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Filozov Albert L.

( Actor)

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Biography Filozov Albert L.
photo Filozov Albert L.
Albert L. Filozov (25.06.1937 years)

His characters are modest, shy and inconspicuous, not handsome and not Apollo, failures, podkabluchniki, zany: He can not be a positive hero. Yes, and sharply negative, too, can not be called Something actor Albert Filozov like his characters, the same demure. But not for nothing that they say: 'In the quiet waters run deep'.

- Albert L., you are a native of Sverdlovsk, Yekaterinburg is the present, but as we know there was shot and buried in the royal family. In connection with this issue: went to some legends about this?

- I lived a block away from this mysterious place in the house was located desks archive, all she had been boarded. Of course, if I had nothing to do with the emperor nor his family, but from the house always smelled horror. And standing in front of the House of Pioneers, in which I was engaged in singing - in my childhood I had a good voice. In those years the city of Sverdlovsk was any riffraff, scum of the human, there were exiled far from the best people, there is no one roots, all nowhere. And the city is the same as its inhabitants: izgazhen black-brown, the monstrous architecture of buildings - sorry for the city.

. - And where are your roots go, judging by the name, you are not from the Urals?

. - My father came to Russia from Poland in the 27 th year, to build socialism
. A mother and all her relatives peasants from the south of Ukraine, they moved to Siberia during the Stolypin reforms, live prosperously, because the family was large. When my mother was five years old, her father was sent into the field to gather spikelets. And then, in the early thirties grandfather, someone whispered: 'Go, anyway you raskulachat'. And the family moved to Sverdlovsk. My grandfather was educated and began working as a compositor in the printing. I remember my mother a long time talking to a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian languages. A father can not remember at all - he was shot in the 37 th year, when I was six months and. Then many were arrested: the top let down a plan to identify the enemies of the people, and our Secretary of the Regional Committee has always tried to surpass the. He was arrested everybody, take our janitor only for the fact that he has found a silver spoon, and decided that he had received inheritance. Although most likely, simply stolen.

- The fact that you son 'enemy of the people' you bothering?

- Perhaps only when all of the Young Communist League took a long time I did not file a statement, considered himself unworthy. Entered only when Stalin died. And since childhood I had, like everyone else: playing in the yard, chasing the football, fighting. The yard we had a small but rowdy-dowdy: one boy was a thief, cut off another leg tram - riding on the step and broke down. And I went to sing in a choir, ran to the library - I very early learned to read, and books was not home, so the library has become a second home. Very interesting story related to our home. Two single-storey house in the heart of the city: our house and in front of a few years earlier, during the NEP won in a gambling house in my grandmother's brother. Then the Soviet authorities, the houses he robbed. And when my grandfather moved with his family in the Sverdlovsk, he settled in this very house.

- In the yard of your company were girls?

- The company does not. Then the girls and boys were kept in the courtyard of discord, schooling was split, so the girls were treated like the inhabitants of another planet, with interest and fear.

. - Maybe, remember when I first drew attention to the representative of 'an alien civilization'?

. - The first time I fell in love with six years of age
. We arrived in the village to her aunt and her children were. One girl I liked - this blonde! This was my first love. There in the middle of the village was a huge puddle, in which the ducks, and together we ran on these ducks look. Now and then at school, teachers began to organize joint performances, I began to treat girls with great sympathy and often fascinated.

. - Dreamed of acting since childhood?

. - I thought about it ever realized that with my external data in the artists to do nothing, everything happened by chance
. To us in the Sverdlovsk came to tour the Moscow Art Theater, was declared a set of school-studio. At that time I had just graduated from high school. Friend literally dragged me by force to sit the examinations for the company. It is clear that I do not worry, therefore, successfully passed all three qualifying round and went to Moscow to take general subjects. Moscow I liked once, and I decided that I will never go away from it not. When we learn, once lived in a hostel for the Riga station in the former barracks, which formerly housed the prisoners Austrians. It was pretty cold. I remember a former well-known actor, now a priest, Vladimir Zamansky slept on the bed by the window, but straight at him from a huge gap in the wall of snow fell. A summer at the station right on the platform selling watermelons, fruit, and at night all that remained abandoned and of course we stole those watermelons.

