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TREVI Gloria

( Singer)

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Biography TREVI Gloria
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Gloria Trevi (15.02.1968 years)

Gloria Trevi, lived like a star. Her fate was still difficult. Love, hate, fame, shame, respect and the worst criminal charges. Her life, her struggle continues.


Gloria de los Ángeles Trevio Ruiz (Gloria de los Ángeles Trevio Ruíz) was born February 15, 1968 in the hospital "Mugerza" (Hospital Muguerza) g.Monterrey (Mexico). Her parents: Architect Manuel Guillermo Trevio Cantu (Manuel Guillermo Trevio Cantú) and Gloria de los Angeles Ruiz Arredondo (Gloria de los Angeles Ruíz Arredondo).

. Gloria eldest of his brothers and sisters: Manuel (Manuel), Louise (Luis), Mario (Mario), Ramiro (Ramiro), Amalia (Amalia) and Gustavo (Gustavo) from the mother, and Mildred (Mildred), Malena (Malena ) and junior Manuelito (Manuelito) on his father
. So Gloria has received little attention and affection, she is constantly going to the reprimands and punishment, because it was a very playful girl and not a very good student.

. From childhood she had problems with his family, that triggered her first away from home in 5 years, she hid in a neighboring house, which led her, at the request of Gloria, to her great-grandmother and great-grandfather Luis Aurora
. They were the closest to Gloria because it gave her what she most wanted: love, kindness and understanding, the proof is the fact that she lived with them many years of childhood.

. Gloria was very fond of animals and has always been different in his house, from home, like dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and turtles, to chickens, pigeons, mice, goats and pigs
. Her mother said in a television interview that the biggest prank of her daughter, was that a few days she has filled one room of more than 30 cats and the house was completely filled with fleas and ticks.

. When Gloria learned to talk, . beginning to think little stanza of which is further folded rhythms and his first song written in 5 years, . The song was dedicated to one dog, . by the name Reina (Reyna) and who died not long before, . was due to whelp (crushed).,

. When Gloria was 12 years old, her parents divorced and although she knew better that way, it began to grow unbelief, confusion and loneliness
. From the words of Gloria - it was the most difficult stage of her childhood, tk. she had become a 'mother' to their brothers and sisters, and as she was forced to explain to them what was happening between their parents.

. At school she was not a good student, very often threw lessons and instead wrote songs, made drawings and dreamed of becoming an actress
. And her mother is very strict with a strong character, she has been given 25 strokes with a belt, not made for each lesson. However, little Gloria had not received a bitter lesson and continued to do what she liked, always took to organize dances and raffles at school, and she won several competitions recitation and singing.

. Despite a big headache, . by Gloria brought her mother, . Dona Gloria unrepentant and does not complain about anything, . and assures, . is very proud of his daughter, . which in addition, . is very affectionate, . man, . who tirelessly fights for their dreams and their ideals,
. "The greatest joy that I gave my daughter - is that she was born and I hug her, but the biggest pain - yet it has not given me" - confident lady Gloria.

. When Gloria was 13 years old, she started the first idol - "Parchis" - Spanish group, consisting of 5 girls who were older or younger than Gloria, and was a true sensation in the early 80's
. She was so delighted with them, that has organized and led the fan club, which was called "Sinco maravillas de Parchis" (Five of the wonderful Parchis). This is even more alienated from her classes, tk. always been aware of the group.

Gloria's mother was a teacher of dance, so Gloria accompanied her and took lessons with her. She studied ballet from 4 to 11 years and jazz from 12 to 14 years. One of the things she remembers with pleasure, that I walked with friends from high school in "La Purísima" in his native Monterrey and eating the young corn on the cob, which they prepared, so far it is one of its weaknesses.

. One can say, . that childhood Gloria was a little fleeting, . than girls of her age, . because of the circumstances, . As for her life, . however, . She believes, . that her childhood was normal, . were moments of happiness, . also had moments of very heavy, . are difficult to forget.,

. Adolescence and the entry into the artistic environment

. At a time when Gloria was 15 years old, . on Televisa (Televisa - one of the largest television companies in Mexico) was a competition in which searched for "Double Chispity" (La doble de Chispita), . character telenovela, . major role in who performed Lucero (Lucero),
. AND TK. She was a little like, Gloria decided to take part in the competition and accompanied by the mother went to Mexico and, to the surprise of both, after a few selections, won the first place.

. As the awards were: scholarship to study in the "Training Center Televisa" (El Centro de capacitacíon de Televisa), . dog, . same, . as in Chispity, . wardrobe-known brand and a small role in the telenovela as a cousin of the protagonist,
. However, for unknown reasons, Gloria just handed scholarship and a wardrobe, but she was more than pleased, tk. in fact, scholarship and was her impetus to participate in the contest, and she has made.

. After that Gloria wanted to stay in Mexico City and take advantage of a scholarship, and although my mother asked her to return to Monterrey, strongly resisted, so the lady came back, one Gloria, tk
. had to deal with other children, but promised to send her daughter money for a hotel and meals.

. After nearly a year in the Training Center, which put all their tenacity to learn as much as possible, once accidentally met on the street with Ricky Luis (Ricky Luis), singer and lead XE-TU, whom she met several years ago, so to
. He was an announcer at Monterrey, at a time when Gloria led fan club "Parchis" and thus they often met at the station.

. At this meeting Rica Luis recommend Gloria famous producer Sergio Andrade (Sergio Andrade), . who prepared a new musical project, . which was called 'Boquitas Pintadas' (Painted mouths) - group of 5 teens, . who sang, . played on instruments only in living, . and looking for young girls for this project.,

. After several meetings, she managed to get an audience with Andrade, and he immediately accepted it and wrote to take piano lessons, tk
. found ideal for staffing granted quintet.

After nearly a year of preparations and intensive rehearsals the girls were ready and in 1985. Group "Boquitas Pintadas" makes debut in the program "Siempre en domingo" (Always on Sunday) with the leading Raul Velasco (Raúl Velasco).

. The Group includes: Gloria, Claudia (Claudia), Pilar (Pilar), Rakenel (Raquenel) (now - Marie Bokitas (Mary Boquitas)), of the five Gloria played keyboard and was the most liberated, tk
. was very mischievous, constantly flirted with the audience and the cameras. She also composed songs for the group, of which the most famous "Amor Cavernícola" (Cave love) (sung to herself) and "Se hace noche" (nightfall) (sung Rakenel).

