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Biography CRANKSET Yuri
photo CRANKSET Yuri
Shatunov Yuri (Shatko real name) was born on September 6, 1973 in the town of Kumertau Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (early childhood spent in the village Savelevka under Kumertau).

After the death of parents was taken on the upbringing of her aunt, Mr.. Tyulgan Orenburg region. Since September 1985 was enrolled in Akbulaksky orphanage, and a year later moved to Orenburg boarding N2, where he began his creative life.

. In boarding school, he met a young and talented composer, Sergei Kuznetsov, who works director musical circle.

. Author of 'May' hits first meeting with future star in his book 'You just been:' says this:

. "Shatunov looked nahohlennym as siskin on a wet branch, as a teenager.
. I figured, like anything, is suitable for the stage
. Quite nice. I guess this character, what I want. " Before 'affectionate May' left a little, a few weeks, the first step towards it had already been made. Yuri Shatunov first sang my song.
Then Jura pointing to 'Electronics':

- And can I try this thing?
- Do you know how, or what?
- No, but until now learn.

I ironically gave him a place at the keys. And he never, as it turned out, not seen elektroorgana confidently reproduced the ringtone, which I just played. Rumor had indeed turned out to be funky.

Was funky and yearning for brodyazhnechestvu. The next day I went to boarding school, glad to finally deal headway that the New Year we will have time to make a disco program, I was greeted by unhappy news: - A Shatunov escaped:

. It should be noted that Yura is fully justified its name, as soon as spring comes, he immediately ran from the orphanage
. First Shatunov studied music reluctantly, could come to a rehearsal right in the skate. At boarding school he had two passions: the winter - ice hockey, summer - karting.

But gradually he became interested in music. In preparation for his first appearance on New Year's Eve at the boarding Shatunov already with great interest was involved in the process.

. A short time, was prepared by a great music program, Yura hours lost, at rehearsals, as well as independently engaged in lighting for discos
. Technique was the third of the whales, which kept his interest in life.

. The first performance took place as planned, on New Year's disco in the boarding school, but it was December 28, 1986.

. Before moving to Moscow Shatunova were still long for him and a half years
. During this time, Yura repeatedly walked away from Kuznetsova, ran away from boarding school in the spring and returning in the autumn

. During this time students 7 th grade Jura Shatunov managed to record their first magnitoalbom in antediluvian recorders in the local DC and sing a song, which later began to sing along with him the whole country - 'White Rose'.

. After magnitoalbom hit the recording studio in Orenburg, in local newspapers and television have departed with a request to talk about a new youth, nobody knows, but a favorite of the group.

. Songs performed by Yury Shatunova listened to the whole Orenburg
. The first article entitled 'The Unknown stars' appeared in the local newspaper 'Komsomol tribe'. This was the first article about Yuri, and later to a boarding peered and local television and took the first television interview in the future 'star'.

In June 1988 recording made by Kuznetsov and Shatunova, hit, and accidentally into the hands of Andrei Razin. The future head of the group plan has matured with lightning speed. And a few days, having the certificate (fake) of the Ministry of Culture, he was riding in Orenburg, where he began to seek transfer of Yuri in Moscow.

. Shatunov about future changes in his life he knew nothing, he once again escaped from the orphanage and walked me across the expanses of the steppes of Orenburg
. In the search for the artist Razin spent more than a week, as the first had to convince the administration of the orphanage that Yura waiting in Moscow, to register its transfer, and only then look for the missing singer.

. Shatunova laid the local boys, he was hiding near the d
. Tyulgana and almost fell off his fear, when in his place came the unthinkable number of nights superiors.

September 3, 1988 he was the first time in his life came to Moscow in the early days of settling in an apartment A. Razin on Lesnaya Street. (For September 12, 1988 Shatunov appears on the big stage in the city of Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan).

Yura shape and prescribe in a boarding school? 24 g. Moscow, his guardian becomes director of the institution Galina Venediktova. In autumn 1988 the professional equipment Shatunov rewrites his album 'White Rose'.

. In December 1988 Shatunov, already as lead singer of 'Tender May ", take part in the' International disco ', which took place in Luzhniki.

. In January 1989, the program 'Morning Mail' premiere clip 'White Rose', then the same country for the first time I saw soloist 'affectionate May' on the screen.

. In Moscow 24-th boarding falls and Sergei Serkov, where old friends in the rays of glory 'terrorize' teachers left and right
. Shatunovskii fighting spirit came out and showed itself in all its glory. Had to use extreme measures, ie, Yuri Vasilyevich just locked in his room, where he reluctantly, but still studying, if not managed to escape through a window.

