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Hudoinazarov Bakhtiyor

( Director)

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Bakhtiar Hudoinazarov

. The festival culture 'Hesse - Russia' Frankfurt Institute for Film arranged regular screenings of contemporary Russian directors, . concluded that the picture 'Chic' (a joint production in Russia, . Tajikistan and Germany) Bahtiyor Hudoynazarova,

. Director was born in Dushanbe, he studied at the Moscow VGIK, shooting across the former Soviet Union, and now more than 10 years living mostly in Berlin.

. - You are not bored in Germany, where almost nothing happens, but in Russia life boils?

. - On the contrary, even very good, that nothing is happening
. Adrenaline me enough at work. All my life I shoot on the verge. When working on the film 'Kosh ba kosh', in Tajikistan was a civil war. I was with a Spanish actress caught the militants, led to the shootings.

- You like to shoot? For what?

- No way. There were cleaning. And under this kind of many killed in passing - one for communication with the Islamists, as just four, competitors, for example, its cleaned by this case. The war had already almost finished, with the help of our Russia's 201 th Division, the situation was kept under control. I even stopped with a weapon be. We then stayed on the set, came back alone, we slowed militants. Drunk, obkurennye, and be so dealt with the difficulty that what. And here are two foreign passports - slap them on the safe side. Wonder just saved: one man among them was Russian. In the end, he pulled us.

'Moon's father' shot in such a peaceful place that seemed to be safer can not be - the city Chkalovsk, a former private town with the Moscow Supply. This is the angle of the three lands - Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The fantastic beauty, there was Fellini wanted to make Antonioni, Tarkovsky had even started shooting 'Stalker', and then transferred them to the Baltic. And - from nowhere - a few hundred fighters under the leadership of Colonel of the Soviet army from the mountains down. What he wanted, what he had political intentions, we did not understand - they just came and made a three-day massacre. God knows what was going on: corpses lie, helicopters flying unmarked. 2000, incidentally, stood in the yard.

Just this night we filmed the scene with Nikolay Fomenko, and he had the morning in Moscow already be. They took walkie-talkie, dymovuhi just in case some machines support the front and side, so he and export.

- And the next movie, too, in 'hot spots' to shoot you?

- I hope not. Although the topic sufficiently adventurous. The film will be about smugglers who deal with exotic animals. For example, in Tajikistan there is a field - literally a hundred to a hundred meters - where dwells endemic species of butterflies, only there and nowhere else, even in the neighboring area and are not. The female is 5 thousand, male - three. It turns out that Germany - the center of this business, the intersection of collectors and sellers. At Frankfurt Airport detained a man who was carrying a suitcase of rare beetles and a half million euros. I was told about the customs lady, bra, which was packed with eggs, black cockatoo - by 10 thousand each.

- By the way, Bakhtiar, who you nationality?

- You know, I do not like to talk about ethnicity. For example, I banned a film called 'Luna Papa' Tajik. I myself Tajik only father. Here, in Germany, a lot of different people from the former Soviet Union - on the street should be careful in terms simply someone there might not only understand but also to answer, but all known Russian. For example, near my house a Russian video store, just like a child - 'Fishes' is. You should have seen his master - he of the Chinese, Dungan, was in Kyrgyzstan is a national minority, as they say. That is not even the Kirghiz, and all Chinese, but because of the Union - hence Russian.

Giving the names of countries under the name of the peoples living there, when everything is mixed up, so to revive the spirit of local nationalism. As in the Caucasus or the Balkans. Previously, I was called by the Soviet director, what is right, because I lived 27 years in this country with all its advantages and disadvantages. I am not ashamed.

- Just do not say that you feel nostalgic for the Soviet past.

- Yes, I now wish to return to the USSR, understanding the unreality of such a venture. Of course, this is a longing not only for the country, but also because of his youth, friends: I came out of the country, which no longer. Only in his movies can I somehow re-create. I can not come to terms with new social structures, with a mafia-like system. I do not see where this independence. Work is better for me in Germany. All that I am writing - scripts, applications, materials for the film - only here. Because there is a feeling that was in my childhood. Stability and predictability. The atmosphere of a calm, as in the USSR. After all, what was the state? Somewhere at the top of a large system, which existed as if to herself, and separately - 'citizens'. Sometimes the system has made any repressive measures. But otherwise it was a peaceful life.