. After several months of promotions throughout Mexico, . started rumors, . that there are difficulties between the parties "Boquitas Pintadas", . that were always disputes, . because some stand out more than others, . and even began to talk, . Sergio Andrade that he can not control them.,

. Unfortunately, a year later, in 1986, the group splits and Gloria is completely defenseless, tk
. mother daughter deprived of economic support, to make her return to Monterrey. But the ex-Boquita not admitted defeat and went on to study singing, dancing, stage skills and music, while looking for a new occupation to support themselves.

. After a long search got a job teaching aerobics at the Academy, and there put into practice all what they have learned the lessons of his mother, Gloria, and according to itself was a great success in this occupation, it had about 500 students, men and women.

. Also in this period, she met with the doctor (gynecologist), in which madly falls in love and with whom lived 3 years in a civil marriage
. After some time, relationships deteriorate and after a severe quarrel finally stopped, it inhibits Gloria, tk. no matter what she continues to love him.

After a sobbing 24 hours a day during 2 weeks, she chooses not to delve more into depression and sadness, and gather all the power will once again begins to leave the house.

In 1989. again she is looking for Sergio Andrade, to ask him to help her burn, TK. she had already been fully prepared songs, music and style. Producer himself is in a dire situation, his past musical projects have not been successful, which he expected, so I decided to take a vacation. But Gloria returns to his life, and TK. He knew her ability, her talent, did not doubt for one minute and helped her unconditionally, by writing her 1-st drive as a singer.
1989. New star is born

Finally, in late 1989. new star is born, which some time later turns into a great idol - Gloria Trevi. With their first disc, called "? Que hago aqui?" (What am I doing here? ") And the single" Doctor Psiquiatra "(psychiatrist), it is within 13 weeks thereafter for 1 site's popularity in Mexico. Also take good places theme "? Que voy a hacer sin el?" (What I will do without him?), "Manana" (tomorrow), "? Que hago aqui?", "El ultimo beso" (The last kiss).

. Gloria Trevi - not the product of Televisa (as everyone thinks), as a singer she was born on the radio
. She, along with Sergio Andrade walked station to cast their first single. After listening to the heads of companies, he was adopted and included in the program of pop music in Spanish. So, already known on the radio, she began to realize personal performances in several cities of Mexico, with great success and sold out big.

. Several months later, Gloria invited to the program "Siempre en domingo" (Always on Sunday) Televisa, to complete his debut on television
. It is in this program, she made her debut with "Boquitas Pintadas".

Included audience eager and excited, tk. finally know personally "a girl psychiatrist, and after the announcement of Raul Velasco (Raul Velasco) enters the scene Gloria Trevi with unusual energy and the songs are very different from those already familiar.

. The people remained quite impressed, seeing this girl with disheveled hair, torn stockings, jumping on the floor, very provocative dancing and cheering in the song "No estoy loca:!" (I'm not crazy ...!)
. Following the presentation begins huge wave of criticism, comments and praise from the public. Thus it takes the front pages of newspapers, magazines and large space in the television news and entertainment programs. Many take it, some reject it, but eventually no one was indifferent to the phenomenon of Trevi.

At the beginning of Televisa, on the orders of the Government Secretariat (Secretaria de Gobernacion) it "prohibits", tk. believes that her image is too strong and even aggressive, to appear in family programs, but it had no effect on her and she continued her speech to the country and promotions at various radio stations.

. Gloria continues to cause scandal and controversy for its resolute show, . which in addition, . that sings songs from her first disc and recycling hits 80, . -dances enchantingly, . out to the public, . to dance with her, . raises some of their fans on stage, . to remove from them shirts, . pants and all, . that can, . yet they will not remain in their underwear,
. And not only that! - It is also awash in soft drinks or water, and bathes the audience, climbs onto the platform so that it could see even those who in the last series. And to conclude my statement: removes panties and tosses them to their fans who madly happy, tearing them, seeking, but TK. do not get the whole, everyone is satisfied and a piece.

. Characteristic for concerts Gloria Trevi (that none of the artists does not) is its merger with the people "with his race", . between each song led by it, . razgovarilavala with public, . played it, . joked, . telling jokes, . and did everything possible to ensure, . in addition to the concert was a "holiday" in the style of the Trevi,
. 2 o'clock in a row (or more if the audience requests), music, joy, entertainment, feelings, scrip marches, audacity and Gloria: Gloria lot.

. Although at the beginning of her show long criticized, and even had people who tried to ban them, but they failed, tk
. each time more demanding concerts in various cities, because the concert Trevi - is synonymous with success. Of course, some artists began to copy some of the points "Travis Show", to use them in his speeches, such as jumping on the floor, daring to approach the public, but said "the latter - have never been good" and "first - better," so to. Gloria has something special that provokes what she does or says it was quite authentic and different from what others are doing. Also started to copy her movements, repeated in an interview with the things that were previously said Gloria, dressed very like her, in her style.

. With tens of thousands of petitions, Televisa to reflect and withdrew the "veto", Gloria again greeted with open arms, and from that moment she was allowed to do whatever she wants, before and behind the camera.

. The people were happy to return to the screen Gloria, . opportunity to enjoy her talent and severity, . but were moralists, . who expressed the view that, . it sets a bad example of youth, . but in fact they were a minority, . and only what they have - it gave her more fame, . TK,
. Trevi was loved and approved by the masses, the majority of whose number was growing by the day across the country.

Gloria started very well, tk. during the first year had a career full notebook, including concerts, presentations in various programs on television, radio interviews, photo session for newspapers and magazines, etc.. And the continued successes, triumphs, sell-out wherever it appeared, increasing the rating of programs in which she appeared, growing numbers of numerous fan clubs across the country, the endless list of people on the conquered her talent.

1990. It starts with great adventure

Gloria invested so much enthusiasm for what he had done that in 1990. began to receive recognition and awards for his work. One of them - premium "TV y Novelas a la artista revelacion de ano" (TV and Novels - opening year), which is awarded each year, the best Mexican artist direct vote of the public. On the other hand, due to its growing fame starts to receive offers to play in a movie, television shows and several commercial projects (advertising).

. Trevi received the proposal producer Luis de Llano Macedo (Luis de Llano Macedo) to withdraw in the telenovela "Alcanzar una estrella-2" (a star-2), . which Gloria was supposed to play one of the participating groups "Munecos de papel" (Paper Dolls), . which turns into a successful solo singer (very similar to, . that was in reality),
. But Gloria has rejected the proposal because of lack of time.

. And, reviewing the many proposals to participate in commercials, at the end of this year, accepts the offer to play in a chocolate advertising "Almon Ris", for which, as they say, has received a lot of money
. According to Gloria, she has accepted this proposal in the first place because this product, which does not harm either the youth or children, tk. before that she was offered to advertise unhealthy products: cigarettes, alcoholic beverages. And the second reason - because when it was still a child, she liked this chocolate, and for her great pleasure to represent him. In advertising Gloria sings "jingle" in the rhythm of heavy rock, concerns characteristics of the product and ends with the slogan: "Almon Ris - I:. Very different! ". During this year, with Gloria very busy schedule, while continuing to consider proposals to play in a movie.