. However Jura still remained the most charming, most cheerful and enterprising member of the group
. The unofficial guardian Shatunova was Arkady Kudryashov. It is his hand embellished those memorable stage costumes Shatunova, which led to shock nomenclature. Kudryashov saw to it that his client put him to bed on time and did homework.

. 08 March 1989 in sports complex "Olympic" Yuri Shatunov with his group 'Tender May' takes part in the 'Magic of women'.

. From 28 April to 02 + 1989 was held recitals 'May' in the UK 'Olympic'.

. After retiring in late 1989 from the team of Sergey Kuznetsov, . and with Igoshina and Prica, . in 'Tender May' the void, . group lost its cohesion, . Yes, and Razin put everything on a commercial basis and contributed to the division of the studio for hundreds of 'Tender Maev'.,

. Shatunov, in fact, remained the only member of this group, therefore, under the leadership Kudryashova he traveled the country without all the other musicians

The only place where you could see them all together, it - revue 'White roses - white winter' (December-January 1990 and 1991). There was also a similar program in January 1992, but it was a little parody of the past concerts, you can even safely say - it was the last chord of 'Tender May', but to this we shall return.

Meanwhile, in 1989, Yuri Shatunova out two more albums: one with A. Razin 'Month in July' and the second solo - 'Pink Evening'. In March 1989, was released first EP at the company 'Submit'. In late 1989, Yu Shatunov was named the most popular man of the year. January 16, 1990 in the radio program 'Vertical' held his interview with A. Kudryashov.

On television, day and night are clips of songs Shatunova: 'Pink Evening', 'Melting snow', 'Summer' and other. 06 November 1990 to CT in the program 'Compass growth' was shown first television interview, Yu Shatunova, written in the Orenburg.

In 1990 came another album called 'Snowstorm in a strange town'.

Forthcoming life Shatunova there was another important event - 01 May 1991 in 13 hours 10 minutes in the Vladimir Cathedral g. Yura Kiev baptized. And, as he said afterwards, 'That was his deliberate step'.

However, not everything is so smooth and even went in the 'Tender May'. Jura matured during his career picked up great experience. He learned, he could compose music, learn the basics of show business. His soul needed space, he needed new ideas, new directions in music and the scope of 'LM' became for him too close.

A. Razin, as he could, upstart singer clamped. In the name of the posters Yu Shatunova mentioned constantly, but the Jura at concerts are not used. Only Razin touchingly eloquent telling of how Shatunov experiencing 'breaking vote,' or he 'broke his leg', and so on.

The cup filled the concert in Minsk, the last show, "The White Rose - white winter ', after which Shatunova underpaid about half of the fee, and even confiscated the passport and the whole soundtrack.

Yuri Shatunov in February 1992, leaving the 'affectionate May', but with his departure the group altogether ceases to exist. Begins series of showdowns with A. Razin. In August 1992, Shatunov residing in the city of Sochi, in his mansion, built in 1989, the program '1000S 'giving an interview is like a free person, where, incidentally, has publicly accused of embezzling A. Razin, creative material. In autumn 1992 Shatunova returned only passport.

Jura solo career, and his producer is Kudryashov. Jura recorded a solo album with the symbolic name 'Here and ended in May', but then the album was renamed to 'know' in the broad masses Shatunovskii first solo album was released only in 1993.

In December 1992, Yuri Shatunov receives an invitation from AB Pugacheva to participate in its 'Christmas Meeting'. Yura agrees and in late December for the first time enters the scene as a solo artist with a completely new song 'Starry Night'.

However, on further cooperation with the former lead singer diva 'LW' refused, arguing that he was tired of working under anyone's command, he wants to do everything yourself, give scope to their own creativity.

His desire to prevent unforeseen circumstances: Yura ill and was hospitalized for two months. January and February 1993 the singer spent on a cot Central Clinical Hospital with acute gastritis, there is the evil rock landed and his producer Kudryashov.

In the spring, after leaving the clinic friends were busy furnishing their own life, because after the boarding school to live Shatunova was virtually nowhere. Ordeal ended in the summer, when the Jura, finally got an apartment in Moscow.

All is going well, it seemed that nothing will hinder the actor doing things you love. But no, life always be unpredictable and often - bad. Since September 29, 1993 at the entrance to the house Shatunova Yu was shot and killed his best friend, one of the few remaining of the 'affectionate May', keyboardist Michael Sukhomlinov.

The tragedy occurred in front of Shatunova, it will leave a lasting mark on his soul. In this state, work Jura, of course, could not, and after the funeral Kudryashov takes away his dacha in Sochi. On the nature of the Black Sea singer calmed down, he recovered his mental balance and a desire to sing.

