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Biography PELATE Bruno
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Bruno Pelletier (07.08.1962 years [Sharlburg])

. Bruno Pelletier, the Golden voice of Quebec, was born in the small town of the Canadian province Sharlburge August 7, 1962.

. Family Bruno was not particularly musical, but his father was fond of music of Elvis Presley and he played guitar, but at home they have arranged the little household performances in which Bruno and his sister Dominique was pleased to participate
. When Bruno was seven years old, his father noticed that the boy loves music, and gave him a guitar. Must be later than once he has repented in this short-sighted act, because he wanted his son chose a "real" profession, and the music was engaged only in the form of entertainment. However, the music is so seized Bruno, that the way back was no.

In his youth, Bruno paid tribute to the universal passion for rock. Today, he remembers his speech late 80's with groups "Amanite" and "Sneak Preview" is not without embarrassment. Songs "Amanite" and "Sneak Preview" sung in English, it was hard rock with all its necessary attributes - shrieks, disheveled hair and fancy costumes. In structure created in 1989 the group "Pell", successfully competed in bars in Montreal, Bruno has already sung in the native, French and some in another style.

. The first album by the singer, released in 1992, was called without undue claims "Bruno Pelletier", besides some of the songs of this album were written by himself
. At the same time, Bruno said, and praised the Canadian librettist Luc Plamondon, . lyricist for the musical "Starmania" ( "Starmania", . composer - Michel Berger), as they say, . This meeting was largely a "turning point" in the career of Bruno Pelletier, . as was, . the singer, . composer and songwriter for the same has all the data for, . to become an actor, musical theater - and an excellent actor,
. Plamondon offered him a major role in Quebec staged a rock opera "Legend of Jimmy" (the author of music and in this case was Michel Berger), which served as the subject of a biography of James Dean. The role of "teenager", to which life events unfold Jimmy Bruno played fifty times. The play stayed on the scene a short time, and then happily went into the history, leaving, however, the repertoire Bruno successful song, "To die, as he" ( "Mourir comme lui"). To be fair to say, . that role in the rock opera "Legend of Jimmy" was not his first role: as early as 1991, Bruno was involved in the play "top view" ( "Vu d'en haut"), . shown in the Balloon Festival in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.,

. Foundation was laid
. In 1993, Bruno Pelletier at the suggestion of the same Luc Plamondon joined the company of the musical "Starmania" role as a singer Johnny Roquefort, the leader of a gang of terrorists "Black Star". Within two years of his participation in this production he played the role of Johnny more than five hundred times. In 1994, the version of the play with his participation was called "performance of the year". In 1995 his second album "Defaire l'amour". Two songs of this album - "Ailleur c'est comme ici" and "En manque de toi" have become hits, and Bruno Pelletier spoke in the music world. In 1997, with the release of their third album Bruno Pelletier "Miserere", which became double platinum in Canada, and the series "Omerta-II" (which played the role of Bruno Michel Berzhevena), his name has become even more famous. The song "Aime" album "Miserere" for ten weeks, rested on the first line rating Le Palmares.

But the real success was yet to come. In 1998, Luc Plamondon (even without listening) suggested the role of the poet Bruno Gringoire in the new musical "Notre Dame de Paris", written jointly with the Italian composer Richard Cocciante. First, the singer intended to abandon this role, which seemed interesting enough, but then accepted the offer. Dreamy playwright failure, accidental husband, the heroine of the novel in. Hugo in the performance of Bruno Pelletier became, in the words of the singer, somewhere between W. Baudelaire and Jim Morrison. This seemingly marginal role in linking together the entire show; Grenguar is not only one of the actors, but also the entire history of the narrator, and commentator on events taking place on stage.

. Premiere of the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" was held in Cannes in 1998
. Viewers were offered concept-song eponymous album in concert. Then the musical was first performed in Paris, the premiere took place on 16 September this year. Its success was overwhelming. Even before the premiere album, "Notre Dame de Paris" has sold more than a million copies. In 1998, the French disc "Notre Dame de Paris" was a diamond, and in Canada - four times platinum. During 1999-2000, the disc remained in first place in sales among the discs recorded in French. Due to the role Gringoire Bruno Pelletier and became "the most famous artist in the world of Quebec" (prize "Felix" 1999). During 1998-1999, the singer played the role Gringoire more than three hundred times. In addition, in 1999 he took part in the English-language production of the musical in London, together with their friends, colleagues and countrymen Daniel Lavoie (Frollo), and Garou (Quasimodo).

. Two recent album, Bruno Pelletier - "D'autres rives" (2000) and "Sur scene" (2001) were highly appreciated by both critics and audiences alike, and the first of them was in Canada, "Felix" as album of the year in style pop rock
. During his career, Bruno Pelletier, was awarded the "Felix" fifteen times in different nominations, including three years as a performer (in 1997, 1999 and 2000).

. In 2001, Mr. Bruno Pelletier participated in fundraising for the Canadian charity "Dreams of children", . recorded together with his friend Sylvain Kossettom (Officer in the London staging role Gringoire in turn with itself Bruno) song "A travers toi".,

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PELATE Bruno, photo, biography
PELATE Bruno, photo, biography PELATE Bruno  Rock singer, photo, biography
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