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CAO Qiang

( Designer)

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Biography CAO Qiang
Cao Qiang

At 20, that the competition of youth fashion, recently held in Paris, the model of a Chinese student of the Polytechnic Institute of Qinghua Cao Qiang won the gold award. This is the highest award, won by the Chinese fashion. Today we introduce you to the young winner of this contest Cao Tsyanom.

Paris contest youth fashion "- is an international forum where young designers from around the world demonstrate their talent. The competition is held annually and brings together many representatives. Another contest was held in December 2002. It is at its 22-year-old Chinese student Cao Qiang showed his work - an evening dress for women, which won first place. His work differs interesting ideas. The dress is sewn in the form of blossoming flower - and successfully meets the theme of the contest - love and fashion - purple pants, sewn in the form of bells and costume resembling swollen bud. The costume is sewn from various materials, changing its color from - black to purple and blue up to red and pink. When a fashion model in this dress goes on the platform, . bud as it begins to blossom, . Matter of bright colors like petals of a flower starting to slow down, . opening the inner material of white color, . and accelerating movements of all the colors disappear and there remains only pure white, . and becomes a wedding dress attire.,

. Speaking about the plan of the project Qiang Cao noted that the expression of love with flowers - it is the custom of peoples of many countries
. So he created his model in the form of a bright flower that, in his opinion, is an expression of love. About this he says:

"I express my love using color in the flowers. When creating a costume, I used to create the inner part of the dress and in contrast - black for the exterior finish: and in the life process goes from black to white. White symbolizes purity and nobility of love, and purple pants and shoes of red - hot, temperamental love. "

Cao Qiang working on modeling clothes just a little over a year. In 1999 he joined the faculty of the sculpture of the Institute of Fine Arts at the Polytechnic Institute of Tsinghua. All his family associated with ready-made clothes. There are in his family and mannequin. He often visited the demonstration models, and one day decided to try to create its own model. The institute, he met with students of the Faculty of modeling clothes. From them he learned much about designing clothes. This further whetted his desire. In the third year, he decided to go to the Faculty of modeling clothes.

At first, Cao Qiang, was not easy in a new group. He was tall and about 190 centimeters studied at the Faculty of sculpture freely, even with passion. A design of clothing - a very thorough job, which requires a special mentality. The difference between the two kinds of art was a big. About his feelings at that time, he said:

"He works, striving for freedom. They can continuously look for new ideas that may violate any form. A design of clothing should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of style. Sculptor shapes his work only based on their submissions, and designing clothing should be adapted to commercial purposes. I had to overcome this difference and to combine knowledge of both disciplines.

. At the beginning of his work as a fashion designer, Cao Qiang gave their strength and energy to clarify the intent of design, and did not pay proper attention to the process of tailoring
. As a result, his model did not attract the attention. Thus, participating in a contest. He was able to easily pass the first round - the competition sketches, but creation of the costume, he paid little attention to the trim line and ended up below the winners. But, every mistake, every failure helped him to find his own style, enriched by his experience to participate in competitions.

That's why, when he decided to participate in the Young Fashion Designers Competition in Paris, he believed in the success. He is so much invested in their work that simply could not win. About this he says:

"At the international competition must show the product not only has individual character, but also acceptable experts. In formulating its model, I took as a basis for the traditional parade of western style suit, but using not only black, but purple and white colors, which are well expressed oriental flavor. By the way, to make this decision I came to see how one artist painted in ink on a white sheet of paper. Using the technique of transformation of dresses with a simultaneous change in color from white to black, I wanted to show the feature of Chinese culture and noble style of the East.

Cao Qiang not personally visited Paris to participate in the contest. But the success so excited him that he immediately decided to translate the material even more of its zadumok.

As the winner of the contest Cao Qiang was able to internships in France. He wants to use this opportunity to study with masters of the West and at the same time to acquaint them with the colorful Chinese culture. About this he says:

"I will try to find a connection between East and West, it is in the designer, and put them together and create such a model, which would represent my motherland and the Chinese characteristics, but with the achievements of masters of the West."

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CAO Qiang, photo, biography
CAO Qiang, photo, biography CAO Qiang  Designer, photo, biography
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