In early 1994 the boys returned to Moscow. One of Russia's largest recording studios, namely - the company 'Polygram' proposed collaboration Shatunova. The talks were held fast, and after a few days, an artist signed a contract with Boris Zossimov.

Sponsor of the new project was the All-Russia party of the majority under the leadership of Felix Emelina. Began intensive work in the first place it was, of course, in recording a new album. It includes 10 songs, including the new super-hit 'Starry Night'.

On this song clip was shot with the model of 'Red-Stars' Pauline Tasheva second clip was already removed the song 'And falling on his knees', the video premiere took place in late summer - early autumn 1994. There was another man in the video 'Stranger's Pain', as with P. Tasheva, but due to accidental damage of the film, broadcasting, he never went.

In September 1994, a presentation of the new album Shatunova 'You remember:'. The event took place at the entrance to the shop 'Submit' on the Arbat. Unfortunately, Yu Shatunov at this time was ill and underwent spa treatment in Sochi. However, although not 100%, but all were satisfied. Fans got a lot of posters with the image of an idol. The firm has 'Polygram' competition was declared 'One day, Yuri Shatunova'. The drawing took place in the television program 'U Ksyusha', where Yuri was invited as many as three times.

March 4, 1995 in the 'Palace Hotel' was a meeting of the winners-girl fans and their idol. Girls and boys have to remember stereos, posters, newspaper 'White Rose', autographs, took pictures with the artist and participate in his press conference, after which began a celebratory banquet.

June 24, 1995, he played football in a team of pop stars in the g. Perm, was in Riga, Sochi, Orel, Stavropol, Orenburg: In September 1995, went on tour in Germany, where he gave 20 concerts.

In 1996 Shatunov unexpectedly reconciled with Razin. Up to this point with any of 'LM' Yura no contact, except in rare phone calls. But time heals, and former colleagues joined together to support the leader of the Communist Party of Russia Gennady A. Zyuganov in the presidential election. Together they performed in front of a large number of young people 02 April 1996 in 'Taganka Theater'.

June 1, 1996 Yura gave a solo concert in g. Riga (Latvia). However, this craving for creativity eased. Summer 1996 Shatunov was a try as a businessman and, judging by the purchased car, the highly successful.

In mid-1996 already in the studio of Igor Babenko Yu Shatunov tried to drastically change his image, he decided to release an album of remixes and become ravers. Album entitled 'Artificial respiration' with remixes of old songs was released in early 1997.

In March 1997, S. Shatunov contract with Boris Rozhanskii and his studio, but not as a singer, but as a business partner, and together with A. Kudryashov moved to Irkutsk.

Continuing combining work and creativity, Yura sometimes appears on the scene, often in Stavropol (where the organizer of the show serves a. Razin), Irkutsk, Angarsk, Bratsk.

At the end of 90s Yuri moved to permanent residence in Germany, studying for a sound engineer, is engaged in self -. In Russia there are press rumors about the death of the singer, about his terminal illness, as well as marrying a millionaire and the flight to America. All of them were not unfounded, except one - the singer actually was married to ex-dancer "Tender May".


Currently Yuri Shatunov lives in two countries - Germany and Russia. The past ten-odd years of connecting rod and his favorite ever lived in Europe, except for periods, when Yuri came on tour in Russia. Lena darling singer after the departure of the "Tender May" established her own business in Germany.

September 5, 2006 in one of the maternity hospitals in Munich Yuri Shatunova son. Jura from the very beginning to the end of the process took an active part in it. Immediately, as soon as the child was born, the artist himself tied the umbilical cord, and together with the nurse bathed the child.

Parents of a boy named Dennis. A year later, on Sept. 8, 2007, dubbed it in the church of St. Andrew in the center of Sochi, where Yuri and his family. Godfather Dennis was Andrei Razin. That he bought a house in the Jura Sochi in 2000. The Cross as his mother became a close friend of his wife Galina Shatunova.