. 1991, Time Gloria

. Year 1991, . Gloria Trevi - one of the most important and controversial artists in Mexico, . her notebook as always overflowing, . but it has not lost its simplicity, . contrary, . found time to meet with fans and for, . to achieve their altruistic case, . in which she did not like recognized.,

. In that year, when closed again in the studio, released his 2nd CD, titled "Tu Angel de la guarda" (Your guardian angel), which has so far sold in quantities of about 1 million
. copies. From the 2 nd album highlighted the theme: "Agarrate" (enough), . "Hoy me ir e de casa" (Today I'm going home), . "Tu Angel de la guarda", . "La pasabas bien conmigo" (It is well spent with me) and the super-hit "Pelo suelto" (long hair), . which has become an anthem for young people 90.,

. Also in 1991, . as a way to bring communication with their fans, . friends and the general public, . creates its own magazine "Las increibles, . insolitas e inverosimiles aventuras de Gloria Trevi "(Improbable, . unusual and unlikely adventures Gloria Trevi), . in which she claimed to do comics, . based on her life experiences and everyday situations, the majority of young people.,

. Besides, . when it was time, . responded to letters, . who came to her office from the young (and not just young people), . in which she told their problems and asked for her advice; organized contests, . which played out cars, . Travel, . scholarships for study, . tickets to her show and some of her clothes, . known as "calzon de gotito (Lower lingerie),
. Unfortunately, . because of the intensive work, . Gloria closed the magazine in 1992, . and although the proposal was to hire painters, . to follow the same line of her tales, . and staff, . to respond to letters from people and watched contests, . she refused, . because "so there is no urgency, . I want to be in direct contact with my people and I believe, . they want the same. ",

. In the middle of the year, the record company BMG Aliola organized within its walls a special ceremony with the heads of companies and journalists of various media throughout the country, . to give Gloria Trevi various gold and platinum discs for high sales of her first album "? Que hago aqui?",
. And the prizes and awards does not end, . She gets "Galardon a los Grandes" (grand prize) from the hands of actor Eduardo Palomo (Eduardo Palomo) and later receives a reward "Calendario Azteca de oro" (Golden Calendar Azteca) and "Las palmas de oro" (Golden Palm (Palm)) .,

. The stars of such magnitude as Gloria lacked only on the big screen and, having considered several proposals, she decides to withdraw his first film, "Pelo suelto" (long hair)
. Together with Gloria in the film are removed Tsurita Umberto (Humberto Zurita), Sergio Jimenez (Sergio Jimenez), Jorge Patino (Jorge Patino) and Patty Alvarez (Patty Alvarez). To the surprise of Gloria and producers, the picture has become the most cash in the history of national cinema, broke all attendance records. Also broke the record in Spain and had an excellent charges with the U.S. market is very difficult for Mexican cinema.

Gloria Participation in the festival Acapulco 91 (El festival Acapulco 91) was one of the most important and discussed, tk. during her stay, she was the only star of the festival, which decided to wear a bikini and free to go to the beach, to the people.

. In the middle of the year begins a busy tour of the United States, with whom she begins to overcome the border and met with open arms, tk
. Trevi already known for her songs for her madness and her unique style through the media. Thus, it became a Mexican star, whose most concerts given in this country. For this reason, Gloria begins to take lessons in English, tk. says he does not want to have difficulties in giving interviews and communicating with his fans-gringo. Therefore, it has a lot of work and a notebook crammed full, and so completely that she often had to attend one day in 3 different cities. So she went with personal English teacher and took lessons in airplanes, while moved from city to city, sometimes in hotels.

. Thus flowed the life of Gloria Trevi, always in hotels, airplanes, in some cases without the time to eat, sleep, constantly going and coming "to fulfill its obligations, tk
. was the most beloved, cherished for television channels and radio stations that invited her to give interviews and special programs, tk. people wanted to know more and more about this star, which produced a revolution in the artistic environment, and has never ceased to amaze them.

. As a reflection of its success in Mexico and the U.S., . Caribbean, . Central and South America are beginning to demand its presence, . and a few months before the end of the year, . Gloria began her first tour at an international level in Puerto Rico, . Venezuela, . Colombia and Argentina, . countries in which finally broke "Trevimaniya",
. Advancing on these countries, it immediately attracts the attention of the most important media of these countries, and even select the Argentines as the most coveted singer.

. From the very beginning of his career Gloria has organized numerous competitions parodies, to search for the best doubles Trevi
. Competitions were organized on television, radio, in the prestigious shops or department stores, amusement parks, etc.. Sometimes she Gloria attended these events and was responsible for the selection of winners. Among the many participants were 3-4 years old tiny girls, adolescents, young and not so young, which made even the impossible to be like his idol.

. But the competition, which caused considerable excitement at the national and international level - organized itself Gloria and Sergio Andrade, to find the 3 twins, one - 2 years old, the second - 6-8 years, and the third - 15-17 years
. Casting ended with the premises Televisa and 3 winners represent 3 different stages of life singer. Gloria's big surprise was that the participation of more than 8,5 thousand. girls and that was turned into a real chaos, tk. television were filled with young "girls of all ages who dance, jump around, trying to get her attention and to be selected. Finally, after many selections, 3 winners participated in "Siempre en domingo" in the presence of Trevi.

. And, to finish the year, Gloria is a famous media calendar, which caused great scandal and controversy because of its explicit pictures
. And that was also copied by many artists. Among the artists, . followed the example Trevi: Cristian Castro, . Luis Miguel, . Biby Gaytan, . Lorena Herrera, . Paulina Rubio, . Laura Leon, . Temerarios, . Groups Bronco and Magneto, . Fernando Carrillo, . la Beba Galvon, . some of the foreign Centerfold, . as Cindy Crawford and even Madonna herself,
. But until now no one actor is not succeeded by Gloria, in addition, that she was the first, his success was constantly getting more and more the past 6 years.

. "Calendario de la Trevi 92" Contains 14 colored pictures, in which Gloria can see all her body parts, thus creating the adoration of men and envy of women
. Although envy was good, tk higher percentage of its audience were women. Indeed, . in different media commented, . that incredible, . what kind of reaction Gloria causes of his same sex, . because it is the few stars of women, . which not only produces euphoria and gossip among men, . but also among women of different ages.,

. 1992
. At the top of success

In early 1992, Mr.. Gloria invited to the event, which annually organizes her record company to produce gold and platinum for high sales of his second CD "Tu Angel de la guarda".

