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Hilda (11.10.1961 year - the year 07.09.1996)

. Hilda, her life was so hard and so happy transiently, in a moment cut short her life and her family in Argentina is a tragedy did not leave anyone indifferent to either, and lyrics by Hilda continued to live their lives.

. October 11, 1961 in the Villa Devoto (Villa Devoto) of Buenos Aires was born Miriam Alejandra Bianchi (Myriam Alejandra Bianchi), . her parents Omar and Izabal Ssioli de Bianchi (Omar, . Isabel Scioli de Bianchi) (Isabel's family affectionately called Tita (Tita)) wanted to baptise a little girl named Hilda (Hilda, . Gilda) in honor of the movie character played by Rita Hayvorf (Rita Hayworth),
. And although it is not allowed to make laws in those days, everything is always her name was Hilda.

As a child, Hilda was a dreamy, cheerful child, she danced, sang, tried on a different role. In 4 years she learned to read and write, my parents sent her to kindergarten. At 9 years, Hilda moved to a new area of Lugano Villa (Villa Lugano), which is located next to the work of the father. Here she lived until you finish school and not return to Devoto.

She is preparing to become a teacher in a kindergarten and a teacher of physical education. But in 1977 after the death of her father, she leaves school. What would help the family of Hilda goes to work in kindergarten his mother, but because of differences of views on education to stop working.

In 24 Hilda married Kagnin Raul (Raul Cagnin), the young impresario. A few years later they parted, the Hilda left two children and Fabrice Mariel (Mariel, Fabrizio). At this time it is facing a spiritual crisis, the collapse of all hope. The need to maintain a family, a misunderstanding of the conservative mother, all that separates her from the dream of becoming a singer.

. In 28 years at a music competition she met with the LTTE (Toti Gimenez), composer and keyboardist Riki Maravilla
. Toti became not only a partner to work, but also captured the heart Hilda.

In 1991, Toti is leaving the group and together with the Guild to become a member of the group "La Barra". This team is falling apart after a few speeches. After a while the group is born "Crema Amerticana". Group which performed cover versions of hits on different feasts. This allowed Hilda develop their talents and work on his album. In 1992, the record company Magente regardless of age (not matching market conditions) Hilda agreed to publish her first album.

All dreams Hilda embodied in her first studio album "De Corazon a Corazon". The second album was released Clan Music "La unica", with the publishing company began to deteriorate. Hilde's popularity has grown significantly, and with the release of the album "Pasito a Pasito" she was really popular with his hit single "No me arrepiento de este amor". It was 1995 and published by a desire to change has resulted in the negotiations, the various difficulties and even threats. Hilda needed to support the family and despite the lack of understanding on their part, the mother Isabel (Titus) accompanies her during the concerts.

After a long search they finally found a company that is ready Hilde adopted this what it is. Under the tutelage of President Leader Music Cookies Pumar (Kuky Pumar) published album "Corazon Valiente". This album became the most successful and advanced Hilde at the forefront of the movement, music tropical. A lot of concerts all over the country, a tour of Latin American countries (Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay), the boundless love of the fans, as well as the album which went gold and platinum, double platinum. All this and the recognition of talent, Hilda, to fulfill her dream into reality.

September 7, 1996 on the way to the city Siyudad de Concordia (Ciudad de Concordia), at kilometer 129, the route N12, in a micro bus crashed into a truck Hilda. In this accident killed Hilda, her daughter, Mariel, her mother of Titus, the three musicians from the group. Miraculously, no dead son Hilda Fabrice Toti Jimenez. This tragedy aroused the sympathy and resonance in the world of dance music. Crowds of fans attended the funeral. Relatives and friends of the singer who did not know about her popularity was disheartening.

. On your life path Hilda left a bouquet of songs, which she performed with sincere devotion, which is now its followers admire her creativity and worship in front of her calling her "the angel of the Movement of Tropical"

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  • Marat for HILDA
  • This is truly a great singer who left behind not only songs but also a long memory in the hearts of many, not only Argentines, but also Hispanics.
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    HILDA, photo, biography
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