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Biography TSZYANFEN Gu
Gu Tszyanfen - known composer of modern China. Her musical compositions are different easy rhythm, beautiful melody and is well liked among the people.

Gu Tszyanfen was born in the Japanese city of Osaka. In 6 years she and her parents returned to China in Dalian. Love for music manifested itself in her as a child. In 1950, she has worked as an accompanist in the Art Ensemble of Dalian, while attending a class playing the piano. A couple of years she successfully withstand the examination of the music faculty Dubeyskogo Institute of Arts named Lu Hsun. Since graduation, until today Gu Tszyanfen works in the Central Song and Dance Ensemble of China.

On his creative work Ku Tszyanfen says:

"I always aspire to favorite work. My heart, my thoughts are given work. Do not write that which is not the soul, no matter what я¦п+п¦п¦п¦пTп+пT. This is my creative position, which I have followed for many years. I write whatever she wants.

When I take up my pen - says the composer - I am seized by a strong emotion. I want to use music to vent their feelings, their understanding of life. Such a creative spirit helps her to create their own filled with deep emotional power of music. It was written in "Tosca", "deep sense of green leaves to the roots", "Song and Smile," "Mother in the light of candles," "Today is your birthday", "Surging waves of the Yangtze River rushing to the east, which can be heard in all parts of the country. Gu Tszyanfen wrote about a thousand songs, many of which were awarded prizes and awards: "Gold gramophone record", "The most favorite songs of our youth," "The popular song of the country". She was awarded and the award for best musical training materials, which is awarded on behalf of UNESCO, the UN. Over a hundred of her songs were among the most frequently performed in the country.

Gu Tszyanfen not only busy musical creativity, but also gives great strength to the training of young artists. In the period from 1984 to 1989, she led her class - "Vocal Course behalf Gu Tszyanfen", where he taught vocal art. Many young singers have received from her, and material assistance. It has helped many young talents to appear on the scene. And a lot of singers have become famous with its help. Among them, Mao Amen, At Ying, Xie Xiaodong, Sun Nan, who has repeatedly received awards at the contest of vocal art in the country and abroad.

. Although Gu Tszyanfen well known in musical circles, she does not like to be in the spotlight
. As a composer, she always pays attention to what impact it works, does not want to advertise themselves otherwise. And so it goes for almost half a century. At the age of 66, she released another album of songs. In September in Beijing held a concert of her songs. Grateful listeners long Gu Tszyanfen released from the scene that day. This deeply moved by her. This she said with emotion:

"I am a composer and stand on the stage I so cleverly. I often think that if my songs did not like the people that I would have done. But my songs sound, they are singing for many years. And it is so unexpected for me. "

Today Gu Tszyanfen worked as deputy chairman of the Musicians' Union of China. It is a member of the Standing Committee of NPC. Despite the employment of social work Gu Tszyanfen still not ceased to musical creativity. According to her the most attractive thing for her - to write songs especially for children. She says:

"Now I want a slightly lower order of life and to write more children's songs. I think this unadjourned problem. I believe that this is my public duty. "

As said Gu Tszyanfen, since she became a musician all her dreams were about the music, it was her dream. Her soul lives in music. With the help of music, full of pathos, the struggle for happiness, she extols the happiness of life. She said: "All my life I was accompanied by music. This is my great pleasure. Through music I learned a person's life and through music I can freely express their feelings, their aspirations. This is the most enjoyable thing for me. "

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TSZYANFEN Gu, photo, biography
TSZYANFEN Gu, photo, biography TSZYANFEN Gu  Music, photo, biography
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