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Tsarikati Felix V.

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Tsarikati Felix V.
photo Tsarikati Felix V.
Felix V. Tsarikati (13.09.1964 years [Nalchik])

Decoration of our pop Felix Tsarikati, Honored Artist of Ossetia, a stranger to the star disease. It is romantic, kind and sympathetic person. His incendiary songs, and stirring ballads has won the hearts of listeners. And not only young. On the professional scene, he is already 10 years. Perhaps he was born with the soul of an artist.

- How many can remember, always wanted to be an artist. Even when not yet able to say this - recalls Felix. - When he was in third grade, my father gave me a guitar. With her, it all started. Then - GITIS. By profession I am an actor musical theater.

- Doing it difficult?

- Oh, terrible contest was 120 people in place. Agitated so that still remember. Took me right away, even Lenin scholarship received, 60 rubles. At the time - a lot of money. Learning was very interesting.

- Not that school?

- Frankly, school subjects I was not fascinated. Studied, it is true, good, but it was a terrible bully. Always happens to me some stories, I did not fit into the narrow framework of behavior.

- Shooting, concerts, popularity ... No tedious?

- I have all this in such numbers that tire. Is that on the tour, they try to hide somewhere. Popular features do not value. Scary else: when you all know, but there is no work. If you do not demand, as an artist - that is scary. And fame ... On it Mark Twain said it well: "How would you not been known, there is always someone who did not know you". I am 12 years old go on stage, saw a lot of artists. Some people applauded more than me, someone was the idol of millions of. In place of one of their idols came to others. And I went on stage and sang after them. And I continue to go. It is recognized, I have my own audience, my songs are loved. What do you want to be happy! I know that people want, what he likes. If the money is also paid - twice as nice. I probably have everything a man can dream, home, family, friends. With me working fine, talented poets: Leonid Derbenev, Larissa Rubalsky ... It is very interesting to work with young poets. I love to sing a duet. I have, incidentally, many of these songs. Recently, he sang with Anita Tsoi, it turns out very nicely.

- A computer processing of voice does not appeal to you?

- I've got one song, in which there is computer processing. But anyway, I - the other kidney, if I may say so. Need to process not feel. Actually I love the diversity. This is evidenced by even the name of my album: "Oh, those legs!" and "Nothing is forgotten," "bad egg", "Do not let me go, Mama!" and "Old Forgotten valsok". The latest album is called: "Tell me:" Yes, yes, yes! ". Love and fiery rhythms and elegiac ballads. All love!

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  • Marina for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • I saw for the first time somewhere else in 1991-1992, I was 14-15 years old fell in love and still love, beautiful and sexy I want to own such a husband, but alas, such a second on the ground there, Felix п¦п¦п¦я¦п+я-п¦ man! Love, kisses, love!
  • Natalia for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • Felix You are SUPER! And what a voice - stunned !
  • Valery for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • He met with Felix, when he was on tour in the city of Krasnodar Gulkevichi. Five days carried on his mikroovtobuse and his ensemble "whims" of the cities of Krasnodar region. Felix Good, do not cares
  • Valery for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • stellar human disease. Very easy to respect. I wish him the New 2009 happiness, success and happiness and new successes.
  • Alexander for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • Hello! I would like to know where to Vladikavkaz and Rostov on Don to buy your CD with all the albums and songs?
  • Anonymous for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • Albina for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • Hello, You have a very beautiful golos.Schastya you and udachi.Da tsaranbon Lieber UAT.
  • Irina for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • Felix, you are better than on our stage ! You have a very beautiful voice! take care of it! I wish you happiness and good luck!
  • Alina for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • And I'm 20 years old, and I saw Felix Viktorovich not so long ago, but here are songs I love, I had a lot of mini-collections :-)) I wish you luck and success, and only the best wishes! Raduyte we continue !
  • Natalia for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • You are the best ...........
  • Raisa for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • Felix Vmktorovich, I am delighted with your talent and male Oboyan ..... Yours .....
  • Ludmila for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • Heard and then saw and realized that the best singer for me personally does not exist. In grief and joy of listening to his songs. Only the health and happiness to him.
  • mustafa for Tsarikati Felix V.
  • salam ansuvar kudda valzag зikolama na arsavzana.fembalan..
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    Tsarikati Felix V., photo, biography
    Tsarikati Felix V., photo, biography Tsarikati Felix V.  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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