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Chudakova Marietta

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Biography Chudakova Marietta
Marietta Chudakova

Marietta Chudakova, a well-known philologist, a specialist in literature of the twentieth century, and an active fighter for human rights, unexpectedly released a children's book and now writes a second.

- Is it true that you write a children's book inspired by Harry Potter?

- All around talking about Harry Potter. I bought the first volume, and, despising herself for having left all his affairs, as in childhood lessons, read with great enthusiasm. With the same enthusiasm she read the second volume, then a third - they are my everything. (Laughs) On the fourth has not risen - as they say in the old days: the Court's all clear. It occurred to me two thoughts: first, it is impossible to teenagers only Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter reading. In Russia there is an unusually stormy, polysyllabic life, and it turns out that it is nowhere reflected. I bought a cubic meter of children's literature and found no solace in any book. All this was literature for troechnikov who do not like to read. Secondly, the teenagers all given up. They do not see its place in Russia. I thought: as with any soup new generation must be different if we did not do for this? I wanted to give teenagers the national hero, the domestic real life, an interesting book, which can be read. Detective fiction, I owned a little, because writing in his time for his own pleasure from fiction stories detective story. It's purely conceptual idea. Tsvetaeva once wrote that one should write only those books, which suffer from lack. I realized that I suffer from a lack of such a book for teenagers.

Y-books almost Radischev story: 12-year-old Zhenya Osinkina traveling from Moscow to Siberia, on the road talking to people ...

- No, rather autobiographical. I myself often fly in the Altai Mountains, occupy a children's tuberculosis sanatorium. To open closed in 1997, the authorities of Department of the sanatorium, I had to go there six times per year. And as the plane expensive, I decided to do some travel by car with her boyfriend, who lives in the Altai region, and for many years helps me. We drove 5000 miles in three days. I traveled for a year on this road three times, so I Radishchev was not even needed. I decided that the plot is interesting travel children, adolescents and even adults. And then I was always very annoyed that we have little described Russia. The actions of all children's books took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Let the Urals and Siberian adolescents will be pleased that some action is happening in their cities. And now I have been in Yekaterinburg, and in the third volume of my heroine does not go through Chrysostom, as in the first book, and in Ekaterinburg.

- Comes to mind another analogy - of Timur and his team.

Yes, this is my favorite book. I reread it in my life I do not know how many times and not so long ago wrote a long article in the collection in honor of Sergey Bocharov called the daughter of the commander and the captain's daughter, subtitled Reincarnation heroes of the Russian classics. I wanted to show that Timur - continued series of positive heroes of the XIX century Grinyova to Prince Myshkin. I always talk about funny today. I'm sure - will be reproached that my heroine unmodern. Less than a modern hero, as Timur, can hardly be called - the whole era calls for vigilance, as it offers a system of values Prince Myshkin: the full confidence of the people to each other, help the man, whom he first sees. Adults around the infantile, and he shall assume the duties of a competent adult human beings, in that I now hope, as infantile adults reached the limit. I tried to call the internal forces of the young Russia.

. - You are trying to show the most complete and modern reality - you have a former Afghans, members of the Chechen war, corrupt policemen, but understand whether children chtobesstyzhy old man, who wrote three hymn - is Sergei Mikhalkov?

. - I did not want to overload the text names, political realities: those who understand - well
. The same detective for adolescents, rather than reference to political. I wanted to book swallowed adolescents.

- The main characters of the book trying to save a young man convicted of murder, he did not commit. A similar case was in your practice - as a member of the Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy?

- I have the same thing Sergey Chuprinin said. No such case was not, but unjust sentences - plenty. Moreover, and such, for which the death penalty was. Under the tower sat a young man in Arkhangelsk and a half years. The dead girl's mother came to court and say: This is not he. Although, it would seem, it could, forgetting everything, to accuse him. But it is still condemned. At this time, they found a man who has committed a crime and showed where and how to kill. But even a half years is not assigned a new court, because of the fact an innocent man, has already received all the stars. They kept an innocent man in the cell. Often, before you find a sexual maniac, shot at least one person in our beautiful country.

- In the book several times and the text string. You are a fan of his?

- (Laughs) Not at all. I learned this research to read ... My advice to young people. I enjoyed wide consultation, not writing cabinet. My relatives, friends, their children are helped.

- And with the knowledge of football?

- No, football - it's my own. Brazilians love. In 1982, observing in the House of creativity in Dubolty world championship, I suddenly saw the essence of the game, its specificity. And from that time was to watch the best matches, as now Chelsea - Barcelona, for example.

- I do not think to write a children's book on the historical material?

- I will be in one of the volumes of serious excursion into the XIX century. And there is another idea on the material of the twentieth century, perhaps, the end of XIX for children 8-10 years. Then the idea to familiarize children with the history of Russia of the twentieth century. I was looking for an exciting shape for this and seems to find

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Chudakova Marietta, photo, biography
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