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Comments for HRISOMALLIS Yanni
Biography HRISOMALLIS Yanni
Yanni Hrisomallis (14.11.1954 years [Kalamata])

Probably each music lover know the feeling of saturation of music, which he has, and want something not just a new and amazing new discoveries of new names, new musical ideas. If you know that feeling, you should be fascinated by the music of Yanni.

Yanni truly great multiinstrumenalist. Born in Greece, he became known worldwide for its stunning melodies synthesized piano and various instruments. Each new melody Yanni unlike the previous. His style is diverse. He can ulyshat many interesting combination of popular tunes and classical music. He has written extensively for radio and television.

So who is Yanni and what lies behind this name?

Hrisomallis Yanni (Yanni Hrisomallis) was born November 14, 1954 in the city of Kalamata (Greece). Under the influence of parents dabbled in music, and considered it as an attachment to the rest. At age 14, he beat the national national record in swimming freestyle, dreams of becoming an Olympic champion and the music does not even remember. At age 18 he left for the U.S. to study at the University of Minnesota. At this time acquainted with a university rock band CHAMELEON and fond of music. After graduation (he became a bachelor of philosophy specialty) remained in the band's keyboardist and, . Being self-taught musician, . who can not read and write music, . develops its own system of rhythm and musical notation, . by which performs flawlessly and composes his music.,

. He looks for his own style, experimenting, playing rock and jazz
. He manages to arrange a good idea, sometimes making out of nothing 'sweet'. He goes deep into the synth sounds and your own imagination. Not much time it took to declare itself as a studio musician, brilliant composer and producer.

. Having achieved an impressive success for the beginner with the public after his first solo album 'Keys To Imagination', . Yanni was intercepted by Private Music, . which reissued in 1986 this album, . and since that time a musician has become one of the most prominent figures in the world of contemporary instrumental music.,

. 'Keys To Imagination' - is a continuous pressure, expansion and rhythm, something reminiscent of the classic Jean-Michel Jarre (JMJarre), but it is something else, this new music - is Yanni
. Next 1987 album 'Out Of Silence' has turned more romantic and gentle, but still the expression and impeccable arrangements.

. In 1988 Yanni allows himself a little away from the found style and makes the best remixes of tracks, composed with a group CHAMELEON
. Album is called 'Chameleon Days', where the music is similar to the Soviet music vocal and instrumental ensembles of the 80's.

The next album 'Optimyctique' (1989) also obtained raw and too different from the first two albums. Yanni experimenting, playing something like jazz and instrumental themes in psychedelic colors. In the same year, he finds his new style, new album, 'Niki Nana', the music combining the best of the early reviews, and a new, more steady, measured pace, gaining more and more new fans. Probably, . noteworthy, . that his rise to fame was accelerated by a romantic liaison in the early 90's with actress Linda Evans, . that ensures the transfer of it in popular programs, . such as 'life-style of the rich and famous', . as well as his appearance in the daytime talk show on TV channels.,

. In 1990 comes a collection of 'Reflections Of Passion' with a new look at old songs, it includes all the best ballads from the previous albums
. 'This album represents the passion of my life for the past ten years. It is an expression of love for people, as well as to some inspirational places that I will never forget '- Yanni wrote about this album. It is dedicated to Peter Baumann (Peter Bauman) - producer of the album, the musician of the legendary band TANGERINE DREAM, as well as the founder of Private Music Studio. The next album, 'In Celebration Of Life' (1991) remains unnoticed mass audience, although it is somewhat astonishing beauty works. The success of the collection 'Reflections Of Passion' dictates of his re-release in a new capacity with a slightly altered arrangements and a few new songs in 1992.

. In the same year he published another album 'Dare To Dream', which immediately enters the charts 'Billboard' and has a huge success
. The album is not just a wonderful and beautiful, each composition pretend to be a hit for many years. Tenderness and melody combined with the rhythm and emotion, and the first time in the composition of 'Aria' Yanni use vocals as another instrument to win the hearts of listeners.

. But all the albums pale as the stars before the sun, with the release of their next album 'In My Time'
. It Yanni waived electronic sound and played all the piano with strings, giving it his whole soul and all its experiences. One of the tracks the album was awarded the most prestigious award in the music world - a Grammy for best instrumental composition, the. Album was awarded a three-year stay in the general charts 'Billboard' a par with pop and rock artists and was named album of the year under New Age. This is not music at all - is contemplation, sweet and slightly sad life and delight in all that surrounds you. The first impression when listening to 'In My Time', - a feeling of something unearthly, you think that once, and somewhere you have already heard. Iterate through all the classics from 'To Elise "by Beethoven to Chopin nocturnes and understand, . it is the music, . which can be heard in the air, . in an atmosphere of happiness and deep emotions, . and Jani managed to transfer music to those vibrations of love and harmony, . are close to us.,

. In November 1993, Yanni gives a concert in his homeland, in the walls of the ancient Acropolis in Athens, together with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
. For him, it is specifically rewrites many songs and enveloped them in symphonic form. Only video concert divergent circulation of 5 million copies and bypasses all major TV channels world. The general circulation of all the albums currently exceeds 12 million. Probably pointless to describe this show, which lasted half an hour - everything was just fantastic and amazing, and even if the music Yanni is not very fascinated you, I'm sure - this concert will not leave you indifferent. What is worth at least a picture, . when, . yielding expression, . orchestra conductor's baton casts, . enough and gives solo violin in the style of Vanessa Mae (Vanessa Mai): It had everything: cold classics, . hot jazz, . electronic pressure and New eydzhevaya contemplation.,

. Now an American citizen, Yanni said: 'Since I left Greece, more than 20 years ago, I wanted to go back and speak to the Acropolis
. This concert was one of the most exciting moments in my life, it was the first time I 'live' played in Greece '. Yanni gives concerts at prestigious venues around the world, such as' The Royal Albert Hall in central London and the 'Auditorio Nationale' in Mexico City, he toured almost every European capital, and everywhere it will succeed. In Mexico, Yanni was the first musician who managed to gather an audience 50 thousand people. He released several compilations and create two soundtracks to obscure movies with us: 'I Love You Perfect', . where is my old songs and skillfully handles Mozart, . second, . 'The Heart of Midnight', . it develops in a meditative style of one theme,
. In the original television, commercial and kinofonogramm, music Yanni is widely used in programs such as 'World of Sport', in reports from the Olympics. One of the most interesting projects was the composer's collaboration with Vangelis (Vangelis) to the fantastic film by Ridley Scott (Ridley Scott) 'Blade Runner' ( 'Blade Runner') with Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford).

. In 97-98 years Yanni commits tour around the world and produces a brand new live album 'Tribute', . has been played and recorded in the walls of the Taj Mahal, . India, . in the Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City in China, . where access to foreigners for a long time was banned,
. Journey to the East is clearly reflected in his compositions - to the Greek melodies added to the Indian, . Arab and Japanese motifs, . and in Papua New Guinea, . where Yanni gave a concert, . was joined by local musician, . who added passages in the bright African cloth musical symphonies,
. But in general, the same blast, a little jazz in the spirit of pop instrumental music with piano ballads to symphonic performance.

. Pompous synth style Yanni is not only available, but also causes excitement - these are the two elements that brought him success and brought him into the realm of instrumental music
. The composer always there is something new in music. What we bring to the next project? One possible answer in his words: 'My goal - it is connect with people emotionally. I am taking the life experience and embody it in his music, my goal is to share their emotions with the listener, but I also want to allow the listener to take the music itself and make her his. And the only way that people were completely dependent on it and to enjoy - this is when it means something in their life. "

Unfortunately recent albums Yanni are essentially collections. In every new album there are three - four new tracks, and the remaining tracks appended old things. Despite this, he is one of the most popular representatives of instrumental music in the world, and his albums consistently included in the top twenty European charts.

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HRISOMALLIS Yanni, photo, biography
HRISOMALLIS Yanni, photo, biography HRISOMALLIS Yanni  Musician, photo, biography
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