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Shervashidze Alexander

( Theater artist)

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Biography Shervashidze Alexander
Alexander Shervashidze (1867 - 1968)

His fate was predetermined: Cadet. How could it be otherwise? Father - a Georgian prince, a graduate of the Corps of Pages. My grandfather - he Safir Bay eristav (governor) of Abkhazia, warlike and treacherous ruler.

. But why then the world-famous choreographer Serge Lifar at the catalog of the Paris exhibition, . devoted to Diaghilev, . wrote "about the artist Shervashidze, . consummate performer of theatrical paintings and artistic designs of Russian ballets of Diaghilev, . accomplice artistic theatrical revolution in the West "?,

. All so
. From one revolution prince fled to another - was among the protagonists.

NAME Shervashidze recorded in the V of the pedigree books of the Tiflis province, revered Georgian princely family. Even in the reign of Queen Tamara (at the end of XII century) Dagato Shervashidze was appointed hereditary Eristavi Abkhazia. As the years and centuries, in the XVIII century, Prince Levan Shervashidze enters into citizenship of Turkey and with the whole family accepts Islam. For that and reward - the fortress Sukhumi-Kale (Sukhumi). In the next century, the son of Levan Keles Bay goes to the citizenship of Russia.

After 4 years (1808), grandson of Levan - Aslan-Bey kills father. He himself understands the same fate: he will fall from the hand of his elder brother - Safir-Bey. George Safir Bay has shielded the country from the Janissaries, and returned to Russia citizenship. He lived in those times long. He was succeeded by the eldest son. Prince Michael G. Shervashidze high rises on Russia's military stairs - becomes general-adjutant. Elastic Georgian step should be for the military path and his brother Constantine. Graduates from St. Petersburg Page Corps and returned to Abkhazia.

A year later he took part in the conspiracy Tiflis "(goal - Authority of Georgia). Plot smashed. A special decree of the monarch of Russia: Prince Konstantin Shervashidze (Chachba) are allowed to live anywhere in Russia Empire, except the Caucasus.

Chachba is in Crimea. Here, and was born in 1867, his eldest son, Alexander. The boy was waiting for a military career.

NIZHNY Cadet Corps behalf Count Arakcheeva. I Corps and the count's coat of arms with the motto - "No flattery betrayed". In plain Zavolzhie far been heard sung by an old beardless youths, the time of Poltava, a soldier's drill:

. Our mighty emperor
. Memory eternal to him!
. Sam, my dear, before the shelves,
. Like a falcon, he flew.
. Sam, my dear, before the shelves,
. Like a falcon, he flew,
. Himself a soldier's gun rules
. Sam and guns loaded it ...

. And special mettle, with which they sang, emphasizing each step, flaunting fancy visual signal, and said: this story was the place to be.

. Royal pavilion
. Yet dissipated poslebatalnye smoke. Uniforms dusty, smelling of burning. Tired faces over turtleneck. The officers, including the Swedish, with interest the emperor shot through his hat. "Do not marvel at him, - said Peter - and I, you, and the soldiers did not spare his life. The bullets did not agree lot of my death. The right hand of God kept me, to save Russia and to punish the pride of my brother, Carl! "

Cadets remembered this legend. The Cadets did not consider her a legend. Cadets kept step.

And although after the Kiev Cadet Corps were the real. Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Paris "Russian Artistic Circle" and "World of Art, through his life the prince carried the love of the Nizhny Novgorod Count Arakcheeva Cadet Corps. And their diabolical performance throughout predolgoy life is primarily due to an excellent army quenching.

Alexander Shervashidze became a painter in St. Petersburg Imperial Theaters. "Faust", "Hamlet," "Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Tristan und Isolde" - a few of those performances, the design of which he was involved. His sets for numerous productions have become permanent exhibits, press the "World of Art".

Set and costumes for productions carried away in another dimension. But as soon as the army approached contract or the date, Prince zealously celebrates anniversary. That was in 1912, when active participation in the preparation and conduct of the anniversary the war of 1812, Alexander Shervashidze was awarded a medal.

. Abroad he was after 1920, having received an invitation from the head of Russian ballet of Diaghilev "
. New Russia, he was not needed. In Europe, he became a famous theater artist Chachba.

In France, his name was Prince Alexandre Chervachidze. He was friends with Picasso, Braque, Derain. Was rightly considered the co-author of Diaghilev in his numerous theatrical designs, was known in Paris, Brussels, London and Berlin.

. Shervashidze Alexander was born in the empire of Alexander II; caught a 5 th President of the Republic of de Gaulle.

. He died in Monte Carlo, having lived 101 years
. His long life the prince lived, as befits a man.

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Shervashidze Alexander, photo, biography
Shervashidze Alexander, photo, biography Shervashidze Alexander  Theater artist, photo, biography
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