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Arkady Ukupnik

( Singer, Composer)

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Biography Arkady Ukupnik
photo Arkady Ukupnik
Arkadiy Ukupnik (18.02.1953 years)

Arkady Ukupnik - comedian of our platform. At least prefers to act in this role. Even if he tries to "humanise" his image: wear a bow tie, tails and patent leather shoes - all the same there is some sense of the shed. And then there was a discrepancy between the voice and appearance.

No wonder it from time to time compared to the great Frenchman, Pierre Richard. He is also a comedian - is that in another area. By the way, they are familiar, even signed a contract together and were going to shoot the film, but something went wrong. Meanwhile, despite all its foreign frivolity, Arkady Ukupnik "lives" on Russia's the stage for a long time and gained much. Coming from a small Ukrainian town, Arkady studied at the Institute Bauman and had to be an engineer, and became a singer and composer.

. By the way, recently, look around, Arkady noticed that Russia's the stage set of suburbanites, many of whom, like him, natives of the independent Ukraine
. Immediately the light was born the project "100% Love. The project will combine Russian and Ukrainian artists and result in a joint concert tour of cities and villages of the two, once the fraternal states.

. Artworks Arcadia Ukupnik performed Alla Pugacheva, Irina Ponarovskaya, Vadim Kazachenko, Vlad Stashevsky
. The list goes on. Most recently, Arkady wrote new material for the album Irina Allegrova. It seems, came to an end the monopoly of Igor Cool.

Ukupnik - one of the most hit composers. He manages to reconcile the irreconcilable: writing successful songs, he manages to sing himself, while at different times of his songs were on the top of the charts. Ukupnik singer takes its closeness to the people, popular topics. There was a time when many men, anticipation of a quick trip to the registry office, began to hum under his breath "I'm on you will never get married". Himself Arkady is now living with his third wife, though officially their relationship, they did not make. From previous marriages were a musician's son and daughter. Arkady believes that creativity is directly linked to the fate, but his fate, he does not complain.

Arkadi - people nutty. Maybe off the field and no one warned dart away on tour. She likes to participate in a race for survival, selflessly loves cars and beautiful women, but is indifferent to alcohol and tobacco. With him always something happening. Recently traveled to the festival in Sochi and returned with a story that the joint efforts of the Arcadia and the poet Cyril Krestoshevskogo was the song "Alain, try to understand!". This is the story of a young man from whom she had gone. All the peculiarity is that the history documented. Arkady actually met in Sochi with the man who was very upset about the break with his girlfriend. The girl herself, according to some sources - model, chose to escape from a former lover on the blessed shores of Portugal.

Arkady own recording studio, which he did along with several outstanding representatives of show business. Studio is located on the site of the former theater of Alla Pugacheva and conceived as a sort of oasis where artists can not only record their songs, but simply to communicate. But there came a small pad. One of the co-founders of the studio was Vladimir Zhechkov designed to provide information support to all ongoing activities. Once Zhechkov, in jest, was invited to sing a few words into a microphone, and he suddenly liked. Soon the group was born "White Eagle". The problem was that the chief eagle Zhechkov who want to burn in the first place, despite the fact that the studio could have at this time occupied. To the delight of Arcadia, now Vladimir Zhechkov somewhat lost interest in "White Eagle", which has restored normal operation of the studio.

. From time to time Arkady Ukupnik making Herculean efforts to change its appearance to look more seriously
. Maybe he did it and got - although, frankly, would be very sorry. It exists independent style Arcadia Ukupnik - jovial style, shirt-guy, a talented composer, comedian with sad eyes. And yet, where you saw a really fun comic book?

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  • Natalie for Arkady Ukupnik
  • ...WHAT??? поступил на специальность 'Оборудование и технология сварочного производства' (кафедра АМ-7), которое закончил в 1976 году. СВАРЩИК ОН ПО ОБРАЗОВАНИЮ, какое Баумановское??! ... Bullshit and full fake...
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    Arkady Ukupnik, photo, biography
    Arkady Ukupnik, photo, biography Arkady Ukupnik  Singer, Composer, photo, biography
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