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Anatoly Shamardina

( Singer)

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Biography Anatoly Shamardina
photo Anatoly Shamardina
Anatoly Shamardin

Sang from the orchestra under Leonid Utesov. Worked in various philharmonic societies of our country. Served with solo programs in Germany and Greece. The Western press called it 'Russian nightingale' and 'wizard from Moscow'.

. - Anatoly Viktorovich, perhaps, when you say you worked in the orchestra by Leonid Utesov, all surprised and asked: 'Yes, how old are you? "

. - Yes, I think that I worked there since its inception, with 30-ies, and that means to me, at least 95 years
. Surprised and say that I am well preserved: "But I worked in the orchestra Utjosov not in the 30's and 70's.

. I then graduated from the Gorky Institute of Foreign Languages and Leningrad graduate, worked for some time in the Leningrad Philharmonic, and arrived in Moscow
. Wandered here without an apartment and without a residence permit, would like to sing in any good team. I recommended Utyosov, he listened, and immediately took to her straight from the streets. He was very neofitsiozny, informal man, with his own taste and opinion, with his views on art and life. I liked him. That's all. And the singers, and jugglers and acrobats, and entertainers: The concerts were to be heard only Russian songs, including civil maintenance type 'I was traveling from Berlin'. And I with its foreign repertoire 'love' does not really fit into this program. So artistic council at first treated me without enthusiasm. But Utesov insisted.

There were many famous artists. Gennady Khazanov read 'Culinary College', which later became famous throughout the Soviet Union. Another - a singer from Lithuania Gilda Mazheykayte: She was such a beautiful low voice - alto, and I - tenor. And she jokingly called me 'soprano'. Worked there, Sergei Zakharov, Bedros Kirkorov. Incidentally, when they took me to the orchestra, I had to speak in a decent suit. But I was not there! Then the administrators suggested: 'Do you wear a suit Bedros Kirkorov'. Bedros was more than I did the size of five. I'm still not fat, but then all was like a straw for a cocktail. But the situation hopeless, had to wear. I was like a Pierrot: jacket hanging pants hang: Then Impress and to speak out for the first time with the orchestra Utjosov. And, apparently fired at the audience is a touching impression that I was a long applause.

You do not need to learn. You need to sing

- They say your voice has a healing effect. From him by the audience not only improves mood, and health:

. - I remember, . appeared in the 'Moscow and Muscovites', . and a veteran of World, . bedfast, . said immediately, . live: 'For many years I did not get up from bed, . But now listen to your singing and got up! " And in Germany after a show I was approached by the couple and invited to speak at Cancer Center for their sick relative and his companions in misfortune,
. For some reason they were convinced that my vote will help patients regain strength and health.

Mama said that I loved singing since childhood. Once when I was three or four years old, I was sitting on a log in the town Tyrnyauz, where my parents for a while rented an apartment, and sang a song Isaac Dunaevsky 'Come on song we drink, merry wind'. Some uncle and aunt, like gypsies, beckoned me candy and took with him. Mom rushed to look, well, people she helped. Overtaken and brought me back. And then, maybe singing would be in some encampment:

I always liked the tenor. Sergei Lemeshev, Gleb Romanov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich, Vadim Kozin, Emil Horowitz, Rashid Behbudov, Georgi Vinogradov.

Vinogradov I met in 1970. He then taught a class in vocal variety and circus school. I asked to speak to him as an apprentice, he sang one song of his repertoire. George P. listened to me and said: 'Young man, you do not need to learn, you need to sing. You already sing. You - ready singer. You need to act on the stage '. But then I did not think so. And I still think that I could do with a class to learn singing from such a master.

. - What should the singer, not to lose the voice, keep it as long as possible?

. - First of all - to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially tenors, have a very delicate device and ligaments of the larynx
. Do not drink and smoke.

. Here Claudia Shulzhenko sang: 'Let us light up, my friend', Mark Bernes: 'smoke, now, perhaps, a cigarette, I', the other singers: 'Pour me, my friend, on goblet', 'grace-cup to the edge nalem': I fundamentally do not sing such songs
. I believe that there is a hidden propaganda of unhealthy lifestyles. And I would, conversely, promote a life without bad habits, so people are not drinking and not smoking, and were able to find pleasure in something else, more useful.

And as for eating - I omnivorous. But the meat for moral reasons, eat little. I like Brigitte Bardot, sorry for animals that are killed in order to eat. But drink a lot of vegetables and fruits. For replenishment of bioenergy - apricots, raisins, prunes. For better sound and voice to soften ligaments - tea with honey. I do not like heavy food. It is harmful for the voice, for singing and for general health.

- Do you feel your age?

- Age - a relative term. I remember, I came determined to work in Moskontsert. I was there asking: 'How old are you, young man? " I answer: 'Thirty-three years'. They are terrified: 'Oh, you're already old for a singer! " At thirty-three years - old? Yes, thirty-three years - this is for the singer's child, green age, even infancy. In twenty years, man, in my opinion, generally can not sing well. He has not yet passed the school of life, . not mastered vocal technique, . not acquired the necessary skills, . creative mind and experience, . strength and depth of feelings, . not developed a taste: In the twenty years he can not make a good repertoire and can not express in his songs then, . that comes in later years:,

. And in general - a man of creative profession has no age
. Who can say that Placido Domingo - old or ugly, and that he did not have a nose? The main thing - he sings like nobody can!

- Every talent has its fans and, of course, fans. And you?

- I have a lot of them, like every artist. But when I was young then, and fans were mostly young: And even those who were not important, as I sang. It is important that I am an artist and a young man. They were ready to haunt me day and night. I previously had very thick hair. And now, when someone asks why they have so little, I answer: 'devotees broke off as souvenirs'. Now my main fan - ladies Balzac age. As a rule, not only with the rich life experience, but also with great cultural baggage, with well-developed taste and constant feelings neizmenchivymi. Noble ladies. And their number rises, I'm very happy.

I am an optimist, always and all the question 'How are you doing? " say: 'Good! " Even when everything is bad. And recently deducted that Tibetan medicine is based precisely on this principle and believes that we should always tell myself and others: 'I'm good! " - And then everything really will be good. You create your own words a light, positive aura, through which we can not get into any nasty. You give strength to himself and to defend against all bad. The main principle: 'Do not п+п¦п¦п¦я-п¦п¦п¦! " Therefore, I hope, I hope and I will hope for the best. What readers want and 'longevity'.

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Anatoly Shamardina, photo, biography
Anatoly Shamardina, photo, biography Anatoly Shamardina  Singer, photo, biography
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