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Biography FOUSETT Farra
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Farrah Fousett (02.02.1947 years)

. She was the goddess of a generation - a woman without flaws, the embodiment of health, sexuality, in short, the American dream.

. In the 70 years, each maturing youngster thought it his duty to hang in my bedroom poster with her picture in a bathing suit to minimize, . and every woman - to acquire unruly golden lohmami, . same, . like Farra Fousett (Farrah Fawcett).,

. Alas, more recently Farra gets in gossip columns only in connection with its regular scandalous escapade
. Her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival several years ago and plunged the audience completely in shock. The actress could not own up to the famous festival stairs - she was led by the hand, and his appearance - despite the recent plastic surgery - looked like an ancient old woman.

. Sunken red-rimmed eyes, skin, tight-fitting cheekbones, emaciated sickly appearance - and yet she's only 57 (born February 2, 1947)
. The press began to be heard at first cautiously and then more and more insistent the assumption that the erstwhile goddess moribund ...

Her star has risen on the Hollywood firmament instantly and unexpectedly for herself. In the mid-70's, she arrived in Los Angeles, hastily jumped to marry a famous actor Lee Majors and immediately signed a contract with the television to take part in the filming of the popular time series 'Charlie's Angels'. Phare to play one of three girls, beautiful women who are fighting on a voluntary basis with crime in his hometown. The most interesting is that she never dreamed, as most of the attackers Los Angeles girls, to become an actress, did not take the lessons of the dramatic skill and general arrived in Hollywood, by his own admission, 'for the sake of laughter. "

. Nevertheless, a few months later it became a national heroine, . advertising Wella shampoo and toothpaste Ultra Bright, . concluding a three-million contract with cosmetics company 'Faberge', . and earn up to 750 thousand dollars for one session photography.,

. Shoot in 'Charlie's Angels' a year, Terah decided that with her enough, and left the series, which made her a star
. Then, of course, followed by lengthy litigation with the leaders of the program and paid multimillion-dollar penalties. Then all Hollywood studios have Fousett in their 'black list', not wanting to deal with the upstart, for which the contract does not mean anything. Yes, and Lee Majors, who used to consider themselves the main and only star in the house, not too endorsed primadonistye habits wife. Soon, he practically surrendered without a fight Faro his best friend - the actor Ryan O'Neal.

They certainly were one of the most beautiful pair of America - no wonder they were called 'Barbie with Ken in the flesh'. But the legend began to surround their union was not because of the great external data, the two lovers, reminiscent of his perfection of thoroughbred racehorses. Loud brawl in public, Ryan and Farrah started immediately, without even waiting for the end of the honeymoon, let alone what was going on behind the walls of their houses in Malibu and Beverly Hills.

. In O'Neill, a former professional boxer, from his childhood there was only one way to solve all the problems and contentious issues - right in the jaw, which he used whenever Farra dared tell him a word across
. But former 'Angel' in a long time remained. Sam Ryan said with a pinch of pride:

- I would not advise anyone contrive a fistfight with Farro Fousett.

But, of course, the winner of their 'games' most often do not come out, it. Career Farra awarded dozens of 'car accidents', 'falls from ladders' and t. d. and t. n. Often the incidents, the true nature of which was comprehensible to all, for it ended in a hospital bed.

. Over 17 years of their life together managers of hotels, . where she loved to stay a couple, . accustomed to, . that night in their room will certainly be a fight, . and the servants at their villas intensely listened to coming from behind the wall voices Farra and Ryan, . that at the first sign of an impending scandal prudent to retreat to the remote end of the house.,

. By the early 80's Farrah was able to benefit from the most dire circumstances of his life and found a Role, in which it is unlikely that anyone would be able to compete
. She enthusiastically set about creating on-screen images of rape victims, women were attacked, and it finally began to take seriously. Also Terah became an active fighter for the rights of the unfortunate wives, battered husbands.

During the fifteen years she had tried unsuccessfully to drag down the aisle O'Neill. Meanwhile, he soon becomes all the more unbearable. Career former beau steadily sped down the slope. He is fat, grumbling and falling. All the stormy years of marriage they Farro openly betrayed each other, as if playing a game, someone who has more cause to be jealous. Yet stay together.

. - I can not live with him - and without him, too - I repeat Farra.

. It is not known how many would have continued their union, if in the past year Fousett not been caught with a young lover aktrisulkoy exactly two times younger than he is - 25-year-old Leslie Stefanson
. With it, O'Neill was shot in his last film, and spent the last few months after, . as Terah left their villa in Malibu, . slamming the door (alas, . actor happiness did not last long, . Leslie also left him, . saying, . that it closely together with them under one roof).,

. Fara after the break with a favorite set off at all serious
. To start converged (albeit briefly) with George Clooney, who at 15 years of age. Then, to prove to the world that in half a ruble can be sexually attractive, she came right on to 14 pages of Playboy - no nothing, naturally. Then withdrew for their own money in a video as the 'artist'. Spread the naked body paint, lay on the canvas and thus create 'art'. Lay under the plastic surgeon's knife. And in addition to everything began to dismiss persistent rumors of her pregnancy.

Increasingly, its former incarnation of the health of the American nation has begun to appear in public in a kind of 'murky' state. Since alcohol does not smell of Terah, the company concluded that it baluetsya pills. Actress refuted all the rumors, which, however, few of whom were impressed. On a television talk-show she could hardly pronounce the words and nearly fell from my chair, . and once during a flight from New York to Los Angeles for no reason at all rushed headlong run down the aisle and demanded, . that it allowed in the cockpit - it, . Mol, . need to tell them something important ..,
. Her outrageous antics of recent months can be listed endlessly. Here and suspicion of theft, and many hours of phone conversations with people about poluznakomymi innermost and the bazaar squabbles with colleagues. The most surprising is that even the tabloid press has ceased to relish, because over Farro Fousett nobody laughs, her pity.

Sensing that things were bad, she left Hollywood. Just picked up and left in an unknown direction after the loud scandal with her lover - 44-year-old movie director James Orr

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FOUSETT Farra, photo, biography
FOUSETT Farra, photo, biography FOUSETT Farra  Actress, photo, biography
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