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Biography TSVETAYEVA Anastasia
photo TSVETAYEVA Anastasia

Born 24.09.81 in Moscow. In 2004 she graduated from the Acting Department of Russia Academy of Dramatic Art (GITIS) She starred in films: Dreaming Not Harmful (2002)) Role: Sasha Director: Evgeny Lavrentiev), . Let's Make Love (2002) (Role: Prostitute Director: Denis Evstigneev), . Do not even think (2003) (Role: Masha Director: Ruslan Bal'tser), . Do not even think 2: The Shadow of Independence (2003) (Role: MashaRezhisser: Ruslan Bal'tser), . in serials: NEXT-3 (2003) (Role: Lera Actors: Oleg Fomin), . Evlampia Romanova: investigation Conducts Amateur (2003) (Role: Julia Director: Vladimir Morozov), . Young and happy (in production) (Role: Anna Novobrantseva Director: Valery Zelensky),
. Video: All that regard, a group of Beasts (2003) Director: Alexander Voitinsky, call me Jean! (in Random. Directed by: Ilya Khotinenko)

-Nastya, how you came to this profession?

-I did not dream since childhood to be an actress, I dreamed of being a journalist or a writer, even went to grade 10 school with a young journalist journalism of Moscow State University. You were not studying?

No, I was going to become an actress.


-Well, we're all the opposite happened!

"Yes! Well, in class 9 or 10, I was forced, along with the entire class was taken to a performance in the workshop of Peter Fomenko. And to me it was all so pleased that I was there myself to go. Went to the performances of two years, probably. But at the same time without any intention to be an actress. When finishing school, my journalism a little disappointed, it seemed to me more romantic than was. And everyone was telling me: You did go to the theater, the same way you like, just try to tread on the cast!. I thought: Well, yes, indeed, you should try. And it is not knowing, not knowing this, do sack. I have been received as of three years. The third time, I still managed to. Received GITIS, the studio Vladimir Andreyev. Here's how it all happened, but this year I graduated.

-All three of you in GITIS do?

-I come in during all theater institutions. In the second year I almost took Shchukin school, but I cut off at the last colloquium. Well, apparently, such a fate.

-Tell me what you read when you receive.

-For three years I have accumulated a very large repertoire. I read War and Peace - a passage with Natasha and Sonya, instead of reading fables, children's poems by Daniil Kharms, even poems Samoilova and Levitansky. I really like the creativity Samoilova and Levitansky.

-And what book are reading now? What literature do you like?

-Now try to finish reading the book by Woody Allen, which started a year ago (laughs), I got stuck in the middle. But in general I do not have a favorite genre, the main thing that fascinated me. I can present something to read, I can War and Peace or Anna Karenina read. Very much modern American literature.

"You are somehow connected with the poet M. Tsvetaeva?

-Yes. My grandfather in our family, who now live in St. Petersburg, restored the family tree, and it turned out that we too are a branch of Tsvetayevs.

A poetry of Marina like?

Yes, it works I like. And I'm trying to overcome the huge volume of memoirs Anastasia Tsvetaeva. It is a brilliant memoirist, stunningly conveys the spirit of family Tsvetayevs, the spirit of the time. Reads like a literary work.

-Do you remember your first shooting?

Yes, it was a film by Dennis EvstigneevaZaymemsya love. This was my first role, I played a prostitute. A very interesting role, probably, any actress would be interesting to play her, because she first painted such a prostitute, and then it starting to happen, the human changes. In terms of drama, it's very interesting. These were the first shots in my life, and they influenced my decision to go to the movies, because after the first year I was in a kind of prostration: the theater a little disappointed me, I was confused. Do not know what to do next, but thanks to Denis E., I discovered the film.

-How did you get to Denis Evstigneeva?

-Then I was in my first year, and I had my first exam in the skill of the actor. I am very worried because all very solemnly to this attitude, as if we do not we pass the exam, but the world is saved! Well, the first course, the first exam, on which we had to do sketches on the theme of observation and show them. I made the observation of a small child, my classmate played my mother, she was very tall, still wearing heels, coat. I made myself a little crimson coat, hat with pompons, was in mittens, felt boots, zamatalas a scarf with a teddy bear. And in a way I was standing in the foyer on the first floor. Awfully worried all hamila, were told to not bother, was very aggressively tuned (laughs). Here approached me some incomprehensible woman and says: Can you take pictures? Take the phone? I assistant Denis Evstigneeva: I had not yet been filmed, and those words to me meant nothing. I say angrily: "No! Do not photograph me! Stand back! I am in the way! Leave me alone! But she turned professional, made me, after all, to stand in some position in this cap unhappy! Has my phone number. But I did so reluctantly, with a crooked face (laughs)! And who would have thought that as a result of the image of the child, in which she found me, you get the image of a prostitute, which I played in the film Let's Make Love.

. -Now you have finished shooting a film call me Jean, tell us a little about their role and the film.

. -In this movie I play a girl Lena
. She is a young student who wants to be pop singer in the style of brilliant (laughs), well, pop this. And she has a young man who is in love with her. He courted her, wrote her songs, and she said to him: just a good relationship. And still in love with her her classmates - the protagonist. She flies with her composer in Goa, a classmate finds Gina in the bank and make a wish - move to Goa to Lena. There they begin adventure, in which Lena and her classmates each other: polyublyayut (laughs).

-Good word. And she becomes a singer?

-Pro is not mentioned, but probably yes. This girl persevering.

-Play a character interesting?

Actually, it was interesting to play in this genre - comedy, but more eccentric, sharp, bright. In comedy there is a temptation more manipulative pokrivlyatsya, and here it is important to feel very keenly genre. Play had to be the most serious and believable, even some absurd dialogues, funny scenes. It was impossible to laugh about it, on the contrary, it was necessary to live the situation, but from the audience will be very funny and interesting for this watch.

. -Who were your partners in this movie?

. -I had wonderful partners! Greater success was to work with Oleg Taktarovym, Hollywood actor scale
. When I learned that he will be shot in this film, I was looking forward to the meeting, I wanted to talk to him. Imagine that he will arrive with bodyguards, all this will be inaccessible, and he was very sociable! So I was thinking about the other partner in the film - Peter Buslova. I watched Boomer, but most Petya had not seen, thought that he was forty years old, all shaggy this (laughs), but he was twenty-eight years. It is a charming young man! With him was easy and simple to work. He is a very responsible attitude to their role, despite the fact that he Petya Buslov, and one of its appearance in the frame would be sufficient. I was very surprised by how seriously he regarded his role, makes us a hundred times to rehearse, repeat the dialogues. Even in a small episode, we filmed a leading MTV Alexander. Amazing charming man! He is also a very serious attitude to their roles: one day of shooting brought a lot of costumes, read Stanislavsky! All of my partners I was pleasantly surprised!

. A Gene of them play?

. -Peter Buslov.

. -The shooting went to India?

. Yes, one and a half months we have lived and worked in Goa
. We lived well. Film crew we have consisted of people of one generation, we could easily communicate, and we lived one big family. But although it was the sun, ocean and palm trees, still we are longing for Moscow.

A traveled to India or shooting took away all the time?

"Well, all over India, of course, could not travel, but the state of Goa, we examined the length and breadth. We were advised to go to exotic places, but there was no time. We decided that somehow we come here all the crew rest. But it's like when the children leave the camp, the promise to write to each other and be friends, but do not constrain the promise. And there we solemnly vowed to return, go to the mountains, look at the monkeys, but they all began their shooting. While it may return there. Maybe even for the premiere of the film.

"You brought out something in the memory?

-I brought out a lot of clothes, so now these shoes (shows a shoe with a split thumb). In India, gathers a lot of designers. From all over the world there bring some interesting things, and twice a week arranged Market - night and day. On Friday - the night market on Tuesday - the day. This is such a big - a large area of open-air, directly on the sand, divided by bamboo partitions. All our boys and girls had bought me all kinds of funny clothes.

-And the angel for his collection brought?

-Brought! In India, make wooden Christmas ornaments - balls, bells of all kinds, manufactured and decorate them by hand. I chose and bought a ball with their camels, and what was my surprise when I found more and the ball with an angel!

. A number already in your collection of angels?

. "Well, about fifty, probably, but I hope that a few years I will have the whole house is furnished with them (laughs), and I'll be very proud!

. "You make friends with the Internet?

. -I check my mail, look at the calendar of theater, well, and the like, but do not sit in chat rooms
. Afraid. They say that it sucks, so I thought: What if I suck, how can I then? (laughs).

. -Did you see that you have the official site is being prepared.

. Yes, soon it will.

. Site make the fans?

. Above-site are young guys, they are not violent fans
. In fact, they are professionals, but then decided to combine business with pleasure, and for this I have chosen.

-And you'll be there to communicate with their fans?

"I think that I. I will answer the letters, of course, attributable. I would say - Thank you, thank you very much! (laughs).

-And I'm now on the website forum Beasts read the recognition of one boy's love for you. He promised that you'll be happy with him:

-Well, a fan of animals, and fell in love with me:

Yes, so, too, sometimes, but as generally refers to the fans?

-Generally, a positive attitude. When I first began his acting work, fans, I was not much, and I tried to give all the attention. If they are somewhere learned my phone number and send sms, I tried to answer. And once, when I was invited to meet, and I said that I can not, I am very rude. Then I tied to communication, changed phone number, now I try to behave neutrally. But, of course, grateful to all.

. -Anastasia, come on, now that Beasts have surfaced in a conversation, talk about the clip?

. -Come on!

. -As far as I know, you got a clip without casting, you in there, gave the operator, who was your friend.

. -No, just my words, journalists are not so little treat when I say that led me there, my friend operator
. He was not the operator of the clip, but just their friend, with whom I had worked. He showed them a tape with some of my samples. The boys were told that the girl we like, but let's see more of other. Signaled by a lot of girls, and already two days before filming, they decided to see me and three or four girls. I was casting, and co-starred in the clip. I did not know that he will be successful, I do about this group had not heard. When I was invited to play in a clip, I asked that the group, and they told me Beasts, I had a hysterical reaction: the name seemed to me stupid, I laughed for a long time!

. -How many days do you make videos?

. -Sam clip filmed two days, and shooting with me took one day.

. -How many outfits do you re-measure?

. -Oh! Very much! First, I re-measure everything, to select and approve the orders for the clip, then in the clip has tried so many things! There is not all entered, I measure a few hours, and the clip lasts for about two minutes
. I was there all still trying on hats, fox fur coat is very beautiful. Most of all I liked the outfit with a blue blouse, red skirt and blue tights. But since the plan was average, and tights not fit there, figured out that I was there lift the leg to pull tights, but the clip is not included.

A clip from the beasts after chatting?

Periodically, we communicate, we have a good relationship. They came to my diploma spectacle brought flowers!

-What is your diploma performance was?

-Power of Darkness by Tolstoy, where I played a girl of nine years, Annie. In the institute I have always played a little girl, I had a role as eternal child, as soon as it was necessary to play the child, immediately put Tsvetaeva!

-Now playing in the theater?

-No. Now I deliberately did not go to the theater. At this stage, I want to make every effort to cinema. Then, if the offer interesting work, not necessarily in the star theater, just an interesting role - I agree.

A music Beasts do you like?

Yes, I was listening to them, and I really like their music. We once went with a friend in the car, listening to music, I ask: What is a good song! Who sings?, Girlfriend: Beasts!. After we had a song clip, Districts, Quarters - the recording of the concert, I like it a lot.

-And what music do you prefer?

-All depends on my mood. I like high-quality foreign pop music: Sting, Robbie Williams, I can also feel the Russian rock music: CHajf, such. And in my childhood was fierce Kinomankoy, wore T-shirt with the inscription Tsoi is alive!. Still have warm feelings for the Russian rock.

A musical concerts happen?

-Time, of course, not enough. I probably had three times at concerts in my life, not very fond of big concerts. Like when the club plays some kind of a nice band. Peep in, not even knowing about it, and it is nice. Recently been at the concert of Litmus in the bunker, very pleased. They, incidentally, write the soundtrack for our movie call me Jean, generally going to do the music for this film. It is like their last album. When they gave it to me, I'm about three weeks, do not remove headphones from his ears.

"You secular people? You love hanging out?

"I do not often go to parties, because my time does not happen, but I like to go to such events. Perhaps I rarely go to them, and that's why I like it. Maybe if every day went, then I would have had enough of it, and a couple of times a month, select and everything.

. A rest prefer active or passive?

. -I love to ride a karting is a splash of fatigue and negative energy, which accumulate as a result of prolonged
. I like it a lot!

-What you can not afford to refuse?

-In good food!

-What are the culinary preferences Anastasia Tsvetaeva?

-I love the variety of cuisine: Japanese, Italian, Russian. With equal pleasure I can eat the herring with potatoes and a salad of arugula, avocado and shrimp. Equally fond of sweet and everything else, but if a child could not eat many sweets, but now understand that it is necessary to limit myself, the years take their (laughs). I do not observe any diet, simply can not afford to eat buns at night. And in my childhood my favorite dish of pickled garlic!

-Okay, let's leave the kitchen, back to your profession. I never regretted that she chose her?

-I never regretted that she went to the movies! I am very grateful to fate for what I am doing what I like. I have friends who do not because they like what they have lost. Probably, even if I did not pay, I would still filmed, because it is very interesting! Although, of course, the profession is difficult, sometimes I think: Everything! Fuck you all in the bath! I want to sleep a week!. But some moments, but generally, I am very harmonious feel in this profession.

. -Can a few words to describe actor activities?

. -This is so much to say! First, it is very interesting, and secondly, it is very difficult
. When people come into this profession, they either stay here forever, and this ill, or believe that it is a mad house and never come back. But the result justifies all the hardships!

A journalism has not attracted? I would not like to work, for example, on TV?

-Recently I was often thinking about work on television, but not just a talk show host. I want to work always present unexpected effect, communication. Rush somewhere with a microphone, interview, something like Papparatsy on MTV. I think sooner or later, I come to this, in me there are still some journalistic credentials.

-And yet somehow do not want?

-I would like to write. Already a year trying to write a script, all the time, I was his. Maybe then take off your film.

. Again, the creative activity?

. Yes, perhaps I can call myself a creative person.

. A chemistry and physics are not interested in?

. -What are you? For me, chemistry has always been the most confusing subject!

. -You have come to e-mail chain letters?

. -At the e-mail there, but as a child by e-mail came
. We then copied all the court a dozen times and tossed the others!

-Do you believe that, to send a letter indicated the number of people, your wish will be granted?

-As a child, she believed, is not. I believe that human happiness depends on him.

. -How do you think, how our happiness depends on ourselves?

. -I think interest: eighty depends on us.

. -And how do you think that the more help a person achieve this goal - good luck or perseverance?

. -I believe that perseverance
. Of course, luck is very important. But it may be, but it can not be, and therefore it would be foolish to rely on one good luck. In the dream, man himself must do something about it.

. -Do you have bad habits, from which you want to get rid of?

. -My habit - very much to think and analyze.

. -Do you think this harmful habit?

. Yes, especially to analyze any nonsense
. Here you take a trifle and begin to inflate! This is a very harmful habit.

-You do not think it will help you avoid many mistakes?

-On the one hand, yes. In any phenomenon has its pluses and minuses. But on the other hand, we should simply refer to life. I'm trying to learn this.

-There is an actress, which you would like to be like?

-Being on someone like you do not want, but there is an actress whose work I like. From our - Elena Nightingale, I am madly in love that fascinating image that she carried the film in the mechanical piano, Slave of Love. From Hollywood actresses I like Julie Robberts, Gwyneth Paltrow: Well, many of these Hollywood divas who in the world like. Although, it is believed that Hollywood movies are flat, stupid, but I think that, along with commercial and recreational, is very thin films where you can watch these actresses, women, and understand what we should be.

. -What is your favorite domestic film?

. -I really like the Office Romance, . even if I have a bad mood, . then, . hearing the melody of the film and the dialogues, . just gets better, . I do not even need to watch it, . I can include film, . engage in some sort their own affairs and just listen to,
. I enjoyed watching and listening to. It is like two films Mikhalkov - mechanical pianos and Slave of Love. By modern cinema, I am more like work than to entertainment. I think that the movie industry in Russia is gaining momentum, and soon we will be able to compete, well, can not with Hollywood, but with European cinema.

. -How do you like Indian movies?

. -Oh! Indian movie - it is something the beyond! In Goa, we decided to go to the present Indian cinema, with no translation
. It was the whole adventure! This campaign was better than any museum! Generally speaking, the Indians are very fond of cinema, that the trip to the cinema and they are willing to give, but really - it's a myth, the Indians go to the movies, just as we. For example, on a weekday there are very few people, on Sunday evening a lot. We went off-peak. A room in the cinema was an old, smelling something rotten, raw, as in the basement, the benches in the Soviet Union. Incidentally, in this theater, we removed the scene where Jin is looking film about love and crying. So, in this room were five and a half of the Hindus, and around it was very dirty. I really wanted to see some melodrama, but when they came, they showed a thriller. So this week, a thriller, I told everyone! Thriller very funny! Tell me! (laughs).

-Tell me!

So-thriller! Husband and wife. My husband has a mistress, a very beautiful, this whole model, the entire line so marry Ulyana - ho! Wife is beautiful too, but thicker. So, the husband comes to his mistress, they, of course, sang a song about love, and she told him that he should engage with the wife! Everything! Husband comes home and decides to kill his wife and hires a hitman. All this, of course, constantly interrupted by songs, very beautiful and melodic. Well, the killer tries to kill her, but she runs away, turns to her husband, not knowing that it was he hired a hit man, asked to save her. Husband saves, and he thinks: How can it still kill you?. So he sends his wife into the bathroom while he pulls the cord on the lamp door handle and includes it to his wife an electric shock. Well, now he sees the shadow of his wife is close to the door, just about now, she grabbed the pen! He walks nervously drinking whiskey and listening: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! And wife falls. He thinks: Well, thank God! Turns off the lamp, opens the door, and his wife saw a mouse there and scared! And so that's the whole movie. And the funniest thing - in fifteen minutes after the incident with the door, the wife suddenly decides to kill her husband, too, but not knowing about his intentions. They are individually decided. But occasionally throws them into the arms of, . they are recognized in the love, . remember, . they liked each other and repent, . that tried to kill each other, . but then they something ekaet, . and they think: No! It is necessary to kill "Here is such a thriller!" And so that's two series of half hour! And between them commercial break,
. In the end whether they still kill each other, whether a wife kills her husband and was sitting near him sad. I do not remember. But I was very pleased with this thriller! And the movie we went to three: I, the producer of our film and journalist - Kapitalina Business. Producer immediately fell asleep, and since there is even an English translation was not, we Kapa transferred to each other movie.

Indian to learn?

No! There, translation and it was not necessary, and all so clear! We just decided to articulate their. Only they each other raise the knife, go for what the neighbors - then we voiced: Oh, hello! And you will not find salt?. Then they all drink tea, and old neighbors, already seen species, but still very fond of each other. So drink tea and sing it as they love each other! And those listening and thinking: 'We're with you, too! Ah! How we all began!. In short, very funny, Indian cinema has left an indelible impression on me! I thought that the time will look for in Moscow any dividishki with Indian cinema.

. -Are you old Indian movies are not watched? Previously, many of them showed.

. -I watched when little was! They all Zitta and Gitte, Rita and: Carmencita (laughs)
. This thriller, too, was something like old films, but in a modern way, with elements of murder, wrap:

. -And what kind of ads between the series was?

. -Oh, it is also very funny! There were no commercials, and pop up some slides
. Dynts! - Pop up ads some juice and is five minutes. Dynts! - I am wondering on hand!. And people walking, smoking, well, as we have during the intermission. During this pause, I woke up my neighbor and said: Hey! Look - commercial break!, He woke up, looked, and when the second series, fell asleep again.

. A Indian clothes do you like?

. -Clothing is very beautiful, but poor quality, after washing spoils
. But there can safely go without a spare clothes, right in the first day of every purchase, and then there and leave, because it is very cheap. This is very convenient!

-And the last question, the answer to that, I think, would like to know your fans: what quality of men is important to you first?

-Oh, if I start listing, it turns out that such a man, no! (laughs). First, that was a clever, humorous, talented, no matter in what area, sincere, caring, it should connect all the qualities! (laughs).

-Do you think such a man exist?

"Well, I hope that is!

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TSVETAYEVA Anastasia, photo, biography
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