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SHAROV Petr Fedorovich

( Director)

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Biography SHAROV Petr Fedorovich
Peter Fedorovich Sharov (12.05.1886 year - the year 18.04.1969)

The index of names two-volume "Vl. Nemirovich-Danchenko. "Selected Letters", published in "Art" in 1979, the Ball said: Sharov Petr Fedorovich (1886-1969) - actor in the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater from 1917 to 1919, after 1919 he lived abroad ". That's all. And in Holland Sharova called "Netherlands Stanislavski". Since his arrival in Amsterdam, a new theatrical situation that the old Dutch theater did not know and, apparently, did not consider possible.

The concept of truth in art, lessons balls in the Moscow Art Theater, was the sole criterion of its direction and the most important imperative of the human spirit. Stage direction Sharova reduced to ensure that justify and motivate any action of the actor on the stage. For theaters of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, it was a novelty.

Sharov was tied to the theater of passion, nothing else in his life was. He left Russia in the "Kachalovskaya group. Played a passerby in "Cherry Orchard" Smerdyakov in The Brothers Karamazov, Bubnov in "The Lower Depths.

. V. Shverubovich son Kachalova, in his memoirs, "On the old Art Theater, wrote:" Quite unexpectedly, one of the worst actors of the troupe Sharov was good Smerdyakov.

. In "Kachalovskaya group" Sharov and was assistant director
. It soon became clear that he had no assistant. He was always excited and worried all, all confused and disorganized and, most importantly, with all the quarreling, all hurt and offended himself, poisonous remembered V. Shverubovich.

But in the company of his loved. In the archives of balls in the International Theater Institute in Amsterdam preserved picture Kachalova, donated balls with a touching inscription: "Horatio, thou best of men, with what I happened to make friends. Dear Petrusha balls fluffed love. V. Kachalov. Paris. 1922.

When in Prague in September 1921, playing "Hamlet", Sharov was Horatio, his partners: Tarasova - Ophelia, Bersenyev - Laertes, Knipper-Chekhov - Gertrude. Olga Leonardovna ever corresponded with him. In May 1922, Kachalovskaya group returned to Moscow, Petr Sharov remained abroad.

Leonardovna Olga Knipper-Chekhov wrote to him: "Dear Sharov Petrusha - nothing that I call you so?.. Although not writing, but remember - I remember often ". This has already been written from Moscow.

But Sharov never forgot their partners and friends from Hudozhstvennogo Theater. From 1923 to 1927 he was the first artist of the Moscow Art Theater in Prague, played Gayev in Cherry Orchard, "Luka in The Lower Depths", Serebryakov in "Uncle Vanya" continues Smerdyakov - her best role, and in 1927 headed Theater Dц+sseldorf. Foreign languages he knew perfectly, fluent in German, Italian, French, learned Dutch.

In 1927, he first puts in Amsterdam "At the gates of the kingdom" Hamsun, the scenery did M. Dobuzhinsky. And 20 years later led the National Theater in Amsterdam (Shtadtshauburg). His first performance was "Month in the Country" with the famous at the time of the Dutch actress ENC van der Moer.

Old Art Theater still troubled his imagination. In the 20-ies with the Moscow Art Theater was still possible to meet abroad. In July 1929, while in Germany in Badenweiler, O.L.Knipper-Chekhov Moscow Art Theater actor V. Luga: "We sit under the chestnut trees with Stanislavski and his family, Dobuzhinsky, Ball. Many recall talking.

In Amsterdam, Petr Fedorovich staged mainly Russian classics.

Almost every year of the play were played Chekhov, Gorky, Gogol, Ostrovsky. The huge success had the "Three Sisters", set them three times in the seasons 1949, 1954 and 1965. In 1967 in Rotterdam, Sharov released "Uncle Vanya" in theater "Shauburg, performance was more than two years, that was unbelievable for this small country. Audience several times looked Chekhovian drama.

. While working in Holland Sharov put in The Hague, "Woe from Wit", the opera "Eugene Onegin", in Amsterdam - "Marriage" by Gogol, Chekhov's "Ivanov", "Village Stepanchikovo of Dostoyevsky and many times" The Cherry Orchard "with a Dutch actress Ida Wasserman.

. May 29, 1968 was held last prime balls: in the private theater "De Nurder com-pany, he made the evening of one-act plays by Chekhov:" The Bear "," Proposal "and" Jubilee "
. His "Seagull" and "Children of the Sun" to remember so far. In 1952 a group of Soviet "artists" had come to Amsterdam and gave a concert in the premises of the National Theater in Amsterdam. Sharov afraid to approach them, he stood in the wings, and wept bitterly. He is remembered for many years that he defector.

When the first time since the war in 1956 the Moscow Art Theater came to London, Sharov went there to watch the performances. In the archives of the famous director of the Netherlands kept the letters he wrote to his friends, behind the scenes he did not come. "I poured tears when I heard the excellent Russian language and saw Allochku Tarasov. I did remember her little girl played with her in "Hamlet", it was delightful Ophelia, "- he wrote to his friend.

. Russia has always been with him, and he arrived in Novosibirsk in 1965 to see his brother.

. In Amsterdam, Sharov created his own school, his students are still alive and remember him, he thought that the theater should be "perfect family"
. Students, he took care of and loved dearly. Families had no man, he was lonely, noble and selfless. While living in Amsterdam, he went every summer to his beloved city, which has always sought and where was his own house: in Rome. Sometimes he put there shows. In "Storm" he played a famous Italian actress Tatyana Pavlova. His "Winter's Tale" Shakespeare in the theater "Worms" astonished its harmony.

In Italy, he died.

Dutch Queen Juliana ordered to erect a monument at his grave on behalf of the Netherlands. And there is a cemetery in Rome, the sculpture of Mari Andriessen, depicting the last scene of "The Three Sisters, Chekhov, his favorite author. In memory of a man enter into the European world of the old precepts of the Moscow Art Theater. On the tombstone bears the inscription: "Big Heart artist and director Peter Fedorovich Sharova stopped beating in Rome April 18, 1969. He was born in g. Perm 12 May 1886. He was awarded the Order of Orange Nassau, the Dutch Queen Juliana.

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SHAROV Petr Fedorovich, photo, biography
SHAROV Petr Fedorovich, photo, biography SHAROV Petr Fedorovich  Director, photo, biography
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