There's internationalism, which was in the Soviet Union, and is not in Russia now. Trust people to each other there, but we lost it at home. Then, the social-democratic values in Germany are not empty words. There really respect - in Russian as something to say uncomfortable, so is the notion of devalued - the working man. If there ezdilo so many cars with flashing lights, like in Moscow, it would have immediately led to a protest - why should they have to stand on his way to work and wait for some oligarhik will pass. Even understanding that the Head of State: And then, once in Berlin in the evening come out of the theater, but rather Schroeder sits at a cafe, a pizza eating. And the movement is not blocked, block not surrounded by special forces.

- How did you get in Germany?

- Lucky. My films have had success here, I was offered work as well in Russia, it was in 1991, and the political situation and the economy, and art - everything was in a mysterious condition. Half of my friends became bandits, other impoverished, others slowly going mad. After scrapping the system - it's not even just cause for depression, is a complete loss of guidance, the collapse of all life, we can say. So I understand, for example, resentment of people is the cry of a lost generation that no longer Soviet, but not Russian, not Ukrainian, not Tajiks. In all this, even just to think properly, to maintain sobriety of mind and a clear moral criteria was difficult. They gave me a visa 'free artist', perpetual, and Berlin became the base for me, where I sat and worked - it was at the table, emotionally prepared, and my thoughts going, and the former Union was going to shoot.

. I still do not focus in the 'selfish' reality, which occurred at home - all these lads, fighting, assaults, assassinations
. Moscow has become a terribly middle-class city. I never thought that in our post-Soviet Russian culture or wealth will adore. In Russia today, it has become a cult. In Moscow and the people and heroes of the movies or commercials dressed pretentious, expensive and - I swear - the same: the same expensive handbags, shoes the same sharp-nosed, rat-like I call them, shoes, killers. In Moscow and in the same apartment, and this is called the renovation. I think a great achievement of Europe, which is inconvenient to be rich, at least, not taken this show. Understand what a shame to spend money on luxuries, but more so that everyone could see. And how can even go to Moscow, not to mention Russia, on the 'BRABUS', when there so many poor old people?

. - Director Stanislav Govorukhin reproaches you that you shoot 'festival' films:

. - Frankly, I do not particularly eager to festivals
. Rent a picture for me is much more important. I chose this profession not to take works of art, which no one sees.

- So you are against the elitist movie and prefer to 'cash' to do?

- I would not oppose the so -. I just work in space, where people have a taste for more than a hamburger. Everywhere there is an American fast food - to climb in the Pamirs, and there too, 'McDonald' and Coca-Cola, first I did think that crazy. But there are, relatively speaking, foie gras. How 'pop' and classical music. So here - apart Hollywood separate independent cinema, and in addition, and the other is a spectator. We just know how to correctly position.

Some directors, you know, have yourself and your creativity the world, becomes a Messiah. 'I do feel this issue is causing me the pain' - even if what they have there 'pain' really dirty and pathological, or just boring, anyway - so I can see, and the point. This is called copyright movie. They go: give money, give money. Then withdraw, and then they have no interest, saw the film someone or not. Again, go ask for money.

I'm still important to see now. But you need that for the structure of the film was to be promoted. For example, 'The Return' by Andrei Zvyagintsev - a beautiful film, won first prize in Venice, a candidate for 'Oscar'. But it was two months ago - since you heard anything about him? You might want to watch it, but it is somewhere? They should be the opposite - you have only written the script, and you already have distributors. In reality movies - a commodity, there is little to remove it, still have to sell.

- Berlin over the years has become for you as a city?

- Not his own, but I like it very much. My grandfather was a soldier, fought in Germany. And after the war, participated in the commission, which is divided into zones of Berlin - who the winners will get which part of the city. And there he suffered a mad love affair with a German. Then upon returning to his homeland, of course, put. My grandmother told me very angry: 'Your grandfather fell in love with some lousy German woman, had there even a daughter was born'. Here I am now and I go to Berlin and try to imagine who could be this woman. Perhaps some millionaire, the inheritance left.


Bakhtiar Hudoinazarov: no movie without a prize.

'Bratan', 1990. - Grand Prix at the international festival in Mannheim (Germany).

"Kosh ba kosh ', 1993. - 'Silver Lion' Venice Film Festival.

'Luna Papa', 2000. (Cast Chulpan Khamatova, Nikolai Fomenko, a popular German actor Moritz Bleibtreu) - Russia's national prize 'Nick' for Best Director in 2000.

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Hudoinazarov Bakhtiyor, photo, biography
Hudoinazarov Bakhtiyor, photo, biography Hudoinazarov Bakhtiyor  Director, photo, biography
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