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BLACK Valentin Konstantinovich

( Playwright, screenwriter)

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Biography BLACK Valentin Konstantinovich
photo BLACK Valentin Konstantinovich
Valentin K. Black (12.03.1935 years)

The book is well-known writer Valentin Chernykh, "Brezhnev. Twilight Empire "is among the ten most bought books in Moscow book stores - along with detectives Stephen King and Boris Akunin. Recently passed on the TV screens put on her TV series did not pass reviews seems no newspaper. What is the secret of success? On the secret government, which tried to find a writer, it takes up the job - our conversation

. -Valentin K., . you - write movie scripts, . become the property of hits: in times of stagnation have written the script for the Oscar Moscow tears not veritv restructuring - to Marry Captain, . in post-reform the 90-s - Scenarios for love in Russian, . His and, . Finally, . film about Brezhnev,
. Tell us the secret of how to get to the peak of public interest?

- Well, I would say: I had a Style. Manner. Talent. But I think the whole secret of the fact that I know what people say on the landing.

. - How you got the idea to write a screenplay about Brezhnev?

. - We were once a producer Maximov on the First Channel and discussed a colossal project, which never went
. In conversation, I referred to Brezhnev, as it is predictable and nonrandom leader, who all waited. And if it was not, came to exactly the same Brezhnev-II. And they told me: try to write about it.

- How long did you write?

- More than two years.

- How do you work?

- Concluding a treaty, began writing the first version of the script. Another unfinished Chazov showed that in the last year Brezhnev's life was treating him a lot and he knew his condition. Chazov made comments, which I took into account all. Showed the script Bovina. He made the comments. I somehow agree with what does not.

- You like that made of your script, the director?

- I believe that with a director I was lucky. I was glad to hear the name Snezhkin.

We have been long acquainted with Sergei, I knew him as a student. He is uniquely suited for this film artist. I honestly did not want the film shot a rabid anti-Soviet, and superliberalny superzapadny, winding with half-turn on all the Soviet. I wish it was a man of ironic, perhaps, the evil in relation to the shortcomings of the time, but Russia's a patriot in the best sense of the word. I'll tell you a story about Snezhkin. When he was shooting in France lethal force, all the time, stumbled upon an extremely derogatory attitude of the French to their group. Then he gathered before the shooting Russian actors and in the presence of the French gave them a little lecture about, . what, . working together with the French, . we should not follow the models of our literature frivolous, . Frenchman called them and think of them as clumsy, . deceiver and insolent,
. The French silent, all listened very attentively and immediately changed their attitude to Russia's Group. Here he is. The son of a military doctor. Not crazy on the worship of everything American. But do not think that all Russian so wonderful. Reasonable, objective, ironic. Sometimes evil. Skit from the movie - which I was most afraid of - it, thank God, not made.

- Why the era of Brezhnev and the image remain as relevant?

- Well, what you want, it's 18 years of our lives. Life, in which all were. And parity with the Americans and the world's best military aircraft, and yet still not outdated submarines, and our military in its chocolate. But the invasion of Czechoslovakia, and the tragedy of Afghanistan ... The average life stability, low grain prices and housing. But the meat in the shop for these stable prices not buy, the economy stagnated. And it is no accident 9 years after Brezhnev's death, all burst. The fact that the state was over, he played a role.

- How do you choose the key to the age and personality of his hero?

- I know thousands of people 70 years and over. I know what they think, worry, say. This is always the same. General Secretary Do you or a mechanic, you still care about your health, think about your wife, with which it remains.

One of the reasons for not leaving our secretary-general, was the lack of adequate care. No, it was determined that laid the departed, so afraid to leave.

See how pensioners are suffering today, when they detaches from the 4-th control, as they fear local clinic, with its free medical care. Therefore, in the film, Brezhnev spoke with his wife about giving. I asked Bovina, . could there be such a conversation? He believed, . Brezhnev and his entourage, . to which he himself is also one of, . seemed to live in a golden cage: received food, . that others did not see, . read books, . that others do not read, . watching movies, . who are rarely seen, . went abroad, . where the majority do not ezdilo,
. Bovin thought that talking about the apartments and summer cottages were not relevant. But he did, in my opinion, one important amendment: that Brezhnev was 74 and he realized that he was about to leave. Not out of power - of life.

I think people under 30 lived in poverty, certainly remember very well that. All to little things: how much meat is worth, they stood in queues. And always - I am sure - he was afraid to return to this state. Many party officials and their wives were recognized in this fear of losing privileges, so ingeniously constructed by Stalin and prompted many in the career and social advancement.

