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Szklarska Edmund

( Party Soloist 'Picnic')

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Biography Szklarska Edmund
photo Szklarska Edmund
Edmund Szklarka (26.10.1955 years [Leningrad])

. The "Picnic" has long perceived as a legend: no joke, . quarter-century lived in the music! Poluosypavshayasya film on reels with the early Albums, . amateur black and white photographs of two decades ago - even then "Picnic" stirred the imagination of music lovers, romantics,
. And today is already grown-up children of the first fans of "picnic" come to concerts with the band and choir singing every song. They attracted the same thing as the young people of past generations. Philosophical and ironic lyrics, melodies, composed of the mystical harmonies and interwoven in them the voice of Edmund Szklarska.

. Izhevsk concert, held in the framework of the anniversary tour group says and shows, with the assistance of the concert organization "Collection", was a living illustration of the inexhaustible energy "Picnic" and nondecreasing love for him, listeners of all ages
. But much remains behind the scenes: About the past and present, I was able to talk after the concert with the group's leader Edmund Szklarka.

. - In the 80's at the "unofficial" artists had a problem with the release of records: it could have a huge repertoire, but did not release a single song
. Now the musicians are forced to adapt to the tight schedule for release album. You, too, with that face?

- We have no such contracts, forcing us stamp albums. We have long preferred the one-time contracts with the record company, concluded on record certain disc. So we are not obliged to write a song "to date". So do we have between the release albums are pausing for three or four years, and sometimes, drives go almost straight one after another.

. - It was a policy decision - does not depend on the recording industry?

. - Well, to solve something we can do everything that you want: For example, in 1989 we decided that after "Hieroglyphics" and "Born out of nowhere, we will release several more records
. But it so happened that within a few months vinyl industry simply ceased to exist, and that there is not much we decided it was not an important. In life there are situations that occur regardless of whether you want it or not. Incidentally, many situations with pauses in our work are connected with these external factors, with the failure, in which we got together with the entire country. It is 1992-93, then 1998-99. We just waited this time.

- In the 80's were times when you had to edit my songs because of the pressure of censorship?

- Since the early 80's band played on the amateur stage, this need not be. And then the winds of change blowing, and it became possible to sing anything, including our poetry, open. But if we tried to sing their songs before, for example, in the 70's, we would surely this could not. This brings us back to our conversation about the situation, which is and which just need to take, without trying to alter.

. - You came in "Picnic" is not in the first year of its existence:

. - Once we played music along with studying in institutions, passed from group to group: first, to be competitors, and then played together and became allies
. Thus, all the little acquainted with each other, and those whose desires and goals coincide, they were on one road. I was on the way to those who played in "Picnic".

- But then there was the feeling that the music would be occupation for life?

- This is just something we did not anticipate. When we recorded the first album "Smoke", it is not understood for what it is doing: the opportunity to make a record, then we must use it. And only when the record on audio cassettes sold around the country, we began to understand that this is what we should do.

. - What was the first impetus that made you take up music?

. - When I was eight years old he heard the Beatles, I realized that music - it is a kind of chemical element, which I had missed, just lacked the body
. Music was seen as something necessary for life. And the impact was so strong that at first I had to beg my parents a guitar, then studying music in school, and at the Institute, and more. If someone had once played, it knows: music - something incurable! I have not seen even a single person who could throw an indifferent music. I have many friends who are not just throwing, but still returned to the music, buy the guitar again. Even if today they are doing big business, they are still satisfied with a little rehearsal and come there to play for the soul. For example, our keyboardist friend is a serious post in the steamship. But, when Voronin invited him to a concert, he always refused, said: "I will not go, because I cry". Who was once in contact with the music, will always grieve for her.

- Something in your relationship with the audience over the last twenty years has changed?

- I would not say. However, our first tour outside of Leningrad different from all the following: while eighty percent of the audience had no idea that the group plays "Picnic". There was some verbal information: someone has heard our records, told friends and acquaintances led them to the concert: And eighty percent of those who came at random places us in a position where we had to scratch to win room. And the sound equipment at that time was bad enough, singing the words could be distinguished. So, it was necessary to create some sort of life on the stage, which would be interesting to people, first came to our concert. That's why we came up with our video series of speeches. It was in 1987.

- In those years, young people related to rock culture, trying to stand out not only a way of thinking, but look: jeans, shoes with "porridge", FENXKI. For you wear to play any meaningful role?

- Just recently, my friends and I remembered that there were certain attributes that were the subject of dreams. This particular color jeans - always classic, indigo. This icon "hippie days" - well, and other insignia. Some of it could get, but I do not, because I was studying in seventh grade. Of course, it really solves nothing, but I quietly envied the holders of such treasures. With you something mystical happened?

- Fortunately, no. With the exception of the fact that in 13 of Omsk turn off the lights throughout the area, including a concert hall, where we were. So the audience had to dismantle their dark or others' clothes, and we are packing and leaving the station.

. - You are now on their own are involved in a variety of rock festivals or the status of the legendary group commits?

. - This is not the duty, but rather a kind of diversity
. Usually, we still give recitals. And festivals tend to occur in summer, outdoor. When the festival in Leningrad, just open the window, and everything can be heard - this is what the audience! Recently been in the Altai, on the Katun River, there is still a very nice festival. Index - entourage magnificent: beautiful landscapes, almost Japanese.

- What do you now want to tell the audience in the first place?

- There is no appeal, we never expounded. Our songs - it attempts to attract listeners to become an accomplice in the reflection that surrounds us, the meaning of life (sounds pompous, I know). On issues, which otherwise should ask themselves thinking beings: for example, why they live. Clearly, no one ever on these questions will not answer, but think about them all the same need.

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Szklarska Edmund, photo, biography
Szklarska Edmund, photo, biography Szklarska Edmund  Party Soloist 'Picnic', photo, biography
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