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Fat'yanov Alexey

( Poet)

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Biography Fat'yanov Alexey
photo Fat'yanov Alexey
Alexey Fat'yanov (05.03.1919 year - the year 13.09.1959)

. From the huge number of songs about the Great Patriotic War Victory Marshal Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov singled out only three - "Arise, great country!", "Enemies of the native hut burned down" and "Nightingales"
. The latter was the favorite of the famous general. The author of her heartfelt words are therefore Alexei Fatianov. Last year, Alexei Ivanovich would have turned 80 years old. But forty years ago, he was gone. And the songs Fatyanova continue to live. They sound and on the radio and on television and in concerts and at meetings of veterans, and just in the tables of. Especially now, in the 55-year anniversary of the historic victory over Hitler's fascism. Moreover, many of them had long been perceived as a purely folk. Therefore we can say with certainty: they will live and continue until the land live on the Russian people.

. A native of Alexei Ivanovich Petrina small village that is proud of its long history, exploits and songs Vladimir region - Vladimir Russia
. Good deeds glorify the land of its inhabitants. So Mstera-vyaznikovskie Relatives Fatyanova what is called "inheritance" at the gene level, gave him his talent. Much of it took, and from the breathtaking natural beauty of these places and the entire Middle Russia (remember even the words of another of his songs - "Klyazma-stream, . Weц║can word !..") That's where easily and accurately discern the origins of his song-poetic gift.,

. ... In the late twenties Fatyanova family moved to Moscow
. Future "Russian songs sang" becomes the Studio Theater School of. Aq. Popova at the Central Red Army Theater. Soon introduced in performances. And in the years 1938-1939 is touring with a theater in the country (up to the Far East).

Since 1940 Fat'yanov serves in the ensemble Orel Military District. Now he is a certified actor, a popular leading concert programs, original reader. During these years he began to write much, publishes his first essays and poems in Orel Oblast 'youth team, became its permanent correspondent.

But even then the poet sensed the approaching danger of war. As for his own military medium maturing readiness for battle.

. "Not because eh,
. As fresh and juicy air
. It is easy to carry a rifle?
. Distance
. Shout about something locomotives
. In sharp incomprehensible language.
. In viscous mud sinking, sinking his feet,
. But we go, we go - and the dream is forgotten ...
. ... Rifles took the dark of the pyramids
. In any night we go on alert. "
. "Then we shall not retreat, further - the heart of Russia!"

. In June 1941 during the relocation of parts of the ensemble is in aviagarnizone under the Bryansk
. Here he found the war and. The first days identified Ratne place ordinary Fatyanova. Besides two or three daily performances in front of the soldiers he has to write topical, with a sheet, satirical ditties and scenes, poems and songs. Fat'yanov repeatedly refers to the command with a request to release him to the front. But in all his request was denied. However, and let go of something in the long run there was nowhere: the ensemble is already the front line, "living conditions" are the same as that of the infantry:

. "... In the field Svischut spacious
. Bullets over their heads.
. It is quiet
. The front edge,
. Along the trenches cloves
. Petals spreads.
. What are you knitting his brows,
. The pain of the soul reluctantly?
. Next we shall not retreat,
. Next - the heart of Russia. "

. The first shot overtakes Fatyanova the breakout band of the enemy's ring: "We have this day to bless the hearts of a single word -" revenge "- he would write later.

. Neighborhood, . countless speeches on the front (including those in famous Panfilov Division), . requiring considerable courage and grim a soldier's resistance, . so painful bitterness of defeat and the first year of the war according to the laws of human nature seems to have been plunged Fatyanova in heavy fatigue, . or, . saying in the current, . depressed,
. But despite all the poet is what can be called "terkinskim effect". From his pen went scintillating line. It turns out that "solar polyanochke" no more bitter misery than that, as a "black-eyed brought to mind". Following are born spirited drill troll "Nothing to say:

. "... I looked - as if the ruble Gift
. Looked - as if the fire burned.
. ... Dal today cleared.
. Good night the stars turned on.
. The first company today you dreamed at night,
. A fourth company - could not sleep. "

. Let us listen once more to those front-line Fatyanova and not even the head and heart, you will understand why his songs sounded on all fronts
. Everything in them is clear and understandable: that must be protected, for whom to fight and what the mood to go into battle. And after all of his songs seems that the Russian win the war only when defending his and his. And, here they are winning all and always.

With many composers have worked Alexei Fatyanova. But anyone he did not write so much precious for a Russian song, as with Vasily Solovyov-gray. Here are just some of them: "Long ago, we were not at home", "Where are you, my garden?", "Because we are pilots", "Golden lights", "Where are you now, fellow countrymen?", "Singing squeeze over Vologda "," Road-the road "...