. - Modern pollsters said would allow the vertical mobility in society, promoting the top.

. - Oh, how it was painted to the last district center! Who laid the Kremlin canteen who Polyclinic 4-th control ...

. - Villa, dining room and studios as an incentive to achieve the supreme power
. All?

- No. Plus, even fear, that you all would like to Khrushchev. If not for the experience of all that he had made with Khrushchev, I think, Brezhnev would have quit sooner.

Plot did not hit a single to Khrushchev, the Brezhnev - too. No wonder the film begins with the events of October 14. Brezhnev, Khrushchev dream, he always returned to his overthrow. And all the while looking around the conspirators themselves.

- Dreams, wine, early experience, it is all very interesting as the artistic intrigue ...

- For me it is not just an artistic device, this is my version of real events. I believe that people who participated in the conspiracy or murder, will always remember this day and return to it.

You know, I first came to America during adjustment, not knowing English. Strayed from his, late, and suddenly realized that they had already left, the plane I not get to ask a certain. Huge alien world ... Airport ... And I wander in anguish for him. Then I dreamed of this many years: late, I can not explain, one. Woke up in terrible anguish. I am sure that everyone has a dream and his own anguish. I think that Brezhnev was associated with Khrushchev, who did everything for him. Picked it up, pulled. October 14, he almost gave the closest a human. It could then not come back for life.

I followed suit, perhaps, grasp the scenario of Ivan III, the builder of Russia's statehood, the greatness of Russia. His father, Basil the dark, blinded. And he will order state, vengeance for his father. Kill his enemies. Normal personal motive to be a strong king.

- In your personal motif can play a role in government?

- Yes. For example, I am absolutely certain that Yeltsin could not forgive the Soviet government dekulakization their relatives. And a very long time kept himself in this hatred. She has accumulated and worked at the earliest opportunity.

- My grandfather and grandmother also dispossessed ...

- I, too. But unlike us, he grew up with you in feeling dispossessed.

- Resentment (the feeling of anger) - as an excuse to explain the nature of supreme power - a very interesting hypothesis. Gorbachev was also a grandfather expropriated.

- Not without it.

- And Putin?

- But what Putin does not take revenge. He has enough good fortune. Childhood, albeit with some hardship, in a communal, but all was then. But then he received a good education, entered the service of the elitist system that once separated. After the collapse of the Soviet regime, when most of the lost profession, retrained, he, as an intelligent and successful, coming to work for Sobchak, was even more than would have received from the Soviet regime. Not to mention the subsequent meteoric career in the FSB. Plowed, probably still. But all of the lucky ones.

- But its secret spring, and there are certainly happy with the type of fate?

- I think so. Just do not know what. This spring is in every person, every character. It makes a person a person.

- You too?

- I have my own aggression. I am the son of rural teachers, who came in a totally unfamiliar world of cinema. I had to resist, attack. When with me, do not believe I did ... Well ... somehow not quite right. It may be offensive for someone. I was in the movie, many do not like.

- How do you find this spring in the life and fate of Leonid Ilyich?

- You know, it looked like the work of the investigator. Something you should catch and prove. It was very interesting.

- I have one friend superkapitalisticheskaya from experience, studies and views of girl. Competition, promotion, leaders - its element. She was the first from whom I heard: Brezhnev, even when very sick, made decisions, the best in comparison to those offered to other. He had a gift of first-person.

- Yes, he was manager of its kind.

- Effective?

- Where would it not throwing the party, always won. Moldova - increased productivity. On defense, the cosmos - everything a stir and there. The virgin lands - and are benefited.

He no longer belonged to the Stalinist tradition, when a man turns the whole. Do not interfere with other work. He had a flair, a man to propose. And the remarkable feature - the ability to thank. Run - get ordenok, apartment. He knew how to play on the weaknesses of people, the natural feelings of human nature. Sam was very fond of, especially in the beginning, to get gifts - pens some, lighters. Then he handed it all protection. When he had the opportunity, began to express gratitude to the orders. Sam liked to receive them. At the end of it, however, turned into obsession.

- There was still Brezhnev first person indeed? Man ready to make a decision and take responsibility for him personally, and not imagined events as a sum of terms of different opinions?