. And as her song says: ": nunca quedo satisfecha:" (never remain satisfied), . returned to the recording studio in Los Angeles, . to return with his 3 rd album "Me siento tan sola" (I feel so lonely), . out of whom the hits "Con los ojos cerrados" (eyes closed), . "Zapatos viejos" (old shoes), . "Me siento tan sola", . "La acera de enfrente" (opposite side of the street) and "Los Borregos" (sheep), . song with a very strong political content.,

. With this disk Gloria seeks final internationalism, tk
. starts large and successful tour throughout Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Venezuela, Uruguay, the entire Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as large parts of Europe.

During 1992. Spain deserves a separate line. Gloria has achieved public attention through the program "1, 2, 3", becoming a most talked about figure, took all the information space of the local press and as an echo, in others. Europe. It inspired the audience that she could sing 3 songs at once, and in addition has signed contracts to write another 10 programs that did what was never in the history of the program.

. And the triumphs continue one after another, as if by magic, the 3rd year, she became the owner of Award "Galardon a los Grandes", dobivshish such a way that has a huge collection of awards and recognition.

. The list of prizes is growing
. Earlier this year, well-known firm producing stockings, through one of the entertainment magazines is holding a contest called "Las piernas mas bonitas de TV" (The most beautiful legs TV), which involves the singer, actress and leading. The winner, chosen by direct vote of the public, except the title, got insurance for the insurance of their feet to 1 million. pesos.

. After months of voting, Gloria wins the contest, leaving far behind other member states, including Alejandra Guzmán (Alejandra Guzman), Lorena Herrera (Lorena Herrera), Rebeca de Alba (Rebeca de Alba) and Bibi Gaitan (Biby Gaytan).

. At the end of this year Gloria again repeats the feat, and, despite the criticism, issues in the sale of its second calendar "Calendario de la Trevi 93"
. At this time it contains photos of more ambitious than last year. Although this is the second calendar, it is very popular and diverges in a few days.

While Gloria continues to work and collect awards, dedicating her huge media coverage in their publications. Trevimaniya comes to such an extent that Gloria has something that no one else - his own shop "souvenirs". Shop, . which opened in Los Angeles (California, . USA), entitled "La tienda de horrores de Gloria Trevi" (Shop of Horrors Gloria Trevi), . which sell everything, . due to the singer: from its drive, . Calendars, . movies, . Video, . comic magazines, . posters and autographed photos, . to lighter, . trinkets, . cups, . cups, . shirts, . Shortlist, . notebooks and jackets with her image, . and personal belongings Gloria, . as, . example, . clothes in which she is depicted on the covers of their CDs, etc.,
. This case, . organized by the fans of Trevi, . and some time later, . Seeing what success has the shop, . Gloria decides to expand, . next year to open branches on the Boulevard Santa Monica (Santa Monica Boulevard), . 2 in the Federal District, . 1 more in Tijuana, . and plans to open in Monterrey and in Gvaladahare (Guadalajara).,

. Thus, her fans have the opportunity to feel closer to his idol, and some come with such success, . that when they come to shop, . came and she Trevi, . to observe, . and they had the opportunity to live one moment with her and even take a photo as a keepsake.,

. 1993
. Moving boundaries

Gloria left a happy with the result of his debut in the film, that in early 1993. returns to the big screen with his second film "Zapatos viejos" (old shoes). This time she is working with Sylvia Derbez (Silvia Derbez), . Levy Coco (Coco Levy), . Alma Muriel (Alma Muriel), . Sherlyn (Sherlyn), . Valentino, Charlie (Charlie Valentino), . Miguel Pizarro (Miguel Pizarro), . Sergio Sendel (Sergio Sendel) and also with the famous boxer Jorge "El Maromero" Paez (Jorge "El Maromero" Paez),
. Premiere national and international level and Gloria could not but rejoice, knowing that once again hit record ticket sales and more than cash "Pelo suelto". After this second hit in the cinema, Trevi is transformed into "Queen Qassam, rivaling even some North American paintings.

. Prior to that, Gloria began her world tour and has a reception in February invited to participate in the festival "Vina del Mar 93", which is held annually in Chile
. Everyone knows that the public nicknamed "excellent" for something that is very difficult and exacting. Most of the artists who participated in the festivals without completing his speech, get the bird as. But Gloria, very excited, but confident, accepts the invitation, and only the announcement of his participation in the 35 th Festival, is the expectation among the press, organizers, and above all the Chilean public.

. February 13 Trevi first serves and won Chileans its explosive performance, their energy and such spontaneous madness
. And not only that, . but also choose the "Queen of the Festival" (the overwhelming majority), and takes the prize, . that played out: "La Gaviota de Plata" (Silver Dove), . "La Artista mas Popular" (The most popular artist), . and "La Artista mas Sexy" (The sexiest) among others,
. Vote, . which by tradition has been carried out by accredited journalists, . which are usually inclined to one of the participants, . that is more attentive to the press and has the best physique - Gloria gets 94 votes, . surpassing by 50 its most direct rival Taitianu Vaytiare (Tahitiana Vaitiare), . the television Leading Cal Margot (Margot Kahl), . only 15 votes from the jury.,

. All the shows that Gloria has no boundaries
. Her fame is growing every time. In the middle of this year in one of the important international journals plan to publish the foreground: "Those, . who says, . that quite well known in Europe to inform, . that the only Latin American young singer recognized in London, . as the most original, . talented, . welcome and beloved by the British - Gloria Trevi, . which is called the "Mexican Madonna" (La Madonna de Mexico),
. her fashion has come to the European continent and flooded the world of fashion among the youth and adolescents.

. In an interview with various editions Rosa Maria Esquivel (Rosa Maria Esquivel), . its representative on the Public Relations, . informed: as the growing popularity of Gloria, . growing interest and persistence of the Germans and Americans, . and that Gloria is not yet adopted any proposal, . because she wanted to study them carefully, . TK,
. her career is at a stage when "do not play". It turned its first Mexican you are looking for other countries to sell sketches, the author of which she was herself.

. This continues and is increasing interest in the most important media on a global level, . Publication of the first page and the vast space in the publications of "The New York Times", . "The New Yorker", . "The Village Voice", . "The people magazine" Miami, . "Los Angeles times" California, . "Wall Street journal", . and Italian "El Expreso", . among many,
. The most surprising is that some publications devoted only policy and finance world, include in its pages "phenomenon Trevi". After a while it gets "El Heraldo de Mexico" (Bulletin of Mexico) in the category "La cantante de ano" (Singer of the Year), thereby obtaining another statuette to his collection.

. And to finish the year and not lose the tradition, Gloria is "Calendario de la Trevi 94", with photos more interesting and suggestive, for each month of the year
. And as expected, he exceeded the previous sales.

1994. Continues to be a queen

. While this "box of tricks" continues its endless tour, . performances worldwide, . BMG, . her record company, . produces to the market drive, . called "Cantalo tu mismo como Gloria Trevi" (Sing it myself as Gloria Trevi), . and as its name, . CD contains tracks from various hits are "Zapatos viejos", . "Manana", . "? Que voy a hacer sin el?", . "Doctor Psiquiatra", . "Tu angel de la guarda", . "Pelo suelto",
. Also included is a "trusted" in which Gloria accredit you as an official artist, the only thing to do - fill it with your data and paste photograph.

. Despite his numerous speeches, Gloria found time to write and prepare the release of their 4 th album, which caused a scandal since the announcement of the name: "Mas turbada que nunca" (more outrageous than ever).

. This CD was strongly criticized by both the press and the public for the "strong" content of their texts, however, despite everything, becomes a successful
. They're coming, those disputes that some radio stations banned the country's virtually certain songs, but Gloria threatened: "If you will censor my songs, let them do their best not touch". The first single, which allowed the airwaves was "La papa sin catsup" (potatoes without ketchup), followed by "El recuento de los danos" (Count injury), "Que bueno que no fui lady Di" (It was good that I am not a lady Di (Diana)) and "Siempre a mi" (always me). However, the song "Chica embarazada" (pregnant woman), . "El juicio" (Court), . "La boca con jabon" (mouth with soap) and "A gatas" (on all fours) are very frank (indecent) texts and the air did not go, . Although Gloria defended: "to call a spade a spade, . there is nothing wrong ",
. Also, the double meaning of the song "A la Madre" (To mother).

. In this year, . when she was at the height of his artistic career, . Gloria tells herself, . that there are many letters, . from people, . that some time ago, took lessons with her aerobics, . which asked why she does not give them back and say, . is very bored by it,
. Because the. she has a lot of work, she decides to make a video that shows the full set of exercises, which showed in his time, from the warm-up exercises for each body part. Video is called "Brincos y Jalones" (jumping and stages).

Beginning her career, Gloria could not even imagine what all become over time (5 years). Since the date could not pass unnoticed, between August and September begins a series of celebrations and festivities Gloria. Among the most significant, . highlighted triumph Televisa, . one of which, . organized by Raul Velasco (Raul Velasco) and broadcast in "Siempre en domingo", . which was the music, . balls, . cakes, . Goshko (kitchen) in the form of Gloria Trevi and, . primarily, . love all the people, . who was with her these 5 years.,

. Also arranged holiday BMG Ariola, record company, in which Gloria has recorded all of their CDs
. This holiday was very special, because it took place in a very large children's banquet hall, located in Mexico City, where Gloria was surrounded by senior leaders, staff and friends from the press. There were games, cakes, sweets, balloons, streamers, candy, music.

. Present Surprise for Gloria in those days - delivery of the gold, . platinum and diamond discs, . respective sales of its titles "Me siento tan sola" and "Mas Turbada que Nunca", . as well as sales collected up to this point it drives? Que voy a hacer sin el?? "and" Tu Angel de la Guarda ",
. According to press reports, have so many titles had been presented that Gloria could not compete with anybody, and she was happy.

. In addition to this tour begins 5-year career in which Gloria serves the most important and recognized places, as in Mexico and in other countries
. One of these performances in Teatro Fundidora in Monterrey, which lasted about 4 hours, the most longest in her career.

. 20 September held celebrations to mark the 400 anniversary of the founding of Monterrey, and Gloria gets an invitation to the Governor of the State Cokratesa Rizzo Garcia (Socrates Rizzo Garcia), to become the "Queen of celebrations"
. According to Gloria, even without waiting for an invitation to the end of fighting did say: "Yes, of course accept it!".

. On this day, Gloria takes part in the festivities and participate in the big parade of vintage cars, . who began the path from the Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno), . traveled main avenues of the city and ended all the action on the baseball stadium of Monterrey, . where Gloria has completed a super holiday concert,
. More than 50 thousand. were followed by Gloria last night, picking up the chorus and singing along with her all her songs. That same day, before the feast, Gloria was invited to a special meeting at the Government Palace, where she received thanks from the hands of the governor for 5 years of his career and for the ascension of Monterrey so high. I was called a "favorite daughter of New Leon" (Hija Predilecta de Nuevo Leon).

. Concluding this tour continues to travel through many countries, a few days later something happened that is still being discussed by many: Being in the same city, Luis Miguel (Luis Miguel) Gloria sent a bouquet of roses
. "I do not like to talk about it much because I do not want to think that I'm doing this because of the publicity:. for anything. What happened - once faced in the same city, tk. Both should have come out there and even stopped at one and the same hotel. Then, when I returned to the room after the show, I found a huge bouquet of roses with a note which said: "Gloria: Congratulations on the success". Below the signature Luis Miguel and room number where he was staying ". Always fond of a joke, Gloria added: "When reading the entire note, I thought: you do not accidentally want to, I paid his bill?, Ha-ha!" In truth, he did me a great sign of attention that greeted, but at that moment I he did not answer, tk. wanted to sleep, was too tired. Yes, I would like to have friendly relations with him, but not as a couple, because we have the personality, the characters and the audience ооочень different.

1995. A Trevi-Disima

Gloria starts 1995. well, produces traditional calendar "Calendario de la Trevi 95", which caused controversy because of some photos that show explicit homosexual and lesbian tendencies. At a meeting with the press, which gave the day of the official presentation, expressed that for her these themes are natural and better, if people were making love (in any form) than the war!

. Criticism, which caused these photos - just free publicity for Trevi, tk
. increased sales and higher than the figures of previous calendars. As you can see, "Calendar Girl" - a gold mine, anything she would not touch, turns into success. All that says or does, is controversial, no one like her speech, her comments, her career.

. Therefore, in this year's solves the 3rd time to return to the cinema and to remove "Una papa sin catsup" (potatoes without ketchup), which is something that can exceed Gloria Trevi - 2 Gloria Trevi
. One of Gloria - a good girl stories, and the other "La grenas" - evil and leader of the gang of drug dealers. Together with her Cast: Armando Araiza (Armando Araiza), Ernesto Gomez Cruz (Ernesto Gomez Cruz), Valentino, Charlie (Charlie Valentino), Diario T. Pie (Dario T. Pie), Eduardo Lopez Rojas (Eduardo Lopez Rojas), Claudio Brook (Claudio Brook) and Lili Inclán (Lily Inclan).

. Of the trilogy "films Trevi" the more crazy, but as always, there is criticism because of some controversial scenes, which have never been on a big screen, but which set the tone, to follow a new way to create movies and TV
. This tape is a great success and have had excellent sales, however, does not exceed the record "Zapatos viejos", but still holds the title of Gloria "is the cash", tk. No other Mexican film could not exceed it.

Not yet finished the project, and has already started another, and after shooting the film, recording a new album, "Si me llevas contigo" (If you take me with you). Album goes on sale in September and the first song, which begins to sound on the radio "Ella que nunca fue ella" (she has never had it), then "Si me llevas contigo". Here Gloria shows great maturity as a composer and performer, . themes of "Lloran mis munecas" (cry my doll), . "Sonando" (Dreaming), . In addition "Los perros tristes" (Sad Dog), . hinting at the politics and corruption, . and "Colapso financiero" (financial meltdown), . which says error 1994,

. At the end of this year, Gloria and her manager, Sergio Andrade, regardless preparing videos, . called "Como se hizo el Calendario de la Trevi" (How to create calendars Trevi), . and ending, . convey the right to demonstrate Televisa, . but the company rejected it, . arguing, . that transmits only those programs, . who made herself.,

. Gloria and her manager did not remain arms folded, and make the same offer TV Azteca, who without hesitation, immediately bought the rights to the video and after some negotiation, it translates into the best time
. During that Televisa "prohibits" Gloria, and her no choice but to promote his CD "Si me llevas contigo" on television Ajusco. The company opened its doors and gave prime time, . it appears in the program "Hechos" (facts) to a journalist Javier Alatorre (Javier Alatorre), . "Ventaneando" (Looking in the window) and "En medio de espectaculo" (In a medium glass) with Pati Chapoy (Paty Chapoy).,

. Days later, is my calendar, now called "El Super Calendario de la Trevi 96"
. Because the. Gloria and her manager are "machine of ideas" and constantly invent new and original things, . to surprise his audience, . this time include a, . that no one came to mind: picture-hologram in which Gloria appears in all colors and even moves, . that put her in first place among the fashion calendar and the vanguard of the "chatter" in Mexico.,

. As usual, . Calendar is sold in the first days of issue, . therefore, . so as to thank their fans for their support, . which it has, . prepares special television project (previously mentioned), . according to her "people to see, . that is, the photos ",
. At the same time, continues to promote his 5 th album and give interviews on radio in various cities of Mexico. At this time Televisa shows with frequent repetitions films Gloria to have its presence in their programs.

One of the scandals that occurred during 1995. and concerns Trevi, when it became known that the family Trevio Ruiz in Monterrey, not modest, nor middle class, as many were, listening to Gloria about her childhood. On the contrary, Senora Gloria Ruiz insisted that belongs to the high society of New Leon and live in the most exclusive sector of the state. However, after these statements, Trevi was not silent, gave a series of interviews that explained each item, said her mother, according to her, to get rid of the image of "false and vydumschitsy, which Senora Ruiz at it imposes. Although this story gave birth to a lot of debate turned into a larger, tk. Gloria final arguments were stronger and more convincing than her mother, thus demonstrating that it is "the people."

1996. Farewell to the people

. While, . all this happens, . Gloria continues to constantly go to TV Azteca, . her record company released "Maxi Exitos", . disk that contains the collection to her latest album, . including "Si me llevas contigo", . "Lloran mis munecas", . "Ella que nunca fue ella",
. Months ago, participated in the advertising of one recognized brand detergents ( "Axion"), which they say has brought her a large amount of dollars.

. Therefore constantly to be seen Gloria on TV, dancing to the rhythm of the kitchen "Zapatos viejos": on all channels of both companies.

. In March this year Trevi gives 2 concerts in the Auditorio Nacional de la Ciudad de Mexico, which were broadcast on Ajusco, TK
. they again bought the rights.

Suddenly, at the end of concerts, Gloria thanked the audience for her endless love and support and says goodbye to her and the stage, arguing that Sergio Andrade, her manager and friend, suffered with cancer of the spine. At this point, said that the reason for her departure - this vow to the Virgin of Guadalupe (Virgen de Guadalupe), promised to no longer give concerts until Sergio is well again.

This event shook the audience, tk. Gloria went to the top of his career, and did not return, disappeared from an artistic medium for more than a year without showing a trace, leaving a startled and very sad for all those who love it. Despite its abrupt disappearance, she was still inside the music market, tk. BMG has prepared a CD and video called "De pelos!: Lo mejor de la Trevi" (From the hair!: Best Trevi). CD contains the best hits of the singer and one song - remix of "Doctor Psiquiatra", . Video contains all the video clips, . made for the career of Gloria "Doctor Psiquiatra", . "Pelo suelto", . "Con los ojos cerrados", . "La acera de enfrente", . "La papa sin catsup", . "El recuento de los danos".,

. Besides its ever seen on the screen, thanks to the continuous showing of commercials and films, and above all in the headlines because of the endless gossip that relate to her disappearance.

. Between August and September, Gloria inspired writer Jorge Mejia Prieto (Jorge Mejia Prieto) to write a book that appears in all the bookstores of Mexico
. The book is called "Canto erotico para Gloria Trevi" (erotic song for Gloria Trevi) and contains 36 poems written by Mejía Prieto, in which he expresses his love and deep worship "Chica de pelo suelto" (The girl with her hair). Referring to the author's text reads: "So, . poetry passionate eroticism, . Jorge Mejia sings Gloria Trevi, . the most beautiful Mexican girl calendars, . scandals and the rise, . laughter and shamelessness, . the biggest social and cultural phenomenon in our country at the end of the century,
. This erotic songs for Gloria Trevi, Gloria result lyrical admiration from everyone. "

1997. With noise

. More than a year that her fans had been an eternity, soon after the beginning of this year, Gloria suddenly returned, TV decides to "forgive her" and her million contract offer, while at the same time as TV Azteca it also promises the same thing
. This is the second point in its favor, tk. she is one of the few stars, which also has in its hands of 2 million contract on 2 TV channels, the most important in the country.

. After careful analysis of both proposals, Gloria accepts the offer Televisa, which noisily announces the return of Trevi
. She is invited to all programs to reveal all the activities for 6 years, including 4 films, 4 of the telenovela, 6 calendars, spets.programmy and one television, where she was a welcoming hostess.

. Begins his contract with the release of "Super Calendario de la Trevi 97", where some of the photographs she appears completely naked
. Furthermore, in comparison with others, this is ahead of them all, it is more professionally done, tk. this time it changes the photographer - MARITZA Lopez (Maritza Lopez) in the Markov Nadine (Nadine Markova), which is recognized globally.

. September 16 goes to the light of the program "XE-TU REMIX", which demonstrates a previously unknown side of the Gloria - a leading
. Broadcasts programs from Monday through Thursday at the best time, and only live, which allows the public to the studio and the audience enjoyed the spontaneity of Gloria uncensored. The presence of different guest artists, there are various competitions for each day of the week and show the comic sketches in which the interview takes Trevi. Entertainment and amusement - the words that characterize the "XE-TU REMIX", TK. Gloria makes even impossible to, . that its audience had good moments: wore a mask Carlos Salinas de Gortari (Carlos Salinas de Gortari), . compete with men over 100 lbs and threw him a challenge, . Who is the greatest sandwich, . and also have live insects, . fly through the air, . to be closer to the people and be sprinkled with flour every time, . when competition is not won.,

. But not only the audience amused, but Gloria herself admitted that she is also very fun its crazy actions in the program and the response of people
. "All this makes me feel like a child again."

. In addition to programs in the evenings at Televisa, Gloria and the whole team "XE-TU REMIX" begin to travel to various cities of Mexico, to bring joy to people with little means and those who are not able to come to the studio
. This grueling pace of work leads to the fact that Gloria gathers top executives and producers Televisa programs to inform them that he wanted to end its participation in the program.

. After several meetings, organized after the petition Gloria, leadership and the producer decided to first find a replacement for Gloria (think about Paulina Rubio (Paulina Rubio))
. Later refuse this option, tk

. While all this is happening in another television Gloria believes that the decision to sign a contract with Televisa "treason" and called her ungrateful and deceitful
. From this point, . some of its programs, . mainly "Ventaneando", . and "En el medio del espectaculo", . Co-produced with leading Pati Chapoy (Paty Chapoy), . begin to broadcast daily reports, . which attempt to question the professioanalizm singer and her manager.,

. Among many other things, . Gloria accused in default of contract, . arguing, . in the beginning has signed a contract with TV Azteca, . which gave her full support, . the morning returns to Televisa, . leaving the proposed project that should have been launched and also people, . which they were to participate,
. And they demonstrate shots Sergio Andrade and Trevi with Salinosom Pliego, Ricardo (Ricardo Salinas Pliego), president of TV Azteca, in his office at a time when Gloria signed the documents that Pati Chapoy and her team calls the contract. In fact, this is the signature on the documents to transfer TV Azteca the right to broadcast the program "How to create calendars Trevi", and later, to broadcast the last concert of Gloria, given in the Auditorio Nacional.

. After a while, Gloria explained through a letter sent to various media outlets that television used material in its archives.

. However, . TV Azteca, . or better said Pati Chapoy, . moved from professional to personal, . trying to discredit and tarnish the image of the artist as the Trevi, . start a new company credibility, . not only against her, . but people, . who work and live with it, . including against her family.,

. An example of this, . serve as a message in which the claim, . that "Trevi" - a character, . created by the imagination and intellect of Gloria and Sergio, . her alleged pregnancy and abortion in the past, . more than friendly relationship with their manager, . Acquiring vast and numerous property, . which is used for dubious purposes, and even, . mentioned a possible link with the country's most dangerous drug dealer, . all this without providing any evidence.,

. Gloria, meanwhile, continued "XE-TU REMIX" before you decided to put the final point in sovey as lead and announced publicly that on 3 January 1998
. will be the last broadcast of its program. Staff and leadership Televisa supports and respects her decision and the program ends without any disputes.

Thereafter, and as has been its custom, Gloria again disappears, not only from an artistic environment, but also "the face of the earth", tk. neither Televisa nor her record company, nor the press, nor her fans, not even her family does not know its location.

Trevi Case

At that time, as Gloria continues to be missing after the "XE-TU REMIX", in April 1998. commercially available book, . which has caused controversy and confusion among the press and public, . since been written: "La Gloria por el infierno" (Glory to Hell), . written by Ruben Avinu (Ruben Avina), . which tells the life of Aline Hernandez (Aline Hernandez), . her childhood, . youtube, . and a way of life next to Sergio Andrade, . thereby revealing the other side of life Trevi and her entourage, . which almost no one knew.,

. During the first months of this year, . begin to appear different rumors about a possible pregnancy, Trevi, and that was placed in "Oceanica" cured of their addiction, that supposedly was in a Satanist cult, which had been stolen, . and even began to talk about her possible suicide (suicide),
. All this took a huge information space on television, and the front pages of newspapers and magazines in the country, thus attracting the attention of all.

. But in late April, to the surprise of all, Gloria interrupts the silence and appear in the program "Hoy mismo" (Today), with the journalist Margaret Gile (Margarita Guille), which gives an interview, which is divided into 3 parts (27, 28, 29 April)
. There Gloria explains to your fans, friends and general public, not hidden, that was a lie it possible abduction, that has never been in "Oceanica", TK. not have a drug addiction, and even fewer had tried to commit suicide. It also protects against charges Aline.

Next month, Gloria was in Monterrey, to visit his family, friends, to reassure them, to say that it is in perfect order, and that did not pay attention to the contents of the book, tk. basically it was all a lie. During the stay in its native land, in May-June, was invited to the Estadio Technologico, TK. was called the "godmother team Rayados (Rayados)" this year. At the event was in conjunction with the Governor Fernando Canales (Fernando Canales) players and teams, as Mohamed Antonio (Antonio Mohamed).

All these Trevi demonstrates that so far the publication Aline absolutely do not care about her, tk. its continued support for her fans and she is still considered a big star, while Aline was described as a deceitful man, career woman and opportunistka.

. However, rumors continue to appear as if by magic, in the programs of TV Azteca as "Ventaneando" show reports, which reveal the property that Gloria and Sergio are in different states of Mexico, in t.ch
. Cuernavaca (Cuernavaca), State of Mexico, Acapulco (Acapulco), etc.. Property, . which not only addressed to couples, . but also addressed some of the other girls, . as sisters CATIA (Katya) and Carla (Karla) de la Cuesta (de la Cuesta), . Gabriela Holguín (Gabriela Holguin), . Selena Castelo Wendy (Wendy Selene Castelo) and Liliana Soledad Regeiro (Liliana Soledad Regueiro).,

. During August, Gloria gives interviews to the most important programs Televisa, . as "Chapultepec 18" Huakinom Dorigo Lopez (Joaquin Lopez Doriga); "Duro y Directo" (Hard and straight) with Fernando del Rincón (Fernando del Rincon); "Al fin de semana" (Weekend) with César Costa (Cesar Costa); "Otro rollo" with Adalah Ramones (Adal Ramones), . and channel Univision program Cristina Saralegui (Cristina Saralegui),
. In all protected from the charges against him and tries to clean up his image, his manager and the girls who live with them, explaining that there was no other type of relationship with them, except the workers.

. Producers Program "Duro y Directo" (Hard and straight), even doing a special issue, . in which various witnesses - girls, . into it, . including Bokitas Marie (Mary Boquitas), . Marlene Calderon (Marlene Calderon) and her mother, . Senora Leticia Derat (Leticia Derat), . Selena Castelo Wendy (Wendy Selene Castelo), . Karla de la Cuesta (Karla de la Cuesta) and Claudia Rosas (Claudia Rosas),
. All confirm the version of the Trevi and Andrade and justify it in any charge. Fernando del Rincon offers a series of letters written by Alina Fernandez, in which she demonstrates her great love, idolatry and the worship of Sergio than currently casts doubt on what has been said before.

. In the same month, Gloria called to testify
. The singer was on the agenda, but has not been disclosed to the essence of her testimony. A month earlier, Sergio was also summoned to court at the suit of Aline, where he was accused of being bad for mental and physical plane, but unlike Gloria, Sergio has not appeared. Aline operates with support from TV Azteca and resorted to any occasion, which may harm the Trevi and her manager.

. Over time, . there are more girls, . who say, . that were very similar to that, . that survived Aline, . among them Guadalupe Carrasco (Guadalupe Carrasco) (Senorita Guerrero 95), . Ruiz Brandy (Brandy Ruiz) (cousin of Gloria), . Tamara and the Chilean and Edith Tsuniga (Tamara y Edith Zuniga),
. Press and public opinion is actually asking themselves whether this was a publicity stunt or Aline was true what was said and it seemed improbable. No one could believe that such a famous person, so kind with their people, such a simple, organized all of these alleged "vileness and perversion, along with Sergio Andrade, Marie Bokitas and the other girls.

. Gloria again disappears from the artistic environment, and now more than ever, supported the closure of his group, while the public continues to think and make assumptions about her whereabouts and situation in which it was.

. While this is happening, . media, . mainly in "Ventaneando", . More and more young girls testify and explain how the cameras came into the alleged "school talent, . how to convince them psychologically manipulated and Gloria and Mary, . and how to have sex with Sergio,
. Thus, set forth in detail a way to be "raped" a poor physical and psychological attitude of Andrade, what types of punishments they had been and how it was possible to leave the band: those who managed it.

. And if in the course of 1998 a strong accusations against Gloria Trevi not bring harm, . in early 1999, the situation is gaining great momentum, . when in March, . Senora Teresa Gomez and Senor Miguel Yapor, . parents of Karina Yapor (Karina Yapor), . receive a call from the Mexican Embassy in Spain, . in which they are informed, . that their daughter was a baby in November 1997, . and months later, he was thrown on and in nurseries of Madrid.,

. After that, the parents of a minor goes to court to file a lawsuit against Sergio Andrade, Gloria Trevi, Marie Bokitas and Gabrielle Holguín for the violation, corruption of minors and the damage inflicted
. Thus begins the relentless struggle for the return of Ariel, Francisco (Francisco Ariel) (son of Karina), and attempts to secure the right to paternity through the Office of External Relations.

. As a consequence of this issue, "Union antipohischeny" (la Unidad Anti-Secuestros) and the Spanish authorities to begin an exhausting investigation in this country and the possible existence of prostitution, organized by Sergio and Gloria
. This happened because of, . that residents Guadalix, . one of the most exclusive sectors of Spain, . told, . that one of the houses, . Property Trevi and Andrade, . live a great number of girls, . and at night, drive up luxury cars for them, . and nourish at dawn, or even the next day,
. But the participating groups themselves, the singer and manager refuted this version.

. A married couple Yapor with his attorney to pursue its goals, and 28 take away a little of Ariel and sought a temporary right to paternity, while the installed location of Karina and the situation allowed.

. Since the first day of June, as in old movies about the West, is beginning to spread in the media and the Internet picture with photographs Sergio, Gloria, Marie and Gabrielle with the heading "Rozyskivayutsya"
. This Chihuahua Attorney General's Office (La Procuraduria General de Justicia de Chihuahua) seek to determine their whereabouts.

. In July, the sum of another scandal to the list which is constantly updated, one of the stations reveals some sublime message of the songs by Gloria Trevi, including "Tu Angel de la Guarda", "Pelo suelto" and "Manana"
. Without a doubt, the most listened to was the song "Ya no", where in the early voices of men and women, apparently from a foreign dialect, but if you listen to the contrary, opening phrases as: "punishing", "Do it poorly," "For this must obey! ". Alina says that this vote, Sergio and Gloria, but does not explain how they recorded, tk. she attended the recording of this disc and did not notice anything like that.

. And if this is not enough, . then in the same month, Gloria associated with a known drug dealer Amado Carrillo (Amado Carrillo), . better known as "Senor heaven" ( "El Senor de los Cielos") and assure, . that they had several meetings in various 5-star hotels in Monterrey,
. In addition, the jeweler, who worked with Carrillo said, as a witness, that he asked him to do some work with diamonds for Trevi.

. Like all, . makes Trevi is reflected at the international level, . this scandal go around the world, . him to devote huge information space, . them reporting, . called "Strange Gloria Trevi" ( "El extrano Caso de Gloria Trevi") published in "Newsweek" edition of the largest in the Americas, . as in "The New York Times", . who followed the scandal from the outset.,

. However, . despite the enormous problems, . besetting Gloria, . her record company, it fully supports, . and in September released to market a new disc, . called "No soy Monedita de Oro" (I'm not a gold coin), . whose first single, begins to sound at all radio stations in the country,
. This album contains some songs "Que pasa en la Azotea" (What happens on a flat roof) and "No soy Monedita de Oro" in different versions and the best hits in remixed versions as "Zapatos Viejos", "Pelo Suelto", "Dr. Psiquiatra "," Que bueno que no fui Lady Di "," Con los Ojos Cerrados "," La acera de enfrente ","? Que voy a hacer sin el "y" A Gatas ", etc.

In November of this year is what gives to rotate 360 degrees. The court in Chihuahua writes warrant Sergio Andrade, . Gloria Trevi, . Marie Bokitas and Gabrielle Oldin, . for corruption of minors, . abduction, . violence is common and burdensome to the detriment of a minor Karina Alejandra Yapor Gomez (Karina Alejandra Yapor Gomez),
. Mexican authorities have requested support from Interpol and from this moment begins an intensive search in more than 180 countries.

. A few days later, to the surprise of all, Karina telephoned his parents do not know how to ask them to take action against Sergio and Gloria, if not, she does not return
. Karina makes a few calls home to

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