped those same tramp, with whom he disappeared. Artist (with Sasha often drank in the basement) has drawn his portrait with his guitar and gave me a souvenir. When Sasha was still alive, I'm chasing them, not loved, believed that her husband solder. And they went after death, and walked timidly held out envelopes with money ... On his grave a long time lay a wreath with the laconic inscription - "Sasha on Pokrovka.

Source: magazine "Caravan of stories", March 2000

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