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Shahrin Vladimir

( Musician, bandleader 'CHajf')

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Biography Shahrin Vladimir
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Vladimir Shahrin (22.06.1959 years [Sverdlovsk])

Perhaps, in our country, no people, who for once did not try napet "Oy-yo" or posverkat lighters under the "Go ahead and cry about it while he was alive". With "Chaif" remains perhaps the only team from the "red wave" of Russian rock, which was held in the Union in the late 90's and has survived in the old part. Before a big concert in the "Olympic" in honor of the 20-year anniversary of "folk group" Vladimir Shahrin answered questions from our correspondent.

. -Artemij Trinity once said that our rockers because so love to celebrate their anniversaries, that of the musical achievements they have nothing to show
. What do you think about this?

- Artemiy Trinity still all sorts of nonsense uttered in his life. Do not have it taken seriously. For us it is still an event. Not too many teams in the country and the world that have so long kept. But we still remain a group. And we have something to show to the public: and the old songs, which are still relevant, and songs from more recent albums. On the other hand, I have long rested on the booze, a banquet after the concert, but the musical public perceives it clearly: if we want to hold down holiday. And the concert is the same. If we did, the same Trinity would have written: they do not do it because no one is not needed, can not collect room and so on. Why there is nothing to show? What else to bring in Russia's show business, not as a concert in the "Olympic" - the largest concert area of the country?

. - Of all the wave "of Russian rock" of the late 90's, perhaps the only "Chaif" lived up to our days in intact
. Why?

- The group met on the principle - as far as we are each other interesting, but not how well we possess the tools. As far as we - a band! I for myself articulated two main reasons for the collapse of our and foreign groups: money and women. All successful group broke up for these reasons. And we were smart enough to keep our women out of the group on tour, from the decision-making. And at the financial level, we have no "bundles" no. If someone buys a car or vacation, no one is angry, because each of us can afford to do the same.

. -But it turns out that "Chaif" and the music for one of the most conservative groups in the country.

. - First, we have found your style
. Secondly, it is our style we are interested in experimenting. And it is not limited only to the square of the blues or reggae, or, say, a Russian folk melody. I think that few people would like to Rostropovich suddenly stood up to the DJ mixer and began playing records. I think people pay money to him because he knows how to play the cello, like nobody else in the world. And for a DJ set it unlikely that anyone would pay. And not because he does not go to the DJs did not want to experiment, but because he does not know how to do. We tried to experiment in the album "48" with electronic sound. Even the sound producer to include relevant. It was interesting, fun. But nobody, except us, helluva lot of this album is not happy. All began to say: "Where is good old" Chaif "?"

- "Chaif", like most groups "Russian Rock", came to the audience in an era of mass social activity. Why social issue went away from your creativity?

- From the beginning we were dancing, entertainment group. And in school, and later we played at the dance. Therefore, our first song was different from all the Sverdlovsk music is joy, positivity, light punk turretless. Only in the 89-th year, we released the album "No problem", and 91-m - "Let's go back". There were two plates with a bright social orientation. This time it. All were watching television, waiting for change, saying that what had previously been forbidden to speak. From the album "Children of the Mountains" (1993), we are back to some personal issues, issues of character songs. So, by and large, the group "Chaif" has never been ostrosotsialnoy. And not for this she got up.

- And what an evolution with the character of your songs over these 20 years has occurred?

- Very strong. At first it was a simple guy with the provincial workers 'and peasants' charisma and the proletarian look at the world around. He went to work in a crowded bus on the outskirts of provincial cities. And now he bourgeoisified. I hope not oskotinilsya and bourgeoisified. He remembers all these feelings, when he rode the bus, waving at a construction site crowbar and dined at a cheap pelmeni. And now he sees the world from the window of a personal car, knows how to wield chopsticks in Japanese restaurant. He is familiar with people who are shown on television. And it leaves its mark. But he remained exactly the provincial, and very little slobs samoironichnym man.

. - If the character had changed so much, why did the audience, which goes to your concerts - even quite young people?

. - And they do not bother our bourgeois
. They regard us as successful people, who themselves have only. "Chaif" - not a project, we have no one inserted a tube in the ass and pump us pumped. They trust us. I 10 years ago coined the term "street credibility". And we are on this subject much in the group said. And while we did not lose confidence in the streets, we will go to people at concerts. People from the street, we still trust.

- Good. Here you these 20 years, pointed out a greatest hits record released, but what then?

- Well, we ourselves have not raping, not squeezing out the new songs. If not, we will not grind. Right now there are 15 new songs. We played with them, looked and decided that 12 of them deserve to have their record. There will be new songs, then dwell on the fact that there. As the concert load, it just seems that a group of old. And we have some young! We have a total of 45-46 years. We have yet to fig something in this life you want. And in "fig to" need the money. Copyright and all proceeds from the sale of the plates do not allow themselves and their families. We are forced to play gigs. But we made a vow: each concert should be an event should be fun. We do not want crazy "to scratch" and "mow Grandma". So any favors we currently do.

- And what do you expect from a concert in the "Olympic"?

- Keith Richards in a sort of interview said: "But" Rolling Stones "-died long ago, they had no. And he answered: "Yes?" Then come to our concert tomorrow at Wembley, and look at this "carrion". So we are absolutely brazen and confident doing a concert on the main area of the country, realizing that over the past year and a half we have not had any new clips or active rotation. Three hours, four people will sing their songs. There will be no visitors, no strangers songs. And I want people to join us in celebration rejoiced and said: "Ah-ah-ah!" These old men something more Oh-ho! "They were too early to write off the scrap heap!"

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Shahrin Vladimir, photo, biography
Shahrin Vladimir, photo, biography Shahrin Vladimir  Musician, bandleader 'CHajf', photo, biography
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