. - And make money, not to steal not tried?

. - Moonlighting was: voice, extras, but the time was not enough when studying, we were working 24 hours a day: from morning till night in class, and then another in the dorm played the etudes
. We had a remarkable rate: Toll Romashin, Sasha and Eugene Lazarev, Glory Innocent, Alla Pokrovsky, Natasha Zhuravleva, Tatiana Lavrov - now all the people, with many friends of mine. On television, did a program on our course, collecting all the 25 anniversary.

. - Is in addition to training there was no romantic stories: all are young, beautiful, it's time to fall in love?

. - Naturally, all the men in turn were in love with Alochku Pokrovsky, she was the most elegant, most intelligent, most educated - not to love this is simply not possible
. Most of us were from the province, crude. I remember at first I became acutely aware of their provincialism. When I arrived at the beaver was a heavy coat to the heels of the Sverdlovsk fashion, the width of the bottom of pants was 32 inches, although in Moscow at that time had worn pants pipes. Glancing around, I quickly narrowed down his pants and coat trimmed. And so it was all over: a long time I had to adjust to city life and get used to the capital girls, I'm very ashamed of their. It is therefore particularly cherished spoke on the care of our girls Muscovites, who have always tried to support us, to feed.

- Roman Tatiana Lavrova and Eugene Urbanski developed at that time already?

- Yes, right before our eyes. Eugene wore her notes, passed on through us. One time he even lived in a hostel, not to feel lonely and to be closer to his beloved. To some extent we were pimps for this talented pair.

- Now you have a very young daughter. But this is not your first marriage?

- The first time I got married after the institute.

- On another classmate?

- No, she was an actress and never had any relation to art. We met once commonplace in the company. I have little to remember, it was a long time.

- But meanwhile, say that you were running for her AWOL from the army. How do you manage to get the service?

- This was the year when all were taken in succession: the Ministry of Culture quarrel with the military department. I graduated from high school, studio and began working in the theater of Stanislavsky. But it so happened that I played some replacement: Yevgeny Leonov just started to withdraw a lot, and I was forced to play his repertoire. Can you imagine how to go to the audience, who came 'to Leonov'. Otmuchivshis year, I went to the theater Yermolova. And then me and the army took. I served in the Battalion and pulled the strap, like everyone else, and admit that I am an artist. It was hard, full of injustice, cruelty, just gape, left without food. But I've been there. Well then: My wife went to every chain of command, writing paper, and eventually I was transferred to Moscow: the last half year I served on Matrosskoi silence, was the youngest sergeant. The officers went home at night, and we in turn, ran through a fence AWOL, and in the morning before rising back. Never caught. When I left the army, the director who took me to the theater Yermolova 'ate', and I returned to the theater of Stanislavsky, where he served for twenty years.

. - Are you reluctant to talk about their women, but in the meantime, the second wife gave birth to you son, so of it should be mentioned
. Who is she?

- She graduated from the Faculty teatrovedchesky and stayed to work in VGIK. Got to know, too, once commonplace, and all the romance of our family life was only in the fact that we lived in the country in the Silver forest. Then there was such an organization 'Mosdachtrest', and could easily be paying some 9 rubles a month to remove a beautiful country house, wooden, in several rooms. I brought the wood, heated the oven, and we fully lived there for almost a year. Summer weekend came to us the friends, we arranged a party - it was fun and romantic. Then 'freebie' is over.

- You pretty much shoot in film. The first invitation to the shooting, remember?

