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Fadeev Maxim

( producer-composer)

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Biography Fadeev Maxim
Maxim Fadeev

The fact that the famous producer-composer-arranger Max Fadeev began his career as a singer, today there are few who remember. On the other hand produced by them in the early 90's mysterious Linda audiophiles will not forget for a long time. Today the tune Fadeeva dance and singing group 'Total', 'Monokini', 'Turin', Glyukoza, Katya Lel, as well as graduates 'Star Factory-2'.

- Maxim, on the 'Factory' you tough enough to communicate with the contestants, not hesitating in terms. Such were the rules of the game in front of the camera or as you treat all its dependencies?

- I am a straight man and proud of it. For a long time tried to be correct in the statements, but realized that my sense of civility little. I'm tired of a hundred times to say: 'Girls, let's will follow their diet, pay attention to the figures'. Much more effective to specifically: 'You ozhirela. It's time to lose weight '. If a person fails to similar comments, he had nothing to do on a professional platform. In addition, all of my wards see and know that instead of its stringent requirements, I fully give them my heart and soul.

. - What do you think the main problem of contemporary creative young people?

. - "One of the times can not help wondering unduly inflated ambitions of many young artists
. I can not understand on what grounds their pride manages to grow to such an abnormal size? Ambition is good, when they are adequate to the situation and the talent of the Executive. I'm constantly bumping into an unjustified, just unreal pathos, which every time I remain in shock. In 99 cases out of 100 I refuse to accept this or that artist because of his star -. Well, I do not understand how to work with the performer in the studio, if he knows what to do. Why then am I? Another disgusting to see how a person changes from popularity: start talking to you down, ceases to hear and listen. These attacks try to treat the star-shock therapy.

- At one time you refused to work with Zemfira and a group of 'Tattoo'. You thus fills a price?

- With Zemfira We started to communicate, but we happened to human misunderstanding. Not music. This is normal. I think Zemfira totally self-sufficient person who knows what she wants. Serve as an arranger for the life of me do not feel like. The situation with 'Tattoo' is not commenting.

. - Country: refusing to work with brilliant performers, do you charge for such risky and frankly poppy projects like 'Monokini' and Katya Lel.

. - You are wrong about 'frank pop' artists named
. 'Monokini' - it transmuzyka. What I'm writing now for Katia Lel - soft disco. Katya was a very long time waiting for our cooperation, in addition, it pleases me very much like a man: kind, soft, hard-working, and most importantly - without pathos.

. - Is it true that the blind can be a star almost from anyone?

. - Every second for sure: it would face and the ability to publish at least some sounds
. With the help of technology and advertising can be achieved fame, but not the popularity and audience love.

In large part, for me it does not matter that the actor somewhere sfalshivil. Working with artists in the studio, often hear something like this: 'Max, why are we in the 17 th time does not rewrite the third verse? I was there again twice sfalshivil '. But these two notes, I can hold out with the equipment. But the soul and spirit with which actor on the 17 th time he sang, no technique can not imitate.

- According to official information, the newly-cool girl Glyukoza you have found one of the chats. From this we can conclude that the Internet do you visit frequently.

- Do not just often, and almost all his spare time. I live on the Internet. In secret, I can say that the virtual Max Fadeev - a monster. In a chat I am always 19-year emgeushnik with absolutely ugly nicknames: William, hair, пїп?пЎп?. The rest I will not tell you because they actively use. I know that some regulars chat waiting for me with one thought: 'Here comes this young suchonok now, and we tear to pieces'. Due to the fact that I have a super computer, which is packed with mountains of literature, I manage to in a conversation on any topic to wrap something clever. Dully copying the same quote Nietzsche, adds its own harsh word and look like megachel. General, in chat rooms, I relax and rest. To me they are the same as that Indian films.

- You are so kidding or making fun of?

- I'm serious. Indian movie - my passion. Lie down on the sofa, . run a film and two hours of rest, . astonished at the boundless naivete Indian filmmakers: the hero still brandishing his handkerchief, . and already is voice blow, . from which the villains fly away to ten meters, . to fall on God knows where who had taken boxes,
. It's super! Imagine what serious people shoot people such movies: clap flap, shouting "Action!". I admire. If I was locked up for a year in a house where there is a studio, made videos of Indian movies, I would have never thought to mention the fresh air.

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  • sad-mariana for Fadeev Maxim
  • I write poetry and lyrics, there is tremendous potential and willingness to cooperate.
  • mEEra DS for Fadeev Maxim
  • Dear Maxim! There is a great desire to cooperate with you, tk. of all producers rossiyskiyh you-the brightest and most unusual among the millions. Theme songs in something similar to yours, but prospects as such is not expected. If you want to do a new project, contact: 89130250794 or my contacts mcmira@mail.ru. I would be grateful tips. Julia.
  • Alexei for Fadeev Maxim
  • have their own group only need to get through the scene
  • Alexei for Fadeev Maxim
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