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Tatiana Ustinova

( Writer)

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Biography Tatiana Ustinova
photo Tatiana Ustinova
Tatiana Ustinova (1968)

In the latest novel by Tatiana Ustinova, "Emergency instinct" heroes mainly recharged by coffee. And the main character banned in his office drinking a soluble version of this drink, because it plebeian. The unique fit of snobbery. All other characters in other books make shift sandwiches and fried until they get to Mamochkin pies. And what's going on in the kitchen writer? Not creative, but at the most literal? We offer you an interview given Ustinova metropolitan magazine supermarket.

. Detectives Tatiana Ustinova face classified as "first among the best."

. In the picturesque Russian company Agatha Christie Ustinov to figuratively and literally the largest figure.

. - Admit it, Tanya, how often do you ask a question: what else is to eat to lose weight?

. - I always pace yourself diets
. Like all women, just doing what losing weight. Day and Night. And no result! You see. I was like this in eighth grade, so still and go. And then it was a disaster! Not only that the growth of feet tall, so still and forms. Horror! Nightmare! Worse than anything you can imagine, than the memories of my childhood.

- Success for boys do not enjoy?

- What is success? Besides, I was wearing glasses. As today. I am such complexes has grown - not pass! My husband has me on them a little delivered. We have been married for fifteen years, and every morning he tells me: "You are the most beautiful woman in the world!" He Baits, hudyuschy tall blond man with a long nose, a pronounced phlegmatic. So sad voice, the husband repeats: "You are the most beautiful ... the most beautiful ... "And I believe him!

- You got married too early?

- In the nineteen years.

- The path to the heart blond lying through his stomach?

- Definitely. In my first year I have had a crazy-love carrots, and the object of my passion to know I was not wanted. It was at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute at the Faculty of aerodynamics and aircraft engineering, which I loved complexes, since I learned the worst of all. We have there was a common company, I have suffered, and my future husband once said: "Well, quite, calm down! Enough for him to run ..." And he made me an offer. He is six years older than me. Adult man, Leninist Fellow, Faculty of joy, pride, Dean, master of sport around the world. The institute still hang pictures of him: "We are proud of them". And I - this is a fatal error MIPT.

- Why did you go?

- My grandmother made. It is believed that the best scientific and technical intelligentsia in the nature of nothing can not be. My aunt asked me to promise her that I was in this institution will do. And I promised.

. - And what of flying technique you went to a criminal novels?

. - I have not worked a single day in the specialty, nA third year went to practice in the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute, and saw a picture of Bosch: long, narrow corridor, solid doors, very dark, very closely and a terrible wind
. On the grubby walls - stencils with arrows: "Sign in a wind tunnel". And I realized that if you walk into this tube, I immediately come to an end ... In the ninety-first year, our oldest son was born, and I have not had to work. I was sitting with a child, but at one point it became clear that we had to eat nothing at all.

- And what about the blonde?

- My husband, like all geniuses, until recently, worked in science. In the twenty-eight years, he defended his thesis, and three years later - Doctor. But aerodynamics died. There was no money. I remember being very angry at her husband: a small child, but for us, even hot dogs have become obscene gourmandism. Terrible depression! But then it dawned on me: why my husband to change jobs because of me? If I need something, then I must go and do.

. - I thought so! "Stop a galloping horse, a burning house will go down ..."

. - That's it! It changed my husband was totally not ready
. And I went to work on Russia's television. And to sit with our little boy was left, my mother, which was still far from retirement, but because of its Institute of bends, she preferred to work his grandmother.

- What kind of position you were offered in the "TV"?

- I became a secretary. My family is terribly objected: "What a nightmare! Man with higher education will serve coffee and cakes! My boss was a very good. He made me a man, forced to work. I began to translate between business programs, which were bought in America. I brought scenario prints stupid dialogues.

. - Well, when writing something started?

. - My first novel - "Personal Angel" - was born four years ago from the notebooks in which I wrote down all sorts of stories.

. - Agatha Christie said that the detective stories she finds a dishwashing: "This is an idiotic exercise that will inevitably have thought about killing"
. And how are you?

