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FALK Peter

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Peter Falk (16.09.1927 years)

Our viewers the actor became famous after the cult for teens 70's movie "Big Race". Ah, this phrase Professors: "Max, Click the button!" How charmingly awkward promptly and was Max! Few know the current Lieutenant Colombo that clumsy Max from the old comedy. During his career, Peter Falk played dozens of minor roles, namely as Best Supporting Actor, he twice was nominated for Oscar. Alas, never got it. World fame earned him the role of invisible, rather badly dressed, almost senseless police lieutenant.

. Ironically, his childhood, Peter Falk was in the town Osining, which is known close proximity to the U.S. prison at Sing Sing
. Peter's mother was Russian and her father - a Pole with Hungarian and Czech lines in pedigree. So it was not the Italians, as is commonly believed, and brothers-Slavs, the actor is obliged to his charm and humor. Parents, Peter held sway in the haberdashery shop and lived well - even during the Great Depression. When Peter was three years old, kindergarten teacher advised his mother to verify the child's vision - it alerted that he turned his head when he tried to something to see. The doctor found the boy in the right eye tumor and advised him to remove the eye. The operation was successful. Sam Falk commented on this period of his life as follows:

"It's great to wake up and discover three years that you have only one eye. I remember how we stood with her mother at the window accessories and chose me bandage. However, when I was a little older, I had a glass ... In hot weather it had been causing continuous pain. A more practical eye was made of plastic, but it came later. "

Peter played for school teams in baseball and basketball (when it is a growth of 175 centimeters!). Sometimes the anger on his physical disability led to the disruption, and exposure to Peter changed. Thus, already in high school once the judge removed him from the field, like Peter considered unfair. Beside himself with indignation, he threw a glass eye of an arbitrator, shouting: "Try this!" "You can not imagine what I heard laughter."

Successfully graduated from high school, he was at a crossroads. The idea of becoming an actor not occurred to him. "I thought that the actors some special people and that they need Europeans. Probably due to the fact that no one saw. I loved sports, but in the professional path has been closed due to the eye. "

Therefore, in 1945. he went to college in New York. "When I got there, I was shocked. No girls. Few students, because the war was still. Half of the guys - veterans who returned from the war to study. They were very serious. I passed only a month ". Tried unsuccessfully to break into military service, he arranged in the merchant navy. "This is where no one is absolutely not worried, you're blind or sighted, - states Falk. - On the ship the captain should see good. And in the case of the "Titanic" and he was not up to scratch, as we know. "

Someone without all the time, beat him to the jokes and jokes. "Once in costume, I was hanging around the ship. A healthy boy, Joe, I began to probe how such a lad as I was able to get into the merchant navy. I replied that I had a small physical problems. As proof he took out two teeth (I had a bridge), then took out his eyes and laid next to the teeth. And for greater effect, pretended to be unfastened leg ... Suddenly, Joe turned pale and said that I should briefly go on deck. "

. Sailed a half years in the Merchant Navy, he returned to the University of New York, then transferred to another university, then studying the social relations in the third school
. However, the passion for knowledge, could not resist the love affair. Following the chosen one, Peter went to Paris. After various adventures in Europe, he returned to New York and again comes to learn. That's when he met his first wife, Alice Mayo. They had two daughters. After leaving in 1976, Peter and Alice kept beautiful friendship.

After graduation, he became an expert on real estate in the city of Hartford and ... acted in amateur theater troupe. His irresistibly attracted theater. In the neighboring town gives acting lessons French actress Eva Gallieni. The journey takes two hours, but it is not an obstacle - he was determined to learn how professionals work. For the sake of it had to refuse leave. "But I still late. Because of the movement. And my car ever broke down ". In the end, Madame Gallieni tired of his late. Peter had to admit that he lives in another city, and in general it unprofessional actor. "She looked sternly at me and sneered:" To be a professional ". That was enough ". The next day he resigned from the firm.

Eva Falk gave a letter of recommendation in one of the theatrical agency in New York. Here he was not waiting with open arms. Moreover, all saying they do not get it fate or to the movies or on television screens - in fact he has one eye. These words he will hear again and again, but it is impossible to stop him: "I do not understand what they say. My dream was just to become a professional actor. I was happy to work on Broadway. Television in 1952. only begun. Few could have foreseen then, in that it will turn.

He received a small role in Moliere's "Don Giovanni", for it did not pay. There were changes in directors, performers Don Giovanni - Falk always come to every rehearsal. He received minor role in the Broadway and near-Broadway productions, starred in comedies and detective. For the role of killers in the low-budget gangster film it for the first time nominated for an Oscar. At next year's nomination was repeated, but the victory went to another again. But he began his long Hollywood movie and telekarera.

Falk did not agree to appear in TV series "Columbo" had no idea that you can every week to offer viewers an interesting history. "People still ask me why this series so successful? Still, thirty years - no joke. I think because of the nature of Colombo. People like people like them. And at the same time, people like heroes. Police Lieutenant combines both.

Colombo - as if the antipode of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes - aristocrat. Colombo-person crowd: a dirty old raincoat, the dog, the wife ... Nevertheless, in the method of work these two different detectives have something in common. And he humane. He wondered the same things and mere mortals. I think many would like the police were so unlike the police, as the Colombo. In today's world, where only the power of the show, the hero Falk seems charmingly untimely. He hates the use of force, ever loses a pistol and a pencil.

And then - the key is found, the mystery revealed. And there is a cigar.

I do not remember who thought up that I should smoke cigars. I think this is my idea. Awful like smoking, cigar makes you very courageous, much more courageous than cigarettes.

. He smokes nearly sixty years, and his mother in 92 years being quite cheerful old woman, actively smoking.

. Peter understands the position of opponents of smoking - but only if they are not crazy: "You smoke a cigarette lighter in the Grand Canyon, . and twelve miles a man with binoculars yells: Throw, . allergic to smoke! "He mourns:" I heard, . now can not smoke even light a cigarette at the stadium,
. What is this world, if you can not smoke during the game? "

Cloak FOR Colombo he found in his unnecessary rags, eerie kind of brown boots - too. And the second year of filming the director decided that the lieutenant need a dog. "I did not agree. I have a raincoat, cigars and machine. Enough. But the next day I saw him lying on the table in the dressing room. It was hard to walk. I thought they wanted a small dog yurkuyu. But the director wanted this. "

In the actor and his second wife, also an actress, Shair Denise (they were together for more than twenty years), five dogs: two Pekingese, shih-tzu and two mutts who Falqui rescued from sobakolovov. All of this motley company resides in the artist's bedroom at his home in Beverly Hills. The house has nine rooms, five bathrooms and a swimming pool.

Shair Falk, very cheerful, loves a party. Alas, this tastes of the spouses does not agree: "I hate parties. In my youth I believed that the only reason to visit them - the opportunity to pick up girlfriend. But when you're married, they lose their meaning ". He loves to draw, and his work deserved recognition of professionals. The studio is equipped in the garage. "I work with coal - Falk said with a sly smile. - The human body - a fantastic thing. I can not paint landscapes and still lifes. "

Falk behind more than 110 paintings. "It's great that you can not worry about money as early in his career". He still sporty, the latest passion - golf. "Most of the plays so that it does not matter, you have two eyes or one" - he says, lighting a cigar, and squint.

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FALK Peter, photo, biography
FALK Peter, photo, biography FALK Peter  Actor, photo, biography
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