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Biography Ruthie HENSHOL
photo Ruthie HENSHOL
Ruthie Henshol (07.03.1967 years [Bromley])

Ruthie Henshol inherited the title "first lady of British musical theater" from the great Elaine Paige. Business Card's West End, the favorite of theater critics and winner of the most prestigious theatrical awards UK - Laurence Olivier Award, for the past fifteen years, she never leaves the boards of British theater.

. Ruthie Henshol (full name - Valentine Ruth Henshol) was born March 7, 1967, in Bromley (Bromley), Kent, the son of a journalist and teacher of English, where, except for her youngest, grew up three more daughters
. As a child, Ruth dreamed of becoming not an actress, a ballerina - but as a ballet dancer she was not allowed physical data. Later, her dream was partially fulfilled - it is worth recalling at least its famous choreographed musical "Cats", where the actress has trumped almost all the female roles. From the frustrations of childhood can also mention the failure of future stars while listening to the role of Annie in the eponymous musical - and it was not lack of talent: just thirteen Ruthie was on half-inch above, . What was supposed to be a performer of this role,
. But Ruth was not going to give up - at sixteen, she enrolled in the school of Performing Arts Lane (Laine Theatre Arts) in Epsom and three years studied vocals, dance and acting skills. While still a student, she successfully auditioned and won the role of Maggie in a concert version of the famous musical "A Chorus Line" ( "A Chorus Line"). Almost immediately thereafter, Ruth became a member of not less than the famous musical "Cats" - in it she played the role of Jemima, Demeter, lady Griddlboun and, ultimately, the most Grizabelly.

. In the twenty-one year, Ruth went to another show Cameron Mackintosh - originally she had inherited the role of a girl from the bar, and then the role of his wife, Chris, Ellen, in Bublilya-Schonberg musical "Miss Saigon"
. Then followed the statement "Children of Paradise" ( "Children of Eden"), where Ruth played Afru. Later musicals have changed things more serious - all the following summer, Ruth played in the prestigious Chichester Festival Theater (Chichester Festival Theatre) Shakespeare and Moliere. But here was not without a musical - it was a "Valentine's Day" ( "Valentine's Day") - staging, based on the play by George Bernard Shaw "We'll wait - see" ( 'You Never Can Tell').

. The next step in his career was the role of Ruthie Fantini in the play "Les Miserables" ( "Les Miserables"), another French musical duo Bublil-Schonberg
. In this role, it can be seen on the recording of the tenth anniversary of the performance, as well as video of the anniversary celebration of creative work by Sir Cameron Mackintosh "Hey, Mr. Producer! ". In 1993, Ruth became widely known in the theater world and has received his first nomination for the Olivier Award - for her role as Polly in a colorful production of Gershwin "Without the mind of thee" ( "Crazy For You").

. The devout award went to Ruth a year later, in a nomination for best actress in a musical, for the role of Amalia Belash in the play "She loves me" ( "She Loves Me")
. Juicy details - staged in the Theater of Prince Edward, . namely in this period, the press excitedly gossiped about the close relationship Ruthie and her "very good friend" of Prince Edward (the headings "chorus girl and the prince!" often appeared in the tabloids that period),
. With Edward Ruthie met, . when he worked as an assistant in the company of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Really Useful Group" (according to the recollections of colleagues, . duties of a member of the royal family consisted mainly of the purchase of sandwiches and the like),
. However, the rumors were not confirmed, and, moreover, soon Henshol Ruthie and her partner on the show, John Gordon Sinclair (also received the Olivier Award for her role in this show), announced their engagement.

. Then Ruthie briefly left the West End - within three months, she played Polly in the Canadian production of "No crazy about you" (this time her partner was Mickey Rooney)
. This was followed by a return to London and the role of Nancy in a very successful remake of the famous musical "Oliver!" ( "Oliver!") Lionel Bart, staged by Sam Mendes.

. All the next season for the actress was in the Chichester Festival Theater, , . dear "(" Divorce Me Darling "), . and after that in London, . in the Adelphi Theater, . opened musical "Chicago", . where Ruthie has played Roxie Hart - for which he received his third nomination for Olivier award from the Society and theater (Theatre Goers Award) as the most popular musical actress for the past twenty years.,

. In 1998, it is time to conquer Broadway
. Barely three weeks after her arrival in New York Ruthie Henshol already offered a lead role in "Ziegfeld Follies of 1936", . but then again, she played in "Chicago" - but this time it was Velma Kelly, . and later - in the musical "Miss Saigon" and Stephen Sondheim revue "Putting It Together".,

. After spending three years in the United States in 2001, Ruth returned home to play a role in the musical Peggy Sue "Peggy Sue Got Married" ( "Peggy Sue Got Married") - and once again she was nominated for Olivier award, for the fourth time .

. In 1994, the actress released her first album, devoted to the works by Gershwin, in 1996 - the second, received the traditional name for these records "The Ruthie Henshall Album"
. In the same year, Ruth went on his own two-month musical tour of England. Ruth's latest album entitled "Pilgrim" was released in November 2001.

In late 2001, Ruthie within six weeks, appeared on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater (Arts Theatre) in the famous play "The Vagina Monologues" ( "The Vagina Monologues"). After that, it for some time, returned to America to take part in a series of charity concerts in support of victims of the September 11 tragedy.

February 16, 2003 by Ruthie Henshol daughter, Lily. Her father, the husband of Ruth - also an actor, Tim Howard, and they met in 2001 at the play "Peggy Sue Got Married". After just five months after the birth of his daughter actress once again shone on the stage of the Adelphi Theater in West End, in the role of Velma Kelly. Show goes on!

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Ruthie HENSHOL, photo, biography
Ruthie HENSHOL, photo, biography Ruthie HENSHOL  Actress Musical Theater, photo, biography
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