- I managed to work in 33 places, where everywhere are such Valais and such extraordinary situation, that writing - not to rewrite. I'm not making this up, but the plot and a happy Enda. The rest - all the real stories and characters, crazy parting and meeting. I know what will end a detective, but the end love, but love my line is always present, I do not know. Right now the entire head is destroyed because the main character well, does not want to do what I'm trying to impose on him. I have read that this happens. Leo Tolstoy tired of Prince Andrew, and he did not know what to do with it, as it is removed from the novel. But I always believed that all this mysticism is not related to that, roughly speaking, writing, which I am busy. I - complete graphomaniac. Always writing, all in a row. I have two pronounced degree of idiocy: the first - fear of heights, and the second - all the time I should write something. Incidentally, I noticed: all that is written on paper, begins to come true. And so, as it is written. My advice to you, Vlad: if you want a wife, a millionaire, write about it rasskazets, and more than write, the better.

- How do you respond to criticism?

- In our house was improper to praise. It was believed that if good, then so be it, it's normal. But in my books, I get more positive responses than negative. Once in Ostankino we face, nose to nose with Dmitry Bykov, who wrote something neutral about my books. He said: "You Ustinov?" Listen, you're a good writer, write something decent, that you write detective stories day and night? " I replied: "Thank you, Dima. But can I popishu detectives? I like it so ... "For" sureza "I did not have enough brains. On the human soul has been already written by Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. I so can not. And in the wilds of psychological bully does not want. I immediately made arrangements with publishers that will not write about gangs, about drug addicts and prostitutes, about being raped teenagers, about the organ trade, etc.. This is terrible, and I have no wish to participate.

- Public attention you tired?

- Probably, wildly popular, like Philip Kirkorov, which also lasts for years, get tired, but I did not Filipp Kirkorov. I calmly refer to the fact that I can ask for an autograph or ask in the manicure room: "And who is your husband?"

- Now you can afford a maid or a cook?

- No one I can not afford. It was a good wife and mother, and remained. We have always lived and still live outside the city in the country, in big and not very comfortable house that my grandmother had bought after the war. As family legend, she did not have enough money, and it paid off a gold watch-chain ... We have a very traditional family, where a woman's place - in the kitchen. We bake cakes for Easter and Christmas - a goose with apples.

- Yes, you just like Larin Pushkin: "They kept life peaceful sweet old habits, they have to Maslenica fatty vodilis Russian pancakes?

- Yes, yes, exactly. At Trinity, we have - pie with raspberries, and the Apple Spas - with apples. We have a large patriarchal family, especially on weekends, when my sister come with his people in the household, and my aunt. All I am preparing a meal: others believe that the profits to rest, lie in gamachke. I love to cook meat, because it is a quick, easy, and satisfying. I love all kinds of mushrooms. Cucumbers well-Sol. Pies bake a virtuoso, however, is worse than my mom, but I try. I know what to do to have raspberries did not flow ... Cooking when there's cooking and do not have to queue or mold cutlets unclear from what - it is so nice!

- What did you cook today to our readers?

- Pork with apples, or "Meat and Berlin". Usually I myself think out the names of dishes. Remember how in the movie "The most charming and attractive": "We call him" Maestro "!" But in this case, I read a recipe in a cookbook, published in Germany. The wonderful recipes!

- Prepare your grandmother taught?

- Course. We have such a right family, it was thought that girls should learn everything. I was always sewing, knitting, baked pies. When we came to the aunt, the sister of my father, and discovering that my sister and I were sitting watching television, she exclaimed: "How awful!" Loss of time, why pens are free? "

. - Tanya, you're a good guest? In my concept of "good" - a guest who welling over both cheeks, after which, as after Carlson, remains only a table ...

. - No, in this sense I am a bad guest
. Do not invite me! Away I almost never do not eat. And our eldest son of the same. Can I dug with a fork or say that on a diet, but the boy simply say: "I am not going!"

- Why?

- Houses tastier!

- And you love to walk to restaurants?

- Adore. German cuisine like - all kinds of sausages, duck breast. Chinese Restaurants liking. But stick from my hands fall, did not learn.

- Heroes of your essay familiar sin of gluttony?

- My heroes mainly coffee drink. Gourmet is not among them.

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  • Read Ustinov - it's great. It's a pity that Ustinov did not look so great, however it is not guilty.
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