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( Founder 'of the Church of Scientology')

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Biography HUBBARD, Ron
photo HUBBARD, Ron
Ron Hubbard (13.03.1911 year - the year 24.01.1986)

Hubbard was born in the family of a naval officer in 1911. By the age of eighteen, Lafayette has a lot of travel around the world with parents visiting Japan, China, India and the Philippines, a future science-fiction writer and messiah carefully recorded the travel notes in his diary, developing thereby the ability to write a lot. He was editor of the school newspaper. On entering the George Washington University, he continued to actively write. In addition to feature articles, . on aviation, . Sports, . politics, . in the early thirties from his pen pitiful face tens of thousands of pages of adventure stories, . Westerns, . detective thrillers, . fiction, and even one-act play "God smiles",
. Higher Education Ron Hubbard, however, never received - was fired during his sophomore year for academic failure. However, other sources report that he still graduated from the University of Washington, and even defended his thesis in some provincial institution.

All biography Hubbard awash such inaccuracies. Inaccuracies which, in turn, can give the image of the "great and terrible" more fabulosity. Indeed, . hard to believe, . that for twenty-five years the young writer had time to visit: Sgt Marines, . singer on the radio, . prospector in India, . Head kinoekspeditsii (although, . On the other hand, . Arkady Gaidar also commanded a regiment in fifteen years?),
. No wonder the nickname he got from Mad-glider pilots, said that for the masterly execution of aerobatic maneuvers, he became a cult figure among fans of this sport.

. In the official biographies say that literary studies were only a financial basis for scientific research, conducted by the future "Doctor" Hubbard
. But, apparently, it really fascinated by science fiction. The same period applies to the first mention of unpublished philosophical treatise, left him only the name - "Eskalibur". Perhaps it is "Eskalibur" - the first brick, the remainder of the history of white spot, in the creation of Dianetics and Scientology, but - more on that later.

. During the Second World to the rank of second lieutenant Ron Hubbard commanded the antisubmarine patrol boats
. He was demobilized in 1945 due to injuries, which resulted in partially blind. It was then, and began to truly history "Comrade Hubbard, a great scientist". I saw and experienced during the war convinced of the need for a successful science fiction if not the salvation of mankind, then, at least, the derived formula is the solution of some of its problems.

Already in 1948, was written work "Dianetics: The main points". And in 1950 came the fundamental work "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" (note immediately: Dianetics science considers only its followers, serious science rejects it). "Rethink the 'Freud and Jung, Hubbard argued that the human mind consists of two main elements: the analytical and reactive. Analytical element - an element of a healthy mind, a jet - it is something bad that interferes with normal life. As a result, in the human psyche accumulates so-called engrams. Treatment of the same should happen with the E-meter - instrument like "lie detector". Person asking questions and record his muscle and other reactions. The cleaning process is going through "auditing" - a collective ritual, psychoanalytic and other intricacies.

Lafayette Ron, I should say, unbelievably serviceability. For three years (1951-1954) wrote over 20 books and read more than 1100 lectures. However, the popularity of the new "science" grew slowly and brought the money is not as much as wanted. It was then that Ron Hubbard and invented the universal formula: "you want to earn a lot of money - create a new religion" (sounds like a quote from a fantastic book by Robert Sheckley, Henry Kuttner ... or Ron Hubbard!). By transforming the religious teachings of Dianetics, adding esoteric (for example, the concept of reincarnation), already in 1954, Hubbard created what was later called the Independent Church of Scientology. The first branch opened in Los Angeles and Auckland (New Zealand), a year later - in Washington and New York. From this moment begins distributing the teachings of Hubbard around the world.

Hubbard continued to write books, give lectures - not only works on Dianetics and Scientology, but "research" in various fields (particularly biology). Meanwhile, his church has turned into a powerful commercial entity (procedures, . that Scientologists "help" in an uncertain world around him and the parishioners, . regardless of success or failure, . are expensive, and many of the followers of Hubbard eventually lose all, . that they have),
. And in the United States since instituted, . there, . where there is a large amount of money, . a legitimate question arises - how all this legal? As a result - prosecutions based on unpaid taxes is not only at home, . but also in other countries,
. In 1983, imprisoned in the United States on charges of trafficking in classified documents were leaders of the church, only 11 people, including Hubbard's wife, and the founder finally gone into hiding.

Not that underground, rather - in nadmore. The structure of his church, Hubbard laid principles of management the Navy, because it was the sea and everything connected with it, was his true passion. Last ten years he spent on his own boat plying the high seas. In the eighties it was a criminal case of fraudulent appropriation of 200 million dollars, but the build according to the military lines, the management structure the church and other organizations Hubbard securely guarded rest of its creator. It seems that he did not feel uncomfortable. Entertainment for Hubbard returned to his favorite genre of science fiction and wrote a series of novels recounting the suppression of extraterrestrial aliens.

In 1986, Ron Hubbard died. May his soul rest was scattered over the Pacific Ocean. Can we consider it a religious fanatic? Hardly, rather it is a cynical adventurer with literary talent and, of course, what Americans call "self-made man" - man himself who made. You can admire them, you resent, you can hate him, but one thing is clear: the man, who built their wealth on speculation the weaknesses of others and stretching cynical of them all their wealth, will not enter the kingdom of heaven. However, it seems that Ron Hubbard there and did not try.

Mir caught him, but not caught. But his followers continued to catch men.

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  • ROMAN for HUBBARD, Ron
  • man who did not fully understand and checked the object, which writes the article, looks like a stupid child and a liar. write the truth and be happy!
  • Anonymous for HUBBARD, Ron
  • Some people really need deskriditirovat Hubbard, because they themselves do not feel comfortable among the strongest people. Written only reflections of the author
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    HUBBARD, Ron, photo, biography
    HUBBARD, Ron, photo, biography HUBBARD, Ron  Founder 'of the Church of Scientology', photo, biography
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