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SHISHKIN Alexander

( Theater artist)

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Biography SHISHKIN Alexander
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Alexander Shishkin

Young theater artist Alexander Shishkin - by the most famous St. Petersburg and Moscow productions. He worked with 'farces', made all the plays with the director Yuri Butusova in Theater. Leningrad City Council, including the iconic 'Waiting for Godot', and the most high-profile premieres capital 'Satyricon' of late - 'Makbett' and 'Richard III'. Now Petrograders can see another work Shishkina - 'EXCURSIONS' in the circus. Incidentally, this is Moscow project.

In St. Petersburg artist has repeatedly been put forward on the 'Golden Soffit', but never received. In Moscow, the very first work - 'Makbett' was awarded the 'Seagulls', and have just recently received the Alexander Prize of Russia's oldest theater 'Crystal Turandot' for 'Richard III'. We can say that only after Moscow works Shishkin 'woke up famous'.

- So it turns out that the demand in Moscow above - shrugs artist. - Moscow - a good platform to work: welcome, want to give money. Only two performances did, and has already awarded, and in St. Petersburg if 'thank you' and say something quietly, and few people (laughs).

. In Moscow, a more receptive audience, but the artist still like it when his work pay attention.

. - What for you was the specifics of work in 'Satyricon'?

. - 'Satyricon' - pathos place, and I wanted to make a diversion
. I was very angry, I do not know why, and somehow let myself much: they say, that's you! The model I made very quickly and left foot. Well, supposedly left foot, because it was, of course, prepared a volume of material.

. Making careless layout, I insisted that during the production of its totally copied: curves chairs, cut from paper shapes, the curtain so terrible.

. - Raikin your ideas immediately accepted?

. - He was imbued, in fact, for all that the layout was easy, elegant
. In 'Satyricon' is considered money, but felt that would still have to do.

- Discover the secret: where inspired to create the scenery to the bloody history of Richard?

- It's not the bloody history. I had this rationale: in a communal apartment in Ligovka, in which I lived as a child, we had a large common room, which was considered unfit for human habitation. They kept all the unnecessary things, and the children were playing there. This here playroom of junk, but because the theater - it is like child's play: we take one subject and present it to others. Only in the theater more neighbors who enter - this is the audience.

: It seems boring, when the stage-ray illustrates what happens; interesting when it is contrary to it, or when a lot of random, but nice. And love it when it is not clear from what decorations are made.

- You are now a fashionable artist!

- What is a 'fashion', I do not quite understand. Here is something written 'fashionable painter, fond of iron'. The result: fashionable, because iron is fond of? A fine logic. In actual fact enrolled in the fashion, probably because I'm from the younger generation, and immediately got on the big stage. Maybe people think that once young, but on the professional stage, it is probably fashionable.

- But, perhaps, offers a lot?

- Yes, but I myself do not let all lengths. Many theater artists a lot more work, some for eight performances per year. And I have four, but the program - two max. In the sense of vanity Moscow strongly strain, because there are going away - and tightly engaged in the production, in Petersburg and I have left time for creativity. Here in Korea were invited to work, so I will be in their free time to sit in a hotel with a computer, draw Koreans (laughs).

- You have worked only with Butusova, and here in the 'EXCURSIONS' - with director Andrei mighty. It was hard to switch?

- 'EXCURSIONS' - not our first with a mighty work in the past year we have done with him in Moscow, the Kremlin's Cathedral Square, 'Boris Godunov' Mariinsky Theater. Conductor Gergiev. This too was a kind of diversion: amassed a 'dirty' scaffold in the center of souvenir area. During the performance started a storm - the wind, wild rain, but for an artist all terribly nice, because the water there are patches of hair get wet. We got a mighty great pleasure.

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