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FAT Chow Yun

( Actor)

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Chow Yun Fat

After the premiere of "The Replacement Killers" in Hollywood began to say that it combines a concentrated cynicism Bogart, Eastwood screen magnetism and smoldering fury Bronson. And he created a new type of hero to the screen - a conscientious assassin, a mercenary killer, not afraid to be a complex personality.

. History of Chow Yun-Fatah - actor from Hong Kong, . a brilliant career in Hollywood (it's worth remembering Oscar-winning film "Crouching Tiger, . tayaschiysya Dragon "), . like the story of Cinderella, . the only difference, . Cinderella as a result of what happened to her change felt happy, . but Yun-Fat: America is a recognized it (the magazine "People" now called Chow among the most beautiful people in the world), . but whether he acknowledges America?,

. American debut of Chow Yun-Fatah became the film "The Replacement Killers"
. Having moved off in more than seventy films over twelve years of his film career Chow glorified in the fine and violent films of John Woo "assassin" and "Hard Boiled" and became one of the most famous stars "Action" in Asia.

. After the premiere of "The Replacement Killers" in Hollywood began to say that it combines a concentrated cynicism Bogart, Eastwood screen magnetism and smoldering fury Bronson
. And he created a new type of hero to the screen - a conscientious assassin, a mercenary killer, not afraid to be a complex personality.

. Of course, the winner of the Oscar-winning director Mira Sorvino also exerted an experienced hand to the success of "The Replacement Killers", but the main burden fell on the shoulders of Chow Yun-Fatah, who had arrived from Hong Kong to America very badly spoken in English
. He had to undergo an intensive three-month English language course, which, incidentally, has no effect on his manners. As is common in Asia, it is still every morning shake hands with all members of the crew before they start shooting.

. Chow Yun-Fat was born in a small fishing village and still refuses to consider America their home, saying that he had come here only to work.

. - Why did you choose as his first Hollywood film "The Replacement Killers"?

. - I chose not to
. Chose the studio, my agent, manager.

- It is terrible there be a newcomer to Hollywood? After the house you are one of the most famous stars "Action."

- My theory of life - always look for a new adventure. Some people like to climb Mount Everest. Some are doing something else more terrible. I know that in this world nothing is easy.

- What surprised you most in Hollywood?

- A large dressing room. And the fact that every morning, everyone calls you "sir".

- At home, you do not say?

- In Chinese, "sir" means to fall. I do not want people saying to me: "You fall". So I asked everyone not to call me Sir - better just yun. Or just Fat.

- How did you come to the cinema?

- My acting career started in 1973. I had just finished acting schools and signed a contract with the television channel for fourteen years.

- At fourteen years old! But it's you bound hand and foot!

- For Hong Kong it is normal. During this time I weighed more than a thousand episodes. At first, I was an actor of melodramatic and comic, and the hero of "Action" has become a much later.

. - John Woo told me that in those days, when he met with you, you are considered "box office poison."

. - People used to see Chow Yun-Fata every day on television
. They did not want to buy cinema tickets to see him again as on the big screen. So I have long been the most non-cash in the world. (Laughs) It was not until 1986, when I met with John Woo and starred in the movie "better tomorrow", which was a huge success.

. - What was it like to work with Mira Sorvino?

. - For the beginner to play immediately with the laureate of "Oscar" - an honor and a bit scary
. At first I was nervous. But Mira was very good and helped me very. She is studying a half years in Beijing studying Chinese.

- You said it in Chinese?

- Yes, all the time. Only this saved me.

- What was your childhood? Where you grew up?

- On the small island of Lamma thirty kilometers from Hong Kong. I was an ordinary country boy. Our family, like all islanders, led a subsistence economy. Hungry - go to the sea and catch fish. Or in the garden - you can always find something to eat: As a child I got up at four in the morning to catch up to the school to feed the chickens and pigs. And after school went to the rice field to help parents. Now sometimes when I do not work, I want to return to the island and become a farmer.

- You spend a lot of time in Hollywood?

- No, here I am on short visits. When I want to discuss a project, come for a couple of weeks. Like all the other actors who do not live in California.

- Tell us about the film "Corruption", which you filmed with Mark Wahlberg.

- Where I first played the bad guy. Venal policeman from Chinatown. For me it was new. But the bad guys often a big heart, in easy reach. But in general it is a tragic hero.

- At one time, you refused to go to Hollywood, because you offered here only the role of bad guys. What has changed?

- Scenario. If the hero is not just bad, but a deep, three-dimensional personality, which has a great good heart, then the film is not so much "Action" as a drama.

. - You had to make some difficult tricks?

. - No, usually the directors do not allow the actors to do tricks - for this is a stunt
. Stunts himself only does Jackie Chan. He superman. He can do everything.

- Strongly whether different notion of fame in Hollywood and in Hong Kong?

- I am fourteen years working in television, and therefore in Hong Kong, almost all people think I'm an older brother or neighbor. Wherever I went, I say: "Hello, how are things, when we'll see you again?" People feel not my fans and my friends. Well, I just love them all.

Speaking of love. First love yun Fata became an actress Candice Yu. They met during the filming of one of the first films Chow - "Girl masseuses". Roman lasted for several years. Then 26-year-old Yun Fat met another beauty - Go Cheng, and Kendis overnight was forgotten. Go With it has come to an engagement - and then tragedy struck: his mother Yun Fatah did not give blessing to the marriage. Well. did not like her sister: too emancipated, . frivolous and in general - "Western": And, . although by the time my mother (father died several years earlier) Yun Fata wholly financially dependent on her son, . her word was law continues, . as adopted in all Chinese households,
. Yun Fat and did not dare to disobey think. And he married: Candice Yu, which is easy to forgive him to change. Mother this time did not object. But the marriage did not ask (love-it never was), and within six months Yun Fat again asked the mother to give him a blessing - to divorce:

In 1984, the actor was in Singapore, a new series of contracts. By the time his popularity in Asia can be compared only with the glory DiCaprio after "Titanic". It was there that he met the daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman Jasmine, which was not a beauty, but, according to Chow, "was struck by its purity". Moreover, it somehow reminded him of his mother: After two years they played the wedding. Since then, now fifteen years together they. For all the years of marriage Yun Fat has never allowed himself a hint of flirtation on the side. His wife - his agent, lawyer, accountant and just his reliable rear.

. As for the news that he attributed to the fifty most beautiful people in the world, Yun Fat is still puzzled: why the other forty-nine is not the Chinese or at least not Asians? ..

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FAT Chow Yun, photo, biography
FAT Chow Yun, photo, biography FAT Chow Yun  Actor, photo, biography
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