. And for the first time with the texts of future songs Alexei Fat'yanov approached 35-year-old composer still in the park Poplars Chkalovsk (now Orenburg)
. That since that time and went on with his life for the rest of their truly providential co-operation.

Whatever song to spiral out of their joint musical poetico-pen, then the event. For example, the musical symbol of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), hometown Soloviev-Sedogo, and even his radio call sign was written in 1945 their song "Our Town".

. "All the wounded, in a snowy frost,
. Gordo stood a sad my town ... "
. And then, despite besieged unhealed wounds:
. "Glory of the city, where we fought,
. Anybody for anything you give.
. Together with the sun wakes
. Our pride
. Our glory - our town.
. Over Russia --
. Sky blue.
. Sky blue
. Above the Neva.
. In the whole world there,
. No beautiful
. My Leningrad.

. And in the midst of war, three years earlier, in 1942, in the same community of birth is one of the most "important" and popular, both at the front and the rear, songs of the Great Patriotic War - the "Nightingales".

. Until now often visits Vyazniki first Executive "Nightingale" Oleg Csepel
. However, by fate, he now lives in the near abroad, in Ukraine, and thus get him out of the Donbass in the annual holiday Fatyanovo (it later) expensive. But, . seen, . so dear to him universal love and appreciation, . which gets old actor on "Solar polyanochke" in Russia, . that every time a year, . sometimes giving up the bare essentials, . it saves money, . to get to Fatyanovo holiday.,

. For me, "Nightingales" as if born again recently
. In the concert hall "Russia" was a creative evening of beautiful Russian singer Tatyana Petrova. Hero of the Day was a miracle how good - Swan Princess, and more! - And, they say, "the form". Alternated eminent choirs and orchestras, not in February armfuls piled bouquets. A smart room afflicted ovation. Yet some unhealthy stiffness "tough" with certain long hall prevented focus on the main. Fragile singer completely dissolved in the "Jupiter", reproducers deafened. Prior notes, words of songs familiar to slip past the ear. By the way cautiously, in a half-turn, the singer of the cross, it became clear: first performance. Side by side of the stage careful systems stretched women's group, choir, it seems, air defense, - all in a modest military uniforms, boots.

. Then began the song as a lullaby, but the words "crazy singing nightingales' anxiety about the shattered dream played-wounded soldiers, sons, brothers - drowned in Baby's lament about not maintaining the peace - the life of a warrior
. Crying replaced by a spell: in my native land, in their own home are waiting for a soldier. Fate do not overdo it, much as scheduled: "withdraw, nedolyubiv, from our wives, from our cornfields, and yet the choir prayed about procrastination inevitably lose:

. "Nightingales, nightingales, do not disturb the soldiers
. Let the guys a little sleep,
. Few let slept ... "

. Hall burst into applause not immediately
. Piercing pain for all Russian warrior, and served their purpose, and the present, and future, did not give breathe. My neighbors also wept. I do not think I have one, felt in those moments of maternal pity not his only blood daze, but to all domestic host, and this is not going anywhere. Thank you, Tanya! Thank you, dear chorus!

At Fatyanovo holiday this summer, T. Petrova "Nightingale" is not sung. Newly admitted: "go not to execute. Need a special mood ". Well, yes, God willing, still sing, still hear.

. Already during the war years in the songs Fatyanova are becoming increasingly began to show their highly popular, almost epics are:

. "In the open field slug svischut.
. Bole Birds do not sing.
. In the open field looking bullets
. Raving my head. "

. But the shrill cry sister Babi line "Songs polonyanok:

. "Bend the thin aspen,
. Stretches to the sky twigs.
. Separated mother and son.
. Son of a small dear child.
. п▓п╬я─п╬пЁп╦-rival in love
. Little children slaughtered,
. We chained ruchenki
. Rings of iron.
. But they will answer for all
. People Russian krovushki ... "

. This was written in 1943
. But what about changing the mood of mind Fatyanova in 1945! In his poem "The train was going home" sounds reckless daring soldier winner, . but for his salty jokes and road TREPOV - barely concealed excitement, and tenderness to a close, . now very close, . home:,

. "... All right
. Do not forget.
. In heavy pot gulls.
. The famous dishes --
. Our soldier's hat.
. In it you like - soup weld
. Or Ushitsya - would bream.
. Pot - always comrade
. Kotelochek - this thing!
. But what about this! Rather.
. On another talk ...
. Leave us not hurt
. From this city a stranger.
. Do not hang here on rowan
. Dawn silk scarf
. With any such Berlin
. Do not compare your town.
. Where thick cherry blossom,
. It smells of peppermint in the morning ...
. Ah, for it would be useful
. Drink good hundred grams! .. "

. One usually acrimonious in the years Ivan Bunin, . first read by Basil Terkina "Alexander Tvardovsky, . unable to control their emotions, . delighted: "This is truly a rare book: What is freedom, . what a wonderful prowess, . some accuracy, . accuracy in all and what a wonderful folk soldier's language - no bitch, . no hitch, . single false, . ready, . that is, literary and vulgar words! "And I thought, . a pity, . that Ivan Alekseevich Fatyanovo not have a chance to listen to songs and poems,
. For the reading public in Russia relationship talents Fatyanova and Tvardovskogo for anybody not a secret, and for the life they were friends, buddies. Just hard to remember the day when both turned out in Moscow, whenever they met. Tvardovsky straight day could not live without communication with Fatyanova. Remembering those days, Galina Kalashnikova-Fatyanova says: "If the eight in the morning it rings at the door, we already knew - that or thrush came, or Tvardovsky.

. By the way, . Twardowski, . with poetic fame which in those years, hardly anyone can compete in our country, . is, . secretly envied Fatyanova and somehow, . Being slightly tipsy, . even complained, . say, . you, . Alyosha, . well - you will always sing, . and I, . Mol, . who will after the death of reading, . pozabudut,
. I do not know whether the reason for this or any other, but being a close friend Fatyanova, Tvardovsky for all the years of his authoritative editorship in the "New World" was not printed in its pages a single line of Alexei Ivanovich. And he is not saying a word reproach myself Tvardovsky, no one is looking, desperately, to tears suffered a gross injustice by another.

. However, Fatianov, naively forgetting his resentment, yet again confirm its relationship with Tvardovsky
. Until direct evidence, such as in the poem "Ivan Brovkin (1957):

. "It is I, your Ivan Brovkin,
. Wasi Terkina relatives! .. "

. The fate and work of Alexei Ivanovich Fatyanova as a drop of water, affected the whole life of our country with all its ups and downs and difficulties, joys and sorrows
. Already known as a composer, with malicious slander it was even recognized as an "enemy of the people" and atoned for his "guilt" with blood, fighting in Shtrafbat. This happened already at the break of the war, when the poet-songwriter working in the Red Banner song and dance ensemble named after Alexandrov. So, unfairly maligned, he wanted to prove his innocence rushes to the front and gets her and taking part in the penal battalion in a heavy, bloody battles of the ancient capital of Hungary Sekeshefehervar, was wounded and acquitted. War ended. From fascism released not only the home but all of Europe. The world is granted to the world. World and new songs.

. Judging from his work post-war years, it is difficult, almost impossible to assume about the injustices that the will of the envious and evil people had to go through this "artisan Russian songs.

. Ask any veteran with a song associated with his memory of the victory
. I'm sure, for most, not only with tuhmanovskim "Victory Day", but with heart, a peasant thorough Fatyanovo "Where are you, fellow countrymen?" Who could forget these lines:

. "May Short nights
. Otgremev, ended the fighting ...
. Where are you now, friends, fellow soldiers,
. Attack my companions? .. "

. This song for many years was the linking of peaceful association veterans, their children and grandchildren
. From the same series and the song "On the boardwalk plank ..." - About a girl that "in small numbers on the lists battalion soldier". It is hardly possible to overestimate the contribution Fatyanova in fair glorifying our war veterans in the pre-perestroika years. Not sin, and now bow to them, to comfort Fatyanovo song humiliated and insulted everywhere today ungrateful government.

Postwar Fat'yanov confidently occupies a prominent place in Soviet Russian song. Contrary to. Despite the devastating decision of the Central Committee of the film "Great Life", where he was the songwriter, has the label "singer Taverns melancholy" (remember that the same words were branded haters favorite poet Alexei Fatyanova - Sergei Esenina). Alas, the unjust blows of fate, and in time of peace continued to pursue Alexei Ivanovich. A Labeled Fatyanovo song from the movie "Three years I dreamed of you" turned out to be one of the most light and sound. My own age will remember what the All-Russia with love bestowed on us Maryanovich Georgie, who is already in the 60's, after a long break, he sang "Three years ...".

Still life in the end, all retributive. So for Fatyanova, from his own point of view, peacetime began not with bichuyuschih partprigovora lines, and with marriage. In 1946, he met the girl whose image had already crystallized in his songs and poems. Remember? "Withdrawal fighter brown eyes ...", . "Return, . that with a sprig of lilac throw in your hands - love ", . "The blood rushes to the temple - what a beauty", . "Play, . play, . tell, . talyanochka, . itself, . about, . as black-eyed brought to mind ", . "Nothing on earth can not replace the other thee for ever" ...,

. Chance meeting in a small company almost instantly decided their whole future life: the famous poet and the experienced fighter
. He was very fond of practical jokes and not just presented a twenty-Ghali, Kalashnikova: "I'm on the front with the rank of general was!"

What is the exact fate of fire was this meeting, it became clear after a couple of weeks. Respectfully come to the future mother-woo, on the question, "Galya agree?" Alexei Fat'yanov ingenuously confessed that he, they say, and do not ask. Yes, and how she could not reciprocate such love! And why ask, when the "heart suddenly discovered that it's time to love, and only the words, intended beloved, formed themselves into a song:

. "I compare thee to be
. With a song of the nightingales,
. On a quiet morning, with the May garden
. With a flexible ash,
. With cherry, with cherry,
. Dal my foggy,
. The most distant,
. The most coveted.

. Meanwhile composing circle Fatyanova significantly expands
. Now his words written Mokrousov, Theology, Blanter, Novikov, Khachaturian, Zhukovsky, Biryukov ... Following orders and songs for plays and numerous (about 20) movies. But it remains stubbornly refused to publish his poems.

Oppress and domestic difficulties: already born daughter Alena and son Nikita, but not all of their housing. When someone else instead of the corner still appears a roof over his head, a small apartment on the first of Borodino, the young hostess, Galina, manages to arrange a short term probably the most comfortable, hospitable and open house in Moscow. Fatyanovo dream come true:

... I appear on the threshold
. Knock on the blue box.
. I like you ispechesh apple pie
. And we'll drink to the life of wine.

. Only reliable family home front can be attributed to a mood of boundless happiness and love, . which pervades the post-war poems and songs Fatyanova: "Smile to me, . native, . discard all, . that hinders the joy to meet ... ", . "I'm from the eyes of your beautiful eyes do not withdraw", . "Easy to him step" ..,
. As it is written and sung as something!

There was a lot of custom, under the comedians written, with a touch of songs popular rhyme: "On your doorstep," "Boast, my dear, I will not," "We, friends, migratory birds," "Daisy, my". Surprisingly, perhaps, only with the height of the day you begin to understand that they are - complicated masterpieces of the genre, in which not an ounce of vulgarity.

. Many of his poems now directly bear dedication to his wife Gala: "Flower Meadow", "Nothing in the world I do not need," and more, more ...

. In 1957 he went to the new film "The house in which I live"
. I think it was this film and especially the sounds in its song "Over Rogozhskaya Gate", served as a spiritual understanding, and hence the union of several generations of my contemporaries. Modest melodrama against the backdrop of the Great War, has found, perhaps, an unintended scale folk tragedy. Empathy fictional characters, the unthinkable in today's cinema, paving the way to comprehending the nearest, but the history of my people. Opened the heart, the surest path to memory.

Alexei Fatyanova allegedly the doctors, was very weak heart. And 40 years ago, it did not withstand the pain and congestion. But the songs Fatyanova continue to live. People have long recognized their own and sometimes not even know about authorship. They heard on the radio and on television, they sing in concerts, at meetings of veterans and just tables of. I can say with certainty: they will sing and continue until the land live on the Russian people.

Finally, thanks to the efforts of the widow Fatyanova - Galina and admirers of his talent began to emerge, and collections of poetry by Alexei Ivanovich. So, . recently in a series of "poetic Russia" published "Russian Book" was released a collection of poems and songs Alexei Fatyanova "I do not want the fate of another ..." The book came out unusually large for today's editions (especially of poetry) copies - in 5 thousand copies,
. Still, immediately became a rarity.

. In 1946, a young and happy Fat'yanov unexpectedly wrote:

. "What was wrong, it will come true.
. Do not come to pass - will be forgotten.
. When is youth
. Even more lyubitsya.

. People's Artist of Russia T
. Zhdanov after L. Utyosov sings this song and always preceded by the words, they say, is the most favorite song Galina, it usually is devoted to performance. "Let the thick hair was covered with frost, . Your eyes are tired, I seem to be beautiful ", . - As if from afar recognized poet in love that woman, . which had carried in his whole life and reaffirmed allegiance once elected: "The worst - not like, . and better - does not happen. ",

. This song always sounds and traditional Fatyanovo song festival, which annually, in late July, for more than a quarter of a century carried his small homeland - Vladimir region, on the Klyazma
. The scale they have long been compared with Pushkin, Lermontov, Nekrasov and Turgenev. They usually appear poets and singers from all over our vast Russia. Yes, and surrounding areas for its concerts include. The Prestige, I must say, the event! To sustain a creative examination by singing Fatyanovo countrymen are not so easy. But solar polyanochka, where the big celebration, attracts visitors from year to year.

. Shortly before his death Fat'yanov wrote:

. "If I was not born in Russia,
. What would life doing? How to live?
. How would I have mastered the difficult path?
. And, perhaps b, songs are not folded.

. Thank God for our happiness and the happiness of future generations of Russians, Fat'yanov born precisely here, in Russia.

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Fat'yanov Alexey, photo, biography
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