- It was terrible, I even feel ashamed for the act, for their own cowardice. In the third year I was invited to sample the movie 'Green Van'. We tried and immediately adopted, promised to negotiate the release me from my classes: We have in the studio was a strict rule: as long as you learn, can not be removed for violation immediately deducted. Then, right after a year or two restored if picture is good, but nonetheless afraid all charges. I was afraid - very much like to return home, in Sverdlovsk. So I flew to Odessa to sign a contract, just a half hour, I was greeted at the airport, they gave the same form: 'fill in here, sign'. I ask: 'What about the institution? ". It turned out that they have nothing agreed. And then I went to drink water and: escaped. Already announced Landing, . I ran through all the airfield, . and the Director of the administrator running after me, . run up to the plane, , . wag ticket, . shouted: Well the plane was a small, . I jumped, . seized, . drew himself up and climbed into the still unclosed door,
. And left. As punishment for my cowardice in me for ten years did not take off - tried, promised, but before the shooting is not reached.

- And what ended the Cold War between you and the cinema?

- Accidently. Assistant director of the film 'Residence Permit' went to theaters, looking for the actor 'in precarious appearance', and saw my picture in the lobby, sought out, invited to sample. I thought that, as is usually the case on the photo samples will not go, but straight from the threshold of directors looked at each other and with one voice uttered: 'This could'. It turned out that my character - a Soviet scientist who goes abroad as tourists, and there remains. So I immediately adopted the role of. To my partner tried such wonderful, beautiful women: Marianne Vertinsky, Lyudmila Maksakova, but chose Vika Fyodorov. The most surprising is that almost everyone who made this picture, left the country. I'm still here and not going to go anywhere.

- For some reason, many actors male Fyodorov, Vicky remembered with a significant and mysterious smile. You also somehow hypnotized the woman?

- It is very easy, companionable, a good girl. It is a pity that she had gone to America, but we have many years of pleasure to see her.

. - You are always very lucky at the beautiful partners: Miroshnichenko, Andreichenko, Polishchuk, Alferov, Chursina, Safonova: Did you have never had romances with actresses?

. - Why? Were
. But I tell them I will not. I had a tremendous love affair with one of the Baltic actress, incredibly beautiful woman. They liked to shoot actresses from the Baltic states for their Western appearance and dazzling beauty, now, unfortunately we have to completely forget. But this woman could shine today. (Church tralyalya-Hermann Paris) Irma?? Nitz? Myrcene? Inrged

- Quite recently you have been seen in erotic play. It is that: the second youth or old fool?

- This is a 'demon fantasy' entreprise on Nabokov's 'fairytale for adults'. I played the 'old goat', and my temptress devils Lyudmila Chursina, which showed my hero all the variants of his fantasies of nymphets to female vamp. Yes, it certainly erotic, but it's a classic.

- And to modern plays and fashionable avant-garde directors like your attitude, and who of talented young actors think?

- I do not know, I saw nothing of what you call modern. I did not watch television, go to the performances are very rare, in recent years have seen a few productions. And you know, was pleased to see that our Russian theater is still rich in talent: liked actor Makovetskii, yet I have seen in 'Snuff-boxes' actor seems Bezrukov - too great. In the Moscow Art Theater watching 'Duck hunting', there played by two actors from St. Petersburg, did not remember their names (note. Authors: Keira Knightley and Michael Porechenkov), they impressed me.

- What is happening today in your creative life, what proposals?

- Miscellaneous. And I agree on many things, because I'm an artist, and should play. Need this tool to exercise, not to mention the fact that the spectator must appear, otherwise you will forget. But I try to avoid vulgarity, not to withdraw in the movies about the mafia, do not play any godfathers in advertising has never been filmed. So I have everything in order.

. - Are there any movies, for which you feel ashamed that I would like to delete from the list of his works?

. - Probably not for the film, but for himself, for weakly play a role: 'Great tamer', where my partner was a monkey, which we had a creative conflict, in which she bitten me
. There is a film in which I had not realized - 'Rasmus-bum'. At first, I was shot in his beard, sketched an interesting image - dark wandering singer. And then the director decided to make me a handsome man: I shaved, put on a blond wig, as it turned out to Doroninoj, she did not go up, eye makeup: Yes still voiced Oleg Dal. So I urge all: 'Do not watch my films! ".