1995 Do you remember
1996 Artificial respiration
Remember May 2001
2002 Gray Night
2002 falling leaves
2003 Diary (unreleased)
2004 If you want: Do not be afraid
2007 Add my vote

Photos of CRANKSET Yuri

Photos of CRANKSET Yuri

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  • In the Internet are very few photographs Jura Shatunova. Help +T-! If you can send to e-mail, I would be grateful. Many thanks in advance!
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  • Yuri Shatunov I liked recently, and even then only because of the fact that he was well over a. By the way after listening to his songs, I realized, . that is genius! is his place is occupied by those mediocrities, . to prigayut on stage and the only thing that they know how - to turn his ass into the camera! Now I just dream, . that he returned, . all re-sang his songs and from all the windows could be heard only the songs of the new album Jura Shatunova! Jura, . you best,
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  • Dear Marina! I agree completely with anyone to say your word. Recently bought a dvd white roses ... his concert at the Olympic and fell in love with Yuri second time just as passionately as the first. This feeling that I was waiting for this meeting since 1989, when uslyshela his voice on the beach in Adler. Arriving in our hick town outside Moscow, where at that time nothing was impossible to buy the records, was suffering from depression Wild. Yesterday listened to Yura stupor ! gonyaya songs only in his performance ...
  • pro for CRANKSET Yuri
  • In 1989, on the beach in Adler, basking in the sun and looking at the boys I baldela the songs Jura Shatunova. This was my first love. Only after a while I saw Yuri in the clip on TV "White Rose" and then it all came together ... Deeply tragic eyes, boyish movement and look through the crowd, unseeing, even beautiful girls from backup dancers, he did just Pocar ... But the star high and so many fans! I forced myself to forget Yura as love, leaving only Cardiovascual actor ... A day ago I ugorazdilo stumble on dvd disc with a concert tender in May. I looked at the Jura, and almost cried, and her breast "burned with a hot iron". If Jura able to feel ... his heart would be in tatters. It's good that this can not happen. So my first love broke out with renewed force. What might be a conversation about art lover, unconditionally ... My dream is to see and hear ! Elena. Moscow Yura, you're married? And if happy, I'll be very happy ..
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  • I understand all devchenok! I myself suffer from the love of Jurassic third god.i this love is so strong that it reaches sumashestviya.tak hard to live and know that will never get reciprocity from him, and it is still painful!
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  • Hi Yura your songs I listen S2000Goda.no why you so rarely see on televizoru.otvette me ? Someone !
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  • Yura you're my favorite actor, I love you very lyuvlyu! So always hold on, I do not stop loving you when it is not!
  • Valentine for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura you're my favorite actor, I love you very lyuvlyu! So always hold on, I do not when you do not stop loving you!
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  • VERY URGENT! Guys! These fans and admirers of Yuri Shatunova! The creator of this site! Very urgently need your help! We are preparing a film about Yuri Shatunova. Need help! Urgent everything! who care Yuri, who remembers him - call me on the phone 8-962-919-69-28. We are looking for a fan, whose life is turned upside down when she learned that there is such megapevets as Yuri Shatunov. Perhaps that still loves him! VERY waiting for an answer! Sincerely, special projects studio of Channel.
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  • Hello vsem virtualschikam well as law and throughout the former team of LM My name is Maria and I both grew up in the Jura refuge with 3 years of life certainly was not sugar who grew up there inappropriately to say that he would understand without the words,
  • Yura Happy Happy New Year! Good luck and health to you and your family! Be happy.
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  • Anja for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jura you just supper! I love you!
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  • Jura you just supper! I love you!
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  • Greetings to all music lovers! But how quickly fly in this year's "20-years as Yu Shatunov on stage! Wish him further creative success and happiness in your personal life! Uv.poklonnitsa with his talent, Alain, my ICQ 428-165-705 email
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  • Yurochka lyublyu.kak I've got a very nice and peaceful sleep on the bed in the breech grandfather. house under your pesni.sposibo what you have.
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  • THOSE CONSIDERED THAT ROCK is nonsense (ZHTO pts tokens) do not understand anything in music. BUBBLEGUM POP MUSIC IS falsity, there is only DENTGI play a big role. A ROQUE ALL the really, there are no such notions "sing under the plywood Derg ass."
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  • hello you are my idol, I'm listening to your songs ever, but I am sorry that you do not appear on television. Today you talked about this malo.Ya, and I would like to know when you gig in mosve, and to be at your concert I was not quite what I was at home listening to your CDs and, meanwhile, forcing neighbors poslushat.I however, I just want to stay in your gigs in Moscow and I can help in organizing Concerto and commercials.,
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  • HELLO TO ALL! My name is Nver, I'm 20 and already 7 years since I listened Shatunova-He is the best! Here are my ICQ 376618761-WRITE!
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  • Yura, you're the best ! when you will have a new album? "It's such a pleasure to hear your songs!
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  • Yura, you're the best ! when you will have a new album? "It's such a pleasure to hear your songs!
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  • HELLO TO ALL! YURI FANS Shatunova Let's be friends! MY ICQ: 376618761 WRITE! PSSERGEY YOU I'M NOT SAVE, WRITE!
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  • HELLO TO ALL! YURI FANS Shatunova Let's be friends! MY ICQ: 376618761 WRITE! PSSERGEY YOU I'M NOT SAVE, WRITE!
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  • But he fagot in general, I fucked his team, and especially Razin-fag. Under the plywood and I can sing, but I will not zvezdoy.Eto obidno.Ya fucked Shatunova.Metall alive Shatunov sucks
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  • when that I was only 7 years old and hearing the song white rose and fell in love with her. Then I began to listen to creativity laskogogo May, and then Yuri Shatunova. and 7 lei, I dreamed of seeing him live in the same year my dream came true, and I'm very pleased, thank you very Jura for what you have to do the same and there is your song. and yet they live. Jurassic you super,
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  • Yuri YOU SUPER!
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  • thanks, . Jurassic you for these wonderful songs, . I start watching your speech on tv, . sound when your playing, . try podpivat, . Thank you, we have, . expect new, . great songs, . these songs give me life, . thank you Jurassic, . we love you, . pity that in reality all neuvidet,
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  • Hello dear Yuri! The fact that I work in Leschinovskom boarding house for adults (Ukraine, Poltava region). And here in early July to have died, one woman - Shirai Vera. In assembling her belongings were onaruzheny some old photos, along with a note reading: "This is your son, your mother, whose header Paraska G. from you drove in g. Orenburg in boarding school. His name is Shatunov Jura, Sept. 6, 1973 birth ". We do not know what to do. I decided to somehow tell you about. Sincerely junior ward sister Lavrik Natalia.
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  • Hello dear Yuri! The fact that I work in Leschinovskom boarding house for adults (Ukraine, Poltava region). And here in early July to have died, one woman - Shirai Vera. In assembling her belongings were onaruzheny some old photos, along with a note reading: "This is your son, your mother, whose header Paraska G. from you drove in g. Orenburg in boarding school. His name is Shatunov Jura, Sept. 6, 1973 birth ". We do not know what to do. I decided to somehow tell you about. Sincerely junior ward sister Lavrik Natalia.
  • Natasha for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hello dear Yuri! The fact that I work in Leschinovskom boarding house for adults (Ukraine, Poltava region). And here in early July to have died, one woman - Shirai Vera. In assembling her belongings were onaruzheny some old photos, along with a note reading: "This is your son, your mother, whose header Paraska G. from you drove in g. Orenburg in boarding school. His name is Shatunov Jura, Sept. 6, 1973 birth ". We do not know what to do. I decided to somehow tell you about. Sincerely junior ward sister Lavrik Natalia.
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  • Hello, Yura.Mne really like your tvorchestvo.Esche in the good old 80's I listened to your pesni.Ya born in 1982godu and looking at their favorite artists have always dreamed of singing as well as music oni.V 80 has a soul.
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  • What's the name keyboardist Jura Shatunova?
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  • Hello, Yurok !:) Where are you lost? I look forward to your new songs! Balde from your voice, appearance, and gentle eyes:)
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  • daaaaaaaa, in the years of my youth Yuri universal boom caused by their appearance on estrade.vse devchenki went crazy, fell in love, suffer, baldeli.KOROChE lived !
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  • SUPER SONG. And more important now.
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  • Jurassic rods our most favorite singer we listen to him since childhood, his songs so keep Otpad Jurassic
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  • Yura, I just adore thee ! You're the best !
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  • Sveta Shevlyakova crazy about creativity Shatunova UV not only on creativity .... Childhood Childhood .......
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  • Shatunov a legend, still do not understand how he did it.
  • Elena for CRANKSET Yuri
  • The article is full of errors. For example, I remember exactly what Yuri does not baptized in 1991, as stated in the article, but in May 1990. It was in my hometown of Kiev. Then Yura gave concerts at the Palais des Sports - from April 24 to May 2. And he lived in the hotel "Moskva". My friends and I were at his concert 4 times. And he remembered all my life. Yuri, thank you very much for what you are! Let the Lord be with you! I really hope that you have ever visit our city concerts. We are waiting for you!
  • Elena for CRANKSET Yuri
  • The article is full of errors. For example, I remember exactly what Yuri does not baptized in 1991, as stated in the article, but in May 1990. It was in my hometown of Kiev. Then Yura gave concerts at the Palais des Sports - from April 24 to May 2. And he lived in the hotel "Moskva". My friends and I were at his concert 4 times. And he remembered all my life. Yuri, thank you very much for what you are! Let the Lord be with you! I really hope that you have ever visit our city concerts. We are waiting for you!
  • Natasha for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jurassic connecting rods are very good and nice man in the world ! I sincerely wish him happiness and success in work! Let him everything will be fine! Jura coolest song :))))))
  • Natasha and Anastasia 15 for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jura rods our most favorite singer! We wish him all the best. Anything that can give him life! He Pts dobryy.Osobenno nice and we like his work from 1886 1990gg. (detsvo... childhood) Very handsome boy :))))) BEST ON EARTH !
  • Tanya and Galechka for CRANKSET Yuri
  • You're just a supper-pupper! Good luck!
  • Alenka for CRANKSET Yuri
  • You're super ! I really want to buy all your albums! Please, answer me!
  • ?-T for CRANKSET Yuri
  • I love you !
  • Anna for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hello Yuri! "I really like your creativity, . your songs just zamechatelnye.Hochu wish you good luck in everything! I 31god and I also have a family: husband, . two children (son and daughter) The family is sacred! Remember, fans will always, . and the family must be something odna.Beregi, . what you have, I want to wish: your favorite wife, . patience, . after famous husband, . think is not easy, . a little boy-good health, . Let it grow on you joy! Best regards, . Anna.PS. Jura, . it possible to communicate with you and your wife? Write, . will be very grateful,
    . rau@e-mail.my.ru
  • Viktor for CRANKSET Yuri
  • privet vsem ja bil na konserte Uri obshalsja s nim fotografirovalsja sbilas moja me4ta vsem dobra ludi
  • Lintel for CRANKSET Yuri
  • All this messy on TV, I full vidil h rodoki his living and this monster did not even communicate with his own father
  • Mother's for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Matvey! Not on the internet, and on boarding, you idiot, learn to read. Jurka, you're super!
  • Irusik for CRANKSET Yuri
  • What a handsome yes
  • Murad for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hello you Yura.Pishut Demir and Murad.Pishem Dagestana.Priezzhay you with us in our room Dagestan.Hot otzavis.vot 89285235528.Napishi even sms on this nomer.Budem wait.
  • Rita for CRANKSET Yuri
  • - Yura where your song "Summer Nights"
  • Margarita for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Uv.Yury Vasilevich.Hochu you ask for help my daughter to her 16 years, she very much wants to sing and for that she has all dannye.Zhivem we in the Kherson region. in the village of Klina us it is very difficult now, something like that exist nehochu she suffered here as my.Ona wants to become a singer Do not know get it this year to do because we like the crisis in our country .. It is a pity. If you can help us we will Pts . blagodarny.Ona girl pretty clever nepodvedet.Spasibo.Nadeemsya for your assistance.,
  • Faith for CRANKSET Yuri
  • I am from you and taschyus zheleyu that my mother gave birth so late ! You're just super duper and songs you just class ! I'm waiting for you in Krasnodar! Kiss Faith !
  • Daria for CRANKSET Yuri
  • You should not fanateete an ordinary person. Many aficionados are waiting for their idols in the entrance. This savagery. And why did not he write letters anyway, he did not answer. And if the answer is not he. Personally, I am not a fan of it simply can sometimes listen to music.
  • Bogdan for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hi
  • Alena for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jura +- you most, you're very nravishsya.otozvis me on my mail send me a letter I shall be very glad.
  • Elena for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hi Yuri, I classroom girl, you're very simpatiziruesh, I really want to you obschatsya.Pishi me to e-mail pozhaluysta.Ne pozheleesh!
  • Lenca for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yuri i love you
  • Vika for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Vika for CRANKSET Yuri
  • dear wife Jurassic ! Forbid him not to kiss fans ! it from you is the same or where no denitsya ! Th you zhadnechiete !))))))" joke "you have exceeded the husband of the star not Th can not be helped !
  • All Hi I really like the singer Yuri Shatunov ! I heard was once pesnyune afraid, and I really liked his work! Jura you're the best! "Stay on the scene ! you are super !
  • Vix - Pixie for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura Shatunov - my favorite singer. I really like his work, his songs are very bright, kind and full of positives! Jura you're the best! not leave the scene waiting for release of the new album!
  • jen for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Anonymous for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura, you're such a Sugar !
  • Anonymous for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Mihail for CRANKSET Yuri
  • da eto polniy otstoy, vot Travis Burker eto kruto ...... Shatunov otstoy .......
  • Elena for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jurassic rods is the man the legend, . and people who do not understand his songs, . in my opinion simply do not have anything chelovecheskogo.ved above all it is our childhood and adolescence, . Our first lyubov.mozhet now and other times, . and quite another muzyka.kotoraya I also like the way, . but gentle MAY is an explosion, . storm of emotions, . is our first and most everything is navsegda.YuRA CRANKSET ------- FOREVER !,
  • Natalia for CRANKSET Yuri
  • "Tender May" is a group of our youth, then was the most popular gruppa.Vy came, we were in Cherkassy on Ukraine.Ostalis brightest memories.
  • Lena for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Not songs, and listen to them can uzhas.Kak? Do not want to offend fans of his work, but it podzabornaya whining saccharine golosom.Slov more net.Neuzheli not one bad opinion, except for Mongo? Poveryu.Ili not bad you do not show?
  • Anonymous for CRANKSET Yuri
  • His songs are sung even today, and will sing for a long time, he learned and will learn on-LEGEND. His songs are filled with warmth and Transportation. His talent has struck his way to a normal life, . not what our for today's "mega star"! * Timati =--- !,
  • Natasha for CRANKSET Yuri
  • I am 34 years old, the eldest daughter - 13.Mne was the same when I watch baldela of his songs. So many years, my elder, too, like these songs, and the youngest, she was 5 years old, struck down outright white roses. Singing everywhere and always.
  • Natasha for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yurochka you just super! You just +++- songs! I'm your fan from Saratov!
  • Olya for CRANKSET Yuri
  • the one who wrote that the rods fagot probably himself takoy.slysh nerd you love the one where znaesh.lyudi Jurassic and dosehpor listen to his songs. and you do not be afraid =--- drochish home on nego.shatunov sexy
  • Guzel for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hi Jura, I am very glad that you found on the Internet I just love you madly I like your songs I just +T you +T+ around kollektivuL.M. +T+ greetings to you all for your wonderful songs with my wife be happy with detmi they are still more expensive all do not be ill ever wish you success wherever and whenever you simply SUPER I LOVE YOU ! ! I am always with you! GOOD LUCK TO YOU !,
  • Spa for CRANKSET Yuri
  • fagot
  • malinka333 for CRANKSET Yuri
  • I really like the creativity of the Jura Shatunova, I do not miss not one program with its participation! his wonderful songs! keep it up! Come to Odessa !
  • Ina for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yuri, you're a legend 80 years. You have a very good voice .... I am 20 years old, . I grew up not on your songs, . but I remember another 7 year old girl listening, . like my aunt singing aloud the words of the song "White Roses ".... and even then I knew, . the boy, . who sings, . very famous .... All the very best you, . light, . good luck to you all ...... Thank you for your voice and your radiant smile,
    . My Email: brjunetkavzakone@mail.ru
  • sizilij for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Anonymous for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Michael for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jura your songs class, listen, listen and will listen to both keep
  • Michael for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jura you that anyone can listen and not listen to something that is not tiring and even relaxing
  • Anonymous for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Olga for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura-most LYUCHSHY ! 1
  • milaya_devochka1 for CRANKSET Yuri
  • I remember one song that you sang childhood, . and when it becomes grusno and wants to return to that time, her singing and soul raduetsya.I still do not listen to anyone you're my idol since childhood and for that you cholovecheskoe spasibo.Nadeyus great to hear your new songs and they will be the same zavorazhuvayuschimi.,
  • Angela for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Please since 1988
  • Elena for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yes, there was a time when we (the girls) madly in love this cute little boy. Entire wall in my room was plastered with photographs of Yuri Shatunova, girlfriend and friends provide a record of new songs "Tender May". And it was fun! And now, encouraged by his attitude to the family, the child. And his songs, I still occasionally listen nastolgiya
  • Priva
  • Alexandra for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura I'll just +T! you're so cool and handsome Pts. I like all your songs and I love you most. not think anything, I just love you as my best man in mire.esli want it call me 89216819568
  • Irian for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hi Yura Shatunov. you all the best
  • Olga for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Past !
  • Tatyana Guseva for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Dear Yuri: Do not really want to be banal, . but it's great, . that you were just at the time of our estrade.Ya grown on your pesnyah.Kak and all at that time was in love (in love with you, . of course). I want to wish you good luck, . all the best ! Sincerely Tatyana Guseva.,
  • Iuliana for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jura you just beauty!
  • Catherine for CRANKSET Yuri
  • more to such
  • Nastya for CRANKSET Yuri
  • you're just super, but your songs are really hits
  • OLGA for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Sucks ! I wonder how this Vyblyi ........... can sing !
  • Milan for CRANKSET Yuri
  • who wrote that there is someone who sucks and where to give? fuckers done for yourself, do not listen to yourself and do not interfere with others, listen to their suckers will not live even language is not anyone's ass, nobody fag and fag one who wrote this crap and tries to throw mud at other
  • Ina for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Have more photos please, thank you.
  • Amin for CRANKSET Yuri
  • I adore Yura, you're the best! I have all your disks, photo. I beg you, please come tour with us in Dagestan, I first met you! "Yes, and even pass on my greetings to his wife and son. Ustarhanova Amin. Makhachkala.
  • Natasha for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura, you're the best. Good luck in the works. I want to see you at a concert in Mtsensk Oryol region. Our young people will be on you crazy. Come! We will be happy!
  • Anonymous for CRANKSET Yuri
  • I'll +T
  • no name for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yuri! I'll love you for life!
  • Alexandra for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura! I love you very, very, very, very lyublyu.Ty most beautiful boy!
  • ? ra for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Do not know +++, Ale, I love you! I nemozhu zhiti without your n? sen.ya u want? lu collection? yu.vash? n? CH? - A masterpiece.? X vklyuchayut nav? Th? y klubah.YuRA I love you!
  • light for CRANKSET Yuri
  • When the song came Shatunova, I still was not. Recently, I listened only Lm.Yura, you're the best! "We all love you!
  • light for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura, your songs hity.Prodolzhay please us with their performances, we all love you and appreciate!
  • Anastasia for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yurochka you the best! Like you nowhere! All your songs Tear-Jerker! =* How I would like you to write a new song about Nastya! I do want ...=))) Pts ))))))
  • Marina for CRANKSET Yuri
  • my son has ever since childhood like, . I am constantly collecting his L+-++T and his songs I really like! Jurassic you handsome! you are super! I love you! you're the best! please otzavis! answer my mail: gromak82@mail.ru I'll be very glad and grateful if you answer! many thanks in advance!,
  • Maria for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura, I love your songs, I wish creative successes, good health, love big happy family.
  • Dasha for CRANKSET Yuri
  • I am without you listen to your nemogu.Kazhdy Day pesni.Yatebya obozhayuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu
  • natalia for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura Stay in this, as you are! "God loves you all the best to you!
  • Erk for CRANKSET Yuri
  • When I was a teenager I felt in love him. It was the year of 1989. He was and he has still been a charming guy who has own space in my heart. I love you.
  • Erka for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura, you're the most enchanting and harezmatichesky guy! I'm very very much!
  • Alexander for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hi Yuri. I want to thank you for the songs you sing, you sing and you sing (I hope). I'm older than you only two months. I dalneboyschik, and my life began with dalneboynaya your pesen.Za 18 years I have changed 4 Kamaz, and each May.
    And now wait for the new records to supplement their collection. So hurry.
  • Emilia for CRANKSET Yuri
  • "Tender May" - the best in the world group))))
  • elinae for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jurassic super so you keep your songs better than all
  • Xue for CRANKSET Yuri
  • You just --? !
  • Tatiana for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura, pay no attention to those who insult you, they do not deserve nothing but contempt, I feel sorry for them. For us who love you, much more, and our love will keep you from all troubles and tribulations. May God grant you happiness and health, stay in the same kind always!
  • Azka for Shatunova for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hello Yuri, I've read the comments and wonder how such a singer who has such a pleasant and boyish mischievous voice as you say sludge, I personally do not agree, I think you're the coolest. uvas such a wonderful biography that immediately believe it is simply impossible. you know, I'm sorry I was born very late (I 18), because I would like to be the first of your concerts. well everything is fine. importantly remember you-LEGEND DLYAVSEH U.S.
  • Anna 27let for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yuri Shatunov my favorite singer. I would often see him at concerts, in various programs. We look forward to his concert in Irkutsk!
  • Diehl for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hello Yura Shatunov! My name Diehl, I am 13 years. I like your songs. I'd like to meet you. Answer me kadyrvadilja@rambler.ru
  • Anonymous for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Olya for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yurochka I love you very +T you super !
  • yulchik for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura, I love you so much you are the coolest
  • Killer Shatunova for CRANKSET Yuri
  • I'll kill you th-th-th-th! Fag!
  • kristna for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hello Iury me assess ndravitsya your songs they do I rate helps, I also grew up in a boarding school and I know that this Truna life
  • Ina for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Jurassic you fellow! Happiness to you! success!
  • alena for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hi Yuri, I write to you and very much doubt that you will read this comment, watch over your creativity with the most nachala.ezdila to your gigs in Chisinau somewhere 89godu oshibayus.mne if you do not like your songs. Good luck to you!
  • I am very much -v-- SONGS YURI .... And He Himself ?=??-?L? ))))))))
  • Strelnikova Anna for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Hi Write mne.Moy number t.89089494564
  • Olya for CRANKSET Yuri
  • Yura, I love your songs, thank you for them.
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