- Hard to say. Take the situation in Czechoslovakia. Brezhnev was a friend of Alexander Dubcek, tried to persuade him to-normal. Not persuaded. Everything went wrong. Let's not forget that he was bound as the leader of the charter of the Communist Party, as the Pope - the canons. Often he could do only so, but not otherwise. He always wanted to through something cross. Food program was such a step, but what it means without a market, land ownership, private property? Or kosyginskie reform in the industry: Brezhnev wanted the system is not allowed.

. Well, in addition, Brezhnev was more typical of Russia's man, counted at random, I thought that everything would
. Was a bit fatalist.

- What's all the same in its nature or fate helped him reach such heights of power?

- He really helped that in his youth he wanted to be an actor. I dreamed about. According to the recollections of women knew by heart all Esenina.

The most gifted actors, stars usually play themselves with brilliant variations. And Brezhnev played many roles. Although there has been great in every. He was able to reincarnate, is a very useful feature for policy. When he took into power, has managed to seem a bit silly, like to believe in his narrow-mindedness. But as soon as power was taken, dealt with all the conspirators, knowing that the people who once betrayed, be sure to betray the second. The image was going on autobiographical detail. Perhaps it was my scheme, but the essence of it.

- What you read, when I took over the script?

- All books. All that is on the Internet. And Chazova. And Churbanova. All the memories.

- What most hooked, remember, prompted the decision?

- To be honest, everything had to pick out crumbs. Nobody, for example, gives no version to explain his excessive love for orders. We had a lot to read, to understand, this is likely he came from his youth, when the first Order, there were very few and they were incredibly honorable. Then everyone wanted to get medal. Brezhnev, incidentally, won his first Order of relatively late in the 42-m, in the war. He was a bit of orders from the war, four of. I think he thought the missing and then returned.

- What's it to budge from the beginning?

- When he finished work at the factory, I realized that it is necessary to leave from the Urals. Somewhere proskvozilo in some memoirs that he was terribly afraid of cold. He was a southern man and always tried to heat. He left the Urals, began to study in Moscow, did not like. Transferred to Dnepropetrovsk, entered the correspondence. He worked as a fireman before becoming an engineer. Million was such biographies. Modern leaders do not monarchs, who rule, because they grew up and it was time to govern.

- How do you think the public's attention will still come back to this historical figure?

-I think so. It returned to Stalin. I will return to Khrushchev. And Gorbachev. And Yeltsin. And Putin. The first person is always extremely interesting. Value. And many are mixed.

. - Why are almost all so skeptical end power? Khrushchev at the end of government is causing your feelings of shame, and Brezhnev is not it?

. - In the last years of life, of course - indifference, apathy, poor diction, standard words
. Gorbachev, on whom so all hoped at the end of all irritated talkativeness, prone to endless monologues. Yeltsin - 38 snipers and conducting the orchestra. In the end, I personally was a supporter of a more impersonal demeanor first-person. President - a man whom I hired for a certain period, it is important to me that he respected the law, protect me and my interests. And it was not necessary that he danced the Trepak, conducted the orchestra and told jokes.

- What is the summary, in your opinion, will remain in the history of the person to whom you dedicated the film?

- Man respite. He gave the opportunity to stop, think and have time to do something. And it is worth a lot, in my opinion.

- That seems to be in Brezhnev's time is almost established itself as the truth, in my opinion, the controversial formula that power inevitably distorts human. Power requires incredible mobilization, responsibility, faith, discipline. Changing the person at the same time, of course, is happening, but why the ugliness?

. - The trouble begins when we switched terrible feature - excessive praise of superiors, going, perhaps, from the eternal fear of the past commanders-tyrants, which could cut the head evil
. Starts inadequate flattery of others, praise, sucking up. A man is weak, it still sags under the burden of flattery. That is why the power distorts. And why can not people keep it long.

I personally had a very small plots of power. In the army I like aviation mechanics were subordinate to two people, and me with them was very difficult to cope. And I worked a director on television! Made one or two of work and think: why should I depend on these idiots, something they prove when they are capricious, perebaryvat them, to persuade, to caress, praise, scold? I can do myself. And he walked away from directing to write scripts. Absolutely delighted at his desk. Can write short stories, novels. Yes, even the scripts weddings. Whatever. What can we understand and articulate. Including those who go in for me personally indifferent sphere of small and large power.

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BLACK Valentin Konstantinovich, photo, biography
BLACK Valentin Konstantinovich, photo, biography BLACK Valentin Konstantinovich  Playwright, screenwriter, photo, biography
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