- Nevertheless, these films brought to you by popularity. Its fruit is used in the self-serving purposes?

- Well, except that tickets this time on trains and planes - before they were large deficit. And more than anything - the bosses I did not know, the offices have never been

. - A most unusual display of people's love?

. - Sometimes in the subway seat inferior, as it happens, that looks into the support and discussing probably decide why I ride the subway - still believe it: every artist has to travel by car
. Perhaps the most unusual, when I asked for an autograph in a liquor store. The bottle with 'Portveshkom' I gave it.

- Well at least not offered 'to make a company'. By the way, what is your attitude to alcohol, many actors had not passed the period of 'close friendship with a green snake'?

- I can after the show, drink a glass or two. I prefer hard liquor: vodka or whiskey - it's good relieves stress. Drink much, but would never have become a drunkard: repeat something every day I'm bored, I do not like any systemic.

- From this it follows that with his third wife, you met once in a peculiar. Or again in the company?

- No, this time it happened in Kiev. I went there to shoot the film 'The New Adventures of Yankee in King Arthur's Court'. Assistant director was ill, and came to meet me, deputy director of painting. There on the platform we met with Natasha and. The next day she invited me to the dance floor, show the capital's local artist attraction. I think it is very surprised that I dance well, at least, the evening was wonderful and not in vain.

. - Oh, those famous artists: the waltz and the heart of any moloduhi erupts love! Or elegant pas could not have done, had pouhazhivat? We heard your wife was going to marry a foreign businessman?

. - Oh, there was some history with a lawyer from Italy: a long correspondence, gifts, Natasha went to visit him, relatives were preparing for a wedding
. But fate would have it at this time we meet: Do not say that somehow unusually caring - I am not romantic, but we were married, and then were married. By the way I say: there was no white dress, no veil, and the wedding itself was not. There was not even their own homes. I played in 'School of the modern play', and our director allowed us to live with his wife in the theater - a small dressing room and we replaced the bedroom and kitchen and living room. Small apartment I got when Anastasia was born.

- Now you have two little daughters? Your wife is a brave woman!

- It is younger than me by twenty years and like any normal woman is very fond of children. Eldest daughter Nastya now nine, and Anechka four years - each its own character, each demands attention. Right now I'm talking to you, but should be read with the youngest book in French.

- They already know that my father a famous actor?

- Of course, watching movies. Once a month, then spun movie 'Mary Poppins', to tear away from the TV could not. To be honest he does not love this movie, he bothered me terribly. Generally rarely watch their films and television do not watch at all - there is nothing interesting, but on the small stuff sorry for the time. Listen to news on the radio: very convenient - put on headphones, and no one interfere.

. - If the daughter in the future want to become an actress help, or become discourage?

. - Theater university provides a good education, very useful for girls: singing, dancing, good literature, the ability to properly speak - but the acting profession is ungrateful, sensitive, sometimes brutal
. At one time I was very sure that the son turned away from this profession. How many good actors are sitting and waiting to be offered work, suffer, losing themselves into drinking. Andrew graduated from the Historical Archives Institute, wrote articles, published in journals.

. - Do you have some thing that really want to do, but you can not even: perhaps to visit a country, or learn to fly a plane, or play a cherished role?:

. - I want to finally finish building a house and send my girls to fresh air
. For the rest, I put my trust in fate, it is ordered rather than have me bestow.

- You can be called a man that know a lot in life, perhaps you have already determined that you have love?

- This is the foundation of life. Love for the mother - these are my roots and love for children - my results and what is left after me, whose love for a woman - that I am today. Love, like fire is different, it can burn and cause pain, but may warm up, can flare up or go out. It is not only a romantic rendezvous, but where it seems that it is not - in everyday family life. I had a different light, and I'm glad.

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