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FUCHS, Rudolf

( Bard)

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Rudolf Fuchs

Russian chanson impossible to imagine without the so-called street, criminals, prison, etc.. songs.

In post-revolutionary Russia and post-war lyrics were written by hand. Among people who have devoted much of his life to preserving and increasing this wealth, was Rudolf Fuchs (1972 Solovyov), bard alias Reuben Rublev. He was born in 1937 in Leningrad. Stalinist regime, the repression, the usual post-war childhood - the punks, continuous yards, attics, basements and, of course, uncensored lyrics, sinks deep into the soul, the texts, which Fuchs began to write in a separate notebook.

. Thieves songs sung in those years in the circle of trusted friends, or else - a considerable period.

. In the early 60-ies in the USSR appeared the first consumer tape, . a lot of contraband records (eg, . Roma Valentina and Alexei D., . Gypsy Mania, . Gypsy Heaven, . opera singers Ivan Rebrov, . Boris Rubashkin, . classic jazz, . Haley, . Presley, . Armstrong),
. At the same time appeared the first bards - Vizbor, Okudzhava, Vysotsky, etc.. The recording quality leaves much to be desired, but people listen and want to listen.

By the end of the 60-ies P. Fuchs has collected a huge collection of sound recordings, lyrics and set records. My acquaintance with Fuchs in autumn 1971. Not very tall, bespectacled, Fuchs was very lively and energetic. Somehow all the music news, amounting to Leningrad, fell first to the Fuchs. He often said that gathered a lot of that bawdy songs - this is folklore that it is necessary to leave it for posterity. Then he had the idea to find a good singer and record all available in good quality. In autumn 1972, he found the singer songs - it was Arkady Dmitrievich Zvezdin, which by this time already had the nickname the North.

The first house concert was held at the North Tolmachyova a script written by P. Fuchs. Concert 1 hour consisted of 18 songs, which was diluted with stories and comments from the history of Odessa and Odessa life.

The concert was a resounding success. Penetrating velvet baritone North, skillful execution, Odessa focus, interesting subject of the story gave a peculiar coloring contest and he sold a flash amateur recordings. This inspired the creation of Fuchs following script, which he recorded at his home on Ropsha Street in late 1972 or early 1973.

. Next comes a concert in which the edited Fuchs stories about "Moscow's bottom" alternate with the thieves songs
. Talent screenwriter Fuchs allowed to edit the stories and songs in such a way that turned a whole. North for the execution of the concert came to the Fuchs with his younger brother Michael (who had just released from prison), which echoes the North in the song "Do not wait for me, apparently, freedom ...".

. The next concert was without a script, and consisted of 18 songs
. Then follows the concert with the script: "I keep the letter. One of my many friends, strangers wrote to me: Dear Arkady Palych, you wrote your admirer of Vorkuta, who would like to extend greetings to you from myself and a large group of fans of your rare talent. Me and my friends think you are bad justifies its proud name of the North that little singing songs about the far north. Somehow you more attracted to the south, in the Odessa-mama, to Rostov-papa closer, but the stepmother-Vorkuta and remember you do not want to. Of course, we understand that memories are not the best, but as they say, the words of the song will not throw. How not to back those years in which the happiness was not, as deleted on my chest. Your friend, known in the past Kostya captain.

- Dear Kostya! I will try today to fix his mistake. Especially for you - singing "Oh, volyushka ..."

Concert of 9 songs, among which explanations and short stories from the lives of prisoners, thieves and criminals.

Soon Fuchs publishes concert on singer ". It begins: "Hello, dear friends, I think that this time we could talk about the song" Chanson "or, as they are called in the people," cabaret singer, as well as passing on the Gypsy chanson type. So, . what "shansonet? This question, . sure, . has no relation to such a question, . addressed to the editor of "Armenian Radio, . on which they cheerfully replied: "What is a" cabaret singer? "This girl, . which has absolutely no chance! "Those girls, . who came to our country from France with his song, . sure, . had chances,
. But even what! And chances are those used so successfully that since the middle of last century on the Russian stage appeared a special genre of songs - "shansonet" and the actors were called "cabaret singer". This genre included the performance of Gypsy and household songs in Russian. Have reached our days not many of these songs. For example, the once famous song "Teddy Bear" ... After executing the "Teddy Bear" North interspersed with performance of songs tells about Varya Panina, Lenka Panteleyev, dance "Cancan" and the famous Basil Guschinskom.

. In late 1974 - early 1975 comes a concert of 16 songs, where a lot of dedications: Klyachkin, Wysocki, Okudzhava, Rachlin, Alexander Galich
. In the mid-70's (around 1975) comes a concert dedicated to the origins thug lyrics. In joining the North, said: "We, the fans and collectors of so-called thieves of the genre and the old Russian convicts and prison songs, often painful and annoying, when hear the curses the genre, rooted in the past Gray. For example, the following songs I would like to show that many criminals have originated from folk songs and many were written Russian poets. So, the song "Ukhar merchant," which was written by Russian poet Ivan Savich Nikitin, 150-year anniversary of which recently celebrated the whole country. He was born in 1824, died in 1861.

Fuchs, last recorded concert of 21 songs and 17 of the jokes was on Nov. 7, 1975 on the occasion of the biennium, his daughter and lasted half an hour.

A national fame. North as the "king of thieves' songs" brought above 5 concerts with scripts written by Fuchs. As both a screenwriter, producer and director, R. Fuchs has created his own theater - the theater thug song, the only artist who was a. North. Amateurs tapes started booming. Everybody was looking for new songs performed by a. North, despite what has been a lot of these songs of bards, as in. Vysotsky, A. Galich, B. Okudzhava and others.

Being himself a bard (Reuben Rublev), P. Fuchs has written a lot of songs for the repertoire of A. Northern, so subsequently, to the repertoire of Brothers Pearl "with different performers.

. That is not a complete list of songs written by Reuben Rublev:

. 1) "Hymn minstrels,
. 2) "You want to lyrics"
. 3) "Skokar"
. 4) "Gil once with his left,
. 5) "Do not meddle, the citizens in the poets'
. 6) "last year,"
. 7) "Cafe" Oriental "
. 8) "I love 40 degrees,
. 9) "7.40" (text)
. 10) "It is twenty-eight" (text)
. 11) "my beauty" (text)
. 12) "It's raining" (text)
. 13) "Mecca-knife" (text)
. 14) "Daisies and ryumashki" (text), etc.

. By mid-1974 are the first attempts to make the thieves' songs with the orchestra in stereo
. It turns out concert Magadantsy ". Then in December 1974 the first concert of Brothers Pearl ", which is done with. Maklakov. In early 1975 they released the concert "Brothers Pearl" with the Arcadia North and then the third and fourth concert, which also made with. Maklakov.

Apparently, in the very late 1974 or early in 1975 P. Fuchs and C. Maklakov was made concert, on 85-th anniversary Vertinsky ". Host of the concert was a. North, and the first song "Hymn minstrel" was written by P. Fuchs.

In autumn 1975 Tolmachev introduced me to Dmitry Kalyatinym, whose family lived and Arkady D. North. Hospitable and friendly hosts were very. Arkady Dmitrievich - lively, charming and witty - always was the soul of the company. Sometimes he sang, but little. He told me that my daughter 4 godika, and it so happened that at home he was 4 years. From the apartment it was released long ago, and he went to the bailiff to recover, but he failed. Struck by his extraordinary thinness. He was sick with a terrible disease - alcoholism. I offered to Arkady Dmitrievich try medical treatment. He agreed. In March 1976 he was put in the hospital on behalf of Bechterew alcohol Branch. On the eve of Dmitry ordinatorskuyu came to this office with a tape recorder and played doctor a few things in the performance of Arcadia, including "Black mole from the second" concert in Odessa, "which made the R. Fuchs. Unfortunately Arkady Dmitrievich could not resist - washed down without going through the full course of treatment, and was prematurely discharged from hospital.

In the 80 years abroad were many Soviet bards (In. Tokarev, A. Korabelnikov IN. Shulman and others) and stage performers (M. Gulko, L. Assumption, M. Schufutinsky, etc.). The plates are issued by them, and came to us. Much, if not most, of the songs of these artists drawn from the repertoire of A. North and Brothers Pearly ". And in Russia in connection with perestroika and glasnost began to leave the thieves collections of songs under various names.

Even a cursory view of these collections can be seen that most of the texts drawn from the repertoire of A. North, "Brothers Pearly", "Black Sea Gull" and other less well-known amateur ensembles ( "Magadantsy", "Albinos", "godfathers", "holy brothers", "Aelita", "Traffic Light", etc.) which played a. North. Many of the songs wander from one book to another.

In conclusion, we note that the unrestrained energy F. Fuchs has borne fruit: he emigrated to the United States in 1979, he joined the firm Kismet, after a while it leases and is now the owner of this company. Sergei Maklakov (who gave the second round of underworld songs for orchestra in stereo) recently celebrated its 70 th anniversary and looks good, bright and cheerful.

Unfortunately, no longer with us GP. Tolmacheva D.M. Kalyatina, NG. Ryzhkov, GS. Nakhamkin that had direct relevance to the records thieves lyrics. My last meeting with aq. Zvezdina-North was in the middle of April 1980 in the hospital morgue Mechnikov and the crematorium.

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FUCHS, Rudolf, photo, biography
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