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Biography SHERSHER Zinovy A.
photo SHERSHER Zinovy A.
Zinovy A. Shersher (12.04.1947 years)

Painting and music from an early age existed in Zinovy Shershere as a single dominant of all, that determined his attitude towards life and work. From childhood he lived it and lived in this. Studied in the musical and art school in Mr.. Kursk. Then graduated from Faculty of Arts ped. Institute and the Muses. School.

In 1969, he received from the hands of composer Alexandra Pahmutowa and H. Dobronravova diploma winner (first prize) Festival songs. A year later - so the same degree 2nd festival he was awarded Yang and Frenkel and. Shaferan.

Immediately after graduation he moved to Moscow, he was invited to work in VIA, where he became a soloist and leader of the vocal band vocal-instrumental ensemble "Russians". Then - years of professional activity in the State Orchestra under Polad Bulbuloglu, working with artists such as Larisa Dolina, Yevgeny Leonov, in. Tolkunova, A. Maslyukov, C. Kramarov etc.. concert programs "masters of the stage, film, television, musical direction VIA scarlet flowers."

Many of the songs he wrote back in the Soviet years, became Most Viewed. And one of them - "Fog-tumanische" became a hit, provided many singers, sounded on the radio station "Youth", festivals of art song. It is with the popularity of this song is connected and creative nickname Zinovy - Tumanov.

In 1980, the year he left for America. The decision to emigrate was not easy, and strengthened him in this thought a close friend of the artist, a popular actor Yevgeny Leonov. On arrival in the U.S. Shersher continued his studies at the prestigious Institute of Fine Arts in New York, works in a nightclub Metropol, where every weekend was filled almost thousandth Hall in New York in 1986. first album songs W. Shershera at T verses. Lebedinskii and own poems: "Dreams" - "Dreams". Where was the theme song dedication VS Vysotsky "Horses".

In 1997. Z. Shersher his family moved to Los - Angeles. This work with the new galleries, on the new songs. There are new albums of his songs: "String" in poetry with the poet. Feiginova (1995) and "broken strings" on their own poems (1997). At this time Shersher working on a new album of songs, which will be released this fall, 2002 first year.

On the radio "Youth", "Echo of Moscow," Russia "sounded many of the songs from these albums. In New York issued a CD - album "Schlager Year. It is symptomatic that the 2 songs in it: "String" and "Friends" W. Shershera. His concerts were a success in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Seattle, as well as in Canada.

In 1997. Zinovy invited to the exhibition and concerts in Moscow. Gallery Asti, and then the Central House of Artists organize exhibitions of his work. The largest newspaper in Russia: the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", . Evening Moscow, . "Moskovsky Komsomolets", . "Foreigner", . weekly "Culture", . "Arguments and Facts", . "Interlocutor, . magazines "painters", . "Success", . "Arts Council" and a dozen other publications publish articles, . interview, . art essay,
. Radio and TV at the leading channels: "Culture" ORT and NTV invite him to the popular TV program "Old TV", "News", "Old Apartment" and others. Sounds of colors ". His paintings can also be seen both in Russia's Culture Fund, a donor who he is.

In 1999, in Moscow of a documentary film about Zinovy Shershere created by the famous Russians' TV producer, winner of State. Awards Galina Samoilova (TV: "Culture").

The American company "Eva Foucher Fine Art" concerts with exhibitions Shershera-Tumanova, aimed at the general, mostly to the American public, in various theaters of America and Canada. Thus, during this year of concerts, exhibitions were held in the theater "Meydenbauer" in Seattle, "mass" theater, Mr.. Vancouver, Canada, in the "Best Western" hotel in Cannon Beach, Oregon, etc.

Prestigious gallery "Wine Art", released facsimile bottles of expensive vintage wines of France and Spain "Zinovy Shersher" with copies of his paintings on the bottle.

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SHERSHER Zinovy A., photo, biography
SHERSHER Zinovy A., photo, biography SHERSHER Zinovy A.  Musician, singer, photo, biography
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