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HAMPTON Layonell

( Jazzman)

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Biography HAMPTON Layonell
Lionel Hampton (12.04.1908 year - the year 31.08.2002)

During his career, as measured by six decades, Hampton played with almost all the geniuses of jazz: from Benny Goodman to Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker to Quincy Jones to. "With the death of Hampton, we will lose some of the early era of jazz", - said Phil iddanu, music historian. Famous Quincy Jones, many times won a competitive Grammy, a producer and composer, said that Hampton was his mentor for over fifty years. Jones was 15 when he started playing trumpet with Hampton. "He taught me, besides the art itself, as it should slow in coming, how to laugh and how to live. Heavens will definitely feel some special ragtime now. During a career Hampton played in the White House for all the presidents, from Truman to Clinton. When he played for Truman, it was the first black band to ever entertained the audience at the White House ... "

In 1997. Hampton received the National Medal of Arts, the award pinned on a rented suit, because all his clothes, including socks and shoes, as well as tools and many memorabilia were burned in a fire two days earlier.

. His memory is honored by President Bush, saying: "We went from a legendary man, whose life reflected the history of music."

. Hampton's music was very melodic and rhythmic, his achievements in the swing can not be overemphasized
. The public is inspired his personality, accompanied by a white-toothed smile, enormous energy and a strong blow, it is inherent in his style. When playing the piano, he drummed, sang and played using two fingers as if they were hammers vibraphone.

. His most famous work - "Flying Home" - was written in 1937, and he played this hit about 300 times a year over the next 50 years
. Although Hampton did not have a birth certificate, he considered the day of his birth on April 20. It was believed that he was born in Louisville and was brought up by his grandmother. In elementary school, Lionel learned to play drums in a local nun, and after graduating from high school musical career began with the orchestra Forest Heath. In the early 30's to him at a jazz session, approached Louis Armstrong and, pointing to the vibes in the corner, said: "You know how to play this?". He did not know. But after 45 minutes already swing behind Armstrong, spolnyayuschego "Remembering You". Hampton also did not know that then gets the title "King of vibration.

In August 1936, Mr.. Benny Goodman heard Hampton play, and this was the beginning of the "four great years with Benny" in his groundbreaking "BG. Quartet. This group - Goodman, Hampton and pianist Teddy Wilson and drummer Gene Krupa - broke racial barriers, which are largely separated black from white musicians in public statements. Wilson and Hampton were the black half of the quartet.

Hampton first went on tour with his own orchestra in 1940. and received commissions in the range of "a million dollars a year". After the era of big jazz orchestra ceased, Hampton reduced the number of musicians to eight, and began traveling the globe as a musical ambassador of the United States, gaining world fame.

. He regularly appeared at colleges and at all major festivals of jazz, recorded a lot of albums and became a leading television
. One of the projects in Harlem, he is named in honor of his wife, Gladys, who died in 1971. after 35 years together with the Hampton Life. A couple had no children. In 1987. University of Idaho founded a unique Hampton School of Music. In addition, it is named Jazz Festival, held for the first time in February this year.

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HAMPTON Layonell, photo, biography
HAMPTON Layonell, photo, biography HAMPTON Layonell  Jazzman, photo, biography
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