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Vera Fischer

Few can match the popularity in Brazil with the talented and beautiful actress Vera Fischer. Despite the already far from a young age, Vera Fischer, consider sexiest woman in Brazil and her name is headed by a table of many ratings and opinion polls. Yes Faith itself is overemphasized, taking pictures in Playboy, and numerous erotic photos. In addition, the actress almost constantly engaged in rvazlichnyh projects and successfully removed in soap operas and plays in the theater. The adult daughter of an actress, went in the footsteps of the famous mother and became a model, which is quietly, of course with the support of my mother, was also removed in telenovelas. The most beloved of theatrical work of the actress is the role of Maggie in Tennessee Williams's play "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ', except that the actress also addressed the role of the director of the play. For this role, the actress Vera Fischer, won the Academy of Performing Arts. Here is what Vera Fischer about this work: 'This is history research, divided desires, intolerance and affection. Plot and character relationships go through a conflict of money, sexual violence, death and mystery, at the same time there is enormous hope. I am delighted with the characters in Tennessee Williams, he has always been my favorite playwright, and my dream was to participate in theatrical productions of his play. But since nobody put 'Cats', then had to take up the cause of most. I think turned out not bad. "

You like and put on plays and play in it?

Faith: 'If you speak sincerely, I more prefer to play on stage. And put on plays, like only one reason, I'll choose to play alone, the text, invite the actors. At the same time it is to some extent, complete autonomy and independence. Each actor, there comes a time when you get tired waiting for invitations to a role, within the accumulated mass of desires and you feel in a burst of energy. And then comes the realization that you can become an independent person. You can put any play, a film, tighten any project. And there is no need to hide that the age for an actress so much, and with years of invitations to get the role less and less. "

. What is easier to play on the theatrical stage or in a soap opera?

. Faith: 'interesting, but also much harder to play in the theater
. When you see the eyes of spectators, their reaction to your remarks is for me as an examination. And time theater takes much more constant rehearsals, performances, and then touring tours. It is very tiring, every week a new place, new climate, new audience. And the soap opera easily removed and removed, of course this also requires some training. But do not you're in a constant nervous tension, for you do not watch the thousands of eyes. "

You are similar to your characters?

Vera: "Well it always happens in different ways, because my characters are so numerous and diverse. Sometimes I make a interpritatsiyu his character something of the experience of their lives. And sometimes my character and helped me to overcome the crisis in his personal life. From some of the characters I was charged by their self-confidence, looseness, strength voli.Voobschem I and my role, we are not separable. And a clear distinction between life and game, I can not hold. I sometimes play in life, and live on stage. That's it! "

With all the same you may prefer, movies, TV, theater?

Faith: 'All are equally loved by me. I did everything with great pleasure. But still my soul is more inclined to the theater. And if I also offer two of the project, and one theater, then I definitely choose him. "

. And what are your favorite TV work?

. Faith: 'perigosas Peruas, and Ana de D, them as much, and it Cidinha de Assis' Desejo', and Laura from 'Pecado capital'
. The way most of the miniseries trudnoytrudno play such a cold, was Ana Assis, I was very otdalennuyurokovuyu woman as she. It is much easier to play and passionate and earthly women. "

You are not thinking about shooting the film?

Faith: 'This is a very slozhno.Ochen difficult to make a film in Brazil. Everything rests in the lack of budget. Read the movie and in the middle of pluck, not enough money. At one time, new laws in the country allowed to hope for improvement in the cinema. But unfortunately all again stalled. So a lot of difficulties. "

Who are the partners of actors you like to work?

Vera: 'I never had problems with fellow actors. But I especially enjoyed working with Francisco Cuoco, Paulo Betti, Carlos Alberto Riselli is a very good people. "

. What do you do in your spare time?

. Vera: "Well I have it so little! In general, I love to watch movies, take in a video store a few tapes and watch
. I love to read new scripts, just like fiction. And I read the literature quite a different plan, and fiction, and fiction, and novels, and detective stories. "

What are you doing to stay always beautiful?

Faith 'In fact, nothing. I'm quite lazy to give her appearance a lot of time. Sometimes doing gymnastics. I think that helps me in this nature. "

The most best time of your life?

Vera: "I think it is now. Always the best time for a person-this time in which he zhivet.ya doing a favorite thing, I have a great family, I am in complete harmony with life and myself! "

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FISHER Faith, photo, biography
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