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Denis Kharitonov

( Actor)

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Biography Denis Kharitonov
photo Denis Kharitonov
Denis Kharitonov

Actor, he was quite by chance: just opened a handbook for those entering to find out where the exams begin earlier. It turned out - in the theater Universities. None of that expectation, he went to pass examinations in MAT - and did! And this after years of studying physics and mathematics in teacher, where he went on the advice of my mother-teacher, and the year issued by the Faculty of Law.

- Denis, your third attempt to get higher education has ended successfully?

- Yes, last year I finally received a diploma and now those in the theater Roman Viktyuk. This is an interesting team to me is much like. But so far has spent all his time on the set of 'Healing Love'.

- Before entering the theater your artistic inclinations somehow manifested?

- As a child I studied music, ballroom dancing. After school some time worked as a model. However, even now, sometimes it was moonlighting.

. - If you could choose a role in the series, whoever is playing - Lyesha or his brother scheming Kostya?

. - Kostya! I prefer anti-heroes.

. - You could forgive the brother who betrayed you?

. - Of course, just like in any situation
. There Fortunately, I was lucky with my brother more than Loesche. Mitya my senior year, but we learned in one class (I went to school earlier), sitting at a desk. He gave me a debit dictations, I told him - control. We are now very good friends. Even agreed that their sons will be called the names of each other. In the series there are two scenes where Lesch and Kostya fight, hurl at each other with fists. We Mitya was something like a child, and then we both wept with remorse.

- What is your wife?

- Natella has no relation to Film. She graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University, and then the Faculty of Public Affairs. Works in the Ministry of Communications Ministry.

- It is not jealous of the pretty mates?

- No. However, I do not like it when she watches the footage - it confuses me. When we were filming on location in Ilyichevsk, Natella came to me and suggested a few things very right. For example, when we took a walk with Masha - I'm in a wheelchair - his wife said that people in such a situation behaves differently than trying to play me.

- In Lyesha love both main characters series - and Masha and Katya. And who would you chose in his place?

. - As an honest man, I would marry Kate!

. - It is hard almost the entire episode, to lie in bed and sit in a wheelchair?

. - At the institute I twice blew back - I had tears of muscles and move his legs was difficult
. So I went up with difficulty. During the shooting the series this experience very helpful.

. - Maresyev not imagine myself on the set?

. - Rather, I remember a film I can not say goodbye to Sergei Varchuk, where he was disabled, began making toys for children not to go mad from despair.

. - Do you believe in the history of this miraculous healing that's what happened to your hero?

. - The supernatural in our lives is really present
. Sometimes ill, but to run, operate as usual, and the disease recedes!

- Sports doing?

- There is no - I have a lot of smoke, but these things are incompatible. Previously involved in swimming, volleyball, modern pentathlon, melee fighting.

. - On the set you like, and this is useful!

. - Especially when he had to be removed in the cold water! In the sea was 12 degrees, and when filming the scene stretched for half an hour, I stopped to think
. I felt only numbness. Then he had warmed the old people's way. Once I was so well overheated that I had to turn off the shot.

- Tricks had to perform most, or all done stunt?

- With the ship fell down himself! And with scaffolding - stunt: I was given to fly only the last five meters. Actually I love all sorts of extreme things and consider myself besbashennym: ready for all sorts of heroic deeds!

- They say you love crept up on the healing of a clockwork, merry company:

- Cheerful, companionable, friendly - it's true. I will never forget how to me all pinned on the bonnet - a bandaged head. Even Sharikov teased!

. Dossier

. * Denis Kharitonov 23.
. * Works in the theater Roman Viktyuk.
. * He is married and has sons: Mitya (4 years), Stepan (2).
. * Favorite movie - Among Strangers, a stranger among his own.
. * Writes poems from 12 years
. For myself.

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Denis Kharitonov, photo, biography
Denis Kharitonov, photo, biography Denis Kharitonov  Actor, photo, biography
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