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Biography PATRICK Robert
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Robert Patrick (05.11.1958 years)

On the actor Robert Patrick for a long time nobody knew nothing, although he tirelessly filmed, for example, in scenes directed by Roger Corman. Luck smiled at him in 1991, when he played a cyborg-killer "T-1000" in the famous movie of Jim Cameron's "Terminator-2. Doomsday ". Through this role, he became known to the public.

However, it should be noted that much success this role he was brought. He never became a star of global magnitude, while passing from one fighter to another: "Hong Kong - 1997", "Fallen" (1994), "From Dusk Till Dawn 3". In large projects, such as "Striptease" with Demi Moore, "Country of police" with Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro, he was, as usual, get small roles. But the 42-year-old actor is full of energy and continues to be removed. In addition, Robert Patrick is a co-founder of independent film "360 entertainment". He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Barbara Patrick.

In 1998, screens out the film "The Faculty" cult director Robert Rodriguez. Joining forces with screenwriter Keith Williamson, Rodriguez created a remarkably dynamic and exciting science fiction film about another invasion of harmful alien. Rodriguez tried to fame: a fascinating story, . dynamic assembly, . brilliant acting work (partners, Robert Patrick, . played school fizruka, . steel Selma Hayek and Josh Hartnett), . - All this makes "Faculty" truly breathtaking spectacle.,

. Perhaps it was after "Department" image of Robert Patrick has become synonymous with something fantastic, unreal, with a minimum of extra-terrestrial origin
. Not surprisingly, therefore, that the last time his name was mentioned in the context of the famous television series "The X-Files."

But in order. This huge success was the result of titanic efforts. Last few years, Patrick fought his way into television, hoping to get a good job for a few seasons. Actor's agent holds talks with almost all the leading TV companies, not thinking only about one - the company FOX, just and producing "The X-Files". Hope glimmered once before Patrick heard rumors that the author and producer of the cult television series, Chris Carter thinking about the actor as a possible candidate for the role of the third agent. Such a turn of events immediately forced Patrick to act. Here is how he later told me about it: "We met with Carter, and I told him that I wanted to get into the series. I invited him to do tests or listening. But he said: "No, no, no!" You must not do anything to convince me to invite you! " Anticipating anger some fans of the series, Chris Carter once said: "Robert in any case not a replacement for David. He's just a new hero. "

The authors of "The X-Files" wisely. Indeed, the new face of Agent Fox Mulder is unlikely to be pleased audience. Hero David Duchovny shall the only eleven of the twenty-eighth series of the season, and then mysteriously disappears (it seems to be abducted by aliens). At Dana Scully will help a former police officer, and now - FBI agent John Dodzhett. As you know, this role claimed seven of the actors. Robert Patrick was the best.

Since then, Patrick began harsh television weekdays. 70-80 hours per week - this is the standard work on the show. But happiness actor immensely: his name is on everyone's lips. The only thing that clouded his euphoria, it is not possible with this regime, sufficient time to communicate with family. Not so long ago he fathered a second child. Returning home late at night, he can afford only to kiss a sleeping Samuel and reach his own bed. "I spent a lot of time with her first child (daughter of Austin) and therefore was forced to give up a lot of things" - he says.

. The role of the "X-Files" for him not only the path to fame and huge earnings, but also an opportunity to get rid of boring Role "negative hero", which is simply stuck to it with an LCD Terminator T-1000 "
. Dodzhett completely different person. Patrick calls his "man-chameleon" and rejoices that he is able to work with such a complex character. "Dodzhett very sure of himself, and in this he surpasses Scully - explains Patrick. - He is a man of action, doing his job honestly. He is a former Marine and a former NYPD detective. He has a doctoral degree at Syracuse University, and in general it is - a smart guy. Dodzhett good man and does not intend to destroy the career of anyone in the FBI. I already played the role of officers and police officers, and investigators. I think that certain qualities that write for this guy, and my personal success "work". For 16 years I have participated in 55 such films, and it became a kind of preparatory work for this role ". By the way, it is curious that he, Robert Patrick did not really believe in little green men and all that can be called "X": "I believe that this world is immense, infinite. Potentially somewhere other possible forms of life, but if so, then God created them. "

. While the "Terminator" and began a long time barriers to a variety of roles, Patrick himself has agreed that he has done for him the role of business cards in a fantastic series
. However, now he appeared other equally important issues. For example, how to placate angry fans of Mulder (after all, it is no secret that David Duchovny intends soon to leave his TV series): "I do not want anyone overshadow - says Patrick. - I'm only a part of the overall ensemble, and I hope that all of us - Mulder, Scully and Dodzhett - perfectly able to coexist in "X-Files."

. Despite the lack of free time, congestion on semkahseriala Robert Patrick is involved in other projects
. This "All nice horse," "Look at you," "Texas Rangers", "Spy Kids". In the latter, except for Patrick, the main role performed by Antonio Banderas and George Clooney. This comic fantasy action movie set all the same Robert Rodriguez. In the story two of the coolest spy in the world of Gregorio Cortez (Antonio Banderas) and Ingrid (Carla Gugino) have the same secret mission - to destroy each other. But a personal meeting did not bring them any good: they got married and parted with his craft. A few years later the disappearance of seven special agents forced them to return to the old path. The fate befalls the disappearance of the couple Cortes. Now the fate of the prisoners depends on whether their children are properly dispose of the newest top-secret spy gear. It is interesting that this movie focused on children and adults look. And, nevertheless, beginning to appear in "X-Files," Robert Patrick in all the interviews said that removed him in the series is very interesting and it feels now just a happy man.

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PATRICK Robert, photo, biography
PATRICK Robert, photo, biography PATRICK Robert  Actor, photo, biography
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