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Shabaltas Ivan

( Actor)

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Biography Shabaltas Ivan
photo Shabaltas Ivan
Despite the strange name of Lithuania, its roots are in Ukraine, in a small village near the city of Kharkiv. Ivan is busy in the comedies 'restless spirit', 'The Jews of the city, Peter', 'Forest', in performances of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', 'Nijinsky, Clown of God mad', 'Caligula', 'unexpected visitor'. Viewers know him and for his roles in film. Many remember his military pilot in the movie Evgenia Matveeva 'To love in Russian-2'. Shabaltas starred in serials 'Resort Romance', 'thief' and other.

- And you can see how all born actor Ivan Shabaltas?

- In the final year I wrote an essay on the free theme. It shared his dream. I imagined what would have happened if I had been given five lives. In the first life I would become a pilot: my idol has always been, Antoine Saint-Exupery. Second Life devoted to paleontology, in the third would be a conductor, in the fourth - Ballet, in the fifth - footballer. But I was born nine years after the war, in a village near Kharkov. His parents were ordinary workers, so I decided to become a pilot. But that dream did not come true - health failed. On the way to the university met a guy friend, who persuaded me to apply to the Kharkov Institute of Arts, which he finished. Much to my surprise, I was adopted at the Acting Department. But two years left to conquer Moscow. On my part it was a great insolence, because I almost did not know Russian language. Nevertheless, graduated with honors in 1978 GITIS. The choice I had a decent. The first two seasons, worked in the theater named Yermolova, then Anatoly Efros invited to Malaya Bronnaya.

- One of the most visible of your roles - this is work in the series 'Thief'. In life, you look like a hero?

- Actually, just behind the two sisters look like something not accounted. Although such a subject I try not to touch. You see, I'm not prude, but in his personal life do not let anyone. I have lived for 48 years, in my life was all, so if I start talking, then abruptly get any 'thief'.

. - Remember your first day of shooting?

. - And how! I was taken to Lida Velezheva, introduced us to each other and said: 'Today, we remove four bedroom scenes! " We immediately rushed to change clothes
. When Lida lay under the blanket, which then got in my pajamas and I, she whispered to me: 'Look, I - Andrei's wife'. When I dropped the blanket, since we already had to play this episode, I saw that on Lida not only pajamas, but also a dressing gown. I went to the director: 'What can I do if the girl so seriously packed? " He told me in reply: 'To you, and we have taken, you're a hero-lover. Do what you want: 'And we're still text while shall speak. Lida immediately realized: Ask the operator will be visible in the shot my leg. Hearing the negative answer, she immediately put her fingers between my legs with the role of text and, thus, spied. That's outstretched leg with me and had to play a love scene.

- After the movie fans you have been added?

- I did not expect that they will be so much. The most persistent, and it is mostly young girls, write letters, which declare their love, asking for a meeting. Home my mailbox in the evening is usually filled. Often I hear the doorbell, opened, and before her some convolution, flowers: they get me and they were in the theater. By just do not appear on the phone, which just does not come up with reasons for the meeting! I beat them, explaining that I - a man is not free, that I have a jealous young wife:

. - Today's fans are different from those that you were twenty years ago?

. - I am grateful to you for that question, because that is really different, and very
. When I worked at the theater named Yermolova, I had the wonderful fans of the number of grandparents - old Moscow intellectuals. They saw what I was skinny then, gave me no flowers, and boxes of sandwich, pies, bacon (I think, perhaps, that once I crest, then without the fat can not live). Therefore, older artists usually brought something to drink, and I can provide food.

- What's in this life brings you peace of mind?

- First and foremost, communication with children. With them is easy, because even in their bad deeds is no sin: it is unconscious behavior. With children I wonder, are unpredictable.

- You mean your children?

- And his, too. Although I already have enough adults. Anne 22 years, it is - an art historian, graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts (formerly GITIS). Misha - 11. He is studying in an elite secondary school and the music of two classes: the saxophone and piano. Misha is playing in a brass band, and in the summer he expects the first tour - in Germany and Prague. But before the new year he appeared on the stage of the Great Hall of the Conservatory. Unfortunately, I could not photograph it, or shoot a video camera, because it is very worried for him, literally to tears. I am very pleased with their children, they are my wonderful.

- Do not consider a compliment, but you look great. Discover the secret of such a long youth.

- Need to drink less (laughs). We all say 'drink have a talent'. With me, as they say, was a blessing in disguise. More than twenty years, I could not get rid of ulcers, and all this time on a diet. Maybe it helped, so to speak, remain. And since the summer of swimming, I like to urge football with his son to leave the ball in the baskets, however, has recently ceased to run.

. - Do you have a purely masculine hobbies?

. - They say that a man should raise a son, plant a tree and build a house
. I have a cottage with a summer house, but I want to have a real country house near Moscow, where you will live, going to retire. Its going to start construction next year. My dream is to build a spacious house with a fireplace, with a large plot, where there would be a place for horses. I would ride her grandchildren. Even institutions of a cow that had its own fresh milk:

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Shabaltas Ivan, photo, biography
Shabaltas Ivan, photo, biography Shabaltas Ivan  Actor